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Below is a very informed article by Dr. Peter Patton.  My introductory comments precede it.  Read both in whichever order you choose.  However, it might be best to scroll down and read Dr. Patton's article first.


"Legal" immigration is half of the problem.  Around 1920 our politicians treasonously blocked immigration from white Christian nations and opened it exclusively full tilt to nonwhite nations. 

[See: Race or Mongrel - A Brief History of the Rise and Fall of the Ancient Races of Earth: a Theory That the Fall of Nations is Due to Intermarriage with Alien Stocks: a Demonstration that a Nation’s Strength is Due to Racial Purity: A Prophecy that America Will Sink to Early Decay Unless Immigration is Rigorously Restricted (1908) Also Including The End of Darwinism - Not Change, But Persistence is Characteristic of Life, Every Change is Essentially A Persistence, Only What Persists Can Change (an Essay), Alfred P. Schultz, M.D., 414pp., pb., 22.00 + P&H.]

The problem is perverted thinking.  There is no statue of limitations on fraud—not on fraud committed by politicians who wave a magic wand and call illegals, "legals"; not on illegals who cross the border and have babies on our soil.  20 generations can pass and no action can arise out of fraud.  Those who recognize fraud as legitimate are fools.  Christ Himself, the Personification of Wisdom declared, "But he that sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death" (Proverbs 8:36)—hence the current trend toward the brainwashing-induced suicide of Christendom.

The "official" reason is that workers are needed and people are needed to pay into the social services.

—but as Dr. Patton points out, most of the imported Third-world aliens drain from the system, rather than contribute to it.

This is in addition to the aliens taking over many entire neighborhoods and towns.  This is in addition to all the resources that aliens (who have an average of 6[?] children each?—per wife!) consume from health care, and from dishonestly living on public assistance for the next 18 years.

[Were they on welfare back in their own countries?  Why then do they all of the sudden need to be on welfare in our countries?  Did they work back in their own countries?  Why then do they not work in our countries? —more importantly, why did they not stay in their own countries?  Do they not like their own people?  If they fled becaue their own countries were not safe, why were their countries not safe?  What is it about their people that cannot provide a safe nation for their own poeple?  Why do they demand "rights" in our nations (how often do you entertain "guests" who "demand" things of you in your own home?) and then try to turn our nations into the type of nations from which they fled?  If they truly fled from "oppression" should they not be eternally grateful to have no rights, but have privileges as second-class limited-guests in a safe country?  Why can they not abide by the laws of our nations?  Why would they "flee" to a nation whose laws they have no intention of obeying?  Why do they commit crime in our nations if they were so "oppressed" themselves...?  What is it about their religion and their nature that does not understand "do unto others as you would have others do unto you?"  Why do we allow psychopaths to enter our society?  These are all questions that need to be addressed in detail while all nonwhite, nonchristian immigration is put permanently on hold.]

This is not counting the increase in violent crime, prison, police, court costs, (tens of billions of dollars); the destruction of the host-race, culture, religion, society. 

Explain it however you want, the treasonous politicians are importing revolution.  That is High Treason: a capital offense. 

The aliens, in any host nation which they infiltrate, will vote (even as they vote in the US) for the party that gives them the most free stuff; stolen from the taxpayers—which is communism: redistribution of the wealth.  The politicians, of course, give themselves a large piece of the pie for all their "hard labor" and "sacrifice" in creating chaos, terrorism, revolution, and giving away other peoples' money.  Treason is hard work, you know.  Of course, the politicians never redistribute their own wealth.  How odd is that from such "philanthropists"...?  No, they keep that in private off-shore accounts (and consume a large amount with their gargantuan carbon footprint in each of their several mansions in in their flying all over the world living the "good life" at your expense) and they set up tax-free "foundations", while giving your money to your enemies and inviting them to live among you.  Isn't that thoughtful of them?  Each politician should have a statue in his honor.  They are so noble and should be worshipped.

The aliens eventually—INEVITABLY—in a few decades, will out-breed and out-vote (and murder and mongrelize by degrees) the host nation until it is the persecuted and ravaged minority. 

[They outbreed themselves in their own lands, that is why they want ours.  That is the fruit of what we have sown in violating God's commands to NOT help the heathen; to NOT love the wicked or those who hate our God; to NOT do good unto them; to NOT seek their peace or prosperity FOREVER.  You reap what you sow.  Because we have sent them money, food, water, medicine, technology, built them infrastructure, and kept them from killing each other in incessant, intestine wars (ALL in unconstitutional misappropriation of U.S. taxpayer money and resources and armed forces), we have upset the natural balance of life and they have so outpopulated that their own nations cannot contain them.  Thus, they turn on the host like the proverbial dog who bites the hand that feeds him.  Christ Himself said, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." (Matthew 7:6).  I guess Jesus was just speaking in riddles or telling some interesting fictional story, right?  How odd that a certain breed of these Third-world aliens call each other "dog".  That's just a "coincidence", I guess.  How odd that God said that because of our sins He would send the very worst of the heathen among us to possess our places; and that the Dragon / Serpent (Satan) spews forth a flood (the Third World) to drown the woman and her child (God's people).  Gosh, there are so many "coincidences"... I guess that is just another "coincidence".]

The treasonous politicians think that they can control the alien masses (but Dr. Frankenstein thought that he could control his monster too).  They would do well to remember Marie Antoinette and that there is a Just God in Heaven, as Jefferson declared, whose Justice will not sleep forever.

The corrupt politicians, as always, are the problem.  As Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson, that is) said, "No government is better than bad [evil] government.  Problems are like small easily extinguished campfires.  Government involvement in anything is like throwing 1,000 gallons of pressurized gasoline onto each fire, just before the fire would have gone out on its own. 

White families have fewer children, partly because they have been brainwashed with materialism and into wanting the coziest life—selfishly, at the cost of their ancestral family and their ancestral nation.   Furthermore, modern citizens are taxed (illegally) more and more to provide for all the needs of the politicians and aliens so that the only expenditure that the white host family thinks that it can cut is another child or two from not coming into existence (and it is no loss, for if they did come into existence they will just end up being raped by or marrying an alien, due to the politicians' refusal to punish criminals, and due to the schools and media teaching white people to hate themselves and throw themselves on the savages to atone for their ancestors' sins and breed themselves out of existence).  But are not those non-existent children supposed to be part the parents' retirement plan?  Parents don't spend 18+ years raising children and paying for all their needs for nothing. 

Why does everyone think that a fictitious entity (the "government") is the answer to everything.  How can something that does not actually exist be an answer to anything?—it isn't; that's why those who believe that myth find out that everything that "government" does, turns to crap: having the "Anti-Midas Touch". 

Again, Jefferson said, "A government big enough to provide everything that you need is big enough to take everything that you have".  Government is a myth that derives its power from those stupid enough to believe in it; to believe that it exists in and of itself.  A family does not exist in and of itself, but is comprised of its individual, separate entities: father, mother, children, extended family (that is, in the traditional, normal, mentally healthy, moral form of what is known as "family").  Government does not exist for itself nor of itself (if it does, then let it pay itself!).  The only lawful government is of the (true) people, for the (true) people and by the (true) people—not imported aliens to steal the vote and steal the nation.  Our Founders had no such notions in mind (except under the heading of "High Treason"—and there is no statute of limitations on fraud).  Government employees and public servants who think that "they" are "the law" are criminals and traitors.

Aliens, on the other hand, are like predators and vermin (parasite, also, fits so naturally with the concept of "hos" nation); they simply breed continually by instinct with no concern for how the offspring are raised; they will constitute an army so why invest love and affection in the next 13-year old suicide bomber?  Many "good Christian" white couples have been so utterly brainwashed that they adopt alien children (or even have the white mother impregnated with alien embryos!) under the Antichrist delusion that doing so "pleases Jesus".  Do you really think that Jesus, the Master, will be pleased when He returns to find His children breeding with the dogs on top of the table...! —in violation of His specific commands to the contrary?  Most "Christians" think "yes"—and thereby show that they are not Christians, they are not Christ's sheep: They don't know or follow His Voice, but that of a stranger.

Furthermore, a compromised food chain, pesticides, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, chemical texturizers, etc., vaccines, drugs, radiation, pollution, etc., all purposely allowed or encouraged (all known to cause disease), can also contribute to infertility (not to mention disease, steady business for the doctors and drug companies, and shortened life span).  Add to that a good supply of soy (fed as hamburgers to school children in their formative years) which (not even considering the GMO health hazzards) contains estrogen-like, hormone-like substances that can screw with children's hormones in their formative years and screw with their mental health, including their understanding of gender—and couple that with a perverse propagandizing of children in school, tv, movies, children's books, as well as in perverted home environments normalizing perversion, etc., and you have combined all the elements for the "perfect storm" for homo-perversion, the further demoralization of society, and again, lowering of the birth rate and compromizing the integrity of the sustained host population.  Add to that disease (and new diseases being imported with the revolutionists, as well as outright murder) and death rates increase and birth rates drop even more.

To further understand the "productivity" and "skills" of demented modern society a large percentage of the nonworking and working populace, as their only skills, are:

- inventing or playing video games, playing sports, serving or being served leisure and amusement;

- being "consultants" for everything from knowing the rights of mosquito larvae to whether or not a new product or commercial or anything, might (even in the most-doped-out mind) possibly be misconstrued to be insulting or discrimanatory to anyone other than white Christians. 

- Add to these non-producers a bevy of lawyers and politicians;

- doctors and drug companies who create disease so that they can then "control" it with a continual panoply of drugs;

- teachers teaching nonsense, fiction, make-believe, and outright lies; colleges churning out graduates with degrees in propaganda and psychosis—LGBTQ studies (and other perverse forms of grotesque, blasphemous, antichrist fiction); colleges churning out graduates with degrees in "guessing", tutored by professors who let students bring cheat sheets to the final exams, choose TWO possible answers on multiple choice questions, throw out the lowest test score—and who give out candy! 

- Add to this the disappearance of family farms, importation of the food supply, government control of the food supply and mega-corporations (whose only concern is profit), people lacking the tools and the skills and the drive to actually grow their own food;

- decreasing rights for citizens to defend themselves from abusive renegade politicians and their armies of police, or from the violent savage alien criminals whom they import and breed...

—and it paints a pretty dismal picture.

Most people respond to such stressful cognitive dissonance by shutting down mentally and losing themselves in their work, hobby, leisure, or amusement and adopting the Epicurean mentality.  The whole plan is to keep the host population in a constant state of stress, chaos, terrorism, war, work, work work, tax, tax, tax, so they don't have time to think of what life actually used to be like when they were actually free.  The mind-set of the current poor excuse for a population is that they are "free" because they have the right to decide whether they will have McDonald's or Burger King for dinner.  Yahoo... free... free... thank God I'm free at last...!

The average person thinks, "I am only one person, what little can I do?" —but if 150 million people stopped thinking that way we would not be in the situation we are on, the titanic teetering on the edge of Niagara. Edmund Burke said, "All that is required for evil to triumph over good is for good people to do nothing".  However, I would add, if good men do nothing in the face of evil, then they are not really good... are they?  God said, "To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin".  It is also sin even to those who don't know (because they should know), but that was not the thrust of that passage of Scripture.  The thrust of that verse is that intelligent, informed people who don't do what is right sin against God.

People have been brainwashed with politically correct fairy tales for so long, it is like a prison cell without bars, like an old movie I remember with James Garner as a new sheriff in a western town... He inherits the sheriff's office and jail that had begun being remodeled, but the work had stopped, and the jail cells had no bars!  No one really obeyed the law, so the previous sherrif saw no need to finish the jail.  James Garner took a can of white paint and simply painted a line on the floor to indicate where the jail cell bars were supposed to be.  He then also took some red paint and dribbled it sporadically around one small section of the white line.  When he put his first prisoner in the jail cell, the prisoner laughed, asking what was going to keep him in?  Garner pointed out that the white line represented where the jail cell bars were supposed to be, and they the prisoners were on their honor system until the bars were installed.  While still the sneering prisoner was thinking to himself, "Yeah, right, what's going to make me stay on this side of the line?", he noticed the dribbled red (paint) and asked what it was.  Garner told him, "That was the last person who stepped over the line".  That of course was funny in a well-done movie, but sadly, it also represents how the true people of nations imprison themselves into learned helplessness by their own ignorance.  50 million to 150 million rightful citizens.  A few thousand corrupt politicians telling them that they have to "obey the Law".  The only Law is the U.S. Constitution (based upon the original individual State Constitutions, all based on the the morality of the Bible) and all laws that contradict it are VOID.  Politicians are VOID.  They are IMPOTENT.  Their only "power" is conjured up when ignorant people believe that they have any power or authority.  They are public servants.  They are supposed to do what WE tell them.  If they don't, THEY are the criminals.

People think that there is no hope and they are right—without returning to God and the true Reformed faith, which were responsible for the Golden Ages of our Republics—and without jettisoning all multiculturalism and all gender perversion and all interfaith blasphemy and all corrupt, perverse, communistic, humanistic pseudo-laws—there is no hope. 

In fact, God has sent the delusion and fear upon His own people to incapacitate those who refuse to honor and obey Him; who refuse to admit the problem; who think that the problem is actually anything and everything but what the problem actually is.  Until God's people repent and do what is right and realize that morality never changes and that what God declared to be immoral 4,000 years ago still is today, then we will continue to be destroyed. Why should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate?  Thus, God will cull off the bad blood of His flock until the only ones who are left are those who are actually repenting (which entails knowing what God commanded, stopping doing what He forbade and start doing what He commanded).  God save Your people!



Why Unrestricted Illegal Immigration?

Why are the Leftist establishments in the EU and the US pushing for unrestricted illegal immigration?

In the European Union, declining birthrates have created a problem for unsustainable social security Ponzi-like pension schemes. We will have the same problem in the United States by 2030. The population replacement rate for a given population is 2.3 live births per cohabiting (formerly married) couple; in some European countries it has fallen to 1.7 to 1.1 per couple and is now trending downward below 2.0 in the US as well. This is the now well-known but then unexpected consequence that has long-since gainsaid the Rev. Thomas Malthus’ famous prediction in 1798. He said that better living conditions, food, and medical care would cause populations to increase to unsustainable proportions and outpace the limited food supply.  It did not happen, because as families became more affluent they had fewer children in order to maintain their improving lifestyles. Also, Malthus could not have predicted the discovery of petroleum, the invention of motor driven farm implements, and petroleum based fertilizers and insecticides all of which have dramatically increased agricultural production.

A government administered Ponzi-like pension scheme like our Social Security System requires several young workers paying social security taxes to support just one retired worker.  So, to fulfill their promises to pensioners, EU countries are importing immigrant workers as “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa to replace retirees and pay these costs; but these immigrants and refugees do not speak European languages nor are they well enough educated to enter a high-tech workforce, and many are illiterate as well. So, they just add to the welfare burden of their new host county and make the looming pension shortfall yet worse by consuming the social services reserves now, rather than later. Hence the growing Populist revolt in the EU.

Any elite establishment needs an underclass to govern, and for which to administer social services. This is their self-appointed role as a de facto aristocracy or their noblesse oblige. What the establishment needs in order to be aristos (or better than) is an underclass of uneducated socially-static wage slaves or peons. That is why the US establishment (both Democrats and Republicans) are encouraging unrestricted immigration from Mexico and Central America. They want these wage slaves to pay their salaries as bureaucrats and government employees now, and their retirements later. They are quite correct to tell us that we do not have enough productive workers currently in harness to sustain our intended future. Karl Marx wisely pointed out long ago that there are only two kinds of people: direct producers of wealth, and everyone else. Clearly government workers and all other establishment bureaucrats are drones and hence a drag on the direct producers of wealth. They consume wealth without ever producing any. We have to carry them around on our backs because they are not productive.

The obvious, but alas untenable, solution is to convert educated bureaucrats into direct producers of wealth, not to import a lot of uneducated semi-literate people who cannot do the work and will drain social services budgets further. This solution has been unsuccessfully attempted several times in history. Henry I of England tried to settle the unproductive Jewish Khazars in England on farms without success. Tsar Alexander II, the liberator of the serfs in Russia, spent millions of Rubles trying to resettle unproductive Jewish Khazars on free and very fertile productive land in the Ukraine and Central Russia and even offered to subsidize them for ten years, but most of them sold the animals and farm equipment straightaway and leased the land they were given at exorbitant rates to former serfs. Then they moved to the nearest village to start a business distilling grains into schnapps. No European county has so far come up with a successful policy to deal with the itinerant Gypsies.

A more modern example is the Cultural Revolution in China under Chairman Mao. The ten years it was undertaken caused a great deal of social dislocation, but converted very few bureaucrats into productive farmers or direct producers of wealth of any kind.  Clearly some sort of re-education process will be needed, because people who have spent their lives so far doing useless unproductive work will resist having to do anything useful, i.e., real work.  The famous Gulag Archipelago under Lenin and Stalin may have been a bit more effective; at least during their ten year sentences in the labor camps, inmates did effective work like digging major canals and constructing factories. Those who survived then “graduated” with useful skills like carpentry, masonry, steel work, welding, operating heavy machinery, etc. Normally they were exiled to a remote province that needed their new skills but were never able to return to their former bureaucratic employments.

The past as present and future: Why were Africans brought as slaves to the Caribbean to work on British sugar cane plantations? Because the British and French plantation owners worked the natives to death (or they died of European disease for which they had no antibodies), and soon discovered that Europeans could not handle either the climate or malaria.  Africans could. A similar story obtained in the American South. And now, do we want to do the same thing again with wage slaves rather than legal slaves? The only difference is that our Mexican wage slaves can change employment if they somehow develop the language and technical skills to do so. However, the establishment class will make it difficult for the wage slave underclass to do so by a portfolio of dependency related social services, which their cadres of junior bureaucrats will eagerly administer for the benefit of their underclass dependents.

Re-education of non-productive bureaucrats is just not feasible. Our K-12 education system is the most expensive in the world per pupil, and notably ineffective because too much is being spent on non-productive bureaucrats and too little on productive classroom teachers! Our Higher Education system is not producing enough STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates to meet current needs so we have to import them from Europe. Wayne State University has just dropped its single math course required to graduate, and has substituted a diversity class for it. Our colleges are proudly turning out degree holders in Black Studies, Chicano Studies, Women’s Studies, Feminist Studies, and the exciting new major, Fat Studies. No way can these graduates aid the problem of too few direct producers of wealth, unless they get jobs digging ditches. A Russian Gulag Archipelago or Chinese Cultural Revolution style re-education program simply would not work in our culture and legal system either. So, it seems the only reasonable solution is to limit immigration to educated, English speaking, direct producers of wealth, and preferably STEM trained workers at that. There are plenty of them on waiting lists from European countries anxious to become legal immigrants to the United States. Limiting illegal immigration is the Populist solution that the EU is being forced to consider in all seriousness.

Rest assured that this is not an appeal from a nativist. My family immigrated to Massachusetts from Scotland in 1742; my earliest ancestor in this country fought as a Captain in General Washington’s army. As a STEM trained professional, I have held green cards in four European countries in the 1960s. I think I made a significant contribution in all of those countries, but I did not stay.

Peter C. Patton, Ph.D.