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Other so-called "Christian" "ministries" using the same name
are guilty of "bearing false witness" and "stealing", by using a name already in existence,which a simple web search would have revealed. 
How then can anything they say be trusted if they have no Christian character or integrity in the choosing of "their" name? —or if they refuse to even respond or change the name once it was brought to their attention...?]


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“...build up the ancient ruins... raise up the foundations of generations past... and thou shalt be called the Repairer of the breach, the Restorer of the safe and prosperous paths of life..."

(Isaiah 58:12)

(emphatic paraphrase)


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Featured Book:

Highly Recommended!  An exciting read as well as insightful concerning the hidden powers behind corrupt government and historical disinformation.


Bulala Tagati!*

A True Story of South Africa

[* Bulala Tagati! means, "Kill the Wizard!" (i.e., the "original Dutch settlers").] 

by Cuan Elgin

[Robert Alan Balaicius, Editor, contributor]

392 pages (including 3 maps), paperback,

$18.38 + $5 shipping (within U.S.).


The gripping tale of the beginnings of a small, brave, Christian nation born of both extremes of the spectrum: conflict, turmoil, and tragedy as well as love, dedication, and hard work—this exciting historical account of the history of South Africa (from earliest times to the end of the 2nd Anglo-Boer War at the dawn of the 20th Century) is woven as a rich tapestry into the form of a novel. Dutch, English, French Huguenot, German, Indian, Irish, Koi, Malay, Portuguese, Scots, Xhosa, Zulu, and other peoples struggle with and against each other in this factual account, which depicts the events as they happened, as well as the beliefs in the hearts and the thoughts in the minds of those people during those times—yet while this moving saga reveals how and why things were done as they were, it does so without condemning or condoning behavior. The reader is free to draw his own conclusions and do his own moralizing. Deeply researched, the Scottish-Irish-descended South African-born author travelled over 15,500 miles [25,000 km.] across South Africa to every historical site mentioned in the narrative, in his first-hand investigative research. You will learn, laugh, and cry—but more importantly, understand the actual events which transpired in this controversial, southern-most African nation, without the bias of the media or the pressured slant of special-interest groups. Apart from being so highly entertaining that you will find it hard to put this book down, the historically accurate presentation will allow the non-South African reader to understand South Africa as well as it can possibly be understood by an outsider. Further, modern nations may possibly learn some lessons and avoid similar pitfalls which may threaten their domestic tranquility.

Eustace Mullins read it twice and said, "This is great; they ought to make a movie out of it".

Jewish author who grew up in South Africa, Ilana Mercer, author of, Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa,  (controversial book by author not afraid to tell it like it is; Hb., 319pp., 25.00 + P&H) wrote of Bulala—


“Cuan Elgin is a rare breed: a born-and-bred South African man; an English-speaking Afrikaner, a Caucasian African, married to a tenth-generation descendant of hardy Trek-Boer pioneers; the dour indefatigable people whom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described as “one of the most rugged, virile, unconquerable races ever seen upon earth.”  Except that Cuan’s “Bulala” is never dour.  Uneven, maybe—like the events it describes.  Infuriating perhaps too—in part because it pulsates with conspiracy and pooh-poohs politically correct conventions.  Nevertheless, Cuan writes with a great heart; his “Bulala” throbs with a passion for the South-Africa landscape and people.  In the true tradition of the African storyteller, he lives and breathes Africa.  And—also in the true tradition of the same storyteller—his voice is raw and real.  Men and authentic Boer women will delight in the action-packed, intertwined story of Boer, Briton and Bantu.  (The man knows his firearms!)  Decades of emasculation—legal and cultural—have created a hunger among modern men for heroic, historic narrative, fiction and non-fiction. The story of the South African settlers is every bit as epic as that of the American settlers. Despite their comparable foibles and frailties, the last haven’t been blackened by historians as much as the first.”


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[UPDATED] Evangelical Leaders Pimping for Dreamers! & Dogs and Swine at the Master's Table & The Violent Invasion of Christendom & Politicians and Corrupt Government Behind Mass Shootings and Everyday Crime

4 separate articles.

First, a timely message from Dr. Don Boys, then my comments and some links.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end and at least familiarize yourself with the headlines of the links.


Presidential Limo Driving Training Course... not for the faint of heart

(I don't know if this is real or computer generated.  I saw at another site this vehicle weighs 10 tons and can only go 60 mph, so I don't know if a vehicle that heavy could squeal the tires from a standstill or if this vehicle is capable of driving as fast as it shows on this video.  I have not seen anything that refutes or confirms this.)...

The Blue Planet Just Got BLUER

This is a fantastic, unbelieveable journey, 5 DVDs with 2 programs on each; coastal waters, tides, open ocean, ocean deep, sharks, killer wales, never-before seen creatures of the deep, etc., simply the most amazing footage you will ever see.  I never tire of watching.

The Emmy-winning The Blue Planet: Seas of Life is the definitive natural...

Flus and Don'ts of Flu Season or Any Season

Those who trust the media, government, and medical "professions" please stop reading and go to any mainstream news network, the official government health sites, or "fantasy.com"... those who want to read some alternative ideas, using your own mind to make an informed decision to take your health and your life into your own hands and take personal responsibility, then by all means read on and consider the ideas that I myself have implemented for 40 years... and if you want to...

Politicians and the First Law of Thermodynamics

All valid science disproves evolution.*  All things tend to homeostasis, following the first law of Thermodynamics (the Law of Conservation of Energy and Matter) in terms of Entropy (decay).  Things don't progress on their own (from simple to complex), devolution is the law.  Simplest example: leave something outside exposed to the sun, rain, wind, etc., it will dry-rot, collapse, fall apart, fall down, disintegrate, etc.  This is displayed even in politics and the economy and...

Ruminate on this. Hard Sayings. Timely truths. —and how Christian bakers and florists should handle the issues that violate their conscience and religion

He who has ears to hear... let him hear here...

This contains 4 sections of separate, but related ruminations, concerning the weapon of unconstitutional, unchristian immigration and the corrupt, treasonous politicians who wield it to destroy Christendom.


Modern Christianity - Pure-hearted and holy or humanistic lipservice?

Those modern non-doctrinal / anti-doctrinal "Christians" who would blather, "man looks on the outward appear appearance but God looks on the heart"—to justify their own immorality / rebellion against God, don't even realize that they condemn themselves in so saying.  They don't realize that what they are saying, in essence, is, "yes, although you may notice by my outward actions and attitude that I am not in conformity with the Word of God—you don't know the half of it and God knows the utter...

Apostate Christianity—How to Recognize it.

If you cut through the foundational joists of your house and carve out large pieces that you don’t like, the building will eventually collapse.  A trickle in a dam or dyke, if ignored, will grow larger as its integrity erodes until it one day bursts forth in destruction.  Rejecting one Biblical doctrine in favor of humanism will only lead to discarding other Bible doctrines, and eventually discarding them all.  That is why the majority of society is secular (and perverse) today.  It all started with the mind pollution of...

Deformation in Christendumb or Reformation in Christendom?

The author of the article at the below link is confused.

heart and mind (and reins, which are the kidneys) all refer to the intellect.  This author has confused the Hebrew and Greek words for heart (leyb, cardia) as referring to the blood pumping organ, which it does not, except in rare cases.  When referring to passions, more often the Hebrew and Greek words for bowels (not restricted...

Can Christendom even recognize the enemy? Whosoever denieth that Jesus is God is antichrist.

The below link is a very good article.

DC is merely the LARGEST enemy.  The little Talmudic-Pharisaic leaven has leavened the entire lump.  The lump is permeated to the core on every level, state, county, city, neighborhood, church, family.

The minds of the vast majority of the nation (even those who consider themselves "Christians") cannot even recognize what...

You’re in the Army now... I now present to you “Brigadier-General Jen der Kunphiuzhon”

HOW SANE IS IT and HOW IS IT NOT A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY (though it certainly does not need to be a secret) to allow a man into the army who thinks he is a woman?

WHAT IF, during a US war against Korea, he-she suddenly feels the urge to "identify" with and "think" that he-she is an American trapped in a Korean's body? and realize that he-she is fighting on the wrong side of the...

Another Day in Paradise...? South Africa: From Heavenly Haven to Horrific Hellhole

This is the plight of all Christendom and it is due to the alien invasion and the backboneless, immoral (and treasonous) politicians who protect the criminals and let their own people be destroyed as they enrich themselves and hijack us farther toward a Socialist Police State.

However, I find it VERY ODD and VERY SAD that out of all of these people (in the video below) who were...

Preachers of Hate?

Matthew 7:6Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Titus 1:15Unto the pure all things [that are pure] are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.


Who's Your Daddy...?

In light of the modern corrupt "Christian" church and corrupt society full of "Christians" whom Christ will not recognize as His, it is no wonder that Christ queried, "When the Son of man returneth shall He find faith yet upon the earth?" 

Faith is not a "free floating" phenomenon.  Faith is the dynamic Presence of the Holy Spirit within God's elect, Who leads them into Truth and...

The Rights of Man: To Be or Not To Be?

I believe that the author of this article makes some good points, but also has logical errors. 

God gave His people rights, which are not merely blessings, but legal rights.  "All the souls are Mine", God declared, and "The earth is the Lords and the fulness thereof, the world and all they that dwell therein" and "The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth hath he...