Assimilation or Creation?

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Assimilation or Creation?

Good article, except that they are not immigrants that are "difficult to assimilate"; that is not merely sugar-coating it, but continues the brainwashing.  They are inassimalable by their very nature and should not be received AT ALL and to do so is suicide.  It is like saying that "cancer is a disease that is difficult for the body to assimilate".  IT DOES NOT BELONG IN THE BODY.  "Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean people and ye shall be My sons and daughters and I shall be thy God."  It's like saying, "drilling holes in the bottom of our ship while it is at sea makes it difficult for the ship to assimilate the water". 

In the fear of offending anyone, the truth is raped and thrown to the curb.  UNDERSTAND THIS: THE ENEMY HAS NO NEUROTIC FEAR ABOUT SAYING OR DOING ANYTHING TO OFFEND US.  1,000 raped women of Cologne, Germany by "happy (inassimalable) immigrants grateful to their benefactors" should be stark evidence to that fact.  That they TAKE OVER entire neighborhoods and declare them THEIR PROPERTY while living at the expense of taxpayers is evidence to that fact. 

Their rape is a form of conquest.  The mongrel children if they are not aborted, will help continue the destruction of the nation; that is the purpose of the rape, genocide by miscegency: rape-conquest.  God forbids hybrids--even of our livestock and crops.  Everything that sinful man does is the very opposite of what God commands.  Thus the hybrid and GMO crops and GMO animals and GMO vaccines and experiments... everything to destroy what God created.  God commanded us to be separate; those who jump into the cesspool jump out of the family of God into judgment.  In doing so, they help destroy the family of God—an assault against God Himself in Whose Image we were created.  It is the destruction of His Image and strikes at God Himself, when sinful, perverse man, for whatever reason, ignores the boundaries that God established.

If aliens from Mars or Jupiter came down and raped the women of Sweden or Germany, there would be no question that the children would not be human, but alien hybrids that would destroy the human gene pool.  Race is not an artificial boundary.  God created it at the very time of creation, creating each race different and distinct--not with a common origin, even as He created clean animal from unclean animal--and commanded us to respect the difference.