— David Jeremiah... the Antichrist's mouthpiece...?

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Someone emailed me and wrote:

Hello, Robert, Here is today's quote to remember:

"The early church had to be scattered by persecution because they would not obey the command to go to the ends of the earth to reach the lost. (They remained at Jerusalem.) Today, we are going through something similar...only this time God is bringing the world to us!"

I get really angry when I hear such nonsense from "responsible, respected leaders". Does Jeremiah live in a racially mixed neighborhood?  (I am not talking about his possibly living near "professionals" who are not white!)  Yet he wants other people to live in constant danger, noise, strife, and tension, so as to "bring the message of salvation" to those who have come here to destroy those whom they see as their enemies! This is the bitter fruit of the idea that all human beings are part of the "brotherhood of man", under the "Fatherhood of God"--an indoctrination program which was well established when I began first grade in the fall of 1952.  By 1955, my fourth grade teacher was telling us about how we must support "integration" and oppose "segregation".  And yet I am sure that she lived in a nice, safe neighborhood. I think I am beginning to understand a different dimension of what Paul meant when he included being "without natural affection" as a sign of the last days. Usually this is taken to refer to parents who do not love or care for their children, and/or children who do not love or care for their parents. No doubt the above are PART of what Paul meant, but it has occurred to me, that, since the Bible was written to true Israel, Paul was also talking about the fact that there would be traitors of the chosen line who would actually seek to harm their own people, and give higher priority to the interests of their enemies than to those of their own kind. This goes far beyond "loving one's enemies". It is a form of mass suicide. I know...I am preaching to the choir—actually, in your case, preaching to the pastor! Sincerely, R


May the Jeremiah family soon have some Somali neighbors.  Let them set the example by witnessing to them. Sincerely, R




GOD DID NOT have the Assyrians and Babylonians invade and conquer and deport Israel so that they Assyrians and Babylonians would have missionary exposure!  IT WAS JUDGMENT FROM GOD FOR FAILURE TO SEPARATE, FAILURE TO OBEY GOD'S COMMANDMENTS WHICH SET US APART as HIS PEOPLE... INSTEAD we absorb them causing those branches of the family tree to be destroyed forever; and our society adopts their culture, their "religion", their crime...

The blind leading the blinder... God save your people from BLIND SHEPHERDS!

Yes, let's see how well they can remember Bible verses to witness while they are being raped!

Yes, from his ivory tower and the wealth he has amassed being a "pop" preacher, preaching mostly only things which "tickle" the ears, "smooth sayings" which only fluff people's auras... in his seclusive neighborhood... why doesn't he sell his house and all he owns and give to the poor and follow Christ, as Christ suggested the rich young ruler do... and then he can move into the ghetto and witness to these people first-hand... instead of expecting those being raped and having their neighborhood be destroyed being the ones to violate God's commands and witness to the ENEMY.  Email this to Jeremiah (sadly, he is a disgrace to his last name) and ask him to show me where in the book of Revelation that "the woman and her child" were supposed to "witness" to the "flood spewed forth out of the Dragon/Serpent's mouth"...!  WHY does God promise to "cause the earth to open to receive the flood" if the purpose of the flood was for the flood to be witnessed to...?  For the same reason that God told His people to SEPARATE THEMSELVES from the Babylonians/Persians and PUT AWAY ALL ALIEN WIVES and CHILDREN BY THEM so that God could receive them and they would continue to be His sons and daughters... HOLY.  God did not deport His people so that the Babylonians and Assyrians and Persians could be witnessed to.  That fact is evidenced by the command to separate from them, not bring them along (which they did leaving Egypt, which caused perpetual troubles).

HOW DEPLORABLY BLIND.  HOW BLASPHEMOUS!  Is he the Antichrist's Mouthpiece?

If he actually cares about the seriousness of such an indictment, he needs to get on his knees and repent and ask God to have His Holy Spirit reveal truth to him, for he certainly does not know it.... like a "wanna be" herbalist prescribing herbs being in utter ignorance... prescribing POISON HEMLOCK to people that need a purgative! and POISON IVY to those that need an emollient / balm.