France & Mosques, Britain & EU, The U.S. & a brief snippet of truth about those poor slaves and indians

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France is thinking of shutting down all mosques due to continued rise of violent murders by Muslims.

You can't just close mosques... you have to expatriate... otherwise, they will simply go underground, feign conversion, just like the jews did for centuries.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Tt will cause a violent reaction and an increase in terrorism and crime.

[60% of France's prisoners are already Muslim... what is that costing the nation in the crimes they committed and the cost to warehouse them? ... in addition to welfare fraud... (a government-sponsored, tax-payer funded breeding program of France's internal enemies)... why are people SO blind?  The very same situation exists in all formerly white Christian nations: Aliens are not fit for civilization so why are they invited into Christendom and put on a breeding program? —it is the plan to destroy us and well has it worked... Christians now cower and whites are afraid to say anything or lose their jobs.

Pittsburgh TV anchor says she was fired for being white.

This is not even the tip of the iceberg.  It is white-collar TERRORISM and reverse discrimination and it is High Treason, Sedition, and the Muslim and homo Hijacking of the entire nation from its rightful citizens.  How much is a city like Philadelphia worth? its land, infrastructure, homes, businesses, parks, cultural/historical monuments...? How many trillions?  Well every single major city and most smaller ones have been stolen outright from those who built them... and given to hostile aliens.  Some people are able to sell before the neighborhood goes to hell, but most lose their shirt when property values plummet and the neighborhoods are no longer safe to live in... and they become ghetto slums.  It is Grand Theft on the largest-possible scale and politicians who create that situation by alien immigration and welfare programs are accomplices in that Grand Theft and are guilty of High Treason and violation of their oath of office.  The only loyalty of a U.S. politician (public SERVANT) is to the RIGHTFUL people of the U.S.  ALIENS HAVE NO RIGHTS, only privileges which can be revoked at any time.  A fraud has no statue of limitations.  That which began fraudulently can never be legitimized, whether B-HO's fake presidency or 8 generations of illegals being born here.  An alien who enters illegally can never be a citizen nor can his children simply because they were born here.  That is a fraud.  If my parents had broken into Donald Trump's home when my mother was pregnant and I had been born in Donald Trump's living room, would I then become an heir to the Trump fortune?  Would Trump be required to pay my bills for the rest of his life?  What if my parents had broken into a bank vault and had me born in a bank?  It is stupidity that criminals can break into a sovereign nation, have a baby, and be considered lawful citizens.  It is fraud.  It is illegitimate.  They are not lawful citizens even after 100 generations.  If US politicians VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION and import aliens and "declare" them "citizens" it is likewise just as much a fraud as if the night-time security guard at the bank opened the vault and told you that you could have as much money as you wanted.  He has no right to do it and it is a crime on the part of both the politicians as well as the illegals.]

Further, I assume that France is a member of the EU and if France attempts to close down all mosques, whether it deports the mooslims or not, most probably the Almighty EU would tell France you cannot do that and if you try the EU will go to war against you.  If that plays out, there may be a chance that the EU could break up if other non-aggressive nations (Poland, Hungary, etc.) refuse to participate or even decide to join France's side and many other nations might then bail out of the EU and it could collapse, unless communists (is that not what socialist-democrats are?) like Merkel try to hold it together to continue to destroy Europe.  Also, with all the muslims and Africans in Europe now, one event can be the "falafal that breaks the camel's back" and if you think that the rapes and murder showing their appreciation upon entering Europe were bad, imagine what they will be like when they are mad that their prophet has been blasphemed.  See this link about Pretoria South Africa and imagine that all throughout Europe.


Here are some links about France and the mosques.

BREAKING: French Minister Moves To Shut Down All Mosques And Muslims Are FURIOUS




Britain is thinking of exiting the EU

[not that google can be trusted... but it will be interesting to see how it plays out, even as with France and their Muslim problem]

If Britain evicted all the Muslims and other gimmigrants / rapefugees INSTEAD OF IMPORTING AND BREEDING MORE they would probably have a surplus of money to pay the rightful Britons who have paid into the taxbase their whole lives (and don't deserve to have their island STOLEN FROM THEM) and who DESERVE their pension if they paid into it... and the pensions should be paid to the pensioners BEFORE the politicians' salaries are paid... before tax money is used for any other thing because doing so would be FRAUD and THEFT and then there would be no moral reason for anyone to continue paying a single shilling in tax if they know that not only is the government going to misspend and give some of it to their enemies, but if the government is then not even going to give back in services and pensions to those who paid for it and deserve it and to whom it is actually OWED by RIGHT.  Aliens and immigrants have no rights and deserve nothing.

Thus, the threats of corrupt politicians wanting to stay in the EU are vapid.

Why is it that common sense / morality cannot be understood?

God has sent strong delusion for His people to believe lies, and sent a spirit of cowardice because we have turned our backs on Him.

Any measure in Britain, France, the U.S. will merely be a bandaid or another pint of blood ritualistically given to  a patient that is already bleeding out...

The issue, the only solution is to return to what our nations—our republics were founded upon, which worked for centuries and even millennia.  Our nations were founded upon principles of natural law and morality all of which are derived from the Word of God... and all corruption is the result of spurious modern interpretations.

[That's like a 2x4 no longer being 2" x 4" or a quarter-pounder hamburger not weighing 1/4 pound AFTER it is cooked... CROOKS continue to shave down the 2x4 smaller and smaller, and hamburger companies continue to add more fat, or if lowfat, they add more water, so that the frozen weight is 1/4 pound but it half evaporates when cooked (and water is cheap, but evaporated water is not very filling or nutritious)... but they charge you the same or even more.  Just [honest] weights and measures is what God commanded; and not calling good evil and evil good.]

We must as Jefferson said, return to the ancient principles... the Common Law which was founded upon the Law of God, as clearly shown by Alfred the Great who codified  Britain's Anglo-Saxon common law, which was the basis for American Common Law. 

[See The Dooms of King Alfred, (the laws of England established c.890 A.D. were based upon the Bible and God’s Law) 58pp., stapleback booklet, bilinear; one page is the Anglo-Saxon/Old English original, the other page is the English translation) 5.00 + P&H which I reprint; see also Origins of the Common Law (1966), Hoague, 272pp., Hb. 24.00 + P&H; pb. 12.00 + P&H or a more in-depth, A Concise History of Common Law (1929), Theodore Plucknett, 700+p. Hb. 8.5x11 50.00 + P&H or by another publisher 6x9 828pp., pb., 14.50 or Hb. 30.00 + P&H.]

All modern corruption must be amputated and the nation restored as the founders gave it to us--to us their posterity... not the posterity of our enemies.  Is China giving its nation to Africa or Islamabad?  Is Turkey giving its nation to Germany?  Is Iraq giving its nation to Sweden?  Is Mexico giving its nation to the U.S.?  Why is it a one-way street?

In nonwhite, nonchristian lands, this would not even be an issue.  They would do what they are doing and have been doing and will continue to do as we turn a blind eye.  They would simply kill foreigners/christians and that would solve the issue once and for all.

They would demonize our evicting and sending back to their country of origin all aliens and their offspring yet their killing is a nonissue.

[Furthermore, those expatriated from the U.S., France, Britain should not be rei-mbursed for any properties they have in our nations, for they only have those properties from having been leeches off our taxpayers and from having defrauded our people... (not even counting the cost of tax dollars for education, hospitalization, or the massive crime and prison population) and if they try to destroy property that they cannot take with, then they should be put to hard labor until their debt is paid off, or executed—their choice (unless they have someone in their country who would redeem them and pay their debt).]

The indians of north, central, and south america simply exterminated the previous inhabitants... yet we have subsidized them for over a century.... yet we are the bad guys.  The same issue and facts exist in regard to slavery.  Only about 5% of the slave population ended up in white countries... and white nations were civilized and gave the blacks lives as slaves that were better than what they would have lived in their own nations.  Nonwhite nations bough 95% of the black slaves, yet whites are the bad guys.  Jews, Arabs, Turks, and Blacks themselves dominated the slave trade for millennia, and only a few whites were involved in it for a century or so, yet whites are the bad guys.  Less than 5% of the US white population owned slaves, yet all are blamed and we all have paid for it for over 100 years.  IS EVERYONE THAT STUPID?  White colonies in Haiti, South Africa, Congo, Somalia, etc., were all prosperous and safe, and once overthrown or given up, they all reverted to hell holes.  And they are doing the same to our nations.  Where will it end someone asked me?  God is sending judgment on His people (true peoples of Christendom) until they are all either dead or repenting.

John Eidsmoe, on page 286 of in his [rather liberal, in my opinion] book, Columbus and Cortez: Conquerors For Christ (1992), quotes John Greenway from his article "Will The Indians Get Whitey?" from the National Review, March 11, 1969 who wrote,

"A Polynesian chief once observed to a white officer: I don't understand you English.  You come here and take our land and then you spend the rest of your lives trying to make up for it.  When my people came to these islands, we just killed the inhabitants and that was the end of it."

This stark confession is unknown to most people.  The so-called American Indians (north, central, and south), killed each other incessantly, exterminating each other and dispossessing their predecessors from their land (taking survivors of war as their slaves, whom they tortured and/or executed at will for their amusement, even as African tribes routinely did).  The white man claimed unused virgin forest land (the indians were basically nomads, travelling great distances north and south with the seasons).  While the indians may have owned their camps and land they cleared, they certainly did not own all land their foot trod, nor all the forests and mountains.  T indians warred against each other and killed each other and took the lands of their vanquished fellow indians (as they did also to the earlier Celts, Vikings, and such who inhabited the lands).  So why is it that the white man is so demonized? only because as God commanded true Israel concerning the Canaanites, to exterminate them to the last or they will be a thorn in your flesh and pricks in your eyes all your days that you dwell in the land.  Our crime was being too humane.  While there were some wicked whites, they were the exception, and rarely did whites simply go on the warpath for no reason at all.  Those who became indian killers like Tom Quick and Jeremiah Johnson or others only did so after their entire family had been massacred without any provocation.  The indians routinely for many generations exterminated each other--and many tribes were cannibals who ate their victims. 

[I reprint a book on the life of Tom Quick (inquire); it and other books mentioned below also explain the historical picture, not the glorified, romanticized, fictionalized version of modern media and schoolbooks.  See Captured By The Indians: 15 Firsthand Accounts, 1750-1870, Drimmer and any six of the books in Allan Eckert's Narrative Series of the American Frontier, though the first, the Frontiersman, is the best.  I stock these fascinating books, inquire for details.]

However, more compelling and profound than this, is the fact that the indians were not the first inhabitants of North America. 

The "American" Indians themselves, (back when the admitted the truth, which they don't know, once they realized that the truth was a tool they needed to avoid because bragging about the past only damned their case to being the rightful owners of the land; thus showing their double-standard.  Originally, they followed the right of ownership based on might; but now they base their right of ownership upon subterfuge and hiding of the truth that they stole the land after massacring the previous occupants)... early indian confessions relate that the people from whom they took the land were a light-skinned, blue-eyed people.

Dr. Barry Fell, in his three books, America B.C., Saga America, and Bronze Age America, aptly demonstrates that the Vikings, Scythians, Phoenicians, Gaels, etc. were in America as early as 800 B.C.--long before the Indians arrived. 

[America B.C. was presented to White House in 1977 by the American Booksellers Assoc., as one of the 250 best books published in U.S. between 1973 and 1977.  Dr. Fell was Emeritus Professor of Harvard University, President of  the Epigraph Society, and editor/co-author of 8 volumes on decipherments of ancient manuscripts.  He was considered one of the experts in this area.; I stock America B.C. and can get the others, inquire.]

More recently, in June of 1997, a Canadian newspaper printed an article written by Tunku Varadarajan [presumably a Hindu, eastern Indian?] which had originally been written for the London Times.  The article starts out accusing the federal authorities of having been suppressing "politically inconvenient" evidence proving the first Americas were not the Indians, but "Caucasoid" people from Europe.  Douglas Preston, a distinguished American science writer, leveled this accusation in the New Yorker magazine, disclosing the findings of a reportedly 9,300-year-old [the dating method or estimate is clearly twice as old as it most probably was, though far-older than any indian remains] skeleton called, "Kennewick Man"* (which is now "safe"—safe from Americans finding out about it—in an army vault in Washington).  Archaeologists claim that it seems quite possible that the indians originally dispossessed these white people from their land.  This issue is so sensitive, and this evidence so damning of modern philosophy, so called anthropology, and fabricated history, Preston argues that "the government is intent on burying the skeleton forever--literally.  A court case was at one time underway, pitting archaeologists against the government, was but a last-ditch effort by the former to prevent the skeleton being handed over to Indian groups for a "ritual burial" because American Indian groups claimed that testing the skeleton DNA to determine its race is just "another way to rob Native Americans of their history."  [So, just like the demolition of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, a ceremonial burial of the truth is inevitable.]  Indians from a a Umatilla tribe, irrationally and dishonestly believed that the skeleton was one of their ancestors and claimed ownership of it, rejecting the scientific dated proving it to be white man, because their word-of-mouth (which all know is unreliable even short term, let alone over centuries among a people who developed no written language of their own) Indian legend had told them that their people had been part of that land since the beginning of time.  Scientists were able to get a court order to block the planned burial and the case was before the U.S. District Court in Oregon.  The skeleton that had been locked in an Army vault while the trial ensued was eventually given to the Indians, who buried him in a secret place.  ABOMINABLY and CONSPIRATORIALLY, the U.S. government then buried the site under hundreds of tons of soil to “prevent erosion,” thus forever concealing further evidence. The site was expected to contain many more skeletons due to its location along a river bank.)

[* So named, because it was discovered near Kennewick, Washington.]

Robert Alan Balaicius


I think Britain leaving might help others to leave even if EU says they don't have the right to leave... (and may help France stamp out the Muslim problem, since Britain prob. would have been one of the main aggressors to help inforce EU sanctions/act of war.  now sadly, ironically, all France would have to worry about would be Communist-Merkel Germany--not Germany, but the communist government of Germany, whose attitude toward France would be: Look, we are eagerly destroying our nation, you have no right not to destroy yours).

I also think it may even help Trump win, if people see (or at least think) that they can actually break away from the self-appointed powers that be... and that with the seeming self-assertion of Iceland, Poland, Hungary, etc. is a good sign that not everyone is willing to just roll over and die.

I think there is no hope for Europe, even as UK and the US unless they repent of their sins before God.  Otherwise, they are simply trading one evil master for the next.  They need to return to their roots and the Word of God upon which our civilization was founded.

David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union. ... in Swansea, which was expected to vote to Remain, did little to dampen ...

Also interesting, between 8pm and midnight (when NYSE was closed) gold shot up from 1256.00 to 1360.00, which though only 8% does appear to be a hiccup (another glitch in the Matrix?); though since NYSE has opened it has dropped back to 1313.