Coming Chaos

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 My response to the below email and news story:

I doubt that the good people will ever revolt... they are too cowardly.  I wrote this.  The last chance to stand up was in Malheur... and no one did, and Finicum was murdered.... then the corrupt gov't went after those who stood up in Montana (?) 3 years earlier.  No one will stand up because they have no assurance anyone will stand up with them and have their backs.

the majority are brainwashed.

the majority are aliens.

his lack of understanding history is that the American revolution was possible because the people were still one people and could stand as one... they are not cohesive now because 85+ are aliens, or married to aliens, or have half-breed children... this is the fulfillment of the feet of iron mingled with clay of Nebuchad.'s dream-vision--integration which God forbade and which He hates and which Christ will strike and topple 6,000 years of history and civilization.  BRING IT ON!

the good people will never revolt.  They are outnumbered.  Even though numbers don't matter, their hearts are not right with God and are not repenting, and don't care about God or what God commands.  They think themselves "good" because they measure themselves according to their own very low standard, not God's.  Our only hope is for the remnant to repent before God, because God has sent all this evil to bring us to repentance and repentance is the only way out of it.  This does not mean that good people should no resist, but that their efforts will be fruitless and in vain unless God's people truly repent... which they won't because the majority don't know God and would hate the true God if they learned about Him.  They love the superstitious god of the tradition of the elders, the humanistic god of their own mind.  I believe the author of this article himself thinks homoperverts have rights, and I doubt he has any clue or desire to know the true God (maybe he is a gender bender himself?).  I could be wrong.  He puts out a lot of good info, but I have never read a Biblical truth in anything that he has written.

the notion that Germany or other nations will start a war with US once they realize how the corrupt US has been wronging them is STUPIDITY.  What would the Germans care about the US lying and spying when their own chancellor has just destroyed 4,000 years of German civilization, culture, religion, and law...?

The American Revolution was led by the pulpits.  America's pulpits are asleep, dead, bribed, or apostate and joined with the whore of Babylon.  There will not be a revolt.  There will not be a revolution; but there will be chaos.

It is a STUPID idea that the police will be so scared to confiscate personal firearms.  What has all the training in Boston and other false flags been for... armed swat teams going house to house, armored storm troopers riding on the sideboards of military armored vehicles... cops hiring illegals... military hiring illegals and training them in war... buying up billions of rounds of ammo.  Each citizen will be a coward and meekly hand over his guns when helicopters are hovering overhead and armored trunks and tanks roll up on the lawn and 40 storm troopers kick in the doors.  I wrote this 20 years ago in one of my books.  Waco was planned.  It was a warning.  Ruby Ridge was planned, it was a warning.  An unarmed woman holding an infant shot in the head by an oriental sniper who was never charged with a crime.  Montana standoff was a hiccup.  Malheur standoff with murderous ending was a big long proud boastful government belch! and warning.

If people don't truly repent before God, they will die, they will be raped, set on fire, starve to death, die of disease.

In order to repent they have to blow the dust and cobwebs off the Bible and see what God commands.  They don't have the desire to; they don't have the brains too, after half century of brainwashing, anything they read they would understand backwards.  "Black, it's the new white" "up is down" "right is wrong"  "Evil is good".

I talked to an idiot in town 2 days ago.  He said he wanted things to remain just they way they are.  He said he preferred that to chaos.  I asked, "So, you prefer slavery to chaos?"  He backpedaled and said he didn't say that, and then proceeded to flaunt his ignorance in showing we are not slaves and all other sorts of nonsense... and not realizing it will only get worse.  Like the frog in the boiling water, it's a lovely bath until that split second when you realize, " OH *&%^$!!!!" just before the lights go out.  As the old saying goes, "falling from 200 feet doesn't kill you... it's the sudden stop at the bottom!"  Isn't it better to pull the chute and risk a few power lines or tree limbs, than face a certain ground zero at terminal velocity?

Oliver Cromwell said, "Trust in God and keep your powder dry".  Keeping your powder dry, by itself, is like playing the lottery.  However, "If God be for us, who can be against us?"  The issue is, however, that God is not for us unless we have truly submitted to Him, and that entails stop doing what He forbade (no matter how much we like it) and start doing what He commanded (regardless of how indifferent we are).  To not want to do what He commanded and refrain from what He forbade is suicide, and my answer to such people is, "I hope you and your casket will be very happy together"—and in the life to come Judgment will only be worse.

Christ, the Personification of Wisdom declared, "He who sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul; all those who hate Me love death".  God also said, "I have set before you life and death: CHOOSE LIFE!"  His Life is in what He commanded: THIS is the WAY, walk ye in it and turn not to the right hand or to the left; and HIS LIFE is in His Son, who was like us tempted in all things YET WITHOUT SIN, and Scripture says SO OUGHT WE TO WALK EVEN AS HE WALKED.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear... everyone else, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

"If you can read this... THANK a prophet! and thank God who opened your eyes—and do something about it!"

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I have read and reread this article ,,, somber and sobering to say the least ... it may be correct ... it offers no practical survival remedies / solutions to the predicted chaos ... what say you?