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I haven't turned on the radio in over a decade, so I don't even know who the new Christian artists are (and I have never listened to secular stations, except classical)...

I've never even heard of this person or group.

This is not merely tragic, but mindless, for clearly these people singing allegedly Christians songs don't even know the Bible or true theology, they only "make up" nice sounding delusions and throw in a few Bible words.  What is most tragic is the shock to me, since i did not know it, that Ray Boltz came out as a sodomite.  He had some incredible songs and it is almost a defilement of those songs to know that he is a sodomite (his songs "Watch the Lamb" and "Behold" are among the most popular Christians songs of all time). 

Degeneration starts in the mind, bad theology, bad lyrics, wrong associations, wrong thinking, allowing "feelings" and "experience" to dictate theology, fact, doctrine, morality, etc.

A case in point is a group that has been around for about 2 decades (the members have changed over the years, so I read).  The group is called "Avalon" and this song "Adonai" is beautiful...

(the guy on the far left is the founder; man, he looks like he is only 12 years old in that photo).

This group and song has nothing to do with the alleged "Christian" singer who has just come out of the closet; I am merely presenting it as a parallel to show that in the home and the church, theology must be sound, or it will be off in every single area, even lovely songs.  If the foundation is off, the whole house will be off!  How more tragic is the fate of those who build upon the changing sands rather than the rock of truth that does not change!


Adonai is one of the Hebrew words for Master, Lord, Sovereign, Owner.  Adonai is the plural form of Adon (pronounced ah-doan; long o as in loan) even as Elohiym is the plural form of El, for God.

This was one of their first albums I think.  The song is truly beautiful, though a part of the lyrics are meaningless and unbiblical (if I am understanding the intention of the lyrics here).  We must remember true Theology CENTERS AROUND GOD, not man or man's "feelings" or what man wants to believe, but what God declared.  Anything less is humanism (which is an antichristian religion intended to compete with and replace Christianity).

It starts off with this meaninglessness, the notion that God created the oceans by crying a tear drop (presumably the parallel being that because the ocean's waters are salty, and tears are salty, etc.). Why would God cry?  Is God helpless to prevent the sinful future this world will have?  Not the God of the Bible; not if one properly understands true Bible doctrine.  God is Omnipotent, Holy, Immutable, Omniscient.  He does not make mistakes and things don't just "go bad" on their own.  God's Knowledge is determinative.  For more information along these lines, see my, Does God Repent? - Can God Change His Mind? and God and Evil.
There is a place for "poetic license".  Theology is not one of those places.  But, as far as false doctrine / well-meaning error in Christian songs, this is very minor.  However, it is sad that what could have been an outstanding song both lyrically and musically, is exposed as mediocrity in the minds of those who truly know Scripture.  Also, the vaguety of the lyrics "father of my hope, and freedom"... is tragic, since such really needs to be explained... the notion of "freedom" REALLY needs to be explained when you are singing a song about your SOVEREIGN MASTER (Adonai).  What is the "freedom"...? —to NOT obey Him?  These seemed like nice kids (now they are grown) and with good intentions, and that shows even more importantly the need for SOUND DOCTRINE... because their good intentions are used to destroy the faith or mislead of all those who listen to them, who then believe in tissue-paper theology that cannot stand up to the storms of life and reality and truth.  "Thy WORD is TRUTH"—not fanciful ideas.  This song I only present for its beauty and point out its minor defects, but there are many, many (if not most) other songs, that are theological sieves that cannot hold water at all.

But the song does have merit and some good lyrics; though it would need to be seriously overhauled to be Biblical... but the melody is truly beautiful...I wish these singers no offense, they seem like lovely people and they seem sincere.  I realize that when singers are young, they cannot possibly understand theology as a theologian does—but that is why they should SEEK THE COUNSEL of those who DO know the Word of God, rather than make up nice-sounding (to an immature mind) ideas.

Without sound Biblical lyrics you are preaching a false Gospel, a confusing Gospel... a different Gospel, and possibly worshiping a false god.  If you got up at a birthday banquet in honor of your wife and you began to give a toast, talking about all the things that you loved about her... NONE of which described her, even getting the color of her hair wrong, would she not after some point declare, "WHO the heck are you talking about!?"  Is it any different when Christians believe 100 things about God, when only 5 of them are true?  Their misconceptions are based upon humanistic emotionalism, rather than believing what the Word of God says.  When that occurs ANY doctrine can be perverted, as is sadly the case now with homo-perversion. 

It is also basely dishonest (as per the link below) when some Christians speak out against this sin, in a rational, professional manner, and they are called "haters".  While it is true that some IMBALANCED "Christians" are unable to control themselves and spew vile invectives rather than simply call it sin and declare that they will have nothing to do with the person, it is unfair for the perverts to lump every single person who disagrees into one group and call them all haters.  It is dishonest and immoral and is simply further demonstration of their degenerate hearts and minds.  Those who do not believe in God or who do not believe in the TRUE God, cannot fathom that GOD declared homo-perversion (and other things) to be not merely sin, but an abomination.  God commands us to HATE EVIL.  Those who don't are not of God.  However, they resort to argumentum ad hominem and demonize those who don't agree with them, by calling them haters, even though all that many people do is say, "the Bible says it is sin".  Are we not supposed to hate rapists and murderers and pedophiles?  If the homo-perverts have it their way, the only people you will be allowed to hate are true Christians.  Homo-perverts demonstrate their rabid hatred against all those who do not embrace their perversion and dance merrily in celebration of it with them.  They display obscenity and even commit crimes and acts of violence in their homo-militancy.  Yet those who do not agree with them are considered the haters.

Also, the singer below who is giving this coming out testimony, speaks as someone who does not even know the Scriptures, and talks about "being true to himself" and the only way he can fully be what his friends and family need him to be is by being himself, and all other sorts of humanistic twisted nonsense.  Of course, he does not quote any Bible verses to support such feel-good, hedonistic humanism.  Sinners love sin.  They justify their sin because they still want to maintain the delusion that they are moral (to help defile those who are not defiled and drag them down into Hell with them).  They still want to maintain the delusion that they are Christians.  HOW can they be being "true to themselves" WHEN THEY ARE LYING TO THEMSELVES AND EVERYONE ELSE, calling "good" what God called EVIL? 

Homo-perversion is NOT natural, it is NOT normal.  Maybe if you believe in evolution and you believe that everything exists merely by chaotic chance, you can believe that there are no moral boundaries (which creates inconsistency and hypocrisy as vast as the Grand Canyon), and thus everything is considered "natural" (prostitution, miscegeny, murder, incest, cannibalism).  However, if you claim to be a Christian THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH that what God declared to be ABOMINATIONS can be considered, "wholesome, natural, and normal".  To think such is mental derangement.  It is being given over unto a seared (dead) conscience. 

May all true Christians demonstrate SANE, RATIONAL, MATURE, CHRIST-LIKE thinking and speech and publicly denounce nonchristian perverts posing as Christians, and may all Christians stop buying their products. 
Someone like Ray Boltz would have been more honorable had he killed himself (which may sound shocking to some, but hear me out), rather than admit being a homosexual—because it POLLUTES all the DECADES of wonderful praise to God that he recorded on his albums, that other Christians have listened to and sung, and it also, to polluted minds, legitimizes perversion and therefore serves to DESTROY Christianity, rather than defend it. Which is more important? —millions of souls of God's people or the fragile emotions of a homosexual who wants to pretend that his perversion is not an abomination and tries to claim that he is "Christian homosexual" so that he can feel better about his immorality.  You tell me.  Better yet, tell GOD.  BE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY, God declared: THIS is the way, walk ye in it.  God does not change.  His Holiness does not change.  Morality does not change.  His Standard of Holiness and Morality does not change for us either.  Ideally, such homosexuals who are confused into thinking that they are Christians, should repent of their sins and actually be converted and cry out to God for deliverance.  Sin is an addition, whether sexual perversion or alcoholism or gambling or drugs.  To call it "normal" is the epitome of dishonesty, delusion, and immorality.  HOW MANY lives of other Christians should be destroyed so that one sodomite can "feel better" about his God-condemned perversion?

Above I declared that it would have been more honorable if he killed himself, than "come out"...  That was a bold statement and no one has commented on it one way or the other (I thought the redeemed of the Lord were supposed to say so, stand up to evil, stand with those who stand up, agree in prayer... apparently alleged Christians are headless and spineless, cannot lead and don't want to follow or even support those who speak the truth boldly).  Regardless, here is the reasoning... in addition to the fact that God declared the death penalty upon certain vile crimes that the nation should never coddle:

Understand, it is one thing to fall into sin.  It is ANOTHER THING ALTOGETHER to WALLOW in the sin and DECLARE THE SIN TO NOT BE SIN IN FLAGRANT CONTRADICTION OF THE WORD OF GOD... in blasphemy against God's Holiness!  It is demonstrative of a seared conscience and utter apostasy—or that such a person was never converted to begin with.  IT DEFILES the NAME of Yehoshua / Jesus and it DEFILES the worship of God, for someone who wrote Christian songs, many of which have been used in worship services, to have the memory of those songs DEFILED in the minds of those who learn that the author and singer of those songs is a homo-pervert who is deluded into thinking that he is a Christian and that his homo-perversion is not sin, but a wonderful lifestyle that God has blessed him with—and when he even continues to produce "Christians" songs and albums and sing in churches even though he is flagrantly deep in one of the most vile sins mentioned in Scripture.  NEVER AGAIN can any of his songs be sung in the worship service or even listened to, as worship or for edification KNOWING that the singer is a vile pervert who thinks that God smiles upon his perversion.  What an abomination it would be to have one of his songs performed in a worship or praise service and for the audience to know that the author of the song, who made the song famous, is a homo-pervert, and the images of what homo-perverts do then flash in the minds of those attempting to worship God in that service!  This is an abomination on top of an abomination.

Of course, I would hope that God would convict such people with the full weight of their vile wretched immoralty, that they fall on their faces on the floor before His Holiness, as if an elephant had sat on them, and so burdened by their sin, like the repentant publican who beat his breast and did not so much as lift up his eyes unto Heaven, but cried out "God be merciful to me a sinner!"  But this vile sin seems to be the last stop on the train to perdition, God, as Scripture says, "gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 29Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." (Romans 1).  May God convict and deliver them from their perversion, or may He remove them from the land of the living so that they are no longer a reproach to the Living God!

God commanded the death penalty for certain vile sins and abominations.  Of course what is preferred is for people not to fall into perverse sin and to truly repent if they do.  But for a prominent person to FLAUNT HIS PERVERSION IN THE FACE OF GOD AND THE WORLD and mislead immature, struggling Christians into thinking, "Wow, great, homo-perversion is acceptable to God—why look, the great Christian singer and songerwriter ___________ just declared that he is a sodomite, so it must be so and we have just misunderstood the Bible for the past 6,000 years. (—and that is why society is getting "so much better": less political corruption, lower taxes, less crime and immorality, non-existent national debt, no wars, etc.).
  But this singer, like some many other "confused" immoral people, has now DESTROYED the lives of his wife and his children and there is now probably a good chance that his 2 children will be seduced over to the dark side with him.  Homo-perversion is not what Christendom was founded upon, and homo-perversion did not lift us up to us advanced civilization and freedom.  However, homo-perversion is one of the last rungs of degeneration before a civilization self-destructs.  Those who embrace homo-perversion are not Christians and they hate God, themselves, their families and all of Christendom, because their abominable perversion will destroy it all.

Also, the writer of this article or the singer himself, is terribly confused when he wrote that he was raised in a conservative Christian family where he was taught that sexual-orientation was a choice.  If that is true then no wonder he is perverse.  But most probably this is just bad writing, either intentionally to cause confusion, or just out of ignorance.  NO truly conservative Christian family will teach that sexual orientation is a choice.  I believe this is meant to be the opposite of those who think that it is not their choice, but that they were "born" homo... which also is a lie... it is not nature, but nurture, it is not genetics as much as it is the environment—sin and unrepentant sin and glorifying sin—(and possibly too much soy products in early childhood, the emasculation of men, single mothers raising sons, homo-acceptance, liberal sexuality in general, and blatant sexual overload in the media and all areas of life).  Sexual orientation is not a choice, it is an abomination to cross the boundaries that God established.  Terribly perverse individuals may choose to sin, but I doubt that such a person's "conservative Christian" family raised him to believe that his sexual orientation was his choice.  This is just bad writing, which is no surprise, since it is written by those who deny the Word of God in order to fully embrace their perversion, while still deluding themselves that God is happy with them.

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