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That founded by Robert Alan Balaicius in 1990 and active full-time ever since.
Other so-called "Christian" "ministries" using the same name
are guilty of "bearing false witness" and "stealing", by using a name already in existence,which a simple web search would have revealed. 
How then can anything they say be trusted if they have no Christian character or integrity in the choosing of "their" name? —or if they refuse to even respond or change the name once it was brought to their attention...?]


Sacred Truth Ministries and Publishing

Convictem — Illuminare — Inspiro — Reconcilio

“...build up the ancient ruins... raise up the foundations of generations past... and thou shalt be called the Repairer of the breach, the Restorer of the safe and prosperous paths of life..."

(Isaiah 58:12)

(emphatic paraphrase)


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Highly Recommended!  An exciting read as well as insightful concerning the hidden powers behind corrupt government and historical disinformation.


Bulala Tagati!*

A True Story of South Africa

[* Bulala Tagati! means, "Kill the Wizard!" (i.e., the "original Dutch settlers").] 

by Cuan Elgin

[Robert Alan Balaicius, Editor, contributor]

392 pages (including 3 maps), paperback,

$18.38 + $5 shipping (within U.S.).


The gripping tale of the beginnings of a small, brave, Christian nation born of both extremes of the spectrum: conflict, turmoil, and tragedy as well as love, dedication, and hard work—this exciting historical account of the history of South Africa (from earliest times to the end of the 2nd Anglo-Boer War at the dawn of the 20th Century) is woven as a rich tapestry into the form of a novel. Dutch, English, French Huguenot, German, Indian, Irish, Koi, Malay, Portuguese, Scots, Xhosa, Zulu, and other peoples struggle with and against each other in this factual account, which depicts the events as they happened, as well as the beliefs in the hearts and the thoughts in the minds of those people during those times—yet while this moving saga reveals how and why things were done as they were, it does so without condemning or condoning behavior. The reader is free to draw his own conclusions and do his own moralizing. Deeply researched, the Scottish-Irish-descended South African-born author travelled over 15,500 miles [25,000 km.] across South Africa to every historical site mentioned in the narrative, in his first-hand investigative research. You will learn, laugh, and cry—but more importantly, understand the actual events which transpired in this controversial, southern-most African nation, without the bias of the media or the pressured slant of special-interest groups. Apart from being so highly entertaining that you will find it hard to put this book down, the historically accurate presentation will allow the non-South African reader to understand South Africa as well as it can possibly be understood by an outsider. Further, modern nations may possibly learn some lessons and avoid similar pitfalls which may threaten their domestic tranquility.




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Dying Christendom—dancing to the tune of the Pied Pipers of Babylon into the arms of the Antichrist: The continued APOSTACY of the Southern Baptist Convention and their paper-tiger fallacy (invented myth) of white supremacy being "the enemy"

Dying Christendom—dancing to the tune of the Pied Pipers of Babylon into the arms of the Antichrist: The continued APOSTACY of the Southern Baptist Convention and their paper-tiger fallacy (invented myth) of white supremacy being "the enemy"—chasing Phantoms and inventing Boogeymen rather than obeying God and preaching the faith once delivered and rebuking REAL sin.


Bernie Sanders (Sandler? Shandler?) and Double Standards



—bring Sanders (and all other politicians like him) up on charges of SEDITION.  The U.S. Constitution is not to be interpreted in any modern person's mind (and especially not one whose "values" are completely different and opposed to those of our Founders), but it is to be interpreted in light of what was in the MIND OF THE FOUNDERS AT THE TIME that they penned and ratified the Constitution.  If Sanders and others don't like the nation that our FOUNDERS ESTABLISHED... let THEM LEAVE... (if they are not...

Modern Politics and the Manufacture of the Unrightful Pre-Eminent Right to be Offended and Display Intolerant Tolerance (Updated)

 The question of the hour, in the modern immoral mundial meltdown, appears to be this:

Who has the greater right to be offended? 

That is an unavoidable question that everyone seems to avoid; which is hypocritical and oxymoronic (two clear hallmarks of the present age of irresponsibility and lunacy). 


Logic and Exposure of Subversion, Corruption, and Injustice via Book covers?

Would there even be universities without those whom the invaders are now trying to bar from them...? (—in the U.S., South Africa,* and presumably other nations of Christendom)  It is a growing trend of racism and violence—from the wearing of hateful t-shirts to even giving orders for whites to leave campus, demanding statues or paintings of founders and / former presidents of the universities to be removed, etc.


POLICE: Don't call us; we'll call you if we want to fine you.

POLICE: "We are too busy eating donuts and looking for ticketable traffic violations to bother ourselves with actually protecting citizens... just put up with whatever the problem is and stop being so hysterical, selfish, rabble-rousing, whistle-blowing, alarmist, and intolerant.  Your tax money that pays our salaries is not to provide services for you, but to protect the politicians and regulate you into a cage, and to turn a good profit when we can... so stop calling us with your problems or we will charge you and...

Christ's Imminent Return - Solar Eclipses - Great Tribulation - Bolshevik Revolution... What do they have in common...?


In my chart Coordinated Chronology of the Patriarchs,* based on 10 years of study and various dating
methods of history, I determined (not prophesied) that based upon my research it looks like 2024
is the 6,000 year from creation (and thus represents the 120...

__The Last Days of the Romanovs: From 15th March, 1917—100th Anniversary Memorial Edition

The Last Days of the Romanovs: From 15th March, 1917—100th Anniversary Memorial Edition (1920) Part I—The Narrative by Robert Wilton (Special Correspondent of The Times in Petrograd) and Part II—The Depositions of the Eye-Witnesses by Nikolai Sokolov (translated by George Gustav Telberg), and Part III; with many extra added illustrations and other information, very moving presentation......

Gog and Magog...? (Updated)

The View of Revelation presented in books like A. J. Ferris' The Book of Revelation (or Foster's Amazing Book of Revelation Explained, which is merely an extraction of Ferris' work) and Thomas Foster's When Russia Attacks America is called the “Historicist” view—not to be confused with the Preterist / Praeterist view.  The Historicist view is that...

Chemical Weapons, Toxic Media, Corrupt Government, Military Strikes, WWIII, the “National” and War Debt, Alien Invasion, and Militant Perversion—all planned to destabilize Christendom

The first story (below) contradicts the second.  With liars in the government, liars in the controlled media, and disinformation specialists strewn among the alternate media, how can anyone know the truth?  It becomes harder and harder and is only more confirmation that the U.S. should follow the international guidelines established by our Founders and have No Foreign Entanglements!  It is High Treason.  The purpose is to weaken the U.S.  Engaging in these military strikes...

Mini Sermonette Lite

God will get serious with His Promises when we get serious in seeking Him.  

“13And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart.  14And I will be found of you, saith the LORD...” (Jeremiah 29)

As I have long...

Dear Germany / Dear Europe

Dear Germany, (Dear Europe)

I have a question.  During WWII you killed your own brethren when Americans invaded your nation (and you were RIGHT to do so).

Why do you do nothing when savages invade your nation and rape your women? 

They act like savages in their own nations; they act savagely all along the way.  They act savagely upon entering your nation and leave a trail of filth behind them all the way to the...

Nibiru, Planet X, Mayan Calendar

Nibiru, Planet X, various comets, Mayan calendar, UFOs, I believe are all baseless hoaxes intended to distract people from the REAL SERIOUS problems in Christendom that they CAN change, to cause them instead to be fearful about something over which there is no control (and of which there is no proof; those who think there is proof, don't understand the very rudiments of logical thought and don't understand the very concept of proof).  Hoaxes like this have been going on for 27 years....

Post-Election Thoughts... What Happened? What Needs to Happen? + Addendum National Emergency? and Thoughts for Survival...

I watched at google live the map of the US and prayed from 6 pm to 1:30 am, a few times on my face before God, and prayed for even those states that I thought impossible to turn from blue to red, to do so and for the pink to turn red, or turn back to pink and then red... what a roller coaster ride (and I have NEVER followed an election, watching it before because in the past, there was no difference between either side)... and was truly amazed when nearly ALL of them turned red (instead of the liberal west coast, which...

Which flavor of communism will win...? "Democrats" or "Republicans"...?

The nation is divided over this because half the nation is: 1. a GIMME-GRANT, 2. someone on welfare, 3. a government employee, and 4. corrupt Big Business who wants the government to keep robbing Peter to pay Paul—immoral people: People who don't care about rule of Law, what is right, the Constitution, the Word of God, civilization.

The bastards ILLEGALLY just raised my property tax AGAIN.  WHEN IS...

Heavy Duty Thoughts: The Great Tribulation and the Greatest Hate Crime in Our History + followup Q & A

In my 10-year project (see at the end of this email) A Coordinated Chronological Table of the Patriarchs, I list all the Patriarchs from Adam to Moses, and all interrelated dates at all known times, which shows how old each patriarch was at the time all others were, and in relation to dates of key events such as Creation, the Flood, Call of Abraham, Exodus, etc.  I also projected that the year of Christ's Return would be around the end of 2024 and that 2025 would be...