Can you spell, "W-H-I-T-E - - G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E" ...? Who is Gog and Magog...? What about Zionism and Islam...? and the Third World Invasion of Christendom...? Does Anyone Care...?

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[which is merely one in a long-line of reports and examples of perfectly legal, even the promotion of HATRED OF WHITE PEOPLE and the attempted brainwashing of whites with "false guilt" as the Southern Baptist Convention has recently been guilty of, within our very own nations, by the ungrateful aliens who are the real haters who have all but taken over; see also my previous article:


—as is the removal of the Confederate flags and  monuments, the changing of the very names of landmarks, schools, streets (all signs of a conquered people) and even blantant discrimination by major corporations in ignoring the law and discriminating against books and authors and distributors they don't like: refusing to carry books, flags, and refusing to even provide paypal or credit card services to certain people or groups whose religious and political beliefs they don't like;

the creeping toward the outlawing of free speech;*

allowing discrimination against white people and Christians who don't agree with the one world perverse agenda;

the promotion and funding and nonprosecution of Black Lives Matter and other terrorist groups;

the subversive, treasonous, unconstitutional used of corrupt "State" (apostate) (pseudo)Christian churches to secretly settle aliens and especially MUSLIMS into our communities, using tax dollars (and violating their own "separation of church and state") to destroy our nation;

the blatant dismantling of our nation and Constitution replaced by a spurious pseudo-constitution in which their agenda is to destroy the white race, destroy Christianity, integrate all white communities (claiming that such have no right to exist!);

force integration in every possible way, in the physical world and in the very minds of school children and impressionable (further brainwashable) minds of the (already brainwashed) youth in college;

the continued dumbing down of the curriculum and moral standards in all schools;

the proliferation of the propaganda taught in the media and entertainment industries and the churches (the 3 of which are getting harder and harder to distinguish as separate entitites);

the treasonous creation of the perfect climate for learned helplessness, cultural, spiritual, and national suicide, the false churches even teaching and encouraging the children of the Master to give their lives for the dogs—even breed with them;

—is all leading to genocide of Christendom... genocide of the white race.

While our nations may continue on, like a cancer victim lingering in a state of death before he actually expires, they will not be Christendom; they will not be our nations; they will be a graveyard among which vermin scurry (which is what God prophecied would happen if we turned our backs on HIM and HIS LAW); they will be like old cathedrals and temples that were abandoned, to have the windows fall out and the roofs cave in, to be overgrown with vines and weeds and trees, and inhabited by bats and rats and reptiles and insects.

[* MANY TRAITOROUS politicians are actually considering passing a bill as law that would make it a CRIME to even suggest boycotting the State of Israeli (Israe-lie; see Revelation 2:9 and 3:9)—with a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison!  This is Draconian and IMMORAL and this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and this is TREASON!  THIS IS A STALINIST PURGE and a new BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION! the attempted dispossession of all the wealth of a nation and the elimination of all rightful heirs who resist the take-over (see The Human Cost of Soviet Communism, The Secret Holocaust, and Last Days of the Romanovs mentioned later on in this article).  Yet Amazon can boycott sellers of the Confederate Flag and any book they don't like and Target can boycott the Bible.  BOYCOTT is double-speak for DISCRIMINATION.  They are hypocritical concerning what they will allow to be discriminated against... and at the top of the list for being allowed to be discriminated against are white Christians.  White Christians routinely lose their jobs because of something they "tweeted" or posted on facebook concerning their religious convictions!  This is the wolves telling the shepherd and the sheep what the rules of the sheepfold will be.  This is subversion, sedition, treason, and unconstitutional and hypocrisy.  This is what God prophecied would happen if we turned from His Law: the enemy among us would become the head and we would become the tail; we would become persecuted, he would send pestilence among us, and evil beasts that would rob us of our children and make us few in number (See Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 which outline the blessings of obedience and the curses for disobedience).]

We have been experiencing a slow genocide for many decades since so-called Civil Rights.  In the US (and also in the other nations of former Christendumb that have foolishly succumbed to alien immigration, multiculturalism, and the myth of equality and its illegitimate retard progeny, "equal rights") each year TENS of THOUSANDS of our people have been robbed,* raped, beaten, terrorized, tortured, and murdered, by descendents of "freed slaves" and aliens that have been allowed to move here and outbreed us. Their being born in our nations and their explosion in numbers does not change the law or their illegitimacy.  There is no statue of limitations on fraud and no action, right, or obligation can arise out of fraud.  Fraudulent, unconstitutional laws need not be "obeyed" for legally, it is as if they do not exist—and they DON'T except in the minds of those seduced by the traitors who have endeavored to deceive people into thinking that perverse, illegal, unconstitutional edicts are actually valid law.

[* including unconstitutional / illegal taxation to fund our own destruction by giving money to our enemies and putting the aliens among us on a tax-payer funded breeding program, and the fleecing of the nation by corrupt politicians who commit treason and then reward themselves with salaries and perks 5x higher than they should have while draining the last pint of blood from those whom they took an oath to defend, and turning our nation over to our enemies.  Showing their own hypocrisy and guilt, they protect themselves with guards with automatic weapons and bulletproof vests, while the common people who foolishly pay their salaries are left exposed to die.  If there is no threat, why do the politicians and bureaucrats need such protection?  They fear a general uprising of the people, but they also know the animals they have imported can never be domesticated, and therefore, are unpredictable and have no business being within the realm of civilization.]

Now the brainwashing propaganda is being stepped up and those who can't see it are like those fools who think that the waters retreating from shoreline is something "cool" and they run out to play and look for seashells while the tsunami is building mass and inertia and which will reward their stupidity.

Even the couple in the picture in the link (above) are not white, though that is what the "news source" wants people to think; which is continued brainwashing... clearly the guy is hispanic and the girl has rounded features and has a jaundiced hue (and she is also probably either part hispanic, American indian or eastern indian or oriental).  This represents the wholesale REPLACEMENT of our people with aliens, and those who can't see it are blind... or part of the conspiracy.  Those who think "color" doesn't matter are fools.  It matters to GOD.  He will not have HIS CHILDREN supplanted by an alien race.  Christ will not have HIS BRIDE swapped out for an alien strumpet—for He came to save HIS people.  Reality is full of unpleasantries.  There are a million things a person can do that can cause inevitable death, like stepping off a cliff or a building.  How stupid or careless humans happen to "feel" about it does not change reality.  Psalm 2 speaks of God's hatred of those fools who think that they can throw off the moral boundaries that HE established.

Like the email I sent out several years ago about the SEDITIOUS Lithuanian professor or politician who said (to desensitize the people of Lithuania) that the color of Lithuanians in the next 100 years will be changing, but at least they will be speaking Lithuanian. 

THIS IS BRAINWASHING and it is a CLUSTER of LIES.  No, they will not be Lithuanians, and it is not merely an issue of color.  THE RACES ARE DIFFERENT.  GOD MADE them different.  They didn't just develop different colors; they did NOT "evolve".  They are not all the same people who were somehow cosmically "spray painted" different colors.  That is the mindless, unbiblical, unscientific stupidity of disinformation specialists. All people did not descend from Noah's 3 sons and all races did not descend from Adam (though hyrbids can clearly claim descent from Adam, it is illegitimate descent and it is the violation of God's primary Law of "everything after its own kind".  See my 88-page booklet, The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 and 2, 6.00 + P&H.  God forbade the crossing of crops and livestock.  Man cannot improve on God's creation; those who think that they can and who attempt to are antichrist.  Are God's children of less value that apricots and asses?  Those who confuse cause and effect and who think that "circumstances" and the deluded notion of "fairness" somehow change reality are under the profoundest of delusion.  While it certainly is true that none of us can choose our ancestors, it is not true that such truth alters the reality that God decreed.  All those who descend from Adam inherit Adam's sin nature and are born with that sin nature—due to no fault of their own other than being born.  That may not seem "fair" but it is reality.  Most people who consider themselves "Christians" reject that reality, and all implications of it.  However, ignorant preachers don't realize the truth of Federal Headship and the inheritance of the sin nature also applies to God's Sovereignty concerning whom He declared to be His people and who are not.  God chose one people.  Whether His sinful creatures think that is "fair" or not is irrelevant and does not change reality

Go ahead, attempt to throw off God's Yoke.  Mingle your seed.  Become one with the world.  Sing Kumbayah and "we are the world".  Violate God's Law.  Flaunt your ignorance and rebellion.  You will pay the consequences.  Life is full of things that do not seem "fair".  Children don't think it is fair that their parents tell them what to do.  So it is with Christians and God.  God will win.  Those who oppose Him will lose.  Those whom God has ordained unto life accept the reality that He ordered and are broken of their imaginary self-will upon Christ, the Rock of Offence, and submit to Him in sincerity and truth and love; those who are not so ordained will have the Rock of Offense fall on them and they will be crushed to powder.

FURTHERMORE, the "new darker generation" of so-called "Lithuanians" will NOT be speaking LITHUANIAN, but the dark aliens who will be polluting the Lithuanian bloodlines will be DESTROYING the Lithuanian language (and race, heritage, and culture), even as the blacks, hispanics, muslims, etc. have done and continue to do to English.  To call Ghetto-Ebonics, "English" is NOTHING to be proud of; but rather, something to be ashamed of.  I am sure the same thing has happened to the German, Swedish, French, Danish, etc., languages.  A leopard cannot change its spots.  Savages will act like savages (unless FORCED to act civilized) regardless of which area on the globe they pollute.

[Eavesdrop on a public conversation, like in a black high school lunch room, a lounge at a US college or university in which thousands of blacks are given "free rides" though they really should never even have been given a high school diploma.  I was in a student lounge trying to get a little rest before a class at Temple University in Philly (which university has had the misfortune to be surrounded by the take over of our neighborhoods that have been reduced to ghettoes), to which I commuted for a few classes, one semester 34 years ago; and it took all my resolve to keep from bursting out laughing when I heard them talk, and they talk LOUD—no self-possession, no inhibition, no shame, no sense of decorum.  I heard one girl mindlessly BLURT OUT to a friend who was about 50 feet away, "HEY BOY HOW YOU AM?"  And this was in college!  Or you can tune in to a rap station for more glorious examples of their "contribution" (as some mindless sycophants and conspirators and subversive "mind shapers" call it) to the English language.]

Ebonics IS NOT a true representation of the Anglo-Saxon language that has developed over the past 1200 years; it is a perversion, corruption, and destruction of it.  The notion that it is a true representation of English is ODIOUS and OBNOXIOUS and DISHONEST and SUBVERSIVE.  It is like taking a well-designed machine, ripping out various parts willy-nilly, and claiming that it is an "improvement", when now it barely even funtions.

Photos like the one at the link (above) have been tools of subversive psychology (psycho-political warfare) for the past 50 years; starting out slowly and subtly at first, then becoming prolific and blatant.  It started in advertising in magazines that generally women, for the most part, read, in which lighter-colored individuals then lighter-colored mixed couples were put throughout advertisements to get white people used to seeing them and thinking it is normal; which it is not (it's not normal in african, asian, arabic, hispanic countries, why should it be normal in our countries?).  Then light-colored hybrids and "nice, polite, well-dressed" lighter aliens were stuck in tv shows that mostly women watched, "soap operas" and programs that children watched "Sesame Street" and "Electric Company", to brainwash simple minds. The sponsors and advertisers of these programs and magazines, even like Oprah Winphrey, took the money from white women who hung on her every word, people who bought those products and watched those shows, and then used a percentage of that wealth to destroy the very people who supported them.  Now you cannot buy a bag of dogfood, pass an advertisement for a brand of water, or a gas-station advertisement that does not have aliens plastered all over the advertisements REPLACING US!  HOW can companies CATER TO the minority and INSULT the majority?  only because the majority are brainwashed.

They don't call t.v. "programming" for no reason.  It is programming--brainwashing. 

Then the colleges and universities (including the formerly "Christian" ones) were subverted, starting in the 1920s with closet-communist professors (later to march out of the closets; now the perverts dance out of the closets, just as militantly).  Most colleges that were founded as Christian universities (Harvard, Yale, Temple, etc.) no longer are and many that are still considered "Christian" can barely be considered such.  Those few that are still truly Christian, though their theology has been subverted, are falling over one another to become like the world, and pleasing to the world, and politically correct, and glorify every alien, encourage God's people to intermarry with the aliens, encourage God's people to give their lives to evangelize the dogs, and some are now beginning to accept gender perversion.  WHOLE DENOMINATIONS and ENTIRE UNIVERSITIES have been subverted and STOLEN; but it did not happen over night.  It has happened over the past 100 years of compromise of the pure doctrine of the Word of God.  People now look at the symptoms of their disease—the consequences of their sin—and expect reality to conform to their experience and "make them happy" because that is the only thing (in their perverted minds) that would be "fair"—they expect GOD to compromise HIS HOLINESS and HIS HOLY STANDARD and accept their sin and abominations and pollutions and CHANGE HIS PLAN and just smile and conform to sinful man.

The very same path that inter-racial mixing followed is now being followed by acceptance of homo-perversion... the very same... and God called both ABOMINATIONS and what God declared to be an "ABOMINATION" never becomes "acceptable, wholesome, or moral".  Morality does not change.  Those who think it does follow a false christ.  Those who expect Christ to conform to them, are themselves antichrist; whoever is not for / with Christ is against Him.   Being for / with Him is being in SUBMISSION to what GOD commanded.  Evil never becomes good.  Darkness never becomes light.  Perversion never becomes moral or spiritual or mentally stable. 

If you want to see what GOD HATES, but are too lazy, dull-minded, or disobedient to read the Scriptures, all you have to do is look at what the WORLD* praises and promotes and glorifies; and if you want to see what God LOVES and COMMANDS, just look at what the WORLD* condemns, hates, demonizes, attacks, attempts to outlaw, and considers the most-reprehensible behavior possible (1. white racial purity and retaining sovereignty of their own nations; 2. rejection of homo-perverts; 3. faithfully adhering to the Bible as God's Literal Word, the only true religion, the only true Moral Standard, and the only true interpretation of doctrine and theology as established by the Reformers—the utter Sovereignty of God and His RIGHT to order His Creation as He saw fit, and to do with His universe as He determined).

[* The world = corrupt, godless, antichrist society led astray by its subverters, mind-shapers, and destroyers, those who have hijacked the government, media / entertainment, and academia and now also the godless "state" harlot, apostate churches, which are nothing more than "feel good" aura-fluffing country clubs that are actually brainwashing centers.]

Now the brainwashing is blatant and has reached the point of FORCE—spiritual and intellectual WATER-BOARDING! —even as school children are sometimes held down and vaccinated against their will and without their parents' knowledge or consent... the criminals that have hijacked our nation are doing this to the minds and wills of young children—and it is RAPE! 

The public schools and media and government are now TEACHING our DESTRUCTION.  They are doing everything that they can to FORCE the races to mix... for the purpose of destroying US—only then will they be able to conquer Christendom.  They employ the Balaam plan that Balaam advised Balak king of Moab.  The only way, Balaam counselled, that Israel could be defeated was for the Moabites and Midianites to seduce the Israelites into worshipping false gods, eating abominable, unclean animals that God forbade, and seducing the Israelites to commit whoredom with them... in doing so, God would GIVE THEM UP TO JUDGMENT and not protect or deliver them.  All this played out exactly as planned and God did give up His people, destroying out from among them all those who perverted themselves.

Ironically, the nonwhite races openly hate us: So then why do most nonwhite men* want a pretty blonde girl-friend / wife?*  It is a status symbol; a scalp on their belt; it makes them feel better about themselves; and it is one step toward our destruction.  Many such stupid pretty blonde girls get beat up and murdered every day; such is the loyalty that they can expect.  There are entire websites reporting the vast numbers of these incidents, since the media will not report them and people don't realize HOW GARGANTUAN the problem actually is; and so, stupid, immoral women, with a smile on their face, eagerly skip off to the cave of the beast that shall devour them! 

[* —especially "music" stars, movie stars, and athletes who pollute our women coast to coast; Wilt Chamberlin bragged over 25,000 or 35,000, he said he lost count.]

If nonwhites HATE WHITE PEOPLE and think that white nations are RACIST—why do they even want to come to our nations?

—because they know their own people are incapable of running their nations and irrationally think that it will somehow "be different" when they steal our nations from us (but they forget that their nations were prosperous and safe when white nations ruled them under Colonialism, but they reverted to barbarism once the whites turned the reins of the nation over to them; and South Africa and Zimbabwe [former Rhodesia] and Haiti are prime examples);

—because our corrupt politicians (owned and controlled by the Zionists) have promised them the "American Dream" for free—(at our expense) without their having to work for and earn it;

—because their crimes will largely go unpunished;

—because they can't stand to live among their own people and are afraid to live among them; but they are too foolish to realize that they can't run away from themselves.  It would be an entirely different matter if they stayed in their own communities and were grateful to live in a safe nation; but they cannot control their own population because their men are "DOGS"; and so they want to steal our entire nation from us and turn it into the type of nation from which they fled.  Parasites are mindless; they don't think of where the next meal will come from once they feed off the current host to the point of its death.

[* —especially "music" stars, movie stars, and athletes who pollute our women coast to coast; Wilt Chamberlin bragged over 25,000 or 35,000, he said he lost count.]

The corrupt goverment / media / academia / entertainment / churches DEMONIZE decent people who hold to traditional, Biblical values—the values and Biblical principles and Laws upon which our nations were founded and thrived! —the values and Biblical principles and laws that were responsible for our greatness, as a result of our honoring and obeying God, for which God blessed us as no other nations because WE are His people and He blesses and honors us when we obey and honor Him.

COWARDS give in.  COWARDS say nothing when their children are brainwashed and violated, when their WOMEN ARE RAPED, when the legacy, inheritance, and nations that our ancestors labored and fought and died to build for the past 250 to 3,000 years then passes out of our family to ALIENS.  Cowards do nothing as our Christian faith is PERVERTED with PAGANISM and HEDOMISM and HUMANISM and PERVERSION and is blasphemously still called "Christianity".  Cowards are not of God.  We ought to obey God rather than men (and certainly rather than our public servants and savages).

Those who say and do nothing are not Christians.  Those who do not stand up and say something or do something when CHRIST would do something, deny Christ.  They are ashamed of Him.  They don't agree with Him.  They are not with or for Him.  They follow a false christ and a false god they created in their own minds.

"But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." (I Timothy 5:8)

This applies to physical rapists as well as mind rapists—it also applies to protecting the family, not merely putting bread on the table and clothes on their back.  HOW SENSELESS it would be to merely perpetuate life and feed and clothe ones family—and send them out each day into the world to be raped and robbed and beat up and murdered.  What type of MONSTER would do such to his family?  And yet the modern "Churches"—prophets of Baal who fleece their flocks and sacrifice their seed in the fire to Molech—teach their flock that that is the "Christian" thing to do: to give your life for the dogs!  This is NOT what Christ taught.  IT IS THE OPPOSITE of what Christ taught!  Really, it is quite amazing, that the filthy masses that have overrun our land and outbred us and infest our inner cities CALL THEMSELVES "DOGS" (and their women "bitches"), and Christ said "GIVE NOT THAT WHICH IS HOLY TO THE DOGS*"—and yet stupid Christians can't put 2 and 2 together! 

[* because they will turn on you, trample you and destroy you!]

Foreign missions have not "Christianized" alien lands.  Foreign missions have paganized Christendom as the result of initially those who feigned conversion and who feigned having learned to be civilized invaded Christendom and then sought to turn civilization back into the jungle, and fools have compromised (and instead of throwing out the dog that bites the master's hand) they have sinned against God and the entire nation by compromising our moral standards, compromising educational standards, compromising criminal standards, and compromising and perverting and changing Biblical doctrine to make aliens "feel more comfortable" with OUR religion.  They show their appreciation by destroying everything they touch; that is why they flock to every denomination (valid or invalid), 7th Day Adventist, Pentecostal, Mennonite, Baptist, and even Reformed Presbyterian—to eventually become "ministers" and "evangelists" and "professors" and "book authors" and undertake a complete theolgical shift and pervert the true faith in every denomination, weak or strong.  Total destruction.  These aliens who became wealthy "preachers" and "bible teachers" and "book authors" invariable turn out to be "soft" on every point of true doctrine and merely pollute the true Church while enriching themselves at the expense of the stupid white Christians who feel themselves ever so "progressive" and "egalitarian" to violate God's Law and sit under an alien as their pastor.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." (Hosea 4:6)

This INDOCTRINATION of rhetoric against "white privelege" and declaration that whites are guilty of all the evils in society (when the opposite is true; but it is true that we are guilty for DOING NOTHING AND LETTING THE ALIENS AND ANTICHRISTS AND PERVERTS AND HATERS AND CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS among us to go unpunished for their myriad crimes)... this INDOCTRINATION on ANY level through ANY medium is GENOCIDE!  It is the first steps toward WHOLESALE genocide, even as is the removing of the confederate flag and confederate monuments.  What does such teach?  It is teaching white people in our own nations: YOU DON'T EXIST!  YOUR DEAD DON'T MATTER!  YOUR WAY OF LIFE and HISTORY and IDEALS and CONVICTIONS DON'T MATTER.  YOU DON'T MATTER! 

THIS IS THE INCUBATOR FOR GENOCIDE!  All those who are involved in teaching this FILTH need to be rounded up and tried and sentenced for their incitement of genocide. 

We have been being genocided for decades... add it up... thousands, if not tens of thousands of rapes and murders across our nation EVERY SINGLE YEAR, for MANY DECADES... the mindless masses have been DESENSITIZED and BRAINWASHED into thinking it is "just part of life", that it is "normal" and "natural"—but it is NOT!  It was UNHEARD OF in our nation before the passage of so called Civil Rights and integration. 

[I've purchased several almanacs from decades ago and I plan on pouring through them and researching and extracting the data concerning racial demographics and crime and prison statistics from then, and also from more modern statistic, but I have just not had time.  But those who are not blind already know who commits the crimes, they know whom people are afraid of when out in public, which neighborhoods are not safe, which people are suspicious—and it isn't tourists from Switzerland or Sweden!]

Why is it that when MILLIONS of murders of whites by nonwhites are spread out over several decades that it is not considered GENOCIDE or a HATE CRIME? —whereas, if a white happens to call a nonwhite a name or do or say anything that is perceived to be "offensive" by the "fragile, thin-skinned, emotionally fragile, mentally unstable nonwhite", it becomes an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!

Why is it not recognized as a HATE CRIME and GENOCIDE and the WHOLESALE THEFT OF ENTIRE CONTINENTS* when our entire race is being INNUNDATED by the THIRD WORLD and we are forced to pay for it in many of ways:

[* See:


- stolen tax money,

- increase in crime,

- loss of entire neighborhoods that our ancestors built,

- destruction of our race and culture,

- the rape and intimidation of our women and children—white women in white nations being told by their police and politicians to "not wear perfume" and "dye their hair dark" and "cover themselves up" so their beauty can't be seen and they will be thought to be nonwhite women...! 

HOW is it not a HATE CRIME when WHITE WOMEN are TARGETED FOR BEING WHITE? —and just a few days ago a SOMALI invader in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was given a badge and a gun and proudly made the first SOMALI member of the police force, who then like a savage, hazzardly, endangering his police partner who was driving the car, without warning and in violation of all regulations, without his shoulder camera on, shot multiple times from his passenger side of the car through the open driver's window and killed the blonde woman in her pajamas who came to the police car when it arrived because she was the one that had called and reported a potential crime!

Our young people are are being taught that WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL, that WHITENESS is merely a "Social Construct" (or even that it is a DISEASE!), they are taught that WHITE PEOPLE are guilty of all the evil in the world* (that's what the nonwhites actually think, because the zionist communist agitators put that lie in their heads; and they superstitiously and rigidly believe what they are taught when it is to their benefit) ... white school children are taught to be ashamed of their own heritage, that the Pilgrims and our Founding Fathers were evil, fearful, haters and racists, that Germans are "bad".

[* really? 700,000 light-black Rwandans were butchered by dark-black Ruandans, just because they were lighter-skinned, between 1990 and 1994; and in the Sudan, blacks are killing blacks, over 70,000 since 2003. Between 1994 and March 2012, there were 361,015 murders in all of South Africa and it is not white people who are doing the killing.  Tens of thousands of white farmers and their families have been tortured and butchered by blacks, simply because they are white.  Do people forget the wars among the Orientals? China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Vietnam?  Do people forget WHY the Great Wall of China was built? it wasn't to keep out the Anglo-Saxons or the Irish.  All the crime that takes place in Central America and Africa and India, the Middle-east etc. NONE of it is white people's fault.  Simple minds are so easy to control.  As the African politician mindset promises in return for votes, "a chicken in every pot"; those blacks who are promised it consider it theirs, even if it has to be stolen from someone else who has to be murdered to steal it; it was promised to them; that makes it theirs.  That is their level of thinking and morality.]


This is the fulfilment of the Dragon spewing forth a flood to drown the child—God's true people, the original people of Christendom (not the third world invaders).  It is the fulfillment of the feet of iron mingled with clay (of Nebuchadnezzar's dream-image) which represents INTEGRATION.  The feet will crumble when Christ finally strikes them IN DISGUST and the statue will fall and 6,000 years of civilization and history will end.

THIS is the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (and the Bolshevik Revolution taking place on the 400th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation was no "coincidence").  The Dragon tried to destroy us then; he almost succeeded; they are of their father the Devil, that old Dragon, the Serpent.  Between 66 and 180 million white Christians were exterminated by Jewish Bolshevism.

[Order: Human Cost of Soviet Communism, Prepared at Request of Sen. T. Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Administration of Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of Committee on Judiciary U.S. Senate, 1971, 40pp., 5.00 + P&H and The Secret Holocaust, Mullins, 34pp., 4.00 + P&H.  See also:

The next wave is coming.  Prepare for it.  Spiritually and physically.  According to Bible Chronology it appears that Christ may return in 2024 (7 years from now, does this mean that 7 years of tribulation are now to begin in earnest?)... with the Millennial Kingdom beginning in 2025, which will be the 6,000 year from creation and the 120th Jubilee—a Sabbath of rest. 

I am not setting dates.  My dates could be off a few years in either direction (see A Coordinated Chronological Table of the Patriarchs). 

FURTHERMORE, though Christ said that no man can know the day or the hour, HE DID NOT say that no man could discern the general time—and He as much as upbraided those who tempted Him (the Pharisees and Sadducees) by assuming that they should be able to so discern:

"2He answered and said unto them, 'When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.  And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring.'   3O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? " (Matthew 16) 

Clearly, we in our day are closer to the eve of destruction, we should be able to more clearly see the approach of the storm, than the people living 2,000 years ago.  FINALLY, Christ also said that unless God drew those Days of Vengeance short, no flesh (of the elect of His people) would survive.  This clearly throws a monkey wrench into trying to set any date; which I am not trying to do.  But we CAN discern that the evil that has proliferated at WARP speed and thus we can discern the times and know that the days are drawing near.

Also, it should be noted that the God and Magog in Revelation 20 have NOTHING to do with our day.  Except for those who don't believe in a literal Millennial Kingdom, or those who mindlessly think that it was already here and passed, Revelation 20 does not have anything to add to understanding our day.  Gog and Maygog in Revelation 20 have to do with what happened 1000 years after the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom, after Satan is loosed a little while.

Furthermore, the Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39 possibly in our cycle of prophecy and history do not refer to any specific nation.  Gog simply means, "mountain" and Magog simply means, "in the region of Gog" or thus, "in the region of the mountain".  It is possible that Gog and Magog represent a CONFEDERATION of godless nations who attempt to throw off the boundaries that God established (see Psalm 2) and destroy God's true people, the Caucasians of Christendom—and destroy Christianity.  If this is the case, then who better to be Gog and Magog than United Nations and the EU?

The EU/United Nations is in Brussels, Belgium?  That is the north.

The Medes were just slightly north of Babylon, but God warned in Jeremiah 50:9 of "an assembly of great nations from the north country".

In prophecy, mountains refer to great nations; hills as small nations.


See also:


Our ancestors built these colleges.  Our people still fund them.  Colleges cost of lot of money, partly because they are run like "little governments": they waste millions of dollars of money, overcharge students, pay themselves highly inflated salaries, give scholarships to aliens, give themselves too many perks, honorariums, insurance plans, pensions, create endless useless departments and positions—spend, spend, spend.  Regardless, colleges could not operate without their donors and state colleges also without government grants; tuition alone could nowhere pay for the cost of the colleges, the upkeep of buildings, salaries, maintenance of lawns, wasted money thrown to glorify their black sports teams, etc.  It has traditionally been wealthy white people who financed these universities.  When whites are kicked out*... how do the baboons expect the colleges to function if whitey isn't there to pay the bills and clean up their messes and pretend that the black administrators and educators are actually doing anything that can deceptively be considered worth a paycheck?

[* Some US colleges recently had black students threatening and intimidating and ordering all white students and all white professors to leave the college for a day.  For several years now, white students have been threatened and intimidated by blacks—in the colleges that the whites founded! and the white students are too afraid to attend class, and must study on their own and show up for the exams and hope to pass.  In the US and in South Africa, blacks riot and demand that pictures and statues of white people be removed—even if the white people were the founders or former presidents of the institution.  White professors are forced to resign if they don't tout the politically correct agenda.]


See also my other article, which dovetails this one:


See also:

Police describe the attacker as a white man………with a dark complexion! You can have a white man with a tan but a white man with a dark complexion makes no sense.  However, Framingham has a substantial population of Brazilians so more than likely a white man with a dark complexion is code for either Brazilian or hispanic.  Most Brazilians are half black; the result of the original Portuguese settlers, intermarrying first with the indigenous indian populations, and then with their imported African negro workers.


Amazing.  The only way to get more whites in the crime statistics is to "broaden" what is considered "white".



If the same man had stopped the attack and saved the woman, or won the lottery he would have been called a "Latino" or "Middle easterner".



One long-time reader commented, "Your recent article is perhaps your best ever on this topic.  The long article on "White Genocide" seems to build on other excellent work you have been doing in recent weeks, each one expanding and taking off where the most recent one left off."

I replied, "Thanks, but I imagine some think they are simply cold left-over hash, rehashed.  I guess they don't read Jeremiah or Isaiah very much... when destruction is imminent and no one has repented, there really is not much else to talk about."



Also, someone who emailed me wrote:

Doug Phillips, I believe he was the son of a US Senator during the 60's and founded a homeschooling resource business in San Antonio during the 80's and 90's, became 'famous' when he opposed the city of San Antonio sponsoring a gay pride parade.   The city responded by condemning his property so they could build a new fire station.  His ministry came under national attack and unfortunately, he responded to the pressure by having an affair—just the thing his enemies were looking for.  After that, he dropped out of sight.  He denyied it at first, which only made it worse.  Our enemies love it when they can intimidate a Christian to lie to defend himself rather than repenting, as did King David (who also, shamefully, at first tried to hide his sin).  He had a large Christian family and I can only imagine the effect it had on his kids. He was one of the few Christians that dealt correctly with the Indian issue and exposed White Guilt.   The only other person besides Phillips was Rushdoony who served as an Indian missionary for years.  Rushdoony always seemed so proper it is hard to imagine him living in the primitive conditions of an Indian Reservation.

Rushdoony wrote, "In time, I cam to realize that the Indians were victimized because their way of life made them victims.  They could see that the Christian Indians prospered and were not victimized, but they preferred to follow their own fallen way and to complaining about exploitation."  The American Indian.

Another story of the Pilgrims was told by Doug Phillips in a speech recorded on Puritan Collection CD.  The title is "Pilgrims vs. Indians:  Racial Genocide or Biblical Dominion in Colonial New England." He also described the hatred expressed by visitors to Plymouth Rock during Thanksgiving when he visited there during that time of year.  They actually have protest parades pouring out hatred upon the Pilgrims.  (It is demonic insanity.)  It was produced by Vision Forum but they are no longer in business. 

As I watch the evil being unleashed upon the United States, it is so similar to other countries where a social consensus has broken down.  People now consider evangelism and missions as Acts of War.  One of the first Indian Wars in the United States arose because too many Indians were becoming Christians and the Chief said,  If we allow our people to build houses, put up fences, have families and farm, Our gods will die.  The Chief ordered some braves to fake conversion and then attack the Pilgrims in their sleep.  That was the end of the peace between the Indians and the settlers.

More and more, Christianity is being seen as an enemy of democracy, freedom, personal fulfillment, and the pushing of ancient laws upon modernity.  And those who call themselves seem to accept these definitions of reality.  Pagans cry out in the same vein as that chief, If we allow Christianity to prosper, our freedoms will end.  This means war.  Seeing evil prosper in this land, especially the Old Bible Belt, gives me that same helpless feeling. 

The same thing applies today with the Blacks.  Even in the old South, Blacks who adopted Christianity or Western Civilization were treated more like equals, to a degree.  I read a book about why Black athletes who make millions consider themselves slaves.  They resent that their contracts contain ethical clauses that require them to behave according to the standards of Western Civilization.

Whether it is Indians, Muslims, or Blacks, they all want their pagan cultural ways to be accepted as equal to Christian Civilization and expect sinful behavior to prosper in the same way righteous behavior prospers—all while reaping the benefits of living in white Christian lands.

In "The Victims' Revolution:  The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind", Bruce Bawer, the author is a liberal who visited assorted minority conventions and universities and reported what he saw.  He has chapters on Women's Studies, Black Studies, Queer Studies, and Chicano Studies at American Universities. 

These people accepted him and the book is a real revelation of how evil these people think.  They are at total war with Christianity and Western Civilization--a war subsidized almost totally by our own tax money. 

While it does not mention Black Athletes in particular through this book I came to understand why they are constantly complaining about being treated as slaves as reported by ESPN--even though they are raking in 20 million dollars a year from the sports contract, not to mention advertising deals, talk shows, endorsements, etc.  They expect people to feel sorry for them?  I guess it is the white man's fault when they lose it all after they blow through all the money they earn, shoot it up their nose and waste it on expensive whores and stupidly financing everything, thinking that their salaries and bodies will last forever.  It's the white man's fault.  We forced them into sports as slaves like in the Roman coleseum, and kept them chained to the walls in the dungeon with the lions except during games.  And people stupidly believe this nonesense.  (By the way, ESPN is part of the antichrist homo Disney, ABC propaganda networks and it constantly promoting an anti-Christian agenda.  Every athlete who is Muslim, Black, female, transgender, etc. who feels he has been rejected or mistreated and not given a fair chance gets headline stories.) 

The Black Studies programs at all major universities promote the idea of Western Ethics as a form of submission to an established order which creates a slave mindset within the victim of Western Civilization.  The is the mindset of millionaire Blacks who resent having to behave properly, i.e. as Whites behave.  That is why the Blacks are so furious with the major sports for not allowing Black behaviors such as taunting an opponent (dissing), unlimited abuse of foul language and gestures, violence, not allowing sexual gestures, and not allowing wild dancing celebrations after every single act they complete on the field.  When a Black celebrates it is almost always to draw attention to himself, while when Whites celebrate they usually run to their teammates to enjoy the occasion together.  There are exceptions, of course, but this is the norm.  This is why ESPN promotes this savage, histrionic, emotionally uncontrolled Black behavior through the oft-repeated mantra of "Let's make sports fun." 

The old Blacks state how much they enjoyed the old Negro Leagues because they were allowed to play the game African Style.


Afterword: I spent 10 hours today on this, despite having planned to work on completing my Commentary on Ecclesiastes.  Those who find any value in it; consider supporting this ministry instead of supporting ministries that refuse to preach the truth and full Counsel of the Word of God.  I invest 14-16 hours nearly every day.  What's that time worth to you?  How long would you work those hours for free?  I've been doing it for 26 years, with a handful of supporters.  If you don't find value in these works I certainly would not expect you to support this ministry.  If you do find value, how can you not, before God, support the priests and prophets who are saying what no one else understands and what no one else has the courage to say, and who cares to little they won't take the time to say it, even if they understood it and were bold enough to say it.  You reap what you sow.  Robert