—Black Lives Matter and Other African-American Ghost Stories

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The below article by Dr. Don Boys, "Cops: Best Promoters of the Fact that Black Lives Matter!" offers some good insight.

Here are some additional thoughts that I had.

Those blacks who think that "cops are out to get them"* (ignoring the fact that most cops are not white) demonstrate the same mentality as those blacks who believe in ghosts.  Like children, if some prominent person (modern snake-oil salesmen are called "politicians" or "political / social activists" or "humanitarians") tells them a story, they believe it is true (especially if it is to their benefit) and they will maintain belief in that ghost story religiously—especially if they are told other emotionally charged myths, such as: "your rights" are "being violated" and "it's not fair" and "you need to do something about it", "they are killing black people every day", "it is 'Open Season' on blacks", "don't let them kill you", and "you are persecuted" and "you could be living the good life right now, but they stole all your money; they owe you money; it's just not right". 

[* Yes, disease, bacteria, infection, parasites ought to believe that medicine (natural or synthetic) is "out to get them".  However, healthy cells normally have nothing to worry about.  Understand: If everyone went around wearing bed-sheets or pup-tents, blowing up cars and buildings, don't you think that anyone wearing a bed-sheet or pup-tent would be considered suspicious?  It is not hatred against bed-sheets or pup-tents.  It is not a conspiracy against bed-sheets and pup-tents.  It is reality and common sense.  If blacks don't like being "profiled" (which legally ended decades ago due to political correct neurosis, psychosis, and political correctness and dishonesty) then instead of blaming the ones whom charlatans claim are profiling them, why don't they do something about all their black kinfolk who are having illegitimate babies, living on welfare, dropping out of school, hanging out on the street corner playing B-ball, joining gangs, doing drugs, and committing crimes?  Be responsible.  Do something about YOUR people.  Listen to black pastor James Manning.  Learn something.  Enter reality.  Stop blaming the victim and stop blaming the police for shooting criminals; unless the police are truly guilty of going out and shooting some poor black boy just because he is black, who was just sitting there peacefully reading the Bible and the cops ran up and just shot him.  There are dirty cops and there are police SWAT teams that are no better than Stalin's KGB/NKVD: who are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.  But that is not the case, in the vast majority of incidents, in which police are pursuing black criminals during the commission of a crime.  Stop blaming the solution (no matter how imperfect it is) and blame the actual problem.  If you are not thinking clearly about what the problem is, look in the mirror.  Ask yourself some pointed, unpleasant, but simple questions: How many of your family members have rap sheets? How many have been in prison?  Were they in prison for smuggling Bibles or preaching about Jesus?  How many have committed crimes for which they were never caught or punished?  Have any of them NEVER been in a fight?  How many of them DON'T casually use the f-word, or damn, shit, hell, bitch, ho, or dog in their normal conversation?  How many have NEVER done drugs?  How many DON'T smoke or DON'T get drunk?  How many of them are NOT whores or whoremongers?  How many of them DON'T "sleep around"...?  How many of them have NOT sired illegitimate children?  How many of the fathers DON'T abandon the women whom they impregnate?  Ask yourself those same questions about yourself too.  Ask yourself the same question about your black neighbors and black friends and black work associates and black acquaintences.  So why don't you realize that it is those blacks who are guilty of the above, who constitute the vast majority of the black population, who are the ones who give a bad name to the minority of blacks who are not guilty of such?  How is the white man the one to blame?]

The utter hypocrisy of it all was clearly evident in the cases involving Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown (to name just a few) and other black thugs whom, before the media circus and agitator hoopla, the black masses did not know about, did not care about, and who would probably have been killed by one of their own black criminal populace, had they not been in the middle of the commission of a crime and been shot.  Martin was shot by a (Mexican-Jewish) neighborhood watch patrol Zimmerman (falsely referred to as "white" in the media) in self-defense because Martin was smashing Zimmerman's head into the concrete sidewalk curb for having approached him and asked him what he was doing in the neighborhood.  Brown was shot by a white cop—who shot Brown in self-defense.  The white cop was pursuing Brown for having stolen a box of cigars from a convenient store, and intimidated / assaulted the clerk who tried to stop him.  The much-larger (300-lb.) black "teen-ager" Brown was viciously attacking the policeman, reached into the officer's police car and was pummeling his face into hamburger and trying to wrestle the cop's gun from him.  To hold these black criminals up as "victims" (or even "heroes") is grotesque.

It is amazing that the black masses ignore all facts and evidence and believe only the sensational ghost story they are told by their local witch-doctor.  Then to protest the "injustice" they go out and set their own town on fire (and why not, if the stupid white people will just pay to rebuild it and they will then have a nice new town?)—burning and looting from businesses owned by blacks, their own people whom they claim to care so much about

It is no wonder that they, and other mixed populations mixed with their blood (South Africa, Spain, Portugal, US) are so easily controlled by the communist agitators and organizations and eventually vote the communists into power (which is what democracy is: pre-communism). 

They have been taught the ghost story so often, in so many ways, for so many decades, that is an ingrained belief that can never be extinguished from their psyche: "The white man is to blame." 

The facts of any case have no bearing upon anything in their minds.  It is the emotions on autopilot, like a San Francisco trolley without a driver (imagine that scene from one of those movies with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, I think, "48 Hours"...? in which there is a fight going on against someone driving a metro bus down some steep or congested highway such as found in San Francisco).  Runnaway-Trolly Syndrome; full-tilt emotions, throttle jammed, brakes cut... the mantra:

"The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame.  The white man is to blame." 

THAT is all that is bouncing around inside their heads and fueling the furnace of their emotions and their uncontrollable urges. 

Fact: 95% of blacks are killed daily by other blacks. 

"Don't matter..."  Somehow— "da white man iz ta blame."  "White man owe us.   Slabery, slabery, slabery.  We deserb fitty gablillion dollarz." 

But black slavery ended 150 years ago in the U.S. (and part of the reason that the U.S. is $20 trillion in debt is because of all the welfare programs that blacks have received—which has not bettered them a bit); and Black chieftains sold their own black people into slavery; blacks owned other blacks as slaves for 4,000 years; whites only bought 3% of the world black slave market and less than 3% of southerners owned slaves; the majority of white people in the U.S. today were not even in the U.S. at the time of slavery; and white people treated their slaves better than blacks treat each other today (and blacks who owned slaves would torture and murder them at whim, at the drop of a hat; whites rarely killed slaves and rarely whipped them unless they had severely stepped over the line, like raping a white girl).  Whites were only involved in the slave trade for maybe few centuries.  Jews, blacks, Turks, and Arabs sold black slaves for thousands of years.  The wonderful tear-jerker propaganda movie "Amistad" fails to inform the viewer that after the black "hero" won his freedom—he went back to Africa and became a slave trader himself, selling his own black brothers and sisters into slavery!  "Dat's a fact, Jack!" (also a line, if I remember, from the movie "48 Hours").

"Don't matter.  Da white man iz ta blame." 

But blacks want to move out of black neighborhoods into white neighborhoods to get away from their own black people—and then they claim that they don't feel safe or welcome in white society and everyone is too white! 

"Doesn't matter.  The white man is to blame." 

But over half of the cops called "white" who are accused of killing black criminals are not actually white, but mixed blooded. 

"Doesn't matter.  The white man is to blame." 

But too many black men have half a dozen to a dozen illegitimate children whom they never help to raise and they are often ignored by welfare-paycheck drawing mothers many of whom are promiscuous brawlers and drug addicts and thieves and are no-better role models than the absentee fathers, and thus many blacks are raised on the streets by gangs, don't pay attention in school so that they can learn and better themselves, they hang out with other criminally inclined blacks, do drugs, and commit crime against other blacks (as well as against people other races). 

"Doesn't matter.  The white man is to blame." 

Broken record telling the same ghost story.