—Government health care / welfare / insurance / finance is COMMUNISM

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Someone emailed me this news story: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-03/cloward-piven-strategy-being-u...

'Medicare for All' and Other Radical Programs Will Crash


I agree, and here are some of my additional comments

Government health care / welfare is COMMUNISM.

People already addicted to insurance, welfare, other communist programs, those raised knowing nothing else, will resist such a blatant declaration.  That is part of the pathology—that is the natural response created by a the socialist progrms of an evil government.  It is what an evil government wants: its slaves to consider it to be "blasphemy" against the State, blasphemy against the (deluded) "rights" of the individual slave.  The corrupt government wants all people dependent on IT instead of God, instead of depending upon themselves, their kinsmen neighbors, the Puritan Work Ethic, and the Law of the Harvest (you reap what you sow). 

Insurance is communism and a ponzi scheme, and therefore, theft.  It is impossible for everyone to have everything they need paid out in insurance claims.  Many will be turned away empty (those stories, which are not uncommon, don't make the headlines*).  Those who get what they want in an insurance payout don't think or care about those left in the cold.  Insurance is not some magic box in which you put $100 and magically $10,000 appears.  It is theft.  It is forcing those who live responsibly and take care of their body to pay for those who don't.  If your neighbors don't want to be a part of that program (and under the US Constitution, we have the freedom to contract or not contract) but you vote to force them, that is communism, that is theft, that is defrauding your neighbor, that is forcing your neighbor to be responsible for you. 

[* I know of at least 2 people who live near me (and I know there are probably hundreds others with the same story).  They work on projects they want to, but then claim "disability".  Sure, they may have a disability and they may have an ache or pain (I have half a dozen, but put in 90+ hour weeks and have for 30 years), but they are not truly disabled.  One said he needed 2 knee replacements.  The current welfare he is on said that 2 velcro strap on braces were all he needed.  Finally, the saviour obama health care kicked in, he got the knee operations, and 5 years back welfare and took the family on a vacation on a cruise to the islands and bought himself a new car.  Another got 5 years back welfare and bought himself a new t-bird.  Neither work.  WHO paid for that lump sum payment of like $75,000 and WHO pays for all their health care and their monthly welfare check?  HALF of the people in the US live like this and the politicians live high on the hog and dispense taxpayer money all around the world as if it were confetti.  That is why we are $21 TRILLION dollars in debt. 

In a previous Rumination, when the debt was $20 TRILLION, I did the calculations and the math and $20 TRILLION in $1 Eisenhower coins (which were popular in the 70s) would reach to the moon in not just 1 stack, but in 100 stacks.  $1 TRILLION more, I imagine now that makes 5 more stacks.  Those coins, in order to have any real value, are supposed to be SILVER (which they are not; corrupt politicians continued to rob our currency of all real precious metal, to enrich themselves and hide their fraud).  Tell me, do you think that there is enough silver on planet earth to make that many coins to reach to the moon in 105 stacks?  If those 105 stacks of coins were 99.9% silver (as the Constitution requires them to be), then with silver today at $15.35 / oz. would constitute "only" 6.84 stacks to the moon.  While that is significantly less, do you think that much silver exists on earth? (remember, this is just the pseudo-National Debt of the U.S., all the other nations are in similar debt.  REMEMBER, on the face of the globe, the 29,029 foot (nearly 5.5 mile) high Mount Everest (which currently grows far slower than the "National" debt ) is barely a pimple.  It is 238,900 miles from the earth to the moon.

Oh, by the way, gold has dropped about $1000 in value in the past several months, which "infers" that the dollar is getting stronger.  However, the precious metal market is controlled and manipulated (like everything else) and ARTIFICIALLY kept afloat.  The ONLY way that gold could TRULY drop $1,000 in value is if the Federal Reserve BURNED $1 TRILLION paper dollars and did not print anything to replace it.  Actually, the real price of gold should be $5,000-$10,000 an ounce.  However, if they let the market be natural, and not manipulate it, it would cause a global crash once everyone realized that their money was worthless—like in the Weimar Republic of Germany during WWI when the Deutsche Mark became worthless overnight and a wheelbarrow of money was required to pay normal bills; and you can find photos on the internet of some people wallpapering the inside of their house with their paper Marks or burning them as fuel in their furnace to keep warm.  Hard to believe...? —consider that: In 1914, at the beginning of WWII, $1 was equal to DM 4.20. As the war progressed, toward the end the Mark dropped like an anvil dropped from an airplane, by November 1923 $1 was equal to DM 4.2 trillion.

See: https://library.randolphschool.net/c.php?g=237930&p=1581974

P.S. I just reprinted this very good booklet, this is probably why he was murdered: The Currency Conflict (1876) President James Garfield (murdered*) 34pp., 3.50 + P&H.  Garfield shows how paper money will destroy a nation. * See also: Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President, Candice Millard, 432pp., pb., 17.00 + P&H. (doctors murdered President Garfield).]

Further, the corrupt government then brings in 30 million aliens and gives them full health care, free food, cells phones, housing, utilities, and that is MASSIVE DEBT added on top of the politicians' TREASON—they then illegally make you and your kinsmen pay for those hundreds of billions of dollars a year for aliens who commit crime and live off welfare (and a percentage of them take the jobs that should employ Americans—and politicians have NO right giving jobs to aliens or declaring those aliens as "Americans" or having any "rights"; which they are not and they do not have).  The corrupt politicians then get you and your kinsmen fighting amongst yourselves because most have been brainwashed in the government schools with minds damaged with socialist thinking and many think that "free everything" is their "right" and that other people should pay for it so that they can have it (the concept of "free" really doesn't register in a mind that has been lobotomized); they of course clash with those who are not brainwashed (or those who are only semi-brainwashed) and who understand truth of history, social science, the Bible, and simple mathematics.

The other nations have socialized medicine because their people have been brainwashed from youth and so it is with the Millennials in this country brainwashed from youth and IRRESPONSIBLE... irresponsibly in debt, just like the government (why should the people be any different than the government? corrupt and irresponsible and insolvent) and now they want SOMEONE ELSE to be responsible... like that youtube of the unmarried black woman with 12 or 13 illegitimate children (all from different fathers) who was arrogant in the face of the social worker and brazenly and mindlessly declared, "Who's going to pay for these children? someone has to be responsible!"

Health and Health care is NOT a right... not even in communist countries... that may be in the full-color, glossy "brochure" and "billboard" full of pictures of happy people with smiling faces, but it not the fine print.  People in communist countries don't have rights.  God says you reap what you sow.  If people want to spend their money on tattoos and fancy cars and 6 foot long tvs and expensive vacations and all other sorts of "toys" and gadgets that they want and whatever other immediate gratifications that they want (having no concept of responsibility, delaying gratification, doing without—while at the same time, many being obese and getting bigger and bigger and thinking it is everyone else's responsibility to pay more taxes so their welfare check is raised) ... if people live irresponsibly, spending unwisely and for immediate gratification instead of saving and investing, then it is not someone else's responsibility to pay for their health care.  Just because you can't afford everything that you want it is not "oppression".  If you want more, work more, work harder, get a second job, learn a new skill.  That's what people did to make America great, and the inverse of that is what is making America worthless.

People do not recognize the difference between needs and luxuries.  I first wrote on this over a quarter century ago.  There are very few needs: basic food, shelter, clothing water, and maybe medicine in extreme cases.  EVERYTHING ELSE is a LUXURY.  Air conditioning is not a "need".  People lived for 5,900 years without them.  I believe, second to electricity, that the air conditioner is the most important invention on earth.  If I could go back to the 1700s and live and take one thing with, it would be a solar powered air conditioner with a battery bank.  As much as I love air conditioning, I don't have central air and I run the air conditioner as little as possible when I can bear through it, so that I can run it all the time when I really want it.  Oh, sure, I could afford to run it more, but I try to be a good steward and I don't have a money tree in the back yard (I've tried to grow them several times, I just don't have the magic touch) and if I waste money on one thing I won't have it for another.  That thought is not hard-wired into the majority of millennials.

Those who have tragedy hit need to SELL some things they own to pay for what they need.  That's what I did when I started this ministry 28 years ago.  That is what any RESPONSIBLE person does.  I heard an intelligent person, who has for half a century run several patriotic, alternative news sources, who lamented that her friend needs a new heart and cannot afford it unless she sells her house.  House or heart.  You can't have them both.  Without a heart you won't need a house.  What is there to not understand?  The issue is GREED and thinking that someone else should be responsible for you.  If society had not been integrated with the Third world it would be godly and cohesive and like the Amish if someone's barn burns down, if the person was not living in open sin, the community comes together and raises him a new one.  Society has been fragmented so it cannot stand together and so it relies on the government full of corrupt evil people who implement programs that will fail, year after year, decade after decade, and continue to lie, "oh, there will be a few hiccups in the beginning, but it will eventually smooth out--yeah... it's called FLAT-LINING, when you're dead and the heart monitor moves in a nice smooth path from one end of the screen to the other.  Scripture teaches that even if widows had not been faithful in church as they should, they are to receive NO HELP from the church in their time of need.  You reap what you sow.  The church was a form of godly, responsible "insurance" in that if you were TRULY obedient to God and in good standing, others would be there for you in your time of need.  The church was corrupted and it is no longer there for that purpose, again, the State has replaced it.  People fear not having health insurance more than they fear God.  You reap what you sow.

The purpose of implementing communist policies (like welfare, insurance) in noncommunist countries is to weaken those countries so they will fall so that they will be communist countries with even worse programs and no recourse.  the dictators will own all the wealth and you will work for them (sort of like now, but even worse)... and they will decide what you need, if anything (and if you think you need anything that they don't and you persist, then what you need is to be shipped off to Siberia where the fresh mountain air will help you convalesce).

The fools championing for free anything, but in this case health care, say those other "advanced" nations have it—but they don't say how advanced those nations' national debts are because of it.  People with damaged minds, brainwashed from youth, think that debt is just an unavoidable natural part of life BUT IT ISN'T.  Turning from the Word of God and turning from the Constitution that our Founders established has caused debt and all the other evils of modern society (rape, terrorism, murder, government corruption, unethical business practices) that most people think are "normal"—they are not "normal" and they were not tolerated when our nations were truly Christian; it is not that our nations were not founded as Christian, but that they were subverted.

Venezuela was held up as finally proof that communism works; but it was PROPPED up artificially and now is collapsing.  That is communism.  It cannot work with a godless people who only want to consume and not work, because working harder does not benefit the worker himself, but is spread among tens of millions of others; and the others who don't care to work harder undo any effort that is made by those who do work hard.  That is the welfare state.  God says if you don't work you don't eat; and if you steal from someone else to eat because you are too lazy to work, you become that person's slave until the debt is paid off and if you refuse to work you are put to death.

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.
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"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: " (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Christ, the Personification of Wisdom declares, "But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death." (Proverbs 8:36)