— Why are the majority of the people confused into thinking that God's enemies are His people? That is why Christendom is being destroyed

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Gen 14:13, And there came one that had escaped, Abram the Hebrew;
Gen 15:18, In that same day the LORD (Yahweh) made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:
Robert, I absolutely cannot figure out how the jews became known worldwide as the chosen people, or why Jesus is called the king of the jews worldwide, and it's really straining my few little brain calls to the limit
Did Jesus say he was king of the jews, or did he just say he was a king? The above scriptures show he was born into the Hebrew family line: that would make him a Hebrew, wouldn't it?
I guess I could find that out by reading through all the accounts of the crucifixion again, which I haven't done yet and will probably have to do but thought you might be able to answer that for me quickly in just a few words
How did the jews get into the picture anyway? Is there scripture for that? Do you have a book on this subject?
Thanks so much Robert



It is quite easy

look at how Christendom is being overrun by Jews, arabs, hindus, american indians, africans, chinese, etc. etc. etc.  It has happened in about 3/4 of a century and it is almost so utterly complete in the transformation that if Christ tarries, 50 years from now, all photographs being destroyed by the baboons, after history has been rewritten, everyone will think George Washington was a Negro, Jefferson was a Chinese, Franklin was a homo-American indian, and Madison was an Australian Aborigine.

Also, though we cannot comprehend He Purpose, he said blindness would come upon His people when they forgot Him and became drunk on his blessings thinking all the goodness was of their own achievement and that it would be a limitless unending supply.

God sends delusion.  God promised blindness.  He caused blindness.  He will only preserve a remnant.  That remnant will be those who repent and obey Him, confessing Christ, trusting in Christ for the power to lead us into obedience (rather than thinking up infantile schemes and theories on why we don't have to obey God any longer).

The supplantation of true Israel (the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Baltic, Slavic, Scandinavian and related peoples of Christendom) by the Canaanites (Jews) transpired over 2.5 millennia!  The small remnant (1%) that returned returned to a land that was filled with alien peoples  (which the kings of Babylon and Assyria had moved in, and many of whom had moved in themselves; since true Israel did not allow a multi-racial society, only after true Israel was deported could they again create a melting pot and many of the descendents of the Canaanites that the Israelites had expelled, moved back in.  Then the Maccabeean John Hyrcanus in A.D. 123 conquered the Edomite-Canaanites and FOOLISH "force" converted them and that point the Jews (Edomite-Canaanites) adopted Israelite custom and practice (circumcision, passover, etc., with their own perversions of it).  When Christ returned, the land was a mixed multitude and He spoke in Parables because the truth was only meant for His people.  After Christ's Ascension, the disciples began carrying out the Second Great Commission—which was solely to the very same people as the First Great Commission, but on a world-wide, not local scale, taking the truth to true Israel wherever God had scattered them throughout the world; since He promised to regather them.  The majority of God's people migrated northwest as God prophecied and thus developed the great kingdoms of Europe which came to be known as Christendom.  Since we have turned from God, God has again used our enemies to destroy us.  They never could have even been a threat to us, had God not sent us delusion, to weaken ourselves and strengthen Him (in violation to what He commanded; since we violated His Law and begin intermixing, God then turned the fawcet on high and has been flooding us to overflowing with what He forbade but what we rebelled and embraced (sort of like how a grandfather, when he found his grandkids smoking one of his cigars, which he had forbade, then made them smoke the entire box until they were sick).  We are seeing the end of civilization because we rejected what God commanded and since the master's children thought to make the dogs equal heirs, God is using those dogs to tear up the house until we realize our folly.  Those who don't realize the folly will be eaten by the dogs.  Those of God's elect left pure, who manage to survive (because he promised to preserve a remnant) will then be delivered and see the dogs "put down".  however, only those who confess Christ and live as God commanded (not merely picking and choosing which laws they want to obey: for that is not obedience, but doing what one wants to do)... will survive.

when true Israel was finally outbred in the land of Israel, those few who were pure moved (even as we have abandoned all of our major cities to the aliens).  Thus, the Jews had the Bible manuscripts, the artifacts, the land of Israel, and they had already been following a few customs--so it was an easy thing for them to perpetrate identity theft upon an entire race--and also because God promised blindness would come upon us for our rejecting Him and not obeying Him.  However, in Revelation 3:9, Christ declares that He will make the Synagogue of Satan, those who say that they are Judeans, Israelites, Hebrews, etc., but are not and do lie, He will make them come and bow at our feet and recognize that we are His children, not they, and we are the ones whom He loves, not them.

The jews are not Hebrews, Israelites, or Judeans, and they are not Semites/Shemites.  The Jews are the Canaanites of the Bible.  Canaan was born of incest by Ham who defiled his own mother.  (Ham's brother was Shem). Canaan was cursed because he was of defiled blood and he went and married a woman descended from Cain (Cain having been fathered by the Serpent/Satan).

The Jews are not Semites, but inbred, cursed Hamites who also have Satan as their father.  Esau (Jacob's brother) married 2 Canaanite women (a Hivite and a Hittite) and his descendents became known as Edomites (which means "red" and thus the communists are called "reds" because in a sea of blood they have devoured Jacob/Christendom) and Amalekites; whom God cursed above the Canaanites, declaring eternal hatred against them all.  This is why the Jews trace their descent through the female line (not the male line, which is what God established in His Word and Law); because although they need the pure blood of true Israel to lighten their complexion and breed up (and destroy us by amalgamation), they are true to their own perverse origins knowing they can never be us.  Thus, Satan wants to utterly mongrelize the white race/true Israel, because God promised to always preserve a remnant, and if Satan can utterly mongrelize the white race, God will have failed, and Satan will then renew his hopes that he can defeat God: for if God can fail in one area, He is not Perfect or Omnipotent or Omniscient--He is not God, and thus He can fail in other areas.

This is the last kingdom of the earth, symbolized by Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great image/statue, with feet made of iron mingled with clay (integration) which are not sound and cannot support the weight of the statue and which Christ detests and will strike the feet and they will crumbled and the statue--6,000 years of civilization will fall.  Nearly every other one of the world kingdoms (head of gold, chest of silver, etc.) were also destroyed by mongrelization.

This is the flood that the dragon/serpent of Revelation vomits out of his mouth (out of the putridness of his belly), the third world to drown the woman and her child, the dragon having failed to devour Christ.  God will open a hole in the earth to receive the flood (for a temporary respite, the eye of the storm) once enough of His people cry out... until they cry out, they will be raped and murdered and mongrelized into extinction.

Read some more of my books and it will make sense.

“Our eyes are beholden that we cannot see things that stare us in the face until the hour arrives when the mind is
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