—Socialistic Pseudo-Science and the Continued Reshaping of Christendom

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Modern Sociology is just that—socialism.  Communism's motto: "One religion, one race, one creed" (that is, distilled to mean, "One World"; and by implication, "One Government Dictatorship").  God commands separation because all are not the same. Christians who follow the world's agenda are not Christians, and follow a false Christ, and are the enemies of God.


Many "polls" that are publicized, are not conceptualized and published to reflect reality, but to shape thinking.  Such polls don't tell us how society (a subverted, supplanted society) actually thinks, but what the subversive shapers of society want people to think is reality; since the majority are low intelligence* and low dominance and fragile egoed and will think as they are told to think; or they will want to think the way that they think that the majority thinks because they erroneously imagine that the majority must be right (or they don't even care if the majority is right, but simply want to be on the "winning side").  The modern purpose of "sociology" and "sociologists" (who, like anthropologists and paleontologists, are "science-fiction story tellers with a vivid imagination and a Ph.D."**) is not to explain society—but to shape the minds of people into thinking that the sociologist's fantasy is how society is and and how the shapers "think that it should be" according to spurious humanistic, socialistic edicts (leftist anti-intellectual tyranny)—and if a large portion of society is recalcitrant or slow to accept the Emperor's Magnificent Suit of Invisible Clothes, then they will import aliens to cause society to eventually reflect what they want it to reflect—and the purpose of it all is to destroy Christendom.  When all these things conspire unanimously to destroy Christendom, explain to me how it is a mere coincidence?

[* —due to social programs such as dumbing education down, teaching lies, and the push toward promiscuous recreational sex and shacking up and even legalized state and church sponsored out-of-kind marriage in a multi-culturally polluted society which has been neutered and de-Christianized / de-moralized.

** It seems that Ph.D. stands for "Philosophy of Deception" and having a Ph.D. is the license to make up the most absurb balderdash and hash it out as fact—as long as it defames traditional Christianity and the principles of Christianity (Freedom, Truth, Morality).]


This study (in the link above) is replete with bias, nearsightedness, and fatal flaws.

In the push to discredit time-honored truths, they overlook a plethora of factors that they probably consider "normal"—which factors were NOT normal 28-58 years ago.

[* Similarly, young people and young adults and even poorly educated, low-moraled, "free thinking" (cough, cough**) adults today think that crime (murder, rape, theft, corruption in business, government corruption and abuses), welfare, integration, homo-militancy, the so-called "National" Debt, and other ills are "normal" and "just part of life" and "have always been that way".  But they are not normal, they should not be a part of life, and no they have not always been that way.  Disease in a body may be "natural" (but it is often artificially introduced, on purpose, by evil people)—but it is not how it should be and no, foreign disease does not have just as much right to a body as natural healthy cells do.  Watch some older black and white t.v. shows like Andy Griffith's Maybury RFD or other shows of that era.  Then watch modern "sitcoms" or Batman movies, or Mad Max series, or any of the plethora of violent, perverse, sexually explicit movies in which the f-word is used every 30 seconds, and sexual innuendoes are replete throughout.  Christendom used to be like Maybury RFD.  It was peaceful, wholesome, godly, refined, clean, moral, respectable, safe—Christian; it was not perfect, but it was nothing like it is today.  Modernly, you can go on-line to what appears to be a semi-respectable news source (as I did just yesterday, and last week, and a month ago... it happens all the time), to read some story, whose headline caught your interest, and then whether the author is talking about smoking meat on the grill or giving a review of restaurants or offering a recipe—alleged "journalists" will casually use the f-word in "professional" writing.  These are minds that have been polluted and damaged from the cradel.  They are possibly even permanently damaged.  Psychopaths can't "grow" a conscience; those who don't see moral boundaries between good and evil, but only "what seems good to and for me" cannot every understand the very concept of morality.  They are not normal.  They are damaged—totaled, in a 150-boxcar train derailment pile up that wipes out everything in the general vicinity.  And probably the majority of politicians and educators and doctors and lawyers and judges and businessmen and industrialists and even clergy are cut from the same damaged cloth, educated by the subverted government schools and the perverse Talmudic media—and are most probably psychopaths*** or borderline psychopaths; yet, for some stupid reason, the legitimate masses believe these people are experts and role models; because even if the majority of true Americans are not equally as damaged, they are brainwashed into thinking that evil is good and good is evil—and not even caring if there is a difference. They are the perfect drone slave-labor class and don't even know it.

** "Free thinking" to the same degree that a 5-year old sitting on daddy's lap at the steering wheel thinks that he is actually driving the car; to the same degree that ants in a plastic ant farm think that they are in charge.

*** In the age of irresponsibility euphemisms were invented to continue the charade of the Emperor's Invisible Suit of clothes.  Psychopaths were renamed, "sociopaths"—to take responsibility off the individual and somehow blame a nebulous, non-existant "society", and ironically to make psychopaths (who have no conscience) feel better about being so stimatized (when they are not even hardwired to care about being so stigmatized).  Likewise, just a few decades ago, homoperversion was considered a mental disorder, but by imperial edict, by an arbitrary vote of a stacked "court" of nonauthority, a magic wand was waved and a paper signed and, shazaam!, what was considered morally reprehensible, a mental disorder of the darkest stain, a taboo, an abomination, is now miraculously declared a wonderful lifestyle choice that should be put on a pedestal and worshipped because of its infinite contribution to society.]


Consider that—

- The destruction of the family;

- the racial integration of society;

- the general perversion and demoralization of society;

- the gender confusion of many individuals due to a perverse media, a perverse government —and according to reliable information, the overuse of soy (which has estrogen-like, hormone-like substances that should not be consumed in large quantities by anyone—and especially not young children) in hamburgers and other "meat" fed to young school children, which can screw up the hormones during the formative years (in addition to environmental propaganda-confusion—even television commercials and kindergarten books—forced on young children from every angle: which is child abuse and contributing to the deliquency and corruption of a minor), in addition to other factors in diet, the chemicalization and genetic monsterization of the food supply, electromagnetic radiation from overburdened power lines and wireless devices, prescription drugs, and even vaccines;

- the flooding of society with aliens and cheap labor (which creates unemployment of citizens),

- the criminalization of society by spurious regulation and unedr "color of law" illegally pseudo-legislation by renegade / traitorous politicians,

- the dechristianization of society,

- the ballooning of the welfare state,

- the destruction of the currency and the economy,

- the mind-doping of the schools and universities (initially only the secular ones, but now the "Christian" ones have fallen in line, like lemmings over a cliff, lusting after trying to please the world and God is nowhere in their thoughts, except as a myth created by the modern humanistic world). 

—ALL OF THIS produces the mother-of-all TOXIC COCKTAILS...! 


Karl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, believed that different races had difference "psyches" and that the Jewish and African and other psyches were different than the Caucasian.  One time he and Freud were travelling on the same train, and in his private room Freud was reading a writing of Jung that made this claim.  Freud burst into Jung's room and demanded to know if he wrote and believed that.  Jung replied in the affirmative.  Freud demanded the conductor to stop the train at the next station—far from the intended destination—and Freud departed, refusing to travel on the same train with Jung any farther.  My how "tolerant" are the "liberal progressives" with those who don't share their views! 

Most social / psychological experiments are often flawed (because by lack of ingenuity, foresight, or subterfuge) because experimenters do not envision (or purposely ignore) every possible factor that may confound (contaminate) the results of the "study". 

Here in this case (see the above link), it is entirely ignored that society has changed from 1960—

- the racial and "cultural" composition,

- the moral fiber,

- mentally deranged people being declared "normal" and laws illegally passed to demand that everyone recognize such mentally deranged people as "normal" and even celebrate their derangement with them,

- the religious faith,

- what is recognized as "law" as well as the terminal mental infection of political correctness,

- the political climate,

- the academic dishonesty that has reduced true education to competing for political favor, the educational level comparable to a sink-hole!*

[* —O, have no doubt, degrees are still handed out, but the comparison is like lowering the bar of the pole vault in competition from 28 feet to 9 feet and still calling it "professional".  It is amazing how athletics in sports continually actually raises the bar (to the extent, many—if not most—feel the pressure to turn to performance-enhancing drugs out of fear that they will not be able to compete at as high a level as others, who are probably also on drugs—or who knows, maybe even genetically modified with genes from gorillas).  However, in education, morality, and politics, the 28-foot pole-vault bar has been lowered to the level of the Limbo or Flamenco Dance!  Public high schools give 12th graders graduating high-school diplomas, but on a 5th grade level!  Ivy-league universities (Harvard, Yale, etc.), for the past 30 years, have had to implement remedial (that is, elementary basics for those who are functionally illiterate and incompetent) reading, writing, and math classes for incoming freshmen, who cannot do simple addition or subtraction, cannot write a simple sentence, and cannot even fill out the application!  This dumbing down was undertaken to destroy us; the means by which that was done was integration.  Test scores and all academic requirements had to be lowered or it would be "racist" if the majority of blacks or hispanics or the ever-growing mixed population were not passed, while the majority of white students who could pass the tests, were graduated to the next grade.  In keeping with egalitarian philosophy of communism / socialism everyone wears the dunce cap and sits in the corner... everyone is punished (except the almighty politicians and their cronies)... but this duncedom is spoonfed to society with sugar-coated euphemisms (masking the cianide) in which it is publicly declared that no one is being punished, but that all are being treated equally.  Therefore, to be fair, everyone has an 80 lb. iron ball shackled to his ankle and then asked to perform a dive on the academic diving board or to participate in the academic hurdles.  Colleges are little different than the primary and secondary schools.  Wherever dishonesty is perpetration on the foundation, it passes to the higher structure.  Space and matter cannot be conjured out of the air.  If the politicians shortchange the industries, the industries shortchange the suppliers, and the suppliers shortchange the consumers—that's modern economics and education in a nut shell and it is all based on corruption and dishonesty; the lie has to be continued in order for the charade to stay afloat and prevent the prosecution of the crimes; and every discipline in society, every "government" agency is an accomplice.  Sports is the largest program in most schools and all sorts of laws are broken to have the biggest, strongest, most skilled blacks on the teams (which then impregnate the stupid white girls—even at Christian colleges); even a 27-year old who lied and said that was 18 years old and that he was an orphan and had been displaced by a hurricane, and thus he was given a place on various high school basketball teams!  Understand: Blacks are not superior athletes.  Many of them are indeed, incredible athletes.  I will be the first to admit that.  I will be the first to admit that Michael Jordan is probably the best basketball player ever.  However, while the majority of well-raised whites do their homework, chores, and have a part time job, and actually go to school, most blacks hang out and play ball every chance they get, so there is no doubt that they are going to be more experienced... and schools and colleges, secular and Christian, have LUSTED after having the best team—and they have sold their own soul and unforgiveably sacrificed the education and moral lives of their students to achieve it.  It really boggles the mind how black youth who could not pass high school unless by ritual, who could not pass a real proficiency test to save his life, is somehow able to function at a collegiate academic level.  Instead of drug tests, how about IQ tests and proficiency tests...? —in high school and college.  If a person commits a crime he is (unconstitutionally) barred from ever owning a fire-arm.  Well, high school and college athletes who are convicted of crimes, why are they still allowed to compete in sports in high school and college and professional and even Olympic?]


Add to this the outright LIES taught in schools and universities (secular and Christian) about history, culture, race, evolution—and the scholastic and moral lobotomy is complete. 

All these factors would have to go into an honest modern study of this type (as allegedly undertaken by the information claimed in the link at the top of this article)—unless they could "recreate the environment of 1960" and the exact type of sample to whom the test was given. 

But what they do not tell you (if they are even perceptive and astute enough to even recognize it themselves, which is doubtful, as few can think out the academic trough which is periodically slopped for them) is that they have not invalidated the previous study—not a single jot or tittle.  All they have done is demonstrate that society has "changed"—and it did not change on its own; it has been a subversive conspiracy that has been importing the Third World and molding and shaping Christendom into Babylon!

This modern subterfuge, in "fudging" all the data, is to deceptively dismiss the notion that most blacks cannot delay gratification.  That is why there is so much black crime (and like lowering the educational bar, they continual to lower the "racial bar" in what is recognized as "white" so that crime and other disfavorable statistics are "evened out" a little; now hispanics, persians, arabs, and a plethora of mixed race persons are considered "white"—and it is THAT population that commits many of the crimes blamed on "whites" in statistics). 

However, in relation to the concept of delay of gratification and self-control, I remember reading in the excellent book (out of print, but I have good copies available, inquire), The Persecutor*, from the 1970s, in which a young orphan boy in Russia, maybe 5 years old, was forced to living on the streets and the first day on his own he stole a small loaf of bread from a vendor and made his escape.  After eating half of it, even at his tender and inexperienced age, he told himself that he would be hungry later and he must save the other half for dinner!

[* Sergei Kordakov was a Russian naval officer.  He was a member of an elite secret police squad that went around raiding Christians having unauthorized church services in private houses or even in the woods—and they would mercilessly beat them with steel batons, punch and kick and throw them against walls and trees—even children.  Kordakov's heart was eventually turned when the same people, including a little girl whom he had savagely beaten in previous raids, whom he and his cohorts had beated within an inch of their lives time and time again came back to the next forbidden, secret prayer meeting or worship service.  I won't spoil the rest of the gripping story for those who want to read it.  It is an excellent book.]