—Puritan-founded Yale university disinformation specialist: Nobody Is Normal

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The truth is: Before the importation of the third world and the adoption of all sorts of false religions, pagan customs, and perversion of mind and body in the schools, media, churches (not to mention all the drugs and toxic vaccines, the pollution of the food supply with GMOs, pesticides, and a plethora of other dangerous chemicals, MSG which destroys the brain, artificial sweeteners that destroy the brain, a myriad of artificial flavor and color chemicals, stabilizers, enhancers, texturizers, preservatives, etc., and doctors prescribing Ritalin, Prozac, and other psychotropic drugs as if they were a Pez candy dispenser) the peoples of Christendom WERE normal. 

Thus, the concept of "normalcy" has had to be discarded to maintain the current fraudulent culture-destroying propaganda.

[Another "false construct", so it seems must be jettisoned from reality; they also absurdly claim that "race" is a mere "social construct"; it is truly amazing how certain diseases attack only certain "social constructs" and how animals of thousands of species are so "rigid" in maintaining "social constructs" even though they don't have higher cognitive powers of reasoning and never had their minds "polluted" by the "evil social constructs" of modern society.  It is amazing how separate "social constructs" remained separate for millennia, until the modern push to mongrelize the white race out of existence.  Champion boxer Muhammed Ali confessed that God created the different races to be  separate and that he wanted his kids to look like him; and that blue birds mate with blue birds and red birds with red birds, etc.]

In order to embrace abnormality and perversion as the new morality they have BRED abnormality in the universities, churches, and media to destroy Christendom.

And now they are rewriting history as well as sociology, psychology, anthropology as if this is the way that things always were.

In fact, Swiss psychiatrist Karl Gustav Jung believed different races had different psyches; and that is what caused the Jewish Sigmund Freud to blow his lid, if I recall correctly, having been travelling on the same train with Jung, while reading one of Jung's works Freud came to the place in the writing in which Jung claimed that Jews had a different psyche than Caucasians.  Freud burst into Jung's car and demanded to know if that is what he believed.  When Jung replied in the affirmative, Freud demanded  for the train to stop and let him off.  Co-Nobel prize winner co-discoverer of DNA Watson was lambasted and blackballed when a few years ago he came out and declared that blacks are not equal, their minds are different, and it is unfair to both whites and blacks to expect them to act in a civilized manner in white society.  Of course the destroyers of Christendom already have been working on the solution for many decades— have the nonwhite races destroy the white race through mass intermarriage (first openly formulated by the contemptuous Austro-Hungarian-Turko-Greek-Japanese “nobleman” Richard Nikolaus "Eijiro" von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) in what was called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan; see my A Bolshevik Primer — and the Planned Extermination of Christendom, 176 pages, pb., with 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H within the US.).  That is the plan and it is in its final stages of completion; being carried out at an accelerated speed, and like an enemy who has hijacked a plane and has it full throttle in a nose dive with the throttle broken off so no one can pull the plane up out of a death dive appointment with ground zero.

The plan is to destroy God's people, the true people of Christendom.  We are the only ones being genocided.  If we are all murdered or mongrelized out of existence, Christ has no bride to which to return and God will have failed to preserve a remnant. 

We are the stakes of Satan's Cosmic "All-In" poker gamble for eternity.  He knows his time is short.  My chronological studies (see my huge coordinated chronological table of the patriarchs; inquire) indicate the year c. 2024 / 2025 to be the 6,000 year from creation, and thus the 120th Jubilee (deliverance / rest) from creation; which would be the time for Christ to return, destroy the wicked, cast Satan for 1,000 years into the lake of fire, and establish the Millennial Kingdom.  That explains the all-out sprint to destroy us.  If God can fail to preserve a remnant as He promised, then God is not the Omnipotent, Perfect God of the Bible, and Satan will then renew his hopes that he can defeat God altogether, eventually.