Independence Day?

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What right do we have other than to remain silent while our nation is overrun by aliens and perverts and corrupt politicians and their army of welfarites and government employees...?


What an abomination... Lincoln wasn't in Philadelphia when

we gained our independence...!  The public schools don't even

teach U.S. history (unless it is a derogatory remark about the

Pilgrims) before the Civil war and the birth of Federalism and the

all-powerful state.  Shouldn't that be GEORGE WASHINGTON and

JAMES MADISON on the float?  I imagine this is only one float out

of many (but the one they chose to take a pic of and display)...

but Lincoln is as out of place at an Independence Parade as

a pedophile at a children's birthday party.  Where're the floats

for Che Guevara and Vladimir Lenin and Osama bin Laden?  

Lincoln destroyed freedom.  Assuming they mean he freed the slaves, they

overlook the fact that he enslaved everyone else on the Federal Plantation...

and now no one is safe from the barbaric savages who were freed

instead of shipped back to the dark continent.

What an abomination.  I'd like to see ole' Abe in a

room with the Founding Fathers for 10 minutes!


and let them rape and murder our people!  YOU TRAITOR!"

They would not slap him on the back and tell him

"good job"... they would slap him in the face and

lead him off to be hung.  THEN, as he is

dangling in the air, legs flailing vainly, someone could ask him,

"Now, Abe, just for the record... exactly

HOW LONG should a man's legs be...?"



Lincoln actor at Independence Day Rally in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia

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