Dying Christendom—dancing to the tune of the Pied Pipers of Babylon into the arms of the Antichrist: The continued APOSTACY of the Southern Baptist Convention and their paper-tiger fallacy (invented myth) of white supremacy being "the enemy"

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Dying Christendom—dancing to the tune of the Pied Pipers of Babylon into the arms of the Antichrist: The continued APOSTACY of the Southern Baptist Convention and their paper-tiger fallacy (invented myth) of white supremacy being "the enemy"—chasing Phantoms and inventing Boogeymen rather than obeying God and preaching the faith once delivered and rebuking REAL sin.


In response to the Southern Baptist Convention's continual defection from Christianity... and their bogus false doctrine against "white supremacy" in their rabid apostate endeavor to become one with the Harlot of Revelation, snuggle up to the Beast, devolve into Babylon, and forever destroy Christ's bride... I offer—

Who defines "white supremacy"...? and by what authority...?  Why does no one mentino Jewish Supremacy, Islamic Supremacy, Hispanic Supremacy, African Supremacy, or Homo-Supremacy, when this is our nation and they are trying to take it from us...?  The phrase "white supremacy" is a smokescreen and dishonest.  If someone establishes a bogus organization and then has someone else declared an "expert" and that expert then says that the moon is made of green cheese... does that make it so?  That is the foundational "science" upon which modern corrupt governments base their arguments in circular logic with the false appearance of professionalism.  What is boils down to is, "We said so; therefore it is".  They praise the "experts" who agree with them and destroy those who don't.  That is not academic or moral.  That is not the job of government.  The government is the servant of the people--not any people, but the rightful people.  That is the understanding upon which they were elected (or crowned) by the people.  The ones who elect (or crown) have the greater authority and one cannot confer on another greater authority than he himself has.  No statesman or other public servant is ever hired with the notion that they will be our superiors, but our servants, defending our Constitutional rights from ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!  To depart from that theoritical model—an actual contract—in practice is both fraud and High Treason.  Any attempt to change the government to please alien people or financial controllers is sedition and High Treason. 

In modern polluted minds our nation was founded by "white supremists".  If that's what they think then let those who have a problem with that— LEAVE!  Why do more and more nonwhites come here if they think we are "racist"...?  Is that then not an implied contract on their parts that they submit to that notion, for the priviledge of living in a civilized nation (except, it is no longer civilized once they amass any significant number of their own people).  If they don't accept the tacit agreement that this is our nation and we are "racist" and they come here with the intent to overthrow us THAT IS AN ACT OF WAR.  Their "citizenship" is then invalid on the fraud of their oath alone (in addition to the many other things that invalidate their "citizenship").  There are hundreds of exclusive nonwhite nations.  There used to be a dozen or two white nations.  Now the attempt to destroy the white nations is in full gear.  It is the Flood that the Dragon has spewed out of his mouth, which is the Third World invasion of Christendom—and blind shepherds are informing their flock to "embrace the flood" and "tell the invading hordes that Jesus loves them".  This also represents the last Kingdom of this earth depicted in Nebuchadnezzar's dream-image of the statue whose feet were made of iron mingled with clay—which represents integration (diversity is not our "strength"—but our demise; just keep reading for proof).  Iron and clay don't mix, Christ will strike the feet in disgust and the feet will shatter and the statue will fall along with 6,000 years of civilization—and blind shepherds are saying to embrace it! they preach a false christ... the antichrist.  Every once-great civilization fell due to "diversity" and then even homo-perversion—so Christendom is right on schedule if you are following the historical playbook and the prophetic playbook: the Bible.

Guess who founded the Baptist denomination...? —White supremists!  Guess who founded the Prebyterian, Lutheran, and Dutch and German Reformed denominations...? —White supremists!  That is, if White supremists just happen to be any white person who believes that he should preserve his heritage as God commanded, and also live separate from other peoples.  While the early Puritans Baptists, Luther, Knox and the Dutch Reformed leaders did not have the problem that we have with the wholesale invation of the Third World—they would be agast at what has happened to their nations and their denominations.  And guess what...? —they did not admit Jews, Muslims, Hindoos, Voodoos or homoperverts to fellowship either!

Those who attempt to change our lifestyle, our culture, our form of government, our faith ARE GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON and are the WORST ENEMIES of the United States and of Christendom! —and pastors who promote diversity and homoperversion lead the flock astray and deny Christ.  If you deny what Christ taught and commanded, then you are not a Christian, but an enemy of Christ: even as Lutherans who apologize for and reject what Luther taught are not Lutherans; even as those living in the United States who reject what our nation was founded upon are not Americans.  You can plant poison ivy in a sweet potato patch but that does not make it a sweet potato!   Those "pastors" who preach "one race, one creed, one religion—one world" are communists and evolutionists and follow a false christ! 

Christ said that He did NOT come to abolish the Law and that not one jot or tittle would pass from the Law.  Morality does not change.  Infected minds—God-haters who fancy themselves God-lovers—as they become more like the world, are less inclined to want to obey what God commanded, so they invent new heresies to accommodate their sin and in order to appease the antichrist and embrace all that God forbade (calling it good) and reject all that which God commanded (calling it evil).  They reject all that God commanded which is not "convenient" for SINFUL, GODLESS "self" (which fancies itself as the epitome of "spirituality") and these good "Christians" reject that which God commanded which is considered "politically incorrect" by the antichrist* government.  Who then is their god?

[* Understand, antichrist does not merely mean "against Christ", but also "in place of Christ"—a false christ.]

Let me tell you this.  Obedience is not by its nature supposed to be a matter of "convenience".  God did not establish morality for man's "convenience"; God did not tailor suit His Law to accommodate sinful man's lifestyle and schedule.  He established MORALITY because He commanded His people "be holy as I am Holy".  God is Immutable and that standard of morality for us cannot change otherwise we cannot be holy as He is holy.  Those who reject the Law that God established are IMMORAL.  There is no other moral standard.  Morality does not change; even as black and white don't change (but what sinful man does is mix the two and call it something else, other than what it is—or reverse the roles altogether, incurring God's Wrath).  What God declared to be abominations 4,000 years ago still are today and always will be.  Such "Christians" don't understand the very concept of "morality" because they don't understand the very concept of "God".  John wrote that he who does not keep God's Commandments does not even know God and the Truth is not in him.  The majority of Christians (those who actually go to church) sing that God / Jesus is their Lord—but they have no clue what "LORD" means.  It means Emperor, Sovereign, unquestioned unchallenged ULTIMATE AUTHORITY AND RULER.  Modern Christians have no concept of this.  That is why they do not fear God.

Modern "Christians" think that God is a puppy dog on their leash whom they toss a treat and pat on the head from time to time, if he has been a good little puppy.  God is not a puppy dog on a leash, but a full grown male (MALE! not effeminate, not neutered, not female, not transgender!) lion before Whom they should tremble all the time, especially when He roars.  Christ is the LION of the tribe of Judah.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God... for our God is a Consuming Fire... and Christ shall in flaming fire take vengeance on the adversaries and those who OBEY not the Gospel...

The Gospel is that Christ died for the elect of HIS PEOPLE to redeem THEM from the curse/judgment/penalty for violating God's Law.  Christ did not abolish the Law itself (which is utter nonsense to anyone who understands logic and the Bible), but He abolished the Judgment that was against us by paying the price Himself, by His taking upon Himself and bearing the Judgment that was upon us.   Christ commanded, "Go and sin no more" because we have been bought with a price and we are no longer our own, but God's: We were bought with a price and we are commanded through obedience (our reasonable duty) to glorify God in our body and our in our spirit which are GOD's (twice: once by creation and once by redemption).  Our bodies are the temple of God and God said that those who defile that temple (with anything that He forbade—and His Standard of Morality does not change)... He will them destroy!

"If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are." (I Corinthians 3:17)

Those of our kinsmen who preach the opposite of what Christ preached are Christ's (and therefore our) enemy... even as Saul (though a true Israelite) was the enemy of Christ before his conversion.  But whether out of ignorance or evil intentions, an enemy is an enemy.  Those who are not WITH or FOR Christ, those who are not gathering (HIS LOST SHEEP) exactly as HE COMMANDED are AGAINST HIM and they are therefore SCATTERING (working to undo His Work).  And Christ said that when He returns He will command the holy angels: Bring those Mine enemies who would not that I should rule over them (according to God's UNCHANGING LAW) and slay them before Me.

Understand.  God said that He would scatter His people as a man scatters wheat, but that He would eventually regather WHOM HE SCATTERED.  This it is no surprise that Christ says those who don't gather with Him—scatter abroad.  Instead of gathering God's very people back to Him as commanded and prophecied—they scatter the wheat, they scatter the flock further into oblivion and gather all that which is vile which God forbade!  In one of Christ's parables fish of every kind were brought into a net and the GOOD were kept and the BAD (PUTRID) were cast away—and Christ said so shall it be when He returns and the BAD shall be cast into a furnace of fire (Matthew 13:47-50), not welcomed into the family.  Those who "spiritualize" away the facts of God's Word make the Word of God of none effect and shall answer to God for their defilement of His Word and the leading of His people away to destruction.  That which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit.  God promised to preserve a remnant of HIS PEOPLE, not just any people; and no one is adopted into God's family who was not born in His Family.  The Greek word "adoption"means "son placing" —and Paul said that it pertaineth to Israel.  Adoption pertaineth, is performed on Israel.  This is not adopting of an infant out of Satan's family into God's—which is an abomination and against all that God commanded.  God's people are not born into Satan's family—they are kidnapped from God's Nursery (according to God's Plan, nothing takes Him by surprise) and God then redeems, delivers, rescues, and restores.  THIS is what adoption is.  It is a son coming of age or a son coming back in repentance who is restored to his place of honor—which is epitomized in the parable of the Prodigal Son.  Those who don't know the Word of God PERVERT IT to the destruction of God's people.  If you serve lemonade with rat poison, thinking the rat poison was sugar, your good intentions are meaningless in light of the fact you just killed your entire family.

God will not allow HIS VERY CHILD to be kidnapped out of the orphanage and allow a Judas-baby—Satan's child—to be swapped in its place.  God will not smile and just accept the alien as His child.  In one of Christ's parables when the Master sent servants to collect the rent and the people on His estate killed them, He then sent His Son... and they killed Him, imagining that they would steal the inheritance and make it their own!  WHAT, Christ asked, would that Master would do upon His Return...?  The people answered correctly, "He will miserably destroy those wicked men."

Why it is that all white people are "condemned as guilty" WITHOUT A TRIAL...? and without the substantiation that what is called "white supremacy" is even a crime other than in the minds of those who want to steal the inheritance of white people, and "breed up" expecting the whites to mongrelize their heritage and commit racial suicide so that the nonwhites can "feel better" about themselves...?  Colonial preacher Joel Hawes well said, "Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own".

Blacks exterminated their own kinsmen of smaller, weaker black tribes and took the women and children as slaves—for millennia.  Some free blacks in the U.S. owned other blacks as slaves.  Blacks in Africa owned and sold other blacks and even whites as slaves.  American Indians (north, central, and south) exterminated their own kinsmen of smaller, weaker tribes and took the women and children as slaves—for millennia.  The "hero" of the heart-tugger propaganda film, "Amistad" after he won his freedom, then returned to Africa and became a slave trader himself, selling his own black people into slavery.  Funny.  Spielberg didn't include that part in his movie!  I wonder why...?

Why is it that you never hear about any of this... yet continually the issue of ANCIENT HISTORY concerning American slavery is shoved in the faces of whites and we pay for it with hundreds of billions of dollars a year (in addition to suffering theft, rapes, murder, and genocide through amalgamation) and we are supposed to feel guilty even though for the vast majority of us none of our ancestors ever owned slaves.  Less than 3% of SOUTHERNERS AT THAT TIME owned slaves—thus, less than 1% of the entire US population at the time in U.S. history ever owned slaves.  The majority of the white people in the U.S. southeast and southern midwest today don't have ancestors who owned slaves... and the majority of people in the U.S. northwest, southwest and northern midwest don't have ancestors who owned slaves.  Probably half the current U.S. white population moved to the U.S. from other nations AFTER the civil war... yet for some perverse reason ALL whites are considered "guilty".... and we are supposed to feel guilty even though no black alive today was ever a slave and the vast majority don't even have a parent or a grandparent who was ever a slave and the vast majority were born in Africa or Haiti or Jamaica or elsewhere and moved here after the Civil War.  And if any do have parents or grandparents who were slaves they should be grateful and thank God—otherwise they would still be in Africa being raped and killed by their own black people! instead of merely being excluded from the families and neighborhoods that want to retain the integrity of their own heritage!  WHO then are the real haters?

It goes back to the article I wrote a few weeks ago: Who has the right to be offended most?—

1. Whites (those few that still exist, who have not been brainwashed) are offended by blacks wanting to force themselves into our lives—into OUR families, defiling our daughters, seducing our sons to take away our inheritance from us, to take over the cities that OUR ancestors built... to live off OUR tax money and commit crimes so that WE cannot enjoy the fruit of our labors and so that we are not safe in OUR OWN NATION... we are not safe to visit our own parks, historical sites, vacation areas, or major cities; and the enemy who has masterminded it all has turned our nation into a POLICE STATE to "protect us" while continuing to import more aliens and put them on a tax-payer-funded BREEDING PROGRAM!

2. On the other hand, blacks are offended by our not wanting them in our lives.  Blacks don't even want other blacks in their lives!  Why do you think they want out of the black neighborhoods into the white ones?

Tell me, who has the greater right?

Society IGNORANTLY and IMMORALLY thinks that blacks do!

"Colonialism" is decried as one of the "greatest sins" of history (even though nonwhites lived better and were safer and less exploited during Colonialism; and were it not for Colonialism, they would not be wearing clothes and would still live in mud huts and would be subject to being more brutally raped and massacred than they currently are, since they would have even less semblence of civilization).  Whites have no rights in any nonwhite country, but nonwhites have ALL THE RIGHT IN THE WORLD in white countries.  The message is clearly, "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine"—and brainwashed fools think that is logical and moral.

IN THE US 60% of black women have been sexually abused before the age of 18.  It's NOT the WHITE MEN that are doing it!  The statistics would be EVEN WORSE in AFRICAN nations but most victims don't report it (being afraid or considering it "normal") and the corrupt black politicians won't give the true figures.  AND YET WE IMPORT these animals into our nations thinking it is a good thing?  —that our women should be subjected to brutal rape in the attempt to "civilize" the savages?  HOW WELL HAS THAT BEEN WORKING?  Before so-called "Civil Rights" crime was a RARITY in the U.S.  Sweden and other nations of Europe are now learning the same thing.  PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN CRIME now becomes RAMPANT and it is supposed to be ignored and considered "normal" and we are just supposed to shut up and "take one for the team"; and the politicians lie and tell us that there will be "bumps" and "hiccups" in the integration process--or that IT IS OUR FAULT somehow!  WHO THE HELL GAVE THEM THE AUTHORITY TO INTEGRATE US...!  Do our women need to wear garbage bags and rub manure on themselves to be less appealing?  A traitorous German politician, after the 1,000 rapes in Cologne, Germany on New Year's Eve, said that the German women  should wear less perfume, and others are being told to dye their hair dark so it won't stand out.  BUT RAPE IS NOT A CRIME OF PASSION but HATRED and DOMINANCE—and we should not have to change our lifestyles or cower in fear to accomodate invading savages!  There are 3,200 mosques in the U.S. now.  Do you think that those numbers are going to diminish or increase? —especially in light of history (ancient and recent) and in light of their brazen declaration that they are going to take over our nations! 

Evolutionists and humanists IGNORE their own rules, laws, beliefs, and propaganda, when it suits them, and hope everyone else is too stupid to notice.  Like the evolutionists who say "don't feed the animals they will become dependent on man" and "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" ... and yet the evolutionist politicians provide a bottomless pit of endless welfare!!!!!   Also, they try to pass "native species acts" on animals and plants... yet they are PURPOSELY RELOCATING ALIENS in other peoples' countries.  HYPOCRITES and LIARS and they do it to DESTROY!!!  They purposely want the worst blood to not only reproduce, but reproduce prolifically—even the retards and deformed and diseased: and they are put on a welfare breeding program so that they will proliferate and weaken society.  Once society is weakened enough to be overthrown from within, and communists are fully in power under the name of communism (Democracy being merely the intermediary step between a Republic and Communism) those worthless, nonproductive dregs of society who cannot work, who helped weaken the nation so that it could be overthrown, will themselves be eliminated.  But until then, the corrupt politicians and educators and social workers continue to provide the perfect petrie dish for bacteria to spread.  In their sick notion of fairness, they think that cancer cells have just as much right to the body as any other cells do.

You don't stick a good apple in a bushel of rotten apples to make all the rotten apples "good". Jesus never said let aliens rape your daughters and maybe one day generations later some of their mongrel offspring will accept Me.  God said have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness BUT REBUKE THEM!  COME OUT.  BE YE SEPARATE.   Give not that which is holy to the dogs... cast not pearls before swine... learn not the way of the heathen... thou shalt not seek their peace or prosperity forever... give not your sons or daughters in marriage... if any man preach another Gospel unto you let him be accursed...!  Christ came for HIS PEOPLE.

But the world, godless communism subverters of nations say "intermingle", "tolerate", "become one", "break down all barriers".  But it is a one-way street to destroy us.

The Southern Baptists are now using the term "white supremacy" completely ignorantly and completely maliciously, just like the rest of the world. 

Understand: If you want to see what God commands, but are too lazy to read the Bible—just take a look at what the world hates.  If you want to see what God forbids, but are too lazy to read the Bible—just take a look at what the world loves.  Apparently Southern Baptists don't know how to read the Bible or the world!  What does the world think about "racism" (when it is whites who are guilty of it)...?  What does the world think about "homoperversion"...?  Connect the dots...!

One honest U.S. statesman expressed the truth (about the Civil War, Slavery, and Post-war crimes against Southerners) and he was PUNISHED for it.  This is discrimination of the highest order.



"Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard." (Proverbs 21:13)

"Therefore will I also deal in fury: Mine Eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in Mine Ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them." (Ezekiel 8:18)

You reap what you sow!  STAND UP or God will make sure that NO ONE stands up for you when you are in need.

There would be no such thing as "white supremacy" had it not been for aliens forcing themselves into our lives trying to DESTROY our families, destroy our heritage and steal what we have.  THEY are the haters.  It is "reverse colonialism" and "genetic colonialism"—GENOCIDE!  It was taught to the nonwhites by the Jews*, and it is the very same plan that the Jews (Edomite and other Canaanites) attempted against true Israel about 4,275 years ago in Genesis 34:21-23.

[* The Jews are ignorantly referred to as white today ONLY because they have intermarried with whites so much (in the attempt to blend in among us and thus destroy us from within.  When they first appeared in Europe no one considered them to be white.  Where they still live in the middle east they don't stand out as white from the corrupt Arabs, corrupt Persians, or corrupt Syrians--and the only reason some Jews in the State of Israeli are "whiter" is because they are immigrants from the US or Europe who had already absorbed white blood by their parents and grandparents having lived among us and married the lower classes of whites.  They are Asian (Turko-Mongoloid and Edomite Canaanites).]

The sign of a true hater and liar and subversive destroyer is that he "demonizes" those whom he is trying to destroy by inventing a "hot-button trigger-word" that he then uses as a "magical incantation", which when heard, causes cowardly people's brains to shut down—and they cower in fear like a whipped dog, and automatically yield like someone "mind controlled" by a "Jedi warrior" into passively, robotically doing or thinking whatever he is told to do or think.

[Black judge Clarence Thomas was accused by a black woman attorney Anita Hill of lewd and inappropriate comments back when he was being nominated for the Supreme Court.  Thomas invoked the "magical incantation" and accused some nebulous body of powerful white men (who apparently float around in ether unseen, for he did not name a single name) of "racism".  Guess what?  He was nominated to the Supreme Court and has served in that capacity, making well over $100,000 a year for the past 26 years!  Anita Hill is black.  Thomas is black.  Yet he accused whites of "racism" for his own lewd behavior to another black... and the black magic worked!  Ka-CHING!  Jackpot.  Associate Justices now make $244,000 a year! (not counting perks, FULL TOP OF THE LINE PLATINUM-CARD HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE, Pension, expenses, travel, vacations, food, services, etc.—all for the privilege of subverting our government).  How many white men are judges on the supreme court of Kenya or Nigeria?]

Before hostile, criminal, ALIENS forced their way into our society, into our families to inherit the wealth of our ancestors, there was no such thing as white supremacy.  It was simple, normal, moral, healthy, safe, peaceful society—like the movie "Pleasantville" or the old t.v. series like "Leave it to Beaver" or "Maybury R.F.D.".  It is black supremacy or black militarism or black hatred that causes white supremacy even exist or to be considered an issue.  That's like a shadow accusing the sun of "light supremacy"...!

Whereas people did not used to lock their doors at night, now our streets are unsafe during the day.  Whereas people used to leave their car keys in the car (what better place so you don't lose them?) now billion-dollar industries exist to provide locks and bolts and security devices and services.  Now there is a police force nationwide the size of an army and they are being equipped with military weapons and paraphernalia (yet they routinely assault innocent citizens while allowing roaming bands of criminals to have free rein)—and the treasonous politicians continue to let millions more savages enter our nation (and do nothing about those who enter illegally—even spouting the FILTHY LIE that illegals have just as much right to our nation as we do!) and they then put them on a tax-payer-funded breeding program—giving them more money each month for doing nothing than the average American makes by working.  The corrupt politicians then push them into our schools and dumb-down the curriculum to make sure that our children aren't smarter and therefore don't have any advantage... while forcing them to "rub shoulders" with them daily, brainwashing them to believe they are all the same... so that the wealth of our nation passes to aliens as our people are genocided out of existence.  THAT is a HATE CRIME and a WAR CRIME for this IS a WAR.  An undeclared war is a war nonetheless.  A rose called by any other name still smells as sweet.

The other day I had to go to the courthouse to renew my driver's license.  When I walked through the front door of the courthouse (of this small town of 3,000) I noticed that there was a metal detector and a fat, mind-drone woman, a local with no moral backbone, but someone who like a good Nazi will enforce whatever "law" she is told to enforce—regardless of unconstitutionality or morality.  She barked to empty my pockets into a tray and go back and walk through the detector again.  As I was leaving I turned around and asked, "Is that a bulletproof vest?" (which made her look 50 pounds heavier).  She replied matter-of-factly, "yes".  I was dumbfounded.  I asked, "was there some problem or attack so that this is now necessary?"  She replied unconcerned, like a machine, "No, but it's going to be like this from now on".  I said, "I don't even recognize this world any more!"  She didn't even blink.  No brain activity.  Armed with a .45, she would willingly shoot anyone... just like a good Nazi.  In their hatred of what they don't even understand, that of which they are entirely ignorant (and could care less about—all that they care about is their paycheck, health insurance, and government pension), the majority of brainwashed liberals ARE WORSE than those people whom they have demonized.  While they don't ascribe to National Socialism (a godless political system) what they do ascribe to is EVEN WORSE (not even understanding the belief and value system to which they ascribe; not really believing in anything—just "following orders" and "doing what I am told").  When the majority of crimes and the "greatest" of crimes are considered to be "against the State"—only mind slaves don't realize THAT is "Statism" (not even knowing what that word means).

Whereas people (lawful, honest, peaceful white citizens) used to freely carry REAL weapons around daily* ... now you cannot carry a pair of fingernail clippers with a tiny nail file into a courtroom.  Why is this? —because of "white supremacy" or "racism"...?  If corrupt politicians and corrupt police and courts did not violate the rights of citizens they would have nothing to fear.  If corrupt politicians did not invite millions of aliens into our nation, they themselves would not have to live in communities behind armed guards while telling the rest of us that we don't have the right to defend ourselves—which right (among all others) they were hired to uphold!  After the recent Republican Scalise was shot, various congressmen and senators expressed that they were going to start carrying a gun.  Really!  I thought guns were "BAD BAD BAD!"  Guns are bad.  Corrupt politicians create criminals.  Before the election the liberals were saying Trump better not try to contest the election after he loses and accept it gracefully, but when Trump WON they declared WAR and even incited VIOLANCE and other CRIME.  Those who are most outspoken against guns all have gun-toting body guards.  If they did not import savages into our nation and loose them on society like opening all the cages of the animals in the zoo, guns would not be a problem.  Guns are not living objects.  Guns don't hop around and go off randomly.

[* Note: They didn't carry weapons around because they were "fearful" or "haters".  Their freedom to carry arms is what kept society safe from savages, criminals, and corrupt government.  Now that they can't carry arms they are truly fearful because theft, assault, rapes, and murders take place by the second across the nation and the majority of the crimes are perpetrated by nonwhites (see: https://www.amren.com/archives/reports/the-color-of-crime-2016-revised-e...).  Which is better?  A free society of our people who defend themselves and others which produces a safe society? —or the importation of savages who are told they are our equals and have just as much right as we do, yet we are disarmed so we cannot protect ourselves, while the politicians are protected by armies of bodyguards and police?]

Someone emailed me yesterday:

"Mark Dice posted a video documenting a North Carolina high school that destroyed its school annual / yearbook.  Every student was allowed to place a one-sentence statement below his own picture.  When the school photograph annual / yearbook was published, it was realized that one student had chosen to have printed under his photo a quotation by Trump.  The school promptly asked the students to return their annuals and a new one is being printed.  Who ends up paying for this insanity?  I don't think the principal who destroyed the illegally confiscated annuals volunteered to pay.  WHY IS THIS NOT A CRIME?  It was destruction of private property / theft, censorship—and since when is an American citizen NOT ALLOWED to quote the president of the UNITED STATES? and since when is a principal allowed to be a censor of who students are allowed to quote?  This principal should be FIRED and SUED and TRIED for numerous crimes.

"Also years ago, the University of Washington Husky basketball coach was fired because he asked the black players not to wear 'Black Power' clothing to practice because it was divisive and hurt team unity and made the locker room a racial hotbed.  The University stated that they would not allow such restrictions to be placed upon free speech, or something to that effect. Things have not changed—it is only non-Whites who have free speech protected.  But white people can't mention the Bible, God or Jesus Christ in school or a government building."

Is it "white supremacy" that has caused the increase in nonwhite crime, including violent crime, since the passage of the so-called "Civil Rights Act"...?  Thousands of rapes and murders take place in the U.S. (and now also in all the nations of Europe), the vast majority committed by nonwhites, each year... (add that up for the past 60 years!); yet that is supposed to be considered "normal"—and those who notice it and don't like it are called "racists". 

There are about 1,200 Skinheads in the U.S. nationwide—NATIONWIDE!  Many of them probably live in their grandmothers' basements and are drunk half the time, when they are not meeting with their friends and listening to their own own head-banging rock bands and trying to think of something intelligent to say.  They are most likely the lowest and most-worthless (if that oxymoron is even a valid thought) dregs of white or "almost-white" society and the enemy holds them up as the poster child and epitome of the worst "danger" that faces American society—and then accuses any white person of being the same as Skinheads if they say a thing to resist the evil that is destroying our society.  Even 25 years ago there were only about 1,200 Skinheads nationwide... but there were over 100,000 nonwhite gang members in Los Angeles County alone, who committed real crimes every day... and most all major U.S. cities have large numbers of nonwhite gang members.  This does not include the individual nonwhite criminals, but only those in gangs.  Now L.A. and Philadelphia and other of the cities that our ancestors built are illegally self-declared "sanctuary cities" for alien criminals!

Now Christian colleges have invented the new religious office of "minister of diversity" and nations have political offices of "ministers of diversity" (can't people see it is the same antichristian agenda when the corrupt formerly Christian universities have the very same official positions as do the corrupt godless governments?—Italy even appointed an African woman to be minister of diversity and integration—to tell the Italian people what they are supposed to think and do!).  Can no one see that this is BRAINWASHING and that it is NOT of God.  My Christian college sends their quarterly magazine and with insatiable lust and haste they stumble over the rest of the worldling lemmings heading over the cliff to be the first to show themselves more a friend of the world each year.  Each year they hire more nonwhite professors, import more nonwhites to play on the sports teams (and impregnate more white girls students); send their sports teams to more nonwhite nations as "missionaries" during the summer, encourage their students to become "big brothers" to more nonwhite inner-city youth... and have their teachers and preachers more and more preaching against the sin of "racism".  When I was there 27 years ago, they routinely had the all-black "choir" of some local state (nearly all-black) college come and sing in our chapel! and then stay around for lunch—turning the cafeteria into a zoo so loud you could not even relax and eat a meal or hold a conversation.  Our "leaders" think that we should immerse ourselves in the culture of those who are destroying us! to those who are destroying our faith! —and so the leaders do all they can to force it to happen.  What is next? will the government or churches follow the lead of the Korean (C.I.A. funded) "Rev. Moon" of the Unification Church who paired up (mixing the races) several hundred Moonies, choosing which men would marry which women, and the would-be "lucky" couples did not know who their marriage partners would be until 30 min. before the wedding!  If that were done today, he would even mix the genders! or make "couples of three or four"!!!  SUCH is how aliens pervert the Christian faith.  Africans and Hispanics and Asians are joining the few remaining Reformed churches and then becoming the ministers (and the same is being done to Mennonite churches too).  The goal is to destroy every fabric of our heritage and true faith.  Tell me, those who know true Bible doctrine, how many africans, hispanics, asians, jews or arabs were there in the Protestant Reformation? how many were Puritans?  How many were leaders of the American Revolution? the Great Revivals?  Tell me, these churches that are now subverted and pastored by aliens, does their doctrine become more sound, or more liberal?  By violating Christ's command and evangelizing the aliens, instead of searching out the lost sheep scattered throughout the world... the aliens have not been "Christianized"—Christians have become paganized!!!!!  You reap what you sow... and those who sow carelessly, rebelliously to the wind, shall reap a whirlwind (tempest, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon).  The curse causeless shall not come.

There are 108 all-black colleges in the US.  No all-white ones.  Texas author and patriot and humanitarian Judge George Washington Armstrong wanted to establish one around 1950 and offered $50 million to do it! —and he was castigated for it even then for suggesting it!*  There are nonwhite scholarship funds galore: American Negro College Fund, Thurgood Marshall Foundation, and ones set up by Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey for nonwhites ONLY.  Stephen Girard, founder of Girard Collage and Girard Bank in Philadelphia, wealthiest man in America, French-born self-made millionaire, philanthropist (who exposed himself to risk when he personally helped minister to the sick and dying during the yellow-fever epidemic that was killing thousands and who himself underwrote the entire U.S. War debt for the War of 1812 and never asked for it to be repaid!) established a scholarship fund for poor white orphan boys of Philadelphia.  In the 60s some Negro took the fund to court and the court overturned HIS WILL and gave HIS MONEY to negroes or any other nonwhite that wanted it.  THIS IS GRAND THEFT! 

[* I reprint the booklet he wrote as a result of his being demonized for his humanitarian attempt: "The Truth About My Alleged $50 Million Donation", 20pp., 2.00 + P&H.]

It is GRAND THEFT to give entire megacities like Philadelphia to the savages after they overbreed, commit crime, and good people move out, often abandoning the wealth of their ancestors once property values have plummeted.  My maternal ancestors founded Germantown, Philadelphia hundreds of years ago.  My paternal grandparents grew up there but moved out just a little north into Chestnut Hill.  My grandfather always got tears in his eyes when we travelled through Germantown to go to center city, because Germantown had become a black ghetto... with boarded up or broken windows, trash, squalor, graffiti, overgrown weeds, filth.  What price can you place on a city like Philadelphia...? considering all the real estate, historic sites, infrastructure, homes, businesses, parks, natural resources, industries?  Now our inner cities are filthy and not even safe to be in during the day.  Cops in the US or Sweden or Germany dare not even venture into our historic neighborhoods taken over by muslims and africans.  Yet WE are the "haters".  They act here just like they do in Africa and we are expected to accept them and their "culture" (savagery)...! 

Liberals still cry that 70 years ago if a negro in the U.S. was in a neighborhood that he did not belong in after dark he might have gotten a beating to remind him... yet they don't mention the tens of thousands of rapes, assaults, and murders of whites at the hands of blacks and latinos for the sole crime of walking in their own cities...!  The liberal subverters cry and bitch and moan about everything, about the threatened habitat of a mosquito larvae or even now about the millennia old remains of the extinct woolly mammoth that "poachers" are risking their lives searching for, and laboring intensively under harsh conditions to dig up (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4611644/Incredible-pictures-reveal-harsh-MAMMOTH-pirates.html) -- yet they don't say a word about invading savages and their savage behaviour...!  And why do governments think that they own the land that the citizens rightfully own?  "Governments" (which are fictional, artificial entities) even think they own the undiscovered lost treasures in the world's oceans.  So, who owns Siberia? —frozen land and ice that nobody really cared about until something valuable was found there?  Do not the people of Siberia own it?  If aliens are coming in poaching, that is a different matter.  However, the natural resources of Siberia belong to the Siberians.  WHO is the government?  It is the people.  That is why the destroyers of Christendom are trying to replace the people in the white nations with nonwhites—to change ownership and cause us to go the way of the woolly mammoth...!  Christ said that it will nearly come to that! —for unless God draws short those days (of end-time tribulation) no flesh of the elect of God's people would survive.  We have being murdered, nearly been bred out of existence, dispossessed, our faith corrupted, and those foolish enough to put their children in the public schools and let them watch tv will have children that are brainwashed into polluting their heritage and abandoning the faith altogether.

  What is the result of my former Christian college* in their race to become like the world...?  Each issue of their Alumni quarterly shows more white student alumni destroying their heritage by marrying nonwhite students.... the wealth of their ancestors will pass to aliens... and our race will be destroyed... and our faith will become corrupted with humanism and paganism and then go extinct.  Yet we are the haters and we are "white supremists" for wanting to preserve what God COMMANDED us to preserve.

[* which is still one of the most conservative—which is a sad indictment on not only themselves, but all those that are even liberal by their ever-changing standards.  Even when I was there 27 years ago, this was the goal they were headed toward; and those students who preached in chapel were considered chic and "spiritual" if they preached against "racism".  The college used to be 100% white.  Now it is nowhere near that and nonwhites are glorified.  By the way, the Christian High School I attended grades 7-12 (graduating in 1980) in North Miami, Florida, when I was there, was about 90% white, now it is about 100% black and cuban, except for a few white teachers who have stuck around (some marrying a black or cuban).]

What has the result of nonwhite missions been?  Are Africa, Arabia, China, etc. "more Christian" now...? or is Christendom less Christian?  CHRISTENDOM IS NEARLY EXTINCT!  "Give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and trample you and rend you"—Christ commanded!  Go ONLY to the lost sheep of the House of Israel (who today are the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples; the Jews are the Edomite imposters who took over the land when God scattered true Israel throughout the world).  Christ commanded go NOT unto any city of the aliens (though indeed some Israelites lived in Samaria, their living among aliens when they could have been living among their own people and truly seeking and serving God was evidence of their general reprobation and it was just a matter of time before the aliens assimilated them entirely; those who were of God would be called of God to "come out from among them" and "be ye separate"... and only then would they indeed be God's sons and daughters: for God declared that bastards were forever rejected by Him).  That was what Christ commanded in the First Great Commission.   The Second Great Commission did not change the "target", but only the scope—from local to worldwide... to seek out the lost sheep whither God had scattered them since He PROMISED to REGATHER WHOM HE SCATTERED.  Christ, in giving the Second Great Commission said, "AS THE FATHER SENT ME so send I you."  HOW was Christ sent?  He had declared, "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel".  Christ said "NO!"... yet Christians fall over one another to disobey God and listen to the lies of the Serpent and join with the heathen... to give that which is holy to the dogs and cast pearls before swine.

The enemies of Christ, the false shepherds (like those in the Southern Baptist Convention and others like Pastor David Jeremiah, whose very name is an insult to those two patriarchs: he ought to be renamed Judas-Balaam) and those in the current articles (links listed below) about the SBC say that "Christ came to break down all barriers".  NO.  That is what COMMUNISM teaches.  THEY REVEAL THAT THEY FOLLOW AND PREACH A FALSE CHRIST!  CHRIST DID NOT come to break down all barriers—He came to reinforce the barriers that God forever established.  Christ said that NOT ONE JOT OR TITTLE would pass from the Law.  Morality does not change.  Morality, God's Law is what erected the barriers that these false prophets say that Christ abolished!  They do lie!  Christ declared, give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and trample and rend you.  THAT is the result of Third World missions.  THAT is the result of our violating God's Commands and helping alien peoples with foreign aid, education, medicine, food, etc.  God commanded us to never seek their peace or prosperity forever and to not give our sons or daughters to them in marriage, make no treaties with them.  God even declared that if we wish "Godspeed" on a kinsman who rejects Christ that we are partakers in his sins!  So what does that make us when we fund the enemies of Christ, the enemies of Christendom? 

Now, the nonwhite nations have so overpopulated their own nations—because of our (politicians unconstitutionally, illegally using U.S. taxpayer money in giving any other nation) "humanitarian" aid (billions of dollars to the State of Israel, African nations, Muslim Nations, giving the wealth of our economy to Red China, India, Mexico, etc.) ... and because of our sending our military (and our soldiers to die) to stop the blacks in Africa from killing each other in their intestine wars, the nonwhites have so overproduced so that their own nations cannot contain them; and they are now coming by the millions to take what we have—what our ancestors have developed for centuries and millennia, to steal our inheritance and exterminate us. 

Christ said to the Syro-Phenician woman, "it is not acceptable to take the children's bread [Christ] and give it to the dogs [puppies]."  The woman was a Greek-Israelite only living in Syro-phenicia.  The daughter was mixed.  Christ did not break down barriers.  He did not offer salvation or forgive sins of the child or take the child up in His arms and bless her; He simply delivered the child of the demon-possession through the principle of overflow of blessing.  The Greek-Israelite woman acknowledged her understanding of God's Law.  The dogs could not rightfully take a position of equals with the master's children, but they could have a few crumbs if they minded their place.  However, in stark contrast, when Zacchaeus was convicted of his sins, Christ declared, "This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham" (Luke 19:9).  Those who use passages of Scripture as "exceptions" to invalidate what God commanded demonstrate that they don't know the Scriptures, they don't know God and the Truth is not in them.

CHRIST SAID THAT HE CAME TO DIVIDE!  the ones would would be divided--CULLED OUT FROM GOD's FLOCK--will be those of God's people who REFUSE to obey what God commanded and those of God's people who choose instead to become one with the world!

Without the false "theory" of evolution, which has caused a cancerous, spreading revolution within Christendom, Christians would not have been brainwashed into violating what God commanded.  For centuries the dregs of society, the most immoral whites were the only ones who crossed the racial barrier of familiarity and marriage.  Babylon means, "confusion by mixing" and that is what Christendom has become—being drunk on the wine of Babylon and her whoredoms and adulteries (race mixing was originally practiced most often only by whores and whoremongers, as the degenerate need new flavors of immorality to sate their deprived palate of perverse transgression; Esau was called a fornicator and his sin was marrying 2 Canaanite women and he and his progeny were hated and cursed and rejected by God forever).

[* While the word adulterate / adultery can have a figurative connotation, the literal connotation is crossing racial boundaries.  Adulterate means to introduce impurity.  A chemical solution that has had impurity introduced is contaminated, a "bastard" solution.  Bastard has taken on a figurative meaning of any child born out of wedlock, but the original meaning was a mongrel.  That is what the word means in Scripture.  See my "Ten Commandments for You(th)".  See also my "The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 and 2".]

However, the government through its mouth-pieces of the media and the harlot churches (and their harlot Christian schools) and the state schools have UTTERLY BRAINWASHED whites into thinking that not only is race-mixing not a sin, but it is the most-moral and most-godly and most-spiritual thing that a person can do--in fact, it is his duty.  Like ancient vestal virgins, it is considered an honor to be thrown into the volcano to appease the gods. 

"20Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!  22Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: 23Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!  24Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the Law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the Word of the Holy One of Israel.  25Therefore is the Anger of the LORD kindled against His people, and He hath stretched forth His Hand against them, and hath smitten them: and the hills did tremble, and their carcases were torn in the midst of the streets.  For all this His Anger is not turned away, but His Hand is stretched out [in Judgment] still." (Isaiah 5)

"6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." (Hosea 4) 

"THINK NOT THAT I am not come to destroy the Law... not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law" (Matthew 5:17,18)

Apostate "Christian" leaders who have abandoned the faith once delivered for a modern pagan-humanism-Christian hybrid, b.s. their way into academia and ecclesiastic establishments with the most-transparent imaginable illogic, by claiming that God's prohibitions in the Old Testament had nothing to do with race, but only religion.

If it is was not race but only religion, why did God command the Canaanites to be exterminated rather than "converted"...?

Fools (or subverters) devise mindless, vapid theories that only convince those who don't know how to actually think and who don't know a thing about theology, but only know a few "Bible Stories" (on a Sunday school level), which they mostly misunderstand.  They are not Christians.  They do not possess faith--faith is based on the facts of God's Word.  They simply believe, more or less, the customs and traditions and folkways of their elders (which change more and more, after each new generation "re-interprets" them or "remembers" them differently).  This is SUPERSTITION not faith in the unchanging doctrine of the Word of God.

God periodically commanded alien wives and all offspring by them to be sent away forever.  God made no stipulation concerning what they "believed".  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He changes not and in Him there is no shade of turning.  Morality does not change.  God's Law does not change.  Christ did not break down barriers so we could indulge in what God declared to be abominations!  The God of the New Testament is the VERY SAME GOD of the Old Testament--and He is not a "nicer guy" now that He is on His meds and after He has taken anger management and cultural sensitivity training and had a few sessions of electro-convulsive therapy!  It is not God who has changed, but the perverted minds of His people who reject Him.  By rejecting what God commanded "Christians" actually reject God!  The vast majority of those who call themselves Christians, if they understood the Bible and what God commands—would reject Christianity!  This is what they have actually done, though to appease their guilty consciences, they invent a new humanistic religion and call it "Christianity" when it is not.  Christianity is not taking Jesus as your central "theme" and then building around it what you like, as if at a self-serve hot fudge sundae bar!  This will become evident in the last story-link at the end of this article, which story someone had emailed to me right after I had completed this article.  Those who reject even 1% of what God commanded, He is not their Lord and He does not accept their "worship".

Those who point out a few other unrelated passages of Scripture demonstrate that they don't know the Word of God and can't tell the difference between peas and carrots (or grapes and thistles, figs or briers).  They are not "arm-chair" theologians, but "High-chair" theologians who haven't even graduated from nursery school.  [See my book "Kind Unto Kind".]

It is shameless that they endeavor to invent ways to justify their disobedience, rather than unapologetically obeying God!  By doing so they (as Esau) marry themselves out of the family of God (and counsel all those foolish enough to follow them to do the same)... even as the fornicating, whoremongering Israelites did.  Christ drew distinctions because God drew distinctions!  Christ was without sin and said that He did not come to abolish the Law: which would have been AN IMPOSSIBILITY because He and God are ONE and IMMUTABLE!  Those who believe otherwise follow the Serpent off the road away from Paradise, instead of following Christ into the Kingdom.  Christ said that His sheep know His Voice and follow (obey) Him and that the voice of a stranger they will not follow.  Since they are following a false christ, they are clearly not Christ's sheep (or hopefully they have not yet been truly converted; and we can only pray that God delivers them from their rebellion and delusion and confusion while there is still time).  God clearly declared,

"I am the LORD your God, which have separated you from other people.  25Ye shall therefore put difference between clean beasts and unclean, and between unclean fowls and clean: and ye shall not make your souls abominable by beast, or by fowl, or by any manner of living thing that creepeth on the ground, which I have separated from you as unclean.  26And ye shall be holy unto Me: for I the LORD am Holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be Mine." (Leviticus 20)

God did not separate clean and unclean animals from the same common source by process of "eenie, meenie, minee, moe"... but in the very act of creation in creating them either clean or unclean.  He declared that He created HIS PEOPLE in the very same way.  Those who believe all races came from Adam believe in evolution and reject God's Primary Law of Everything After Its Own Kind, and enter the delusional world of pseudo-science which imagines that all life evolved from a single living material source, life having somehow spontaneously generated at the same time that all environmental factors "evolved" at the same time, and was not only ripe for it, but was and has remained CONSTANT.  Why then has life on earth continued if all events are random? why did the conditions get "just right" and then stay that way?  One of the main laws of Science is entropy (decay).  Things go from complex to simple: they break down, disintegrate, degenerate, decompose.  Things exist because God created them and holds them together.  He established laws and when those laws are violated there are consequences.  Evolution and the Universal Brotherhood of man heresy (which came out of evolution) are without a shred of DNA, biological, chemistry, astronomical, or Biblical evidence or logic.  It is a biological and theological impossibility for all races to have come from Adam and the first step at undermining this was evolution.  Once a person doubts and disobeys God's Word in one area, the other truths and commands of God's Word soon fall from his head like aged teeth.  The solution is not, "but, but, but, but... ad infinitum"—but just obey God!  How sad that the vast majority of "Christians" are less knowledgeable, less devout, and less obedient to their God than Muslims are to theirs!  Seek not to undermine the truth because of your confusion, seek to confirm the truth to dispel your confusion.  Those who love God will endeavor to see how close they can get to Him and obey Him, not how clever (to someone who is stupid) that they can become in explaining away what God commanded.

Another passage these apostate harlot shepherds use in their spurious attempt to show that Christ broke down all barriers are the infamously misquoted New Testament passages concerning there being neither Jew nor Greek.  However, the same passages say that there is neither male or nor female, so their misinterpretation actually also supports HOMOPERVERSION!  This is no surprise, because homoperversion is following the exact same path that race mixing followed (uncategorical rejection and criminal punishment of perverse behaviour - ignoring - tolerating - putting in commercials and sitcoms and movies to desensitize, get people to laugh and admire - acceptance - glorification - militancy and criminal prosecution of those who resist acceptance of perverse behaviour).  When something works, why change the plan?  The churches that first accepted race mixing, and then female pastors, now are the first to accept homoperversion.  God calls both homoperversion and race mixing ABOMINATIONS.  This deluge of immorality is not happening by accident.  Those who do not obey God and resist and rebuke evil—God will innundate them with it until they hate it like He commanded them to.  "Ye that love the Lord hate evil!"  Furthermore, all this evil does not merely happen randomly like the fairy tale of "evolution"—all this evil is all planned by the destroyers of Christendom.  Lenin said destroy the family and you destroy the nation.  Solzhenitsyn (who suffered under Bolshevik Soviet oppression) warned, "to destroy a people you must first sever their roots". 

[* Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel Prize for literature after he was released from the Gulag and published his works.  However, when it was realized that he exposed the brood that was behind Bolshevism/Marxism/Communism/Socialism, he was rejected and blacklisted and treated as a pariah and his most damning and most-important work has still not been translated into English.]

God forbade cross breeding even animals or plants.  Yet the modern apostate preachers say that it is okay to marry outside the race—which means that Christ's bride will not be without spot or blemish and that Christ will Himself sin against God by joining Himself with those whom God forbade!  Thankfully, Christ is not bound to follow the dictates of His perverse alleged followers.  God created one people for His people.  From them He preserved a chosen line and chose them alone.  Those who say that Christ broke down all barriers violate the Word of God and Make God a liar... for God promised to never choose any other people.

Breeders of dogs and cats and goats and sheep and cattle and llamas are practically neurotic when it comes to the bloodlines of their animals.  Yet 400 years ago William Penn lamented, "Men are generally more careful of the Breed of their Horses and Dogs than of their Children".  Though Penn did not have a clue about how rampant race mixing would become (which was practically unknown in his day); he was merely talking about people failing to choose the best mates, rather than simply giving in to their lust and acting like bucks in the rut season and then accepting the consequences. 

[Whereas today, blacks do the same thing, but don't accept the consequences, and expect the white taxpayers to pick up the tab for their dozens of illegitimate children, who themselves will have a dozen illegitimate children—and black athletes and movie stars and music idols are practically worshipped and pollute the wombs of white woman coast to coast.  Black basketball star Wilt Chamberlain bragged 25,000 women, maybe more, he lost count... and while others probably don't near his claimed scoreboard, they copulate randomly on a routine basis like dogs in the woods--including Tiger Woods--and it all starts in the high schools and colleges who idolize and integrate and import the blacks to be their "sports heroes"; not that they are better athletes than whites, though they certainly have more experience if the blacks were raised on the streets playing ball all day long while the white youth were working jobs and studying; but mainly it is a concerted plan to destroy the nation starting in the schools).

Yet God thinks so much of genealogy... He devoted numerous chapters to recording genealogies of His people!  The genealogies were consulted and the illegitimates thrust out when the tiny remnant returned from Babylon.  That's why the Edomite priests (pretending to be Judeans) were the ones who set fire to the Temple in A.D. 70 and burned it to the ground and blamed Rome.*  The genealogical records were kept in the Temple!  No one could ever by the registry prove they were not Israel!  The Edomites infiltrated Israel society en mass in A.D. 126 when Maccabeean leader John Hyranus conquered Edom and abominably "converted them" at which time, Edomites adopted Israelite custom (dietary laws, Passover, circumcision, Sabbath, etc.—when people were watching) and masqueraded as Israelites.  Rome later appointed the Herods as "puppet kings" over Israel, because Rome could trust them to do Rome's bidding, not what was best for Israel—because the Herods were Edomites (or from the Greek, Idumeans).  Herod then appointed Edomites as priests.

[* Their descendants commit heinous crimes against humanity and then blame it on other people even to this day!  They are of their father the Devil and the lusts of their father they will do... he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning!]

God even forbade yoking an ox and an ass together (and it wasn't because of their religion!). 

"Be ye not unequally yoked with INFIDELS" is what God commands even in the New Testament.  INFIDELS are INFIDELS because they are aliens or because they are "kinsmen who are pagan".  A brother who is a pagan can be converted, but an alien will always be an alien.  The Crusades in the Holy Land clearly showed that Muslims who "converted" to Christianity then turned on the Christians and joined forces with the Muslims when the Christian fortresses were attacked.  It is no different today.  Jews who "converted" to avoid being expelled from Christendom never converted, and once they infiltrated church and state and gained political power, they threw off the mask to reveal they had never converted at all.  Even as Muslim so as Jew.  God commanded separation, not "conversion".

God commanded,

"17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing [NOT "thing"—but PEOPLE, which is what is being discussed in the passage here as well as in Isaiah 52]; and I will receive you, 18And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be My sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." (II Corinthians 6)

Those who don't separate themselves and come out from the aliens, breed their children out of the family of God.

Are we God's people worth less than asses!  God forbade cross breeding animals or plants but modern, evil or terribly ignorant shepherds claim that it is okay for God's people to mongrelize their priceless heritage with those who are not His people, who know not God, who are the vessels of wrath, and heathen?  Such false prophets incur God's Wrath for having declared, "Thus saith the Lord" — WHEN THE LORD HAS NOT THUS SAID!  Christ said the elect would not survive the end time evil unless God drew the days short.  We are nearly drowned by the flood that the Dragon has spewn forth, the integration of the feet of iron mingled with clay; we are being bred out of existence and it is an actual plan.  Satan believes that if he can utterly mongrelize the bride of Christ, that Christ will have no one to return to.  God promised to always preserve a remnant and if Satan can utterly corrupt or kill all of God's true people, God will have failed and thus He will not really be the Omnipotent, Perfect, Omniscient God that He claims to be; and if He can fail in one area then theoretically He can fail in other areas; and thus Satan is working toward that plan.

God's people are not those who are in the Land of Israel.  God gave the land of Israel to the Israelites even though the land was already peopled by vile Canaanites (guilty of homoperversion, race mixing, and other abominations).  God eventually cast His people, true Israel, out of the Land of Israel for having learned the way of the heathen as He had commanded them not to.  God then scattered His people throughout the world, where they soon appeared as Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, etc.  [See my "Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance" and "God's Chosen People: Who Is? Who Isn't and Why".]  God will once again cast the illegitimates out against whom He swore eternal hatred and wrath.  Those of God's people who join with them or other alien peoples will share in the same Judgment.  God will separate the wheat (His people) from the tares (imposters), the chaff (godless element of His people) from the wheat; and the goats (the lawless element of God's people) from the sheep (His people).  The chaff/goats and tares shall be cast into everlasting fire.  The dogs and the swine are not even in the picture.

This evil is only being perpetrated against Christendom and the white race.  Someone has to be BLIND not to see it.  The Jews are the ones behind it... they are in the forefront, unashamed about it, bragging about it in Sweden and Ireland and everywhere else.  Their glory is their shame.  They think that they are untouchable—and they are, AS LONG AS GOD'S PEOPLE CONTINUE TO SIN AGAINST GOD, for then God uses our enemies to punish us!  The Jews are implementing the age-old "Balaam Plan" formulated by the evil prophet Balaam who counselled Balak, King of the Moabites (a people whom God cursed forever).  Balaam told Balak that he could never destroy Israel (again, we are not talking about the Jews) as long as God protected them.  The only solution was to seduce the Israelites to sin against God and God would give them up to destruction.  WHAT was that plan?  The Moabites and Midianites (who had intermarried with the Moabites) were to whore out their very wives and daughters to seduce the Israelite men to have sex with them, but only consenting to sex after having the Israelite men sacrifice to their false gods and after having had the Israelite men eat the abominable animals of the sacrifice.  If the Israelites offered any objections, such objections were overcome by the false claim that they were "all brethren" ("can't we all just get along...?") since if traced far enough back the Moabites and Midianites had a common ancestor—before that ancestor apostatized and married outside the race.  The sons-grandsons of Lot (Moab and Benammi) were pure Hebrews, but were born of incest (Lot's sons were also his grandsons!).  God forever rejected them and they married Canaanite women (they were living in the land of Canaan, who else would they have married?) and thus their descendants (the Moabites and Ammonites) became doubly cursed. 

Balaam thus encouraged the Moabites to entice the Israelites with a polluted form of religion, eating unclean animals that God forbade,* which culminated in committing whoredom with peoples whom God had cursed and forbidden all relations.

[* Peter's Vision had nothing to do with food or changing God's Law.  See my booklet, "So, You Call Yourself a Christian...".  How can someone be a Christian when he does not follow what Christ commanded?  If you love Me keep My Commandments.  If ye keep My Commandments ye shall abide in My Love, even as I have kept My Father's Commandments and abide in His Love.  God and Christ are One.  Their Commandments are the same.  Christ said that He did NOT come to destroy the Law and NOT ONE jot or tittle would pass from the Law.  A jot is the smallest letter, the tittle the tiniest flourish or hook on the top or head of a letter.  Not even the slightest pen stroke would pass from the Law, and therefore, no law itself would pass away.  Morality never changes.  What changes is what perverted people are willing to accept as "moral".]

The Balaam Plan—sounds like today's headlines, "business as usual" in the majority of churches and every office of the corrupt government.

The curse causeless shall not come.

Are you part of Christ or antichrist?

If you say nothing in the face of what Christ would have condemned... you are not part of Christ.  Christ said those who deny Him before men He will deny before His Father in Heaven.  When you say nothing in the face of evil that Christ commanded that we oppose, you deny Christ.  The true Church is supposed to be on the offensive.  The gates of Hell shall not prevail against the true Church.  Enemies don't carry their gates into battle with them.  That means that Hell is supposed to be on the defensive, having retreated, and is being assaulted and bombarded and under siege.  However that is the position that the church is in.  The roles have been reversed as God promised would happen if we forsook His Law—we have become the tail and the enemy among us has become the head.  Christ became the Author of Eternal Salvation to those who OBEY Him.  Those who don't obey Him, don't know Him—they don't know God or they would fear Him and obey Him; the truth is not in them because they are not of God.

Is anybody reading? 

If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything it shall be done of My Father Who is in Heaven. 


God does not hear the prayers of those who are in sin.  His Law was not abolished.  Not one jot or tittle—unless you don't believe Christ Himself (which means that you are not of His sheep, but a goat to be separated out from His flock).  Thus, if you don't know the Law of God you had better learn it now.  It is not that complex and fits in the palm of your hand.  God commanded the Law to be read in its entirety to the all His people at the festivals each year and God commanded each king to write out by hand a copy of the entire law.  I don't know how many of Israel and Judah's kings in Bible times actually obeyed that command—but King Alfred the Great did!

[Note: God Law is not merely the "10 Commandments", that heresy is found nowhere in the Bible.  See my "Ten Commandments for You(th)".  The 10 Commandments are 10 categories of law under which every law of God was organized.  The Law was never for salvation but because God commanded us to keep it and be holy as He is Holy.  Salvation comes through faith in the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit and if there has been a regeneration then obedience will be the natural result of it.  Every tree is known by its fruit.  An apple tree does not become an apple tree by bearing apples, it bears apples because that is how its Creator designed it to bear.  Sickly trees that do not bear good fruit God says that He will hew down!]

Those  who deny Christ will be denied by Christ.

Those who confess Him will be confessed by Christ.

If you want to be confessed by Christ, you had best start confessing Him which means start confessing what He taught and lived and commanded—everything that God commanded.  The first step is agreeing with the truth (which you can only do if the truth is in you) and agreeing now with a minister who has given the past 26 years of his life, 12-18 hours a day every day to wake God's people up.  Can anyone say "Amen" to anything?   Let me hear it.  Don't be ashamed.  Are you ashamed of your God?  Are you ashamed of Christ?  Are you ashamed of what your Father commanded?  Are you ashamed of what Christ taught?  Well the majority of "Christians" are—and if they were not so ashamed, we would not now be facing EXTINCTION!

My morning Scripture reading was Jeremiah 22 (and I have spent the past 8 hours writing this, instead of working on a commentary I had planned on working on; and I then spent another 8 hours refining and adding more thoughts).

In Jeremiah 22 God declared,

"7And I will prepare destroyers against thee, every one with his weapons: and they shall cut down thy choice cedars, and cast them into the fire.  8And many nations shall pass by this city, and they shall say every man to his neighbour, 'Wherefore hath the LORD done thus unto this great city?'  9Then they shall answer, 'Because they have forsaken the Covenant of the LORD their God, and worshipped other gods, and served them'."

You are following a false god and a false christ if what you believe and do includes doing what God forbade and not doing what God commanded.

Stop supporting apostate churches and ministries that either do not know the truth or refuse to preach it... being preachers for hire to make their own lives comfortable while the sheep are raped and devoured by wolves.  Stop following and supporting ministers and ministries telling you to tolerate, accept, or join with what God forbade!

Support those true ministers preaching the full counsel of God, unabashedly like a prophet declaring what God has commanded and letting the chips fall where they may.  If you think that I and this ministry fit that description, then support my ministry: tithe, donate, order books, tell others of this ministry, preach the truth as you learn it from my articles and books... preach the full truth, not merely "convenient" truths that are easy and don't cause ripples or embarrassment.  Obey what God commanded in all things.  We are commanded to know His Will.  Study and learn it.  It is simple.  Much of it is common sense.  [Again, order my, "Ten Commandments for You(th)".]  Stop apologizing for your God!  Stop being embarrassed of what He commanded.  Stop being embarrassed of your ancestors!  The enemy is not embarrassed—but brazen and emboldened in the face of your cowardice.  Stand fast!

 See also one profound "Pied Piper" in sheep's clothing.  He claims to be Reformed Prebyterian, yet he believes that God changes and that morality changes and that what God called an abomination is now a wonderful testimony to Christ—making a mongrel of Christ's bride and reducing the true Church to the Harlot of Revelation and God's people to Babylon.  Does he even know the Bible?  Is he one of the persons to whom Christ referred?—

"22Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy Name? and in Thy Name have cast out demons? and in Thy Name done many wonderful works? [that is, calling good evil and evil good, calling darkness light and bitter sweet, breaking down "in the name of love" all the moral boundaries that God established forever]  23And then will I profess unto them, 'I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity'. " (Matthew 7)

Does this Pied "Piper"—a respected pastor and Bible teacher—even know Christ's Name? 

"thou shalt call his name JESUS [Yehoshua, "Yahweh-saved"]: for He shall save His people from their sins. " (Matthew 1:21)

"I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Matthew 15:24)

He is helping to DESTROY Christ's bride.  What reward will he have for that? 

"My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their restingplace." (Jeremiah 50:6)

Like the U.S. Constitution, the Bible is not to be interpreted based upon what modern minds want it to say, but the intention of the author at the time it was written.  Communism teaches all the people to mingle and become one (because they can be more-easily controlled once they have no loyalty to their people, once they are no longer a people—once they have no identity).  God commands separation.

God, please convict and enlighten this Pied Piper—or remove him from the land of the living (and all others like him who preach a false christ and a false god, and another gospel; who teach not the God of the Bible, but a god who changes and compromises and adopts the immorality of his worldlings; who teach a humanistic gospel with false hope based upon false doctrine, which makes mockery of the Word of God and renders it of none effect in the minds of those who believe such lies).

And how has society, morality, the nation, government, the Church and Christendom fared over the past half-century of mixing with aliens?  Has society become more Christian?  Has doctrine become more sound?  To the contrary, rather than Christianizing pagans, Christians have become paganized and the true church has nearly disappeared and what remains is an impotent hollow shell of what it once was.  What part of COME OUT AND BE SEPARATE do you not understand?  This "Piper" is a preacher for the Serpent charming gullible souls away from sound doctrine and he preaches another gospel.  Scripture says that means he is accursed—until, like Saul of Tarsus, hopefully God opens his blind eyes.

Will this false "Piper" soften his position on gender next?  Homoperversion is following the very same path toward acceptance and militancy that race mixing followed—to the point that those who refuse to call evil "good" and good "evil", those who obey God are called "haters, racists, homophobes", and are demonized with a slew of other false imprecations, incantations, and ad hominem trigger-word insults and smear-terror.

[I think it would be a good idea to give pastors / Bible "teachers" and "theologians" an eye exam and also a "flash card" test, to see if they can tell the difference between a flash card that says, "God's people" and "Babylon" and "the True Church" and "the Harlot Church".]

This pied "Piper" does not understand that Ruth was not a Moabite.  Whoever else does not understand that "Ruth" was NOT an "exception" or a "compromise"in what God had commanded, need to order my book The Truth About Ruth: Ruth the Israelite.  His lame position shows evidence of spiritual lobotomy and that he does not understand the rest of Scripture (which he thinks must miraculously disappear when he reads some passage that he misinterprets).  God said that a bastard/mongrel and also that an Ammonite and Moabite is unacceptable forever, not even unto the 10th generation, no never.  If Ruth was racially a Moabite, King David was a bastard! and unacceptabled to God—and so were all the kings of Judah!—and so was Christ Himself!  This is blasphemy!  God does NOT compromise AT ALL in any area; and certainly not when it comes to sin and morality.  Does this "Piper" even understand the concept of morality? or the God of the Bible?  God does not change.  Morality does not change.  Those who read such into Scripture are CONFUSED.  Such persons need to order my book S.T.E.C. on Ruth: The Truth About Ruth—Ruth the Israelite and my booklet Apologetic Expositions: Isaiah 56 (and others in the series: Acts 13, Acts 15; Galatians 3 and II Corinthians 3; as well as my S.T.E.C. on James 2 / Rahab which shows that Rahab was neither a harlot nor a Canaanite; and also my S.T.E.C. on Romans).  God would not command His people to be separate from aliens—and then in the next chapter join them to the aliens from whom He commanded them to separate themselves.  It is not God who is confused!  Even at the return of the remnant from Babylon, those who were mixed were thrust out.  Those who do not understand these things have only a "Sunday School" comprehension of Scripture in which numerous "Bible Stories" are glued together into a collage—and all the theology which defines and explains and establishes the tenents of the true faith is left out as "nonessential filler".  I explain ALL such alleged "exceptions" or "compromises" or "inconsistencies" in my many books, in great detail.

It is so sad—dumbfounding, that alleged Christians, even Bible teachers and pastors, knowing that God is Sovereign and Perfect and Immutable and cannot make a mistake or lie or change His Mind or break His Promise, when they come to a seeming "contradiction" in the Word of God throw out the rest of God's Word and keep the contradiction as their rule of life!  Never for a moment do they stop to consider that the contradiction is in their mind! and not in the Word of God.  They THEY are the problem (because they don't know how to rightly divide the Word of Truth, and by their vain tradition make the Word of God of none effect); it is not the Word of God that is contradictory.  They are spiritually cross-eyed and need the Great Physician to correct their vision—but they refuse to make an appointment, thinking that they can see perfectly and that anyone who disagrees with how they see are the ones who are out of focus.  Why do they do so?  Because God is not in them.  Someone truly regenerated by the Holy Spirit will not look for the first opportunity to endulge in what God declared to be sin and abominations!  Tell me, let the pied pipers tell me: If some modern pervert invented an interpretation of the Bible that God did away with the laws against rape and murder—are they going to greedily rub their hands together and exclaim, "Hallelujah! there's someone I've been wanting to murder and someone else I have been wanting to rape.  How I have longed for this day.  Outta my way!" ...?  Yet what they do in terms of crossing the racial boundaries that God established and their declaring that the Law of God was abolished is no different at all (it is rape and murder! and it is an abomination!). As I have said, if one does not want to read the Bible, he should be able to look at the evil world and what it considers to be good, and what it considers to be evil—and in most cases, the very opposite is what God commanded or forbade!  What is the world's position on homoperversion?  What is the world's position on so-called "racism" (only in white countries; the same laws are not applied to nonwhite countries)....?

Like Eve in the garden, so readily giving in to believe the tempting lie of the Serpent rather than obey what God commanded! these pied pipers and those who follow them are no different.  They are eager to see how far they can stray from God, while still having a "good excuse" for why they think that their sin is not sin.  John said that if man does not keep God's Commandments that he does not even know God and that the Truth is not in him!  This should cause the pied pipers and those who dance after them to TREMBLE!  But they don't tremble because they don't fear God because they believe in the "Touched by an Angel" God, Who is only "blind love", a "benign, impotent, lax, all-accepting God who bows down and compromises His Integrity to accept man in his sinfulness" and that nothing can be done to displease Him; He's just happy that anyone still believes in Him at all and He will never judge anyone.  Such do not know God, but are humanists, who invent a false god and then project their worship onto him as if he exists—which is no different than those who fashion wooden or stone idols and worship them, pretending that they did not create their god but that he is real.

I challenge those reading to order and read the books that I have mentioned in this article—before you encourage others to sin against God in such a manner that destroys His people! imagining that they are doing "wonderful works" in Jesus' Name.  God pronounces a CURSE on the pastors and prophets who declare, "Thus saith the Lord" when God has NOT thus said—and when it is the very opposite of what God has said.  Truth never changes.  Morality never changes.  Anyone who thinks that Christ abolished the Law and broke down the barriers that God established are following Antichrist.

Again, why don't they obey the Voice of their Lord and why do they follow the voice of a stranger? —only because they are not His sheep (or hopefully, not yet truly regenerated unto life).

Christ said,



What about that is "confusing"...?

This isn't rocket science and does not require a genius IQ.  It requires true conversion to understand.

That is why Christ said that God has hidden the truth from the (self-imagined) wise and prudent, and revealed it unto babes.



Should Churches Keep Their Civil War Landmarks?


How historic congregations grapple with Confederate legacy.


Kate Shellnutt





It should also be pointed out, the removal of Confederate flags and monuments is the first step to reverse ethnic cleansing / genocide.  It is a declaration that white people don't have the right to their history, heritage, and culture—they don't have the right to exist.  The fact that the North won the Civil War is usually misconstrued as meaning that the North was right; which it was not (and I am not a Southerner, but a Northerner; William Penn was a cousin of mine and I am descended from 11 of the 13 founding families of Germantown, Philadelphia, and many other prominent early leaders).  Normally a conquered people has its history rewritten and is relegated to the dustbin of value.  Such is what has happened and is happening to the south, ever since so-called "Reconstruction Era" (that is, "Northern occupation of the South") and is even now having a face lift of its historic past as aliens have been moved in en masse to occupy the land (as well as the north, to dispossess us all).  However, is it not odd that Japan has not suffered the same fate, even though one of our major enemies during WWII?  In fact, not only is Japan praised, but for several decades (before the rise of China) Japan was given the wealth of our economy! —though Germany has been hamstrung and occupied by U.S. troops ever since!



Hmmmm.  If this (above) was something published in the land of Israeli by Palestinians against Jewish Supremacism, it would be considered literature enciting terrorism.  What makes Jews think that they have the right to destroy another people's nation from within and take it from them?  It's called TALMUD SUPREMACISM!  The Jews don't believe in God or a personal Messiah.  The Jews believe that the Jewish people (a mixed people) are their own messiah and messiah will have come once they subjugate all other peoples under their feet.  In light of this and what Jews are openly doing to destroy Ireland and Sweden and every other nation of Christendom... in light of what the Talmud teaches, only the most-brainwashed person can think that the Protocols of Zion are a fabrication by "haters".  Since it has all come true  over the past 120 years... how could they have been a hoax?  Actually they are called (by those who did not want their agenda prematurely exposed) a "forgery", but is not a forgery merely a copy of an original passing itself off as an original?  The Protocols translated into Russian, then English, were not claimed to be originals, but faithful translated copies.  For more of the history of the Protocols, see my, "Fearless and Godly Pioneers of the Truth."


AMAZINGLY, after I had finished writing the above article, someone emailed me the below link.

This is the most-unimaginable read ... and amazing after the long article I wrote today, it ties right in.

There is so much in this to comment on, it would take another day.

Practically every line in it should cause you to scream, "WHAAAAT!??"



It is HUMANISM—perverse humanism... wanting God's stamp of approval even though God is barely even given a mention and God is nowhere among them.

A "Christian" church full of perversion... screwed up people entering the ministry, being professional counsellors! entering the ministry after abandoning the church having come back to date a girl, then becoming a minister without any position on gender or abortion, declaring that his church doesn't have the answers, but they ask questions!  declaring that Jesus is "crazy" and that He upset all the apple carts and broke down all barriers and Jesus and God is just love and a big hug!  "Touched By An Angel" Theology,* as I call it... but touched by a fallen angel!

[* from the long-running, popular, but godless t.v. show of the same name, whose philosophy was stated at the end of every episode, "you don't need to change a thing, God loves you just the way you are.]

a newly started church needing $400,000 for staff...?

a church worrying about losing 70% of its "revenue" if 70% of the people leave once they switch from homopervert acceptance to homopervert participation?

This is a roller coaster (if written 50 years ago people would have thought that it was science-fiction written by someone on a drug trip)...  but it is a MUST read... this is what has taken over our nation—perversion, insanity, humanism... people wanting to go to church, but people wanting God not to actually be there unless He is just going to give everyone a big ole "touched by an angel" hug and say, "no need to change a thing I love you just the way you are!"  This is probably how the majority of so-called "Christian" churches are in the U.S. today.  Those in the U.K. and Europe are just as bad or worse, even allowing MUSLIMS to participate in the "Christian" service!

GOD PLEASE SEND A PESTILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take the abominations from our midst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SOON... SWIFTLY!  Make Haste!  Tarry Not!!!