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excellent article.

The something that must be done is either OUST all the corrupt leaders, or for the millions who are leaving to form a TRUE denomination with PRIVATE service churches, not open service, and people cannot be admitted to fellowship until they have been discipled and / or confirmed in the faith and SIGN A CONTRACT that if they depart from the official doctrine they will call for a meeting to have it theologically debated or they will accept the church discipline for their heresy.  There are no "equal rights" in the true church.  GOD ALONE has the right and it is our duty to obey what HE ESTABLISHED.  Anything less is HUMANISM.  However, instead of millions merely leaving, if the SBC has millions of dollars of property or assets acquired by those members, the SBC should refund the % of money in proportion to those leaving.  It makes no sense to fund the enemies of Christ and let them steal the wealth of an entire denomination since God commanded, "Thou Shalt Not Steal" then it is also a command, "Thou Shalt Let No One Steal From You!" and that includes politicians and apostate clergy / denominations.

"split like an overly ripe watermelon"... great analogy.

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Southern Baptist Convention Sliding into Oblivion!
Don Boys, Ph.D.



Someone emailed me this link:

Those yahoos who are yipping and hollering in praise of this measure (in the comments section of the below web page) are morons and closet socialists.

Insurance is a form of communism and violates Scripture, and it is responsible for irresponsibility when people get behind a wheel.  If people realized that THEY would be responsible if they caused an accident, and not merely that their insurance rate will go up a few hundred bucks, they would be more careful.  Health insurance (especially those on welfare) drives the price UP because immoral people run to the ER every time they have a sore throat, the gold platter insurance is provided for whatever aliens and homos and politicians and doctors and bankers need, then when they realize the funds are depleted they tell the working class middle man he has to tighten his belt and a crutch is all he needs, not a knee replacement.  Then, just like anything in govt once established, price goes up, service and quality goes down; people who make a scene are taken away in cuffs.  Welcome to Police State USSA.

licenses, places, registration, insurance are all SOCIALISM and moving toward TOTAL CONTROL

[See also the link after this one that explains the feverish push toward new ID card nationwide in the U.S. by 2020—and as the video showed, the ID card will be required by US citizens for most all things BUT NOT VOTING!  This is only one step.  It will lead to a nationalizing of the police force, facial recognition of all US drivers licenses put into a national database so crowds and streets can be scanned looking for anyone they want, rightfully or not; to control the flow of the TRUE CITIZENS, and manditory check points, and an eventual GLOBAL ID card and number.  THIS IS NOT to stop terrorists or illegals—because they keep letting them in and putting them on a tax-payer funded breeding program and passing laws to protect them, but not the citizens they criminalize.]

Impounding cars not able to show proof of insurance is TOTALITARIANISM (and simply another money-making cash cow of the Law Enforcement Growth Industry) and makes as much sense as gun control laws to stop shootings.


Guns don't kill people—people kill people (with or without guns).

Not having a car insured does not cause Mexicans (or other illegals) to magically appear in the U.S.  It will not stop Mexicans, they will just steal another car.

AGAIN, this is the babbling pratter of fools treating the symptom--by making EVERYONE drink fluoride, by making everyone wear a dunce cap--instead of the problem, and other fools celebrating the socialist programs of the fools in positions of power to which they should not have been entrusted.

Pretty soon doctors will not be allowed to be "anti-disease" or "anti-parasite" either.  Makes sense, the way things are going in every other area.

LOOK before you LEAP... THINK before you HURRAH someone else's putting a band-aid on a tumor or another coat of paint on the termite infested house thinking it is a marvellous remedy. 

Socialist traitors in positions of power deal with illegals by redefining "illegal".

You deal with illegals by racial profiling! 

If you are looking for a duck, you don't wear blinders and ear plugs and wait for something in the lake to lay an egg on your foot.


National ID by 2020