—Condamned if we do - Condamned if we don't... we're to blame for everything, and if we are not to blame, well, it's our fault we are not to blame, so we are still to blame... get it...?

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Someone emailed me this email and link:

No surprise here: 



I replied and emailed around to my group:


The "left" tells boldface lies because of the false sense of "professionalism" they have since the "experts" people degrees (B.S. degrees that declare that they are "experts" though others with the same degrees are not considered "experts" if they believe something contrary to what is the "politically correct agenda")... they say the most vile and untrue things and the fools who admire them believe them.  So  if Bill Clinton says that everyone of is mixed race... that no one is pure. What then is the purpose of such a statement?

—for God's people (Christendom) to violate God's commands and intermarry with all other races and self-exterminate, self-genocide, commit national suicide (all based on a lie). 

I imagine his next lies will be that everyone is really bisexual and everyone has herpes.


one person emailed in reply.

Reminds me of my radio show appearance last week.  Whites are to blame for all the problems of the nonwhite world.  When I later pointed out that 80% of the nonwhite world would not even be alive if it were not for white technology, the host said it was all an accident of history and had nothing to do with race. OK, I said, then all the bad things you also attribute to whites are accidents of history and have nothing to do with race.

No reply.

Clinton is regurgitating the "no such thing as the white race" meme. OK, there is no white race. So we need to immediately get rid of affirmative action, hiring preferences and anti-discrimination laws. And also lifetime welfare in black areas. Because, if race is illusory, then these other demographic groups posing as races are being unjustly enriched. I've heard them reply that only whites are not a race--the other groups are.

This is all MENTAL KRAV MAGA (Jewish martial art.) 



I replied:

Yes, it is all BS they hope the sheeple will not call them on, because when an intellectual debate is accepted, as you showed, they have to dummy up because their position is untenable. The illusion only works if everyone pretends it is real; the house of cards only stands if everyone holds their breath and refuses to believe. Way to stick it to him. All they can do when presented with the truth...

1. go to a commercial break

2. call you a racist

3. change the subject

4. call you a racist

5. get mad and spout rhetoric

6. call you a racist

7. disconnect you and then claim you hung up in a huff.

8. call you a racist

9. begin talking about something entirely unrelated and then pretend as if he disproved your point

10. call you a racist

...but of course never deal in fact; they could only deal in pseudo reality

... well, it is all people who are "mostly white" who are the problem, so all people who are "mostly nonwhite" need affirmative action. where was that affirmative action when all the dark blacks started murdering all the lighter blacks (700,000) in Uganda? again, as you pointed out; we keep them from killing each other; we keep them from dying of disease (Albert Schweitzer BECAME a medical doctor for the sole purpose of going to help the blacks); we keep them from dying of starvation, drought, natural disaster.


The only rational answer:

—shame on us! (the one thing that actually is our fault)

Cast not your pearls before swine lest they turn and rend you. seek not their peace or prosperity forever. that is what God commanded. the only humanitarian aid is to our own people; anything else is homicide against our people, which is suicide. the entire deck has been stacked against us; we keep getting dealt the losing hand, to the point that though we had been $10 million ahead we are now $10 million in the hole—and yet we are the bad guy and the ones stacking the deck and pick pocketing us are the ones that need special programs to protect them from us! makes perfect sense (only if you don't know the facts and don't think about it).