Dear Germany / Dear Europe

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Dear Germany, (Dear Europe)

I have a question.  During WWII you killed your own brethren when Americans invaded your nation (and you were RIGHT to do so).

Why do you do nothing when savages invade your nation and rape your women? 

They act like savages in their own nations; they act savagely all along the way.  They act savagely upon entering your nation and leave a trail of filth behind them all the way to the Mediterranean.  What makes you think they will ever change? "Can the Leopard change its spots or the Ethiopian its skin?" —so Scripture rhetorically questions.  The skin-color is merely the most-obvious feature separating the species, but certainly not the only one. 

"Come out from among them and be ye separate and join not the unclean people and ye shall indeed be My sons and daughter" God commanded.  Once the branch of a family tree is polluted, it is severed from the tree forever.  Once the root is polluted, the tree dies never to live again.  The savages objected to German and British rule in their own nations (even though they cannot govern a nation on their own; if they can, why do we still send BILLIONS of dollars a year to colonies that wanted independence from us?), so why should we put up with their presence in our nations?  If they are given the vote, they will soon outbreed, and therefore, outvote us, and vote us into the place that the whites in South Africa are now facing: dispossession and genocide.

They are not merely going to provide for your retirement: they are going to dispossess you of everything you own—everything that your ancestors gave their lives to develop over the past 4,000 years.  WHY?

Why do you let a handful of corrupt politicians (public servants who get rich off "serving") sell your nation out from under you... and expose you to such brutality and injustice and High Treason?  The common man suffers at "ground zero" of "rapefugee central" while the corrupt politicians live safe and sheltered in their ivory towers.

I must confess that the situation in the US is little different--except that it has happened to us slowly, over many decades, while it is happening to you in a few short years... and, oh yeah, we still have guns to protect ourselves (those who are not brainwashed into thinking that guns commit crime all by themselves).

You still have a chance.  Fight.  Repent before God and do what you know is right.

A concerned American of German descent.

[I could ask a similar question of France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Lithuania, etc.]