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Egregious Errors Of Evangelicalism - Message by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on Jul. 23, 2017
An excellent (though long) message.... well worth the watch/listen.  Robert


I am now an hour and 12 min. into the video (and with dial up, this has now taken me over 9 hours).  SORRY.  he is dead wrong on point 4 about "muslim fear-mongering".

He needs to read a COMPETENT book on the Crusades and Islam and the millions of white slaves and tens of millions of white Christians murdered... he needs to realize Islam is JUST AS ANTICHRIST as ZIONISM / Judaism.  He needs to realize the "soft invasion" are the ones who "pretend" to be "nice" and 'respectful" (just like many mexicans act, while they are the minority—when they become sufficient in numbers, the mask comes off, and so it is with the jews and muslims).  There is no "nice" side to Islam.  He should be lambasting the "Christian" groups settling Muslims throughout our nation (in VIOLATION of alleged church and state, and in VIOLATION of God's Word), not lambasting those warning against Islam.  THIS IS SERIOUS ERROR!  THIS IS DEADLY ERROR! 

Also, during this point, in the first few minutes, he is blinking like his eyelids are going to fly off.  It could be nervousness, but he does not seem like a nervous or shy person--and he has been behind the pulpit for 40 years!  Eye blinks in rapid succession are a classic sign of a liar (unless the person is a sociopath).  I am not saying that he is a liar... but this is VERY suspicious. 

I haven't heard points 5, 6, or 7 yet; so I don't know if he can redeem himself after this TERRIBLE ERROR. Whoever says that Jesus is not God is ANTICHRIST (which includes US representatives who pretend to be Christians so that they are elected president).  There are no "good" antichrists.

He wallowed through a little ignorance, that we are "all one in Christ" as he clearly believes in a "spiritual" Israel, which is unscriptural and anti-intellectual. 

Furthermore, he also errs in the false notion that all those killed in the terrorist attacks by their own people (which is sort of self-contradictory that we don't have to worry about these monsters living among us) and in regard to all the people bombed by the US or whoever else are "innocent".  He does not understand God's Sovereignty and man's sinfulness if he thinks anyone is innocent. 

I doubt that he travelled Arabia in disguise as an Arab and asked all those people if they supported the killing of Christians, the invasion of Christendom, the overthrow of Christendom, if they believe the Quran and the killing of infidels, etc. 

This of course IS NOT to be MISCONSTRUED as supporting corrupt war-mongering politicians' participating in the Zionist plan to dominate the world.  US Politicians have NO business being wined and dined by ANYONE and they have no business visiting foreign countries, making promises to foreigners, inviting foreigners to the US, giving foreigners US tax money, etc.  THOSE POLITICIANS ARE TRAITORS GUILTY OF TREASON.  The US has NO business policing the world or stationing troops in any foreign country and the US has NO business being involved in any wars other than those that have been waged against the US.  IT IS TRUE that US renegade politicians have ILLEGALLY destablized countries, overthrown them, killed people (their NON-innocence notwithstanding). 

BUT THAT DOES NOT mean that Islam is the friend of Christianity and that we have nothing to fear. WHAT WE HAVE TO FEAR is finding ourselves in a WAR when 99% of our people don't realize it is a war and our corrupt politicians are letting more of the enemy combatants in and putting them on a tax-payer breeding program!

READ GOD'S BATTALIONS by Rodney Stark.  While it is Zionist-friendly, to a very limited degree, it will help understand THE WAR that exists between Islam and Christianity even as the war that exists between Satan and God--because the 2 natures are antithetical and by nature at enmity; and "poor ole' Satan hasn't merely "gotten a bad rap".  Read also Pirate Coast, White Gold, and Thomas Pellow.  If you think that Islam is not a threat and is not the enemy of Christianity, then you understand neither the Bible or history (or reality).

He also does not understand prophecy or God's Plan.  Because he does not understand prophecy (because he does not understand the difference between the villains, the victims, the heroes, the rightful heirs, or the imposters), he thinks no one can understand anything about prophecy.  While he is correct that most of prophetic hucksters are just that he is wrong that we cannot know MUCH MORE than the disciples could possibly know 2,000 years ago.  Christ even said to them, ye can discern the weather, why then can ye not discern the signs of the times?  Christ said no man knoweth the DAY OR HOUR.  HE DID NOT say no one can know ANYTHING.  This is POOR THINKING.  God said that He would MAKE A FULL END of all other nations, but that He would NOT make a full end of true Israel--in the very book of Jeremiah.  His understanding is terribly incomplete in these areas--but it seems he is willing to learn... to what degree, only God knows.  What part of NO OTHER GODS does he not understand?  He also overlooks the passage in II John, whoever does not receive the message of Christ is ANTICHRIST and if you even bid him God speed--YOU PARTAKE IN HIS SINS!  Islam is JUST as ANTICHRIST as JUDAISM.  He also shows ignorance of realizing that GOD determines WHO His people are and GOD determined which of His people He would redeem and the rest are filling up the measure of God's Wrath unto which they were appointed.

It is not my intention to nit-pick and certainly not to attack him.  I had no intention of writing this, willing to overlook various minor flaws, but the Islam one is a GIANT RED FLAG and I had to say something.

If he were a gymnast I would say that he has an overall good routine, it is not flawless, he made a few major mistakes, and unfortunately, he did not stick the landing.

I mean him no ill will.  I pray God blesses him and continues to bring him into greater understanding of the truth and boldness to proclaim it. 


I believe that THESE are the Egregious Errors of so-called Evangelicals and so-called Fundamentalists:

#1. They preach a FALSE, UNBIBLICAL, HUMANISTIC concept of God.  GOD DOES NOT CHANGE.  HE IS IMMUTABLE.  HE IS PERFECT.  HE DOES NOT COMPROMISE.  HE IS HOLY.  ANY CHANGE would only result in imperfection and unholiness.  MOST PREACHERS DON'T KNOW OR UNDERSTAND GOD oR HOLINESS.  ALL OTHER errors flow out of this error. [See my book, Does God Repent...? Can God Change His Mind...? [And an Utter Demolishment of the Humanistic Myth of Man’s “Free Will” and Arminianism], 484pp., 22.50 + P&H.]

#2. They preach that God abolished His Own Law—which is anti-intellectual and unbiblical, and thus they reveal that they preach a false Christ and don't know God.  Christ said His sheep know His VOICE and follow (obey Him) and the voice of another they will not follow.  Christ said, "not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law."  Jesus said, "if ye love Me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS."  Christ did not have any commandments of His own.  He said, "I and My Father are ONE" and if you have seem Me ye have seen the Father and He who rejects Me rejects the Father.  Christ said, "If ye keep My Commandments ye shall abide in My Love, even as I have kept My Father's Commandments and abide in His Love". Christ was tempted in all areas like as we are—yet without sin.  He kept the Law of God perfectly to set the example for us.  Keeping God's Law does not save you.  It never did.  It was never meant to.  I cannot.  Keeping the Law is what God COMMANDS His children to do: to follow HIS RULES and HONOR HIM and "be holy as I am Holy"—"THIS is the Way: walk ye in it; turn not to the left had or the right".  MORALITY NEVER CHANGES.  Those who think that God abolished His Law are under the PROFOUNDEST OF DELUSION and God HIMSELF has sent that delusion (Isaiah 66:4; II Thessalonians 2:11).  HIS SHEEP know HIS VOICE.  Those who are not Christ's sheep, Christ is a rock of offense and a stone of stumbling so that they STOP following Him (John 6:60-66) because they were appointed unto disobedience and destruction (I Peter 2:8)

Love is obedience / self-sacrifice.  Love without obedience is self-deluded infatuation or lust.  John wrote in the third-to-last book of the New Testament to be written (written even after Revelation), "sin is transgression of the Law" (I John 3:4).  Were there no law, there would be no sin and there would be no need to repent of or be saved from anything, and therefore the entire Gospel and the New Testament would be senseless.  In the same book, one chapter earlier John wrote, "He that saith, I know Him, and keepeth not His Commandments, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him." (I John 2:4).  Can someone be a Christian if he does not even know God?  Christ said, "I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life" and Christ called the Holy Spirit "the Spirit of TRUTH".  Can a person be a Christian if Christ and the Holy Spirit are not in him?  When we are in sin God does not hear our prayers.  No wonder Christendom is being DESTROYED.  The only solution is for God's people to repent, but how can they repent when the false shepherds have told them that there is nothing that they need to repent of because God abolished His Law...?  The solution is to stop following the false shepherds, get on your knees and read the Bible and ask God to reveal the truth; which is very hard if you've been BRAINWASHED from childhood and cannot understand what you read.  For this reason God sent true pastors and true prophets.  LISTEN TO THEM.  Read my books and my ruminations as you pray for God to reveal truth and see whether or not the Bible and what is happening in our world begins to make any sense.

All other Egregious Errors stem out of these above 2 Errors; even as the violation of Commandment 1 (no other gods) and Commandment 2 (no graven images) and the violation of Commandment 10 (coveting / lusting after what belongs to someone else or what God has forbidden in Commandments 2-9) leads into the violation of Commandments 3-9.  The 10 Commandments are not merely 10 individual laws, but 10 categories of law under which the entire Law of God is organized.  See my, Ten Commandments For You(th) —For Everyone! For Youth and Young-minded* Adults - An Explanation of the Ten Commandments and A Memory System using Bible Numerics; c.440pp., 6.25 x 9.25, pb., 25.00 + P&H; not on a child’s level, but for older youth and adults.

#3. The Jews / Israelis are God's chosen people.  This has led to the degeneration of the family, the church, academia, the media, and the state, and international law.  They are not God's people—they never were.  They are the Edomite Canaanites of the Bible who infiltrated the land since 126 b.c. when the Maccabeean leader Judas Hyrcanus conquered Edom and FOOLISHLY "converted" the Edomites (at which time they entered Israel and "adopted" Israelite custom: Sabbath, Passover, dietary laws, circumcision, etc.); Christ told His people to flee, and eventually the Canaanites took over the land from which their forefathers had been driven by the true Israelites and now they masquerade as God's people... and blind and foolish Christians support them—support God's very enemies and incur the curse of "woe unto them that call evil good and good evil" and "shouldest thou help the ungodly and do good unto them that hate the Lord".  Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ is antichrist.  Christians embrace antichrist.

#4. & #5. Race mixing and homoperversion.  Without realizing it, pastor Baldwin, by his false interpretation of "we are all one in Christ" justifies homosexuality. 

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28)

If this means there is no longer any distinction between the races then it means that there is no longer any distinction between the genders.  Pastor Baldwin preaches blasphemous abominations because he does not understand points 1 or 2 above and though he halfway understands point 3, he does not realize WHO IS God's people—and a "spiritual Israel" is itself blasphemy.

If all races are "one in Christ" that means that God broke His Promise and violated His own Covenent, for He said that He chose one people and one people alone and would never utterly forsake them—He gave them up for judgment to chasten the good figs to repentance and deliver the bad figs to destruction—but He promised to forgive them and regather them and He said that He would never choose any other people and that He would MAKE A FULL END of all other peoples, but NOT make a full end of His people.

Jew and Greek mean "Judean and Israelite of the dispersion".  See my Apologetic Expositions on Galatians 3, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.

That all peoples are one in Christ is what is DESTROYING CHRISTENDOM and it is a false humanism and false doctrine and false theology.  God did not invent theology to please sinful man--but for man to conform or face the consequences.  God does not change.  Morality does not change.

#6. to infinity... are really inconsequential at this point.  When someone has just suffered a massive stroke and heart attack from which he cannot possibly recover, it really makes no difference whether he has a pimple, or an infected toenail, or owes $50 on his credit card.