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    Have you been following the _____________ saga on _______'s prayer chain? He now attends our fellowship here in _______. I am pretty familiar with this man's case. He appeared before us with a message on what he is going through, with _______'s endorsement.
    We have been given different stories by the same individual. He shared that he changed his name to a "Christian" name _____________. He made up his own driver's license also.  I believe he no longer has or uses his social security number, as well as his kids. He stated in his message that the social security number is the mark of the beast. Immediately alienated those of us who have social security numbers and state issued driver's licenses.
   He in message stated the police officer told him he was not being arrested because of the driver's license but because of his website? He told us he originally got caught up in this when his sons were being interviewed by the state police and FBI because they had no "proper" identification. They were discovered to have no proper identification when they attempted to buy chain saws of a store owner on craigslist. Some else had been using  a false identity to steal chain saws from the same store owner that is why the FBI and state police were already involved in finding who this individual was.
   _____________ came to the aid of his sons, this where he got involved. The FBI agent left the scene immediately when it was discovered they were not the ones stealing the chain saws, but the state police continued to watch _____________. One day an officer arrested him. I guess _____________ is building Christ's kingdom by establishing a new name, a identity separate and out of  the current system.
   I fail to see how he is being persecuted in any fashion like the apostles were? We are under bondage and in captivity and have to submit to the current system up to the point where we are not breaking Yaweh's laws. I fail to see how _____________ is bringing the kingdom of God by not having a state issued driver's license and no social security numbers for any of his family. He has only drawn unneeded attention to himself.
    The problem with those without social security numbers and drivers licenses is they are always dependent upon those who are currently in the system. There are several individuals who have no social security numbers in our group and some have found out they cannot be financially successful without a number and proper driver's license, some are siding with _____________ and are quite enraged about having to have or get a number and or driver's license. Once again they are dependent upon someone with a drivers license to help them get around, etc.
   _______ told us we should esteem this man highly. How is this man building God's kingdom and how could or would he ever get the support of the population to fight the system to get a new name, a separate driver's license?
  What do you discern, think? I realize you do not have every detail but that is a lot of what is going on. His situation is causing turmoil in our group that I suppose is going to be addressed or otherwise a split may be on the horizon?


my reply

Never heard of him.

25-30 years ago (the late) George Gordon (who passed away about 3.5 years ago) and Bob Halstrom of Barrister's Inn School of Common Law, in Boise, Idaho, and "Pastor Paul Revere" of Embassy of Heaven, Sublimity, Oregon, with varied success drove on the highway without state license or plates, rescinded SS#, didn't pay income taxes, etc.  (and the late Howard Freeman of Montana was successful in the latter category)--but it requires knowing the law and not giving in to scare tactics, persecution, intimidation, etc.  In most cases you cannot hire a lawyer, because most are ignorant (like most doctors know nothing about health, herbs, or vitamins, only about drugs and surgery and "approved AMA methods) and don't know constitutional or common law, only civil law... furthermore, when you hire a lawyer, you are declaring yourself incompetent and giving your attorney power of attorney over you--and the Juris Corupus Secundom reveals that a lawyer's loyalty is to the court first and secondly to the client.  Obviously, those who plan to make an escape from Alcatraz who actually think it through and study it, will be more successful than those who just make a run for it and never think it through, being completely ignorant.

SS# is an unconstitutional slave identification number, as is marriage license, drivers license, etc.  The corrupt politicians say that we need all these identifiers (and more and more each year, fingerprinting, retinal eye scan, DNA sample, chip implants, spy satellites, traffic cameras, security cameras on ever street corner, TVs that spy on you, cell phones and computers that spy on you, phone taps and computerized surveilance of phone conversations or conversations in public like in test sites in Dunkin Donuts, etc.)... yet
NONE of these totalitarian surveillances would be needed if they did not import criminal alien refuse into our nation and put them on a taxpayer-funded breeding program.  Over 2 million prisoners in the US, over 95% of them are not our people.  @ $65,000 average that is $130 BILLION per year (not counting cost of police, courts, or loss of life and property).  And yet the same political traitorous bastards pass laws to allow deranged homoperverts and freaks to use any bathroom they choose (the only thing that will change these immoral laws is once children or women start getting raped in bathrooms, like the homopervert predators do in rest area bathrooms along the nation's highways; see story at the end of a homopervertpredator in England); politicians and judge prostitutes fine Christian bakers for not celebrating someone else's perversion; pass laws that will have a fine of a quarter of a million dollars for referring to someone by some gender prefix other than his current "gender of the day" that he wants everyone to enter his mental delusion with him.  What about someone who thinks he is a horse? and be called "Stud ____" or "Mare ___" ...?  It is madness to cater to those who are mentally deranged.  Freaks come out of the woodwork and dance naked and commit sex acts in public, and Christians won't stand up for anything.  They let more and more aliens in and pay them to breed and breed and breed, so they can tax us more to open more prisons, put more surveilance into effect, hire more cops, start new policing and spying agencies, etc.  It is a non-stop not-so-merry-go-round.  It is job perpetuity called treason whose goal is totalitarian takeover.

Q. Why does your government give your hard-earned money to your enemies?
A. To have someone to protect you from.

The SS# is fraudulent contract (and unconstitutional, violating the freedom to contract / not contract, as are all insurance policies that are forced on people; and the SS# is a double-indemnity insurance policy, but one achieved with a gun to your head and a hand in your wallet, with you having no say in whether you ever collect any of it back again--and they even want to tax you on the devalued money once you start to get it years from now--tax you on money they already taxed you on, money which they then stole from you, which, by the time they begin to "pay it back to you" is worth only a fraction of it was once worth... and so everyone is dependent on the corrupt government which stingily doles out a check to those who earned it, while paying godless sums of money to all those who never paid a penny in and hardly ever worked a day in their lives, so that the nonproducers reproduce faster than the producers).

The SS# is also fraudulent (and fraudulent contracts are void ab initio and the law is on the side protecting the person defrauded, not the one doing the defrauding) because when it was first passed it was promised that it would never be used for identification purposes.

Further, after having paid into it your whole life, if you are part of it, you find what they give you is not enough and they have the gall to call it a "benefit" when it is yours by right.  Additionally, they take that money and give it to mulsims, jews, mexicans who come here and have never paid into it.  It is fraud; it is theft. 

The power to tax is the power to destroy.  Taxation without TRUE, HONEST representation, is TYRANNY.  It is communism to give a vote to those on welfare, those in government service, those receiving government contracts, aliens, etc., it is conflict of interests, and those who are not freemen have no right to vote on how someone elses money will be taken from him and given to those own welfare, in government, etc.  Corporations have no rights.  Corporations only have privileges and exist at the whim of the government.  Corporations can be regulated and taxed out of existence.  The SS# makes each individual a "corporation sole" (a corporation comprised of one individual) and in court that corporation sole is represented by your NAME BEING IN FULL CAPS, which is not you, but the corporation sole that the pseudo-government thinks is you, which corporation they own.  Likewise, the STATE or the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in a lawsuit will have the name of THEIR FICTITIOUS ENTITY (CORPORATION) IN FULL CAPS and that refers not to the true government of the State or the United government of those individual States, it refers to the STATE or FEDERAL CORPORATION.... and as long as you play by their rules you will lose, because like the rules in a Casino, they were not made to be "fair" but they were made to make the House rich and you poor.  Stop playing the game.

The SS# is not "the" mark of the beast, it is "a" mark of the beast (because the SS# is unique to the US; though other nations have their equivalent of them).  God declares damnation not merely on those who have the mark of the beast on their forehead or their right hand, but those who WORSHIP THE BEAST AND HIS IMAGE.  What exactly is worship?  It is obedience and it is work.  "Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work"... that Hebrew word work can also mean "worshipper".  We worship God not merely by dressing up, singing hymns, and listening to a sermon—but by fearing and obeying God every single day in all that He commanded.  If we fear and obey men rather than God, then indeed, we worship those men.

It is a constitutional right to travel freely even as it is a constitutional right to own and bear arms.  Rights are taken away because few care to be inconvenienced to stand up for them.  Standing up for freedom is not always easy; but the alternative is slavery.  If enough stood up the enemy would have to back down.  Like when people take down a croc or a gaitor... 8 or 9 men have to jump on the creature to weigh it down so it can then be tied up.  Those men are all trusting the other to do the right thing or they are all dead. 

Drivers license, plates, etc. are just continued totalitarian socialism; once people get in line and do what they are told, more and more restrictions/fines are raised: insurance, no talking on phone, speed limit, expired tag, "wheel tax", inspection, littering ($3,000 fine here in my town, even though they have prisoners picking up trash for .10 cents an hour each—and all it takes is a cop to "say" he "saw" you litter; even plant a candy wrapper in the back of your pickup and follow you just waiting for it to blow out.).... then hundreds of dollars of court costs even if all you want to do is plead guilty and get it over with.  10 prisoners working for .10 an hour if they work an 8 hour day picking up garbage costs all of $8.  ONE PIECE of litter if a person is caught and fined, will pay for OVER A YEAR of 10 prisoners working every day 8 hours a day.  WHAT are they doing with the money?  Padding the retirement of the local judge and politicians?  and of course, on top of that $3,000 fine would be $150 fine of the privilege of being before his royal highness the judge, and maybe even community service thrown in for free if he is in a jolly mood.

It is socialism and if people don't stand up it will only get worse.

No, we are not under bondage.  God has not raised up a prophet and told us to "go quietly into that good night"... until then, we are commanded, "Stand fast therefore in the Liberty wherewith Christ has made you free and become not again entangled with the yoke of bondage"; while that has spiritual application in reference to not being hoodwinked by the Talmudists into following their regulations in addition to the Law of God and thinking that earned salvation, it cannot be separated from other areas of bondage and entanglement.  Christ also commanded, "Occupy till I come" and Scripture also tells us, "Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rebuke them".

I am not saying everyone should stop paying taxes, rescind SS# and drivers paraphernalia.  All societies need slaves and if people are more content to be slaves than free, why should anyone try to convince them otherwise?  Let them all bow down when the music starts to play.  But for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Those ruling over us are not our masters, but our servants.  If a fool wants to let his servant make him the slave while the servant assumes the role of master, if the fool is content with that, there is no sense trying to change his mind.  People suffer because not enough will stand up and do what is right.  Had enough people stood up and done what is right, Finicum would not be dead.

If any get "angry" or upset or enraged over this topic... that shows that they are functioning in the flesh and are carnal and not being led by the Holy Spirit.  If someone knows what is right and others will not do it, becoming enraged is the wrong response.  being grieved in ones soul is the proper response.  Be angry and sin not.  Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good.  That does not mean do nice things for evil people; it means demonstrating a godly hatred, if it be called for, not a carnal hatred.  The wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

Let each be persuaded in his own mind.  Let each pray, study the issue, seek God's counsel and do what is right.  Is it ever the wrong time to do the right thing?  Is it ever the right time to do the wrong thing?  Those who decide to stand up and do what is right should then never blame someone else (who suggested that he stand up) if it doesn't immediately turn out to be peaches and cream.  All those who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.  So if the average Christian is not suffering persecution while evil is all around him, what does that say?  He is not living godly, but being a friend of the world—and friends don't always have to agree with what the other does, sometimes they just keep their mouths shut and look the other way—and that describes 95% of all "Christians" who are friends with the world and therefore, the enemies of God.  Don't be irresponsible and dishonest and ignorant and blame someone else because when you stood up to do what is right the result was not immediate utopia.  Because you and others TOOK SO LONG TO STAND UP, THAT is why the consequences may not be tutti-fruitti... not because you stood up.  If you let anything go on far longer than you should (termites in a house, rust on a car, cancer in your body), when you finally do something to address the issue and you find out how costly it is, only a fool would blame the person who finally convinced him to do something.  The alternative is shut up and die!  Each person has the DUTY before God to do what is right, and that entails actually studying, instead of watching tv, to learn what is right.  Be ye doers of the Word, not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.  Do they want their children and grandchildren to be slaves, should Christ tarry another century? (a scary thought)  Exactly when should people stand up?  30 seconds before the guillotine?  The American Revolution and the Protestant Reformation would NEVER have happened had the US and Europe been full of the IRRESPONSIBLE COWARDS that they are filled with today.  Such don't deserve freedom.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty or safety.” —Benjamin Franklin

“And how we burned in the labor camps later thinking: What would things have been
like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been
uncertain whether he would return alive, and had to say good-bye to his family? Or
if people had not simply sat there, palling with terror, but had understood that they had
nothing left to lose and had boldly set up an ambush of a half-dozen people with axes,
hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? The cursed machine would have ground
to a halt. If, if, if! We didn't love freedom enough. We purely and simply deserved
everything that happened afterward.” —Aleksandr Solzhenitzen

“What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives
everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a price on its goods, and it would be
strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”
— Thomas Paine, 1776

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the
animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or
arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon
you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”  —Samuel Adams  (speech at
the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776)

It matters not, in terms of right or wrong, whether a man gets the support of the people to fight the system.

It matters not if anyone can see whether what he does is furthering God's Kingdom on earth.

How did people view John the Baptist or Elijah?

You don't have to be a bonafide prophet for the world (or even "Christians") to think you are odd.

We ought to obey God rather than man.

If enough people stood up (like the "good start" with 1 million people signing the Target pledge boycott), the
socialist USSA system would grind to a halt.  If people stopped paying taxes so that politicians can live like kings
flood our nation with antichrist hostile aliens to give them our country, while passing laws telling us how much
water we can have in our toilet bowl and what type of shower faucet we can have in the bathroom, etc., etc., etc., etc.,
the evil system would grind to a halt; it would run out of gas.

People weave their own nooses by paying into a fraudulent, unconstitutional criminal immoral system, and therefore,
they are accomplices in the international crimes (including foreign wars and persecution of moral christians) that are funded
by that money.

People do nothing because they are immoral and they think that their "reasons" justify their immorality.  If someone
kidnapped your wife and children and said that unless you robbed a bank for them (shooting and killing everyone in
the bank), then they were going to kill your wife and children.  What would you do?  It's a tough decision.  but there is
only one moral decision and that is not to murder innocent people and steal other people's money, even if it costs you
everyone you hold dear.  Life is not fair.  It would be immoral of you to sacrifice others for your own, and according to
God's Law of the Harvest, He would see to it that you lost your own in the end too.  You reap what you so.  In such situations
you have to trust in God and do what is right and pray that He opens a way out.  But regardless, if you commit evil
to save your own skin, you are evil... just as evil as the ones who put the gun to your head.  The only difference is for what
price you will submit to evil.  George Bernard Shaw once met a woman at a party whom he could tell was overcome by his
larger-than-life persona.  He asked her if she would sleep with him for a million dollars.  She consented.  He then bargained
her down and down until he asked if she would do it for $10,000.  She replied, "No, what kind of woman do you think I am?"
He replied, "I already know what kind of woman you are, I am just trying to find out what your cheapest price is."  A crude story
but it also serves to illustrate my point in other areas of morality.  Those who do nothing while seeing evil all around them
share in its guilt and their price is hoping to be left alone.  The problem is, you reap what you sow.  If you allow your neighbor's
wife and daughter to be raped, and do nothing... and it happens to all your neighbors, it will eventually happen to you.  We are to
love our kinsman as ourselves.  If we don't want our wife and daughters raped, we SHOULD NOT TOLERATE ANY of our
kinsmen's wives or daughters being raped.  To do nothing is an accomplice and guarantees you will eventually suffer the same. 
"Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap."

The criminal traitor politicians are selling our nation(s) out from under us, they have amassed an astronomically staggering
so-called national debt and raise taxes and devalue the money through counterfeiting causing inflation, while having also
stolen the millions of tons of silver, copper, nickle, etc., from our coinage so it is basically lead--and even if the debt were
actually the debt of the US

(which it is not, it is the debt of the politicians who voted to misspend $ and it is the debt of
every person receiving welfare and every person/company/nation that files for bankruptcy, receives bailout money, subsidies,
aid, etc. )

-- even if the debt were the debt of the US, HOW could it be paid off when they have stolen all the value from the
money, the coin is lead and there is no gold in Ft. Knox to back the paper... why else would they refuse it to be audited? why else won't they give
back the gold of those states/nations demanding it?  There is some there for decoy, like a real $100 on top and bottom of a
stack of plain paper or counterfeits.  They have robbed peter to pay themselves and paul for so long, in a giant  heist/ ponzi scheme
that once enough people demand an audit, thousands of bankers and politicians will be jumping off roofs (by their own will, or
having a helping hand at being "suicided" to prevent them telling what they know: then the law of the jungle will prevail among
the criminals, and no honor among thieves will result in those who are guilty realizing that they need to "kill them before they kill you" because loose lips sink ships).

the entire illusion of the con, the entire house of cards is perpetuated by everyone continuing to play along, and ooh and ahh at
the emperor's wonderful suit of invisible clothes... keep paying taxes and giving up their guns while they watch the barbarians
with machetes flooding through the gates.... duuuuh....! "uh... what are all those machetes for?"  "oh, those, don't worry about them
they just do a lot of gardening".

Despite her godless philosophy, Ayn Rand was right in Atlas Shrugged concerning the remedy to at least stop the evil machine.
—stop playing along.

Our nation--all of our nations--was founded in the principle of freedom.  A free man is who he says he is and he has the freedom
to do whatever he wants except to the point that it violates the Law of God and damages his kinsman.  A man has the right to work
and own property and no government has the right to tax him on it or tell him how or how he cannot work or use his property.
that is socialism.  Those who are fine with that deserve nothing but our scorn.  When is enough enough?  What if Martin Luther
never stood up?  What if Jefferson and Madison and Adams and Franklin never stood up?

Franklin, in a wry play on words ("hang" also means, "stick together") expressed:

“We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.” --Benjamin Franklin (remark
made at the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776)

French writer Joseph de Maistre said, "Every nation has the government that it deserves."

Scripture declares, "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn" (Proverbs 29:2).

Rulers are merely a reflection of the moral/spiritual fibre of the people they represent.  Looking at our "rulers" (public servants), THIS NATION and ALL OF CHRISTENDOM DESERVE JUDGMENT.  Like Jack Nichols said in Batman as the Joker, speaking of Gotham City (New York), "What this town needs is an enema!"  INDEED IT DOES.

Edmund Burke, the great Christian statesman said,
“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is that good men do nothing.”

[the reason good men do nothing is because they are not actually good; it is mere delusion with which they amuse and placate themselves.]

James 4:17 says,
“To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

As I explain in many of my books.  God commands those who love Him to HATE EVIL--WHAT HE has declared to be evil; not what an evil government and apostate church call evil (they call evil what God calls good; and vice versa).  If we do not hate evil, then God will give us more of it.

Why should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate?  He won't.  Until God's people HATE EVIL (which necessitates reading His Word to learn what HE calls evil), then He will only give us more evil.

As Lee Iococca said, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way".  God has sought for Him righteous men to stand in the gap.  Who will stand up?

"Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard." (Proverbs 21:13)

you reap what you sow.

"33But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. 34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. " (Matthew 10)

Those who don't stand up for what Christ taught and commanded, deny Christ.  Denying Christ is not merely saying, "I don't know Him"... it is remaining silent when what He taught and commanded is trampled on... in such situations, silence is denial... for when the wicked stand up and flaunt their evil and oppress the vulnerable and the righteous, the wicked throw down the gauntlet and in essence declare, "who else is a Christian? stand up now!"  Christ said He desires that we are either hot or cold, but those who are lukewarm He will vomit out of His mouth and they shall have no part in Him; He shall deny them, for they have denied Him. ... and they shall hear, "Depart from Me ye that work iniquity [lawlessness] I never knew you".

"the curse causeless shall not come." (Proverbs 26:2)