McCain — War "Hero" ...? Consider the Evidence not the Satanic Halo Polishers

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Trump should not have caved in.  That was cowardly and damages the truth.  Had he held to CONVICTION then detractors would have to have heard the EVIDENCE if they pressed the issue... thus, another COVER-Up.


Let's name a garbage barge after him.  "U.S. Sh*t of State McCain"

John Mccain Traitor- By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

The below is about 2 minutes long.  It is a recording that was intercepted by the US and "misfiled".


McCain should have been REMOVED from office when he was not competent to fulfill his duties... this is treason pure and simple... the voters should PROTEST and bring any official up on charges.  The PEOPLE are supposed to elect their representatives, if an official cannot maintain his position or he is OUSTED there should new vote... not a dictatorial appointment by someone not in his right mind and someone who is a traitor.  Politicians should be tried for TREASON when they break campaign promises, violate the will of the LAWFUL CITIZENS and cater to ANYONE or ANY NATION that is not their lawful constituents.


Someone emailed me the following:


John McCain, warmonger, “Hero of the Deep State", helped cover up Israeli attack on USS Liberty


 (1) Why the US ruling class mourns John McCain


(2) Ralph Nader Demands McCain to Come Clean on Israel's 1967 Attack on the USS Liberty (2008)


(3) John McCain backs Jewish zionist A. Jay Cristol's exoneration of Israel


(4) McCain called Trump's meeting with Putin 'disgraceful’ and ‘tragic’


(5) McCain's 'tireless and treacherous record of warmaking'


(6) McCain lobbied for TOW missiles and MANPADs to be sent to Syria rebels


(7) John McCain an agent of the Deep State -  E. Michael Jones


(8) McCain photograph with ISIS terrorists


(9) McCain continues to meet with ISIS/Al Qaeda terrorists


(10) John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!




—yet how much did McCain vote to spend on War, illegal aliens/illegal immigration, foreign aid, raises for politicians, etc...?


Also, the below is written by a socialist site.  While the info is true, I believe that some of it is misinterpreted and not all the facts are given.  McCain is called "right wing" which is untrue.  He certainly was not right wing.  He was what is called a Neocon or a RINO; he masqueraded as a Republican, but he was not; he claimed to hate communism, but he was a socialist—most every U.S. politician (and citizen) is a socialist and don't even know it.  Nearly every vote he gave was in favor of socialist regulations and self-enrichment and the destruction of the U.S.  How did he vote concerning the so-called "Patriot" Act (whose name alone is treasonous)...? immigration? Congressional salaries, benefits, budgets?  Did he oppose Obama? demand proof of his identity?  Cry out "Treason" when he lied about Obamacare and then when Pelosi said without blinking, "We have to pass it to find out what is in it"...?  Did he betray his own party, that is, in reality, THE PEOPLE who elected him, in how he voted, in how he did nothing to oppose Obama but everything to oppose Trump (including treasonous meetings with enemies)...?  Did he cater to the Israelis?  Did he ever travel to the State of Israeli? meet with Israelis? put on a yarmulke and bow before the wailing wall?   If even half of the accusations against him in the links that I list at this page are true, he was neither a hero or a Christian—but a liar and a traitor; and despite anything he said about his "faith" in God or what he prayed or anything else... anyone can say words.  "Window dressing" does not reveal the inner workings of any company.   What one truly believes is evident in how he lives.  Liars cannot be trusted.  Traitors cannot be trusted.  Neither deserve any honor.  He grew incredibly wealthy by both marriage and by being a "career politician".  Did he waive his Congressional salary and benefits because his second wife was daughter of a multi-millionaire?  How "patriotic" and how much of a "hero" is he if he wants his wife (WHOM THE PEOPLE DID NOT ELECT) to succeed him for the next 5 years or so, rather than allowing THE PEOPLE to VOTE whom THEY WANT TO REPRESENT THEM?  The people should appeal that decision and revoke that unconstitutional law.

The U.S. should not spend another penny on him, his family, his "honor", his papers or anything else.  His true life should be exposed and he should be vilified along with other traitors.  All the other traitorous politicians are jumping on the halo-polishing bandwagon because it is "good for their reputation".  Trump should not have caved in.  It shows cowardice and bad judgment knowing McCain's guilt in the affairs of Ukraine, Syria, and terrorist organizations.  It legitimizes and glosses over his treason.  It paves the way for more.  Just like the "blue wall" among police and the "black wall" among judges, politicians surround their own and protect and defend and honor the GUILTY.  It is immoral, illegal, and treasonous.

Why the US ruling class mourns John McCain


Yes, U.S. troops often acted savagely; however, the real question (not justifying it) is was it spontaneous or provoked and retaliative?  Was it any more brutal or savage than the Vietnamese themselves in their treatment of POWs or of their own people?  When I worked in Maryland in the late 1980s an employer I had, the president of the company was Jewish.  He told me that he was in Vietnam.  He said he was on a hit squad and he and his cohorts were paid either a bottle of whisky or case of beer for each enemy head they brought back in a gunny sack.  He even said that when he filed his tax returns while in Vietnam (something that sounds a bit suspicious) he put, "Occupation: professional murderer.  Employer: U.S. Government".  He said he got a visit from some men in suits.  They told him that he could not write that.  He replied (paraphrasing), "Come out in the field with me and watch what I do and then you tell me what my occupation is and you already know who pays me".  Of course he could have been lying or exaggerating; but I had no reason to disbelieve him.  His point was that he didn't let people push him around or back him into a corner, and he gave that story as an illustration; so it was not bragging for mere bragging's sake, but he was documenting, spur of the moment, that what he was saying was true by an example.  Unless he had used a fabricated story so many times that it was habitual, or unless he was a world-class "bullshitter", it seems unlikely for him to have invented such a story spur of the moment.  Furthermore, the above link mentions American soldiers trading enemy ears they cut off for cans of beer.  R.A.B.

Someone else emailed me this story...

Nam demands Monsanto pays compensation for Agent Orange victims