—2 brief rants concerning illegals and the poor dead gorilla at the cincinatti zoo.

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IT IS ILLEGAL.  THAT IS THE POINT ABOUT ALIENS.  IT IS ILLEGAL.  It DOES NOT MATTER that they are "only seeking a better life for themselves".... IS THAT NOT WHAT CRIMINALS DO BY MURDERING AND ROBBING OTHER PEOPLE?  It is no surprise that 40% of the over 2 million prisoners in the US are ILLEGALS.... and for every one of those in prison there are 500 who commit crimes who are not caught.  2,000,000 prisoners, 40% illegals = 800,000 x  $65,000/year imprisonment = $52 BILLION every single year (not counting police and court costs and the cost incurred by their victims, including the need for money spent on greater security)  ADD THAT PRICE OF HUMAN SUFFERING UP, in dollar amount and in human loss, and it is a STAGGERING amount of TREASON by politicians who violate their oath of office to PROTECT OUR rights, not the rights of aliens or people in other nations.  To wholesale sell off our nation in one lump shot would be clearly recognized as HIGH TREASON--and THAT is what politicians do every single day by illegally and criminally passing unconstitutional laws GIVING OUR NATION TO ALIENS, to bring them here en masse, and put them on a taxpayer funded breeding program while they commit crimes and reproduce for free, TO THEN OUTVOTE US.  It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL and VOID from start to finish.

Back during Bill Clinton's regime he allowed the immigration of over 100,000 COMMUNIST JEWS WHO SERVED UNDER STALIN! and gave them VETERANS BENEFITS because we were "allies".  THIS IS HIGH TREASON.  IN the same vein, alleged Nazi war criminals are wheeled into court in wheel chairs on bottled oxygen for the antichrist to extract his imaginary last pound of flesh, while COMMUNIST JEWS WHO WERE GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES UNDER STALIN are given a pass, and not extradicted to stand trial in places like Lithuania, because they are "too old" and "in poor health" and "they have paid their debt to society".  REALLY?! they have paid their debt to society by being FREE and growing old...?!



And if this illegal below has been robbing the taxpayers for 50 years, and even for a short time with a false alias, then most likely he has been voting for hillary or obama also.  HOW MANY MILLION MORE?  THIS IS TREASON.  ALIENS, no matter after how many generations are never legal citizens.  ALIENS, guests, intruders CRIMINALS DONT GET TO VOTE AND DONT GET BENEFITS.  THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS.

THE ONLY WAY this criminal alien can pay back what he stole is by being put on the front line wherever we have troops.  He robbed the US of veteran benefits, now let's see if he can survive on the front line in the heat of the battle.

The same with Mexico city and all the shanties (which are there illegally in a buffer zone) built along the US BORDER WALL, fire bomb them all and then there will be plenty of room to deport all the mexicans in the US back where they belong.  IF MEXICO has too many MEXICANS to be able to keep them in Mexico, stop having babies... stop breeding criminals.

When MILLIONS of alien people ILLEGALLY enter another country's sovereign nation... that is an army and that is war (whether they live "peacefully" or not is irrelevant, for they steal our nation from us, change our way of life, pervert our religion, our race, our culture, our government, our society)--and the vast amount of violence (theft, assault, rape, murder) they commit ARE WAR CRIMES and SHOULD BE TRIED BY A WARTIME TRIBUNAL.

If mexicans think that we "stole" the land from them (even though they stole it from the indians, even though the indians stole it from the people before them), fine.  Tell you what.  We will give you the entire states Arizona and New Mexico and the southern 3rd of California, for $100 TRILLION dollars each (and that is just a general base-range price, it may actually be more than that once a factual calculation is undertaken).  You can have the land back for free, but you will pay for all the infrastructure and developments, because when we took possession of it all there was were cactus and rattlesnakes.  And NO you can't have a loan and NO we won't take a check.





Of course no one blames the parents for not teaching their child BOUNDARIES and MORALITY and HOW TO BEHAVE in public and private.  The zoo certainly has had many decades to brainstorm ways to keep this from happening and it is not the zoo's fault, it is the parent's fault and they should pay for the cost of the gorilla.

But the greater travesty is as this article aptly points out, the stupidity and immorality and even violence and idolatry of FOOLS who think animal life is human, based on two fallacies: 1. the fraud of evolution, that teaches that all life evolved from the same source and therefore the fallacy that humans are animals; 2. the fallacy that (based upon the fallacy) humans are animals, therefore, that animals are human.

I saw a magazine with a story about gorillas over a decade ago, because the africans were wiping out the entire gorilla population solely for the hands, which the consider to be a delicacy.  The africans would kill entire groups (calling them tribes I refuse to do, which is intended to give human-like association) of gorillas, chopping off their hands, and leaving the carcases to rot.  The person who wrote the article, outraged (as he or she should have been) wrote "gorillas are human too".  NO, YOU IDIOT, they are not.  If they were humans they would talk and wear clothes and HAVE JOBS!  There is no argument that gorillas or dolphins are highly intelligent, but they are not human.

The idiots mentioned below who made such comments that humans should become extinct so that gorillas can go back to living in peace shows the HIGHEST RATE OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND IGNORANCE that anyone could spew.  Has he never heard of the FOOD CHAIN?  Does he not know that groups of gorillas or apes in one area FIGHT AMONG THEMSELVES, even killing each other, and they also carry out intertribal wars against entire groups of outside groups--EXTERMINATING THEM and that they often EAT EACH OTHER and the BABIES of those they "go ape" on and kill...?  SUCH FOOLS.  ONLY A SERIOUSLY DERANGED PERSON (who is a danger to himself and society) thinks that humans should become extinct so that gorillas can once again live in peace.  MINDBOGGLING.

THIS is the result of GODLESSNESS and the removal of GOD'S WORD from all schools-- from elementary school to the highest institutions of the land (WHICH WERE ESTABLISHED TO TEACH PEOPLE TO READ AND WRITE SO THEY COULD UNDERSTAND SOCIETY AND BE PLEASING TO GOD SO GOD COULD BLESS OUR LAND AND SO THEY COULD BE MORAL CONTRIBUTORS TO SOCIETY) and in its place all sorts of perversion, humanism, stupidity, illogical philosophy and VOODOO THEOLOGY is taught in its place.  Yes, humans DO DESERVE EXTINCTION, but not so gorillas (in some deranged person's irrational fantasy) can live in peace, but because we have turned from what is HOLY and RIGHT and TRUE and GOOD and MORAL, calling good 'evil' and evil 'good' and therefore deserve God's Judgment.

NOW if those entrusted with authority will do the same with all the 2-legged animals roaming society dragging around and abusing and violating OUR PEOPLE, THEN things would improve.

(see also second story below)  Robert

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