— US Politicians Guilty of WAR CRIMES—against the US as well as foreign nations

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Control the food supply, medicine and so called "health" care, the media, the economy, education, and the churches, and what is left to resist even a foreign invasion if "sanctioned" by the so-called "government"...?

inject disease into people (which is what vaccines do) and you have a steady flow of business and a neutered populace throwing away their freedom begging the government to give them free health care, even though the stupid cattle don't realize that once the govt has all the power the sickly cattle will just be slaughtered.  The fact that politicians lives are sacred and the death penalty is a terrible crime against humanity--EXCEPT if someone kills a politician, then the death penalty is sacrosanct.  The common man is sent away saying he does not need new knee replacements (such as my neighbor informed me), while the politicians have royal health care in which the sky's the limit.  The average American's salary is paltry and his social security rarely even raised to keep up with the rise in inflation, while politicians give themselves pay raise after pay raise and the majority are millionaires and will still get pensions and health care for the rest of their lives--far higher than what the average American even makes in a year, the politicians will receive as their pension.  THIS IS COMMUNISM.  As Orwell pointed out in his Animals Farm, in the beginning all animals are considered equal, but once the pigs take over, all animals are considered equal, but the pigs are a "little more than equal".  Minority rights are spewed as the most important universal law, but once the evil minority become the majority, screw minority right, majority rule is not even the rule, but a dictatorship.

There is always an INCREASE in flu around "flu shot season"--and the corrupt doctors and drug salesmen even have the gall to say that if the shot doesn't work the first time, get it 2 or 3 times!  Patient death in nursing homes rises around "flu shot season" not from the flu, but from the shot; an easy way to get rid of old people: it's called euthanasia.   Childhood vaccines CAUSE childhood disease, including autism, which further destroys the nation and the economy by the "rise in health care" and billions more to spend on "disease".

These are crimes against humanity and WAR crimes; it is an unspoken war, but it is war nonetheless.  When the goal is to kill a huge number of people over a long period of time,* what is that called but WAR?

[* including by foreign invasion and breeding program: guns don't kill people in our once safe-inner citys: negroes, muslims, asians, and hispanics do.  Chicago (with the strictest of gun legislation) has about 500 murders a year.  It ain't white people doing it.  Chicago has been in top 3 murder rate of US cities since 1985!  It's not the white population doing it.   It is similar in most all US big cities and now the criminal politicians are busing the aliens to small town America and crime is rising there too.  Roughtly 1.2 million violent crimes in the US per year—and it is due to a situation the corrupt politicians have created and which they fund.  1.2 million a year.  THAT IS WAR.]

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I knew that the Drs that were being murdered were killed because of vaccines but I didn't know they found cancer in the vaccines.