Deliverance Prayer

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“Deliverance Prayer”

Robert Alan Balaicius
August 14, 2019

“Love” and “Tol’rance” did they champion, cry;
but now, “There’s no place for you—so die!
So blatant are they in OUR land,
to persecute and make demands.
Such hypocrites, this hateful brood,
whom Christ exposed, condemned, withstood.

Had Christendom not passive yawned,
when all abominations spawned;
had godly men not sympathized
when aliens and perverts cried;
and let them have their little place
and tolerated sin’s disgrace.
And even let them have their say,
and practice their ungodly way;
—they would have in the sewers stayed,
and not been open on parade.

God please forgive our nations’ sin,
and hear our cries above the din:
the raucous blasphemy they raise,
all those who hate You and Your Ways.
Please send a pestilence this hour.
Please reveal Your Mighty Pow’r.
Cause heathen, perverts tremble, fear,
and realize Judgment Day is near.
Extract a Firstfruits of those vile,
and give us room to breathe awhile;
until You harvest all such weeds,
eradicate all bastard seeds;
and all such things that do offend,
and on to Hell, shalt Thou them send.
Pour out Your Spirit ever True
upon Your flock who honor You.
Turn Thou us, we shall be turned
forgive us for Thy Love we spurned.