Heavy Duty Thoughts: The Great Tribulation and the Greatest Hate Crime in Our History + followup Q & A

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In my 10-year project (see at the end of this email) A Coordinated Chronological Table of the Patriarchs, I list all the Patriarchs from Adam to Moses, and all interrelated dates at all known times, which shows how old each patriarch was at the time all others were, and in relation to dates of key events such as Creation, the Flood, Call of Abraham, Exodus, etc.  I also projected that the year of Christ's Return would be around the end of 2024 and that 2025 would be the 120th Jubilee* from Creation.

[* Information about the Jubilee and the meaning of numbers in the Bible are at the end of this sermonette.]

I believe that this is even more significant as it just dawned on me... are you ready for this...? If my dates are correct, the Great Tribulation will begin in 2017.  What is so significant about that?  Hold on to your seat.  Get this: The year 2017 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution!  Let that sink in.  If you don't comprehend the significance of it, no sense waiting for it to sink in... keep reading.  Most people do not realize it, but during the Bolshevik Revolution in which the Jews took over Russia and surrounding nations to then form the Soviet Union, between 66 and 180 million white Christians were exterminated in this the true Holocaust.  Realize also that Imperial Russia was one of the strongest Christian nations in Europe at that time—one that had more personal weapons per citizen than any other nation.

[An equal or greater amount of white Christians were killed by Islam over the past 1200-1500 years (one modern professor projected about 240,000,000).  Yet the Jews can shriek, "never forgive, never forget" something that never happened, while we are supposed to embrace Jews and Turks/Muslims and American Indians (who exterminated, tortured, killed and ate our ancestors) as well as Africans and Hispanics of every stripe (both of whom commit the majority of all crimes in the U.S. against white Americans), and barbaric Orientals (who also savagely tortured and murdered our people) and savage Eastern Indians (in India, Pakistan, Burma, etc.)... we are supposed to embrace these alien enemies and surrender our very lives and all we own and our entire nations to them.  Where is the "equity" in that?  As I have long written, when two sides join in battle in a war or the sports field, and one team religiously follows a rigid set of rules and the other side does not follow any rules at all--(without Divine intervention) the side that follows no rules will win every time.  Furthermore, by what natural moral law are we supposed to commit racial suicide and give all that our ancestors built to hostile, antichrist aliens?  Under what spiritual delusion do the false prophets teach that God commands us to do this?  It is amazing that anti-christs like Odamna blatantly say that we are not a Christian nation, while opening the flood gates to Islam, while persecuting Christians and arming militant homo-perverts, when it comes to the issue of pseudo-refugees and our taking them in, says that it is "the Christian thing to do".  Wait a minute! (sound of a needle scratching to a halt on a record player)... if we are not a Christian nation and God and Christ has been banished from all public places, why are we supposed to do the alleged Christian thing to do?  Furthermore, it is NOT the Christian thing to do; it is the PSEUDO-Christian thing to do.  It is the OPPOSITE of what Christ taught and those who think otherwise don't know Christ!  This is a con-game based on the philosophy, "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine".  Why is it not the Buddhist or Zionist or Islamic thing to do?  Is not saying it is the Christian thing to do (even though it violates what Christ said) actually a subtle confession of the superiority and truth of the Christian religion, since none of those other nations/people/religion would stupidly do such a thing?  Furthermore, we are $20 TRILLION dollars in debt because in violation of God's Law, we have been helping the enemies of our nation and the enemies of God.  Those who twist Christ's teaching of "love thy enemy" pervert the truth; as those verses talk about our kinsmen, even kinsmen who are fellow Christians, with whom we are at odds.  It is NOT talking about helping our national enemies/God's enemies against whom God declared perpetual warfare and forbade us to ever seek their peace or prosperity and with whom He forbade all intermarriage and fellowship.

I will discuss this more, shortly.   For information on these numbers killed by the bolsheviks, see: The Human Cost of Soviet Communism, Prepared at Request of Sen. T. Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Administration of Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of Committee on Judiciary U.S. Senate, 1971, 40pp., 5 00 + P&H;  The Secret Holocaust, Mullins, 34pp., 4 00 + P&H.  For more detail on Bolshevism itself, see A Bolshevik Primer — and the Planned Extermination of Christendom, Balaicius 176 pages, pb., with 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H.  See also my book, Ten Commandments For You(th) —For Everyone! For Youth and Young-minded* Adults - An Explanation of the Ten Commandments and A Memory System using Bible Numerics; c.440pp., 6.25 x 9.25, pb., 25.00 + P&H; not on a child’s level, but for older youth and adults (adults with youthful/teachable minds; not for adults who epitomize the adage: you can't teach an old dog a new trick.  The 10 commandments are not 10 individual laws, but 10 categories of law under which the entire law of God is organized. I also show that Christ’s “turn the other cheek” did was not a general, broad based, universal statement, but only referred to accepting just punishment in court if one had truly sinned and damaged kinsman and thus to accept the punishment gracefully, showing your true remorse for having damaged a brother.  But modern "christianity" has perverted this Sermon on the Mount teaching to mean we should just bend over and accept abuse and lie down and die.]

In light of the fact of the evil descending on us, as I wrote 7 years ago in my book titled, The Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages (112pp., pb., 10.50 + P&H)—in 1900 Europe was home to 70% of the world's Christians: today it is less than 1% (tell me again the lie that "diversity is our strength")—and in light of the horrific notion that the Great Tribulation may very well commence in the year of the Centennial Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, here would be a very good place to point out something just as startling.  It is one thing to be ripped to reality when you realize that the plane that you are piloting is about to crash.  It is an entirely different shock to reality when you realize that what you thought was your parachute is your duffle-bag of dirty laundry!  Understand: There is no rapture.*  That is Zionist-Jesuit-occultic counter-Reformation propaganda devised to make Christians apathetic and irresponsible thinking they do not need to obey Christ and be the salt of the earth (salt preserves meat because it kills bacteria) and the light of the world (sunlight also is a natural disinfectant—and it causes darkness to flee!)... and Christ said that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the True Church—and that means that the Church is supposed to be on the OFFENSIVE attacking the gates of Hell (armies do not carry their gates into battle with them; their gates fail when they are under attack).  The rapture false-theology teaches we should not worry ourselves with the evil in the world, and not be involved in politics, because Christ will yank us out before things get too bad.  Well has it worked.  Christendom which once ruled the world is about to be exterminated; the city set on a hill has been reduced to Babylon ("confusion by mixing").  However, as I explained in my book over 20 years ago, The War Between the Children of Light and the Powers of Darkness, you don't waste good salt on meat that is already spoiled rotten.  That at is where we are now.  God is not going to save the world, but preserve His elect through the destruction that He pours out on the evil that He despises—and God commanded us, "Ye who love the Lord HATE evil" and "to love the Lord is to hate evil".  Those who don't hate evil (or only hate it inwardly, while tolerating or holding hands with it outwardly) don't love God.  God did not take Noah out of the earth, but preserved Him through the Flood--and Christ said that so shall it be as in the days of Noah when Christ returns.  The wicked shall be taken, but the righteous shall not be moved.  Let this sink in: "we must through much tribulation enter into the Kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22)  None of the Reformers or pillars of the church of the early modern era (Moody, Mueller, Spurgeon, etc.) believed in any rapture.  This false doctrine was introduced as a Trojan horse into Christendom in the early 1900s by some very shady characters.

[See my book, The Futurist and Rapture Conspiracy, 164pp., pb., 14.50 + P&H.  It is a quick and easy read.  If you believe the rapture is your parachute, and if you still have a pulse and therefore realize that there is a chance that the rapture is not a parachute, but a bag of dirty laundry, does it not behoove you—since Christ commanded the remnant to SURVIVE—to order and read this simple book and see whether it is true or not that there is no rapture, so you can prepare now to make alterations to your game plan?  I think so.  If you stubbornly cling to theological dirty laundry without even investigating the truth, I hope you and your dirty laundry will be very happy together during your very short plummet into the abyss.  But I would much prefer you realize that you have been ripped off theologically, and don't wait to find that out until you pull the rip cord on your bag of dirty laundry.  How long will you wait in the danger of the ghetto at a burned out bus-stop until you realize that no bus is coming?]

The modern Christian Church is the apostate harlot of Revelation that is committing fornication with all the nations of the earth.  Though blind, world-loving "Christians" (which makes them the enemy of God) are too brainwashed to see it, their notion of "committing racial suicide for Jesus by intermarrying with all the peoples of the world" is the very thing that God hates.  God commanded, "Come out from among them and be ye separate; touch not the unclean PEOPLE and ye shall indeed by My sons and daughters".  Homo-perversion is following the EXACT same path that interracial shoulder rubbing and then marriage followed.  People at first resisted it knowing it was wrong... then they shunned it, then they ignored it, then the tolerated it, then the embraced it like someone drugged out of his mind, and now the majority are brainwashed from youth thinking that maintaining your bloodlines is the greatest sin in the world (and Christ said that in the end times those who would kill you would think that they are doing God a service)... Those things that are sin the world thinks are wonderful, but being separate and pure as God commanded us--the REMNANT--is the most heinous sin in the world that must be stamped out.  "Racism" will not be tolerated is the new mantra repeated from every public office, every institution of learning, and nearly every church. 

If our fore-fathers, the Reformers (Martin Luther, German founder of the Reformation was a cousin of mine, and I descend from one of the early English Reformation martyrs, Sir John Oldcastle), the Puritans, the Pilgrims, and the Founders of our nation were such "racists" why did God bless our nations so much ushering in our Golden Age? —and why then have our nations plummeted into barbarism, immorality, corruption, paganism, debt, and godlessness the more and more we embrace the opposite of "racism"...?  Answer me that?  Even high-profile mind-shapers like Oprah (who made billions off misleading stupid white women who hung on her every word and worshipped her) declared concerning "racists" that there is still a whole generation of people who have been marinating in their hate (racism) that simply need to die.  Read that again.  Was that a "green light" to the knockout game and black lives matter? (and this from the black woman who when visiting Africa could not stand being there and could not wait to leave). 

Our defacto government and that of all the nations of Christendom now tell us that we do not have the right to be pure, we do not have the right to our own nations and own communities, and they are force bussing aliens into every single community.  THIS IS A HATE CRIME.  Why are they not bussing Chinese into Kenya and Jews into Saudi Arabia and Mexicans into India and Nigerians into Beijing?  It is only to kill us and steal all of Christendom.  They have already stolen all major cities from us.  How much is a city like Phila., NY, DC, LA, Miami, Chicago, etc. worth? all the land, buildings public and private, natural resources, infrastructure, historical monuments?  How many trillions is each city worth?  What about a whole state?  William Penn was a cousin of mine.  I descend from 11 of the 13 founding families of Germantown section of Philadelphia (and I descend from numerous other prominent early members) and I descend from many Mennonite bishops (the very first 2 in American) and ministers and hardworking farmers who were the backbone of s.e Penna.  All that my ancestors have built is being given to the 3rd world.  All that your ancestors sacrificed, their lives, time, efforts, and fortunes, is being given to the third world.  This is the greatest HATE CRIME of the modern era and it is the Greatest HEIST in all of history—the stealing of Christendom spanning more than 4 continents!

As I have written for several years now, we are witnessing the fulfillment of the book of Revelation in which the Dragon/Serpent vomits out a flood to drown the woman and her child... this is the third world: the flood, the waters, are peoples.  Unlike the false prophets who think it is wonderful so we can love and witness to them, nowhere in the Word of God does God say to embrace the flood and marry the invading barbarians to your children to show your love for Jesus, and amalgamate with them destroying the family of God and the only true religion on earth.  The more we have absorbed aliens, the more theology has been polluted, to the point that the majority of "Christians" would reject true theology if they ever heard it (even as someone who is actually starving to death, if he eats a regular meal, will vomit it out because his system rejects it because it has been so long that he actually ate food his body does not recognize it as anything but a foreign invader). 

The aliens are God's tools to chasten us and God will dispose of them once they have served their purpose—once God's people actually repent.  God is using our enemies and His enemies to chasten His people to repentance.  The majority of God's people will not repent.  Christ is winnowing the chaff from His wheat.  God is culling His flock.  He will kill off all those who are not repenting until all who are left are those who are repenting. 

We are also seeing the fulfillment of Nebuchadnezzar's vision from the book of Daniel.  The feet of iron mingled with clay represents integration and the last kingdom of the earth.  Christ despises this perverted/corrupt/mongrelized kingdom and will strike it.  The feet will crumble.  Diversity is not our strength, it is our demise.  The feet support the entire weight of the statue and 6,000 years of civilization and history will fall.

The modern Christian Church has been feminized and emasculated and paganized and Christ will spew it and the majority of "Christians" who think that they are doing "wonderful things in His Name" out of His Mouth and declare, "I never knew you, depart from Me ye that work iniquity [lawlessness]."  The True Church is supposed to stand for what Christ stood for—not modern political correctness that calls good, "evil" and evil, "good".  If you are too lazy to read the Bible, if you want to learn what God hates, just look and see what the world loves, embraces, and promotes, and shoves down our throats.  If you want to see what God loves, just look and see what the world hates.  There are only really 2 sins in the eyes of the world: 1. True Christianity, and 2. white people preserving their bloodlines and attempting to preserve the sovereignty of their nations.  Liberation Theology has morphed into Militant Liberation Theology.  Colonialism was vilified as heinous (even though it brought prosperity, law and order, safety, and civilization to barbaric lands), but reverse colonialism is now lauded as normal and natural and those who oppose it are demonized.  Yet all non-white nations preserve their own race and the sovereignty of their own nations.  The double standard is blatant and lethal. 

Those who rightfully want to build a wall on our southern border to keep the Mexicans out are demonized; yet they never mention that the Mexicans have built a wall on their southern border to keep the Guatemalans out!  (see, Mexicans have some standards after all; Guatemalans are obviously beneath those standards).  The visionary scientist, explorer, inventor, the great Baron Alexander von Humboldt around 200 years ago declared, "The U.S. will absorb Mexico and crumble to pieces."  Little did he realize, his genius notwithstanding, in light of modern travel and conspiratorial politicians, that the U.S. would absorb the entire alien world and crumble to pieces.  Rome fell for the same reason: absorbing the alien blood of all the nations they conquered.  Persia and Greece fell for the very same reasons.

The world shrieked at the notion of Apartheid (which simply means "apartness"; you would think that it meant "cyanide gas chambers") in South Africa, which preserved that strong, prosperous, once-Christian nation in the midst of barbarism for centuries... yet the State of Israeli has walls and barbed wire and machine guns to keep foreigners out while also dispossessing all nonjews of their land and homes which nonjews have lived there for centuries.  Tell me, how many White Christians, Muslims, Africans, or Chinese are members of Israeli Parliament?  Yet it has been the Zionists and Israelis who have been pushing for the past 100 years for all the white nations to give equal rights to all aliens in their midst and open the flood gates to more aliens to outvote and out legislate them (the Mayor of London is now an alien Muslim); while the Israelis take no "refugees" and don't give the power of the vote or the right to be elected to office to aliens or nonjews; and it is a crime to have a New Testament or witness.  The Jews have only had dubious ownership of Palestine for 69 years, and in that time they have dispossessed all others who had lived there for centuries, and also destroyed all of Christendom by their double-standard. 

Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  They are not and have never been God's people, they are the Edomite Canaanites.  In 126 B.C. the Maccabeean leader John Hyrcanus conquered the Edomites--and FOOLISHING and against the Law of God "converted" the Edomites.  It was then that the Edomites adopted Israelite custom and infiltrated Israelite society (the family of pseudo-kings over Judea established by Rome, the Herods, were Edomites, not Israelites).  At the time of the return of the remnant of Judah from captivity in Babylon (which constituted only .1% of all Israel who went into captivity)—which was about 4 centuries before John Hyrcanus "converted" the Edomites—even to Christ's day, the Israelites in the land of Israel were in the minority among a mixed multitude.  Christ purposely spoke in parables because the truth was meant for His sheep.  The people in the land of Israel are not and never were God's people.  God's people were scattered throughout the world (Greek city-states all along the coasts of the Mediterranean, and into Europe, where they appeared as Angles, Saxons (sakasuna, "sons of Isaac" " in Isaac shall thy seed be called), Jutes (Judah), Danes (tribe of Dan), Goths (tribe of Gad, which is pronounced, gawd, coming from the root guud, meaning, to overcome), British (people of the covenant, from Hebrew, "brith" covenant and ish man), Gauls (from Hebrew gawal, kinsman). 

[For more-in-depth information see my book Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, 192pp., pb., 16.00 + P&H; Hb., 26.00 + P&H and my God's Chosen People: Who Is and Who Isn't, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.]

In our day it should not seem as any fantastic idea that the true Israelites in the land of Israel were over a period of 2,500 years entirely replaced by an alien people—when we are seeing it done before our very eyes in all of Christendom in a few short years.  Should Christ tarry, in 20 years, the history books will be changed and it will be taught that Sweden was founded and always inhabited by "Syrians", Germany by "Turks", the U.S. by Africans and Hispanics, etc. and no one raised in those future times will ever think otherwise, and older books will be considered "contraband" and anyone who speaks such things (true history) will be called "enemies of the state", "subversives", and "racists".

As I first wrote several years ago in my Who's Responsible for the Death of Christendom....?, those who do not stand up when evil raises its ugly head in their family, church, community, nation deny Christ.  Those who do not speak up and stand up are ashamed of Him and what He stood for (and He stood for all that God commanded).  He likewise will be ashamed of and deny them on the Day of Judgment before the Father.

God is Immutable and Holy and therefore His Holiness cannot change.  He commanded, "Be holy for I am Holy"... and therefore, that Standard of Holiness for us CANNOT change.  Understand: Immorality never becomes moral.  Sin never becomes acceptable.  Abominations never become holy.  Evil never becomes good.  Darkness never becomes light.  God's Decrees of Morality are Eternal and Immutable.  Those who preach anything else preach the VERY OPPOSITE of what Christ preached and do not understand either the Scriptural narrative or theology.  Christ did not break down barriers separating alien people from God's people.  Christ broke down the barrier of sin and Judgment that separated His people from God.  Those who preach that we should embrace aliens and marry them, do they ever stop for a moment and think of the consequences if they are wrong—that they are destroying the family of God?  Those who preach the opposite of what Christ taught are antichrist!  Christ made it clear to the GREEK woman of Canaan, a Syrophenician by nation (geo-politically, that is, so-called based upon where she was living, not her identity) that her mixed daughter (the "puppy" which is the proper translation, not dog) had no place in Him or the Kingdom, but did consent as this Greek woman understood the Hebrew Scriptures, that those outside the Covenant, are not brought into the Covenant or family, but can have the overflow of blessing if they mind their place.  The Greeks descended from the Israelites even as the Greek language was developed from the Hebrew; and in turn, the Romans descended from the Greeks and the Roman language derived from the Greek.  The "Gentiles" to whom Paul went were not aliens, but Israelites of the dispersion: God promised to regather whom He scattered.

God's Plan, God's Morality, God's Law, God's Holiness never changes.  It was all established before the foundation of the world.  Christ said I am not come to destroy the Law and not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law, so those "Christians" (99%) who claim that Christ (or some apostle) abolished the Law of God, are following a false christ.  Christ said My sheep know My Voice and follow [obey] Me and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.  This means the majority of "Christians" are not Christ's sheep (since they follow a voice other than His—and if they never wake up and start following His Voice, that is even further evidence they are not of God).  Jesus said if you Love Me, keep My Commandments.  Christ had no Commandments of His own.  He came to do the Will of the Father ("This is the Way: walk ye in it") and He was obedient to the Law of God in all things—and was without sin.  Christ never violated the Law of God in any way; though He did "violate" the Edomite Pharisees' perversion of and additions to the Law of God (the "traditions of the elders"; the Babylonian Talmud, which makes the Word of God of none effect).  "For this is the love of God, that we keep His Commandments" (I John 5:3)

"3And hereby we do know that we know Him, if we keep His Commandments.  4He that saith, 'I know Him,' and keepeth not His Commandments, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him.  5But whoso keepeth His Word [Doctrine, Law], in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in Him.  6He that saith he abideth in Him [Christ] ought himself also so to walk, even as He [Christ] walked." (I John 2)

The Apostle John wrote in his first epistle (one of the last books of the New Testament to be written, written even after the book of Revelation) that sin is transgression of the Law of God.  Had the Law of God been abolished no one could sin and there would be nothing that anyone needed to repent of or be saved from.  Where there is no law there is no sin, no penalty, no judgment. 

In the same epistle John wrote that whoever says that he knows God and does not keep His Commandments is a liar (that is, he does not even know God) and the Truth is not in him (Christ said I am the Truth, and called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth).  Can a person be a Christian if he does not know God and if neither Christ nor the Holy Spirit are in him?  I think not.  But today is the day of salvation.  When one recognizes that he has been in sin, even under delusion thinking that he was a "Christian" (based upon the false doctrine of the "Social Gospel") he needs to repent and confess Christ and "walk even as He walked".  As I have long written, "Where no fruit is evident, the Holy Spirit is not Resident".  Christ said that He is the True Vine and that if we are truly part of Him we will bear His Fruit (not the world's rotten fruit).  Christ said on the Day of Judgment MANY who thought they were Christians, doing wonderful things in Christ's Name will be rejected, that Christ never knew them, they are not part of Him—and what they were doing (all their wonderful paganized tolerant color-blind, gender-bending notions of pseudo-Christianity) was LAWLESSNESS.

Understand: Keeping the Law does not save.  It is a proof that one is saved because the Holy Spirit will not lead us into sin: "Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh [everything that God forbade in His Law]."  A tree does not become an apple tree by bearing apples: it bears apples because its Creator so designed it.  A person does not become his father's child by obeying his rules (the child exists as a result of the father's will in procreation); a person's obedience establishes him as an honorable son that the father can bless and of whom he shall inherit.  As I have written in many of my books: If a father tells his son "No playing in the mud" and the child rebels and does so.  The father disciplines the child, cleans the child up, puts on him a new suit of clothes, and when the child repents he is able to receive the love and forgiveness of the father.  But tell me this: Because the child is forgiven upon his repentance, does that mean that the law against playing in the mud was abolished?  Yet that is the NONSENSE that is SPEWED by false Christianity and blind, dumb dogs who fancy themselves preachers, as well as wolves in sheep's clothing who devour the flock.  Modern Christianity is anti-intellectual and ruled by "feelings". 

God said faith (a gift of the Holy Spirit to the elect) is based upon the FACTS of God's Word... NOT the fact that sinful man is willing to accept or those few facts he likes—but the entire, unchanging Word of God.  This is what the word LORD means, which most Christians "sing" in hymns but don't have a clue what it means.  It means MASTER, SOVEREIGN... SO BOW BEFORE HIM and do what HE COMMANDED or you will hear Him deny you because you never recognized Him as LORD.  God's Decrees are unimpeachable.  It matters not whether his broken pottery thinks that His Decrees are "fair" or "good". 

Modern pseudo-Christianity is anti-intellectual due to Arminianism and Wesleyism and Finnyism (and other apostates like Schleiermacher and Kierkegaard) and due to the ignorant or dishonest rejection of Rationalism.  The Word of God is 100% logical and rational.  That is what the Greek word translated "word" means; and the word used that describes Christ as the "Word" of God.  It is the word whence our word logic is derived (the Greek word logos, 2 short o's as in hop).  However, either through profound ignorant or calculated malice and deceit, the "bait and switch" method was employed to get the Christian church (based upon the Reformed doctrine) to reject logic and wallow in emotions.  The logical and rational interpretation of Doctrine and Theology is NOT "Rationalism" any more than lustful infatuation is true love.  Rationalism is the false pseudo-spiritual philosophy that man BY HIS OWN MIND, WITHOUT DIVINE REVELATION CONTAINED IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES can deduce morality and knowledge of God and His Will.  THIS HAS NOTHING to do with the logic and rational understanding of the Word of God—it is a pseudo-rational REPLACEMENT of the Word of God.  The Pied Pipers of apostate Christianity have gotten Christians to abandon the doctrine of the Word of God and instead embrace humanistic emotions and what "feels good".  Some churches and "christians" claim that doctrine is divisive.  YES it is.  It DIVIDES THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS!  and the wheat from the chaff and tares.  Christ said He came to divide.  Without doctrine there is no Christianity, only humanism (which ever changes based upon the current foul wind of "pseudo-doctrine" replacing the Word of God).

John the Baptist preached, "repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand". 

Noah likewise was a preacher of righteousness.  One cannot repent if he does not know what he is doing that offends God. 

David said, if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear our prayers. 

Solomon wrote that whoever turns his ear from the hearing of God's Law, even his prayers are an abomination unto God. 

"And whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep His Commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His Sight." (I John 3:22)  It is any mystery why God is not hearing the prayers of dying Christendom?  Repentance is the only thing that will unblock his ears, as Isaiah wrote, "your sins have blocked His Ears where He will not hear and save".

The only ones who will survive, Scripture tells us:

“Here is the patience* of the saints: here  are they that keep the Commandments of God, and [who keep] the
Faith of Jesus.” (Revelation 14:12)

[* Patience here means endurance, perseverance. It refers to those true Christians who will survive the Great Tribulation.]

  “And the Dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the Commandments of God, and have the Testimony* of Christ Jesus.” (Revelation 12:17)

[* Information on the Jubilee and Bible Numerics.  Even though the Jubilees were put into cycle after the Exodus and those Jubilees do not evenly fall coordinated with the Date from creation, the Jubilee was every 50th year (the year after every 7th land sabbath) starting after the Exodus.  The number 50 represents Jubilee, deliverance, liberty.  Thus, the number 50 representing Jubilee can be applied in a different way from creation.  God's Command 6 days shalt thou labor and do all thy work but on the 7th thou shalt rest mirrors the history of earth: the first 6,000 years were for man to labor under sin, and then be delivered in the Kingdom Age in the 7,000 year as we enter Christ's Rest.

Thus if we divide 50 into 6,000 years from creation we get 120, which was also a special number (30x4 or 40x3) the number of probation while under trials and testing in the face of judgment as we wait for the unfolding of God's Plan.  God waited 120 years while Noah prepared the ark, which, when ready, God destroyed the world that then was. 

30 is the number of the Divine Perfect Time of the Commencement of God's Plan (Christ was 30 when He began His earthly ministry, David was 30 when he began to rule over all Israel, and Joseph 30 when he began to rule over Egypt; 4 is the number of the earth.

40 is the number of probation under trials, testing, in the face of Judgment (the Israelites wandered 40 years in the wilderness, it rained 40 days and nights during the flood, Christ was tempted of the Devil 40 days and nights while fasting, Moses fasted for the rebellious children of Israel for 40 days and nights on two separate occasions, back to back; 3 is the number of Divine Perfection).]


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Question(s) from someone in response to my email the day before which mentioned 180 million white Christians being murdered as a result of the Bolshevik Revolution:

So what you wrote arose some thoughts and that is the start of the Bolshevik revolution for now I need to know what brought it on? Did the 180000000 Christians who were murdered really Christians or did they just say they were? Was there any elect in Russia and how did they feel when their families and friends and relatives were murdered? Was their faith weakened for their belief was that God would protect them? For if all of this is about to take place these are questions that will be asked by the elect. No offense but many of your e-mails are doom and gloom is there any good news to rejoice about ? Is there any news that will shake ones beliefs to give them faith? Faith that God is with them instead of against them? God is not a respecter of persons i understand but all the news it seems goes to the wicked..  If one is white is it to be assumed that he is a Christian?  Thus when confronted they deny they are for God for fear of death are they the ones God will destroy? So is the tribulation the death of good people or evil people? I would assume the good so that there is a place in heaven for them.


These persons were throughout Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Eastern Europe.  Of course they were not all dedicated Christians as you and I realize a Christian should be, certainly not all of them, but it is quite probable that just like the people who once filled Britain, the U.S., and Germany, and the other nations of Christendom, before their paganization and resultant demoralization, they in their simple child-like faith walked in the faint light that they had, and did not violate the Commands of God of which they were cognizant, and endeavored to live a simple, moral life in obedience to God.  There were many priests and professors and theologians murdered along with the peasants.  The fact is they were God's children, not savages, aliens, muslims, jews.  People's "feelings" in a matter are irrelevant, but it would be a very detached, self-absorbed, immoral, and very rare person who "felt" good when he learned that his loved ones were tortured and murdered; so I really don't know what this question is really about.

The Russian church grew strong under persecution and went underground.  After that point, Christians were real Christians because they could be beaten, tortured, murdered for worshiping God.  See Tortured for His Faith (7.00 + P&H) and The Persecutor (out of print, good used Hb. for 20.00 + P&H).  Upon the superficial fall of Communism and the Berlin Wall, there was rightful grave concern that the newfound freedom would WEAKEN the Eastern church, because materialism and liberalism from the West would contaminate the church that had been made strong under persecution, and many people would then become church members because it was safe and easy and convenient, and out of curiosity, since they have never been to church before.

Yes the emails are mainly doom and gloom (though I do sent other emails on health, inspiration, Bible study, recipes, humor, I send out mostly those that are most important...if barbarians are invading, the clarion should be a warning, not new recipe for German Chocolate cake and a brochure of where would be a lovely place for your next vacation) because the enemy is destroying us (and therefore, the bulk of the messages are to help prepare and avoid Judgment).  Likewise, boot camp in the military and spring training in any sport is arduous.  Those being trained don't whimper, "why is it just work, work, work, drill, drill, drill? why don't we ever play games, hold hands, sing songs and share our most-intimate feelings?"

GOD IS SENDING the doom and gloom to separate the wheat from the chaff... to wake the elect up... those who don't wake up will be canon fodder... [if you want to be canon fodder, we now return you to your regularly scheduled, program, a re-run of "Happy Days"]... those who don't know what's going on and those who don't care what's going on will be canon fodder.  THIS doom and gloom IS the good news to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear... the good news is that God is giving you the opportunity to REPENT for the KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND (which is preceded by Judgment)... WAKE UP OR PERISH... CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY... I HAVE SET BEFORE YOU LIFE AND DEATH CHOOSE LIFE.  As those who have only been half hearted or who have followed false theology begin to see the world and all they think they believe in collapse and crumble before them, they will either abandon God entirely and embrace the beast, or they will be truly converted and that will be evidence by their obedience to God... but that doesn't mean that the days ahead will be a "cake walk".

The news is about the wicked because the wicked are winning and God's people need to wake up or they will be destroyed.  The news is not pleasant because the world lieth in wickedness.  Christ said that healthy people don't need a doctor--but sick ones... and hearing the diagnosis of disease is not pleasant.  However, those healthy people who allow sick people to live among them and not be quarantined will themselves become sick and then possibly die with them.  Vigilance is what God commands (because our enemy like a roaring lion roams about seeking whom he may devour) and that can't be done if one does not know the evil that is invading—and if one does not DO SOMETHING about it.  Proverbs says that a wise man seeth evil afar off and hideth himself.  The watchmen on the wall were not set there to sing pretty songs.  That is why the majority of those who think that they are Christians are part of the apostate church... they don't want to hear the ugly truth, they want to be told sweet lies and smooth sayings and have their aura's fluffed by "Touched by an Angel" Theology, as I term it; named after the inspirational but godless popular t.v. series whose philosophy was verbally expressed at the end of every episode: "No need to change a thing; God loves you just the way you are".

As I have said, quoting Edmund Burke, "All that is required for evil to triumph over good is for good men to do nothing".  But I add, if good men do nothing, then they are not really good, are they?  Those who deny Christ upon the penalty of death may be weak Christians, but those who take the mark willingly and bow down to and worship the beast deny Christ irreparably

Your and my responsibility is not to know whether other people are truly saved or have a crown of life and a place in the kingdom and life eternal, your responsibility is to know whether YOUR heart is right with God and whether YOU are obeying all that God commanded (as is also my responsibility for myself).  That is of primary importance.  Secondarily, we are to preach righteousness to the flock of God, not to the dogs or pigs.  At times if there is a mixed audience, we should speak in parables as Christ did (all things are recorded for our example—EXAMPLE, which means we should emulate it).  We are not responsible for results.  God controls the harvest.  We are responsible before God to be faithful and plant seeds and to daily obey God.

No it is not assumed that merely because a person is white that he is a BORN AGAIN Christian, a true Christian.  I imagine that the majority of those whites killed in the Bolshevik Revolution considered themselves Christians, though I do not doubt that some atheists or those of false religions died.  The majority believed in Christ.  It is to be assumed that their doctrine was off, as the Russian orthodox (like the Greek orthodox and Anglican) are in many respects merely a popeless Catholic church steeped in mysticism, church-worship, and saint-worship.  If a person believes in and follows Christ (regardless of the depth and purity of his doctrine, or the degree of holiness of his life) what is that person called?  Christian. 

Whether any individual is a true Christian will be decided by Christ (the one he is supposed to be worshiping, following, and obeying).  Christ said that MANY on the day of Judgment who thought that they were good Christians (that is what you would call a person who thought that he was doing many good things in Christ's Name) will hear Christ denounce them.  Thus, they thought they were Christians, many other person's most probably also thought that those persons were Christians, but they were not adjudicated so in Christ's Eyes.  Thus, clearly, there are Christians (who really aren't, but think that they are) and there are TRUE Christians (or Born-Again, as Christ calls them... not those who think that they choose Christ, but those who realize that Christ chose them and quickened them unto spiritual life whereby they take their first breath of the Spirit and cry out "Abba Father", confess Christ, and then walk in obedience, to please their Father, Whose Image they bear). 

Similarly, Christ told the story of 2 who went to the temple to pray: One, a Pharisee, basically prayed humanistically to himself being so full of himself that he was better than the other; the other, a hated tax collector, in sincerity and shame smote his breast and cried from his soul, "God be merciful to me a sinner".  Christ said only one of them was truly converted. 

Is a 7-year old who professes Christ not truly a Christian because he does not understand the depth of theology or know every area in which God commands obedience?  Only God knows the heart.  As one grows and matures (not merely ages) he should learn more and amend his life accordingly.  Young children are taught to obey initially out of fear of punishment; but mature children--honorable sons, learn to obey to please the father and to obey and do what is right simple because it is right.  Some children are still-born, others die of crib death; others also die in childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age.  Some very young are clearly saved, whereas some very old once learned of the way to life and departed from it, never actually committing to it, merely having of head knowledge of it.  Others may be deceived, following a false christ, not the True Christ.  Christ said, "Not all who cry unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom, but those who do the Will of My Father Who is in Heaven".  True faith (based upon true doctrine) is demonstrated by true behavior—Christ's works.  We ought to walk even as He walked.

The true test of anything is how it holds up under testing, under adversity.  As that motivational poster says, which I have hanging on my wall with a ship in rough seas, "A ship is safe in the harbor... but that's not what ships are made for".  Just because a ship never leaves the harbor (maybe it has not had time to) in order to be tested does not mean that it is not a ship.  But if it never leaves harbor and is never in the thick of things, that may be evidence that it is not a ship that God has ordained to be in His Navy (and it will thus eventually be expelled from His Harbor, even as God declared in His Wrath of those who were not given true faith, that they should not enter into His Rest).

For this reason we are given doom and gloom to warn us... as Hebrews says, lest any root of bitterness be found in us, which reveals unrepentant sin and lack of faith... (of whom God declared that they would NOT enter His Rest) for this reason we are told it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, because He is Holy and and Just and His Justice must vindicate His offended Holiness. 

For this reason were are admonished to "work out your own salvation in fear and trembling".  This does NOT mean that we work to earn our salvation; only someone who does not understand the harmony of Scripture could be so confused.  God is the Source.  The Holy Spirit / Christ / God chooses upon whom the winds of life blow.  Christ secured our salvation 100% by His Sacrifice.  There is none that doeth good, no not one.  Any goodness in us, even our seeking God, is by His Grace.  Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  We don't walk in the Spirit by our own power.. how can we walk in what we neither see nor understand?  We walk by faith.  Faith is based upon the facts of God's Word (doctrine) and faith is a gift of God to the elect whereby they believe unto salvation, and whereby they understand and live.  Christ said that He is the True vine and if we abide in Him we will bear HIS fruit and that without Him we can do nothing.  Scripture tells us that it is in Him that we live and move and have our being.  These are all established truths that no other passage can contradict.  If there is any contradiction, it is in the confused mind of those who do not believe God and accept His Decrees.  Therefore, "Work out your salvation" means ever be certain that you are plugged into the energy source of Christ, producing HIS fruit, otherwise, you are unplugged entirely or plugged into some source of false life.  Work out your salvation is an idiom which is expressed elsewhere as, "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Christ Jesus is in you, except ye be reprobates?" (II Cor. 13:5)  What do we examine?  We look at our lives and then look at the Word of God and see if our lives reflect the Word of God.  If we are living as God commanded, that is evidence that His Spirit is in us and we are truly His.

Tribulation is sent to all.  It tests and refines God's people and separates the chaff from the wheat, and the wheat from the tares.  Understand, refining is not painless.  Imagine the temperature at which gold is melted and the slag (impurity) poured off that does not submit to God's testing and melt at gold's melting point.  Those that persevere to the end shall be found to be pure gold. 

But understand that some righteous will also die (for a different reason) because that is what God ordained.  Many of the prophets and apostles were martyred... as in the Reformation... as in the last days.  Christ said unless a grain of wheat die it cannot bring forth fruit.  He said that of Himself, but Scripture also tells us: no cross — no crown; if we are to share in His Glory we may also have to share in His Suffering.  God has not called all to the same life and fate.  The apostle John was spared torture and death, though others (like Peter and Paul) were not.  Regardless, those who are truly His and who suffer and lose their lives are promised a crown of life (and those who are put to death for the Testimony / Faith of Christ Jesus are the only ones who will experience the first resurrection and rule and reign with Christ in the Millennial Kingdom).  Precious is the blood of His saints.  Without such suffering there would be little to judge the wicked for, so God ordained for them to fill up the measure of His Wrath by doing what comes natural to them.  Rattlesnakes fang people.  That's their nature.  That nature will be judged.  Presumably, the more they fang, the more they will be judged.  Understand, the Bible does NOT teach a works-oriented salvation or a works-oriented perdition.  However, the Bible does teach reward based upon faithfulness or offense.  The wicked will not be in Hell because they did wickedly, but because God ordained them to be wicked.  However, the degree of their punishment will be dependent upon the degree of their wickedness.  Likewise, the elect will not be in Heaven / the Kingdom because of their goodness, but because God elected them unto life.  However, the degree of their blessing will be dependent upon their degree of obedience in honoring God.

Our responsibility is to get with God's Program... get behind Him.... obey Him.  The mainstream pseudo-Christian apostate church instead preaches a godless, pseudo-spiritual humanism, that God is only Love and will never judge anyone or tell anyone what to do or how to live (that would be judging)... that God is in us all and therefore his "free expression" in each of us (however each person lives, regardless of archaic notions of morality) is His Love.  They are on the broad, crowded path to destruction and do not even know God.

Yes, there is further good news: When all things things come to pass, when the enemy comes in like a flood, lift up your head, redemption draweth nigh.  As Solomon write, "A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance".  Now is the time to weep and mourn, but joy comes in the morning—upon deliverance, upon repentance.  Since it is a national repentance that is needed, those who are repenting need to pray that those who are not repenting, repent--otherwise, we all suffer with them until they get on board.  "11Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. 12Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees." (Hebrews 12)