Is the modern Christian Church in Need of a New Reformation...?

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Cite shortcomings on eve of 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's manifesto

September 8, 2017



My thoughts:

I saw the advertisements for that movie a while ago... sadly, I noticed in the advertising blurb that they had to bring "anti-semitism" into it (why not bring in "black lives matter"...? and the poor persecuted Pink-perverto Revolution...? one historical fiction reinvented through modernist eyes is as good as the other) and thus by that they show that their understanding of the Reformation and God's Word is skewed and perverted by modernist anti-christ notions, so I doubt how the rest of the film can be valid overall, though I don't doubt that it has some good elements.

Thus, in light of that, I would have to know what their new 96 theses are before I could comment on whether their efforts toward Reformation are valid or not; do they truly seek to please God alone, or are they "neo-Melanchthons" attempting to hold hands with God and the world?

Furthermore, sadly, it seems to me that Reformation is impossible today because the church is not merely entrenched in false doctrine and paganism (of which they refuse to divorce and send away) but it is thoroughly polluted.  The majority of pastors and congregants would reject sound doctrine, would never kick out the unsaved or discipline those in unrepentant sin, the church is polluted with multiculturalism and homoperverts and polluted minds, compounded on top of false doctrine, humanism, and paganism which they love; yes, love more than God.

The Reformation, even as the Great Revivals and the American Revolution could take place only because the majority were our people; now any "Reformation" will have to be more like Lot fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah or like Noah building the ark, like the Israelites of the House of Judah leaving Babylon--and leaving Babylon BEHIND, and returning to God; and that is what God's people have to do concerning end-time Babylon -- COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM, not attempt to "reform" those who are not even saved and who are not ordained unto life; those who would never accept sound doctrine, those who love their sin, and those who are not God's people.  The Harlot Church is not to be reformed, but destroyed; thus all that can be done is the elect to be called out (which is what the Greek word ecclesia "church" means).

I don't doubt the good intentions of those involved here and I am sure they have some wonderful ideas, but I believe they have the cart before the (dead) horse, in thinking that the problem now is teaching the Kingdom.  That is really a moot point (since most likely they don't understand who the citizens of the Kingdom are to be).

They mentioned that antinomianism is a problem, but they don't realize THAT is the MAIN problem.  Antinomianism (rejecting the law of God and living as one pleases in most areas) is the result of an unconverted heart and mind; and unless that is addressed there WILL BE NO KINGDOM, that is, for those who are the foolish virgins who did not obey the Bridegroom.  Christ will not return for a rebellious bride unwilling to be submissive (they declared, "we shall not have this man to rule over us"; thus Christ will declare: "Bring those Mine enemies who would not that I should rule over them and slay them before Me"); Christ's sheep know His Voice and follow (obey) Him. 

When considered at its root, antinomianism is the result of being unregenerate (or terribly, terrible ignorant or confused concerning the Word of God, being spiritually still-born or profoundly spiritually mentally retarded). 

Understand: Doing good Works / Obedience / bearing fruit / walking in the Spirit / doing that which is pleasing in His Sight keeping the Law of God does not save. 

However, one who is TRULY saved will be called out of darkness into light, old things (habits, thinking, behavior, attitude) will be passed away and all things become new (in conformity with the Will of God). 

Believers are commanded to  be obedient and study God's Word; and if one is truly studying (not merely reading a chapter a day and checking it off as one more daily duty accomplished, but meditating, scrutinizing, analyzing, ruminating, cross-comparing--and then putting it into practice), one whose mind is in the Word, who desires to obey God and not please self, are the hallmarks of one who is truly converted and such a person will be led by God's Holy Spirit into the truth (not ignorance, humanism, false doctrine, worldism, liberalism, modernism, hedonism). 

Thus one who is truly daily studying God's Word from Genesis to Revelation year after year, on a daily basis, will have an "ah-ha" experience, and realize that the modernist church is wrong in much of its doctrine and practices.  Such a person who reads the Word of God should realize that the majority of modern "churches" (which are little more than pseudo-spiritual country clubs and aura-fluffing self-enrichment, motivational, "feel good" seminars marinated in humanism and garnished with paganism) and the majority of modern "Christians" are anathema because they preach another Gospel and they preach another (false) "christ".

Thus, one who has truly been regenerated and who is a member of the true church (called out) by consistent and quality reading and studying the Word of God on his own--and studying his roots, the roots of Christendom, the roots of the American Revolution and the Protestant Reformation, he will learn that God's Law was never abolished (only the rituals of atonement were fulfilled in Christ's Sacrifice and He put to death the enmity--the JUDGEMENT/CURSE of the law, the death penalty against us, by paying it himself).  Such a person who is truly converted will sincerely read the Word of God will understand God's Very Nature and will realize the very nature of God's Law and Morality that it never changes.  What God declared to be sin and abominations 4,000 years ago still are today and will never change.  Such a true Christian will read, believe, understand, and obey Christ's own declarations (not those of false prophets) and he will realize that Christ clearly said that not one jot or tittle will pass from the Law and that if we keep His Commandments (which are the very same as God's) we will abide in His Love even as He kept the very same Commandments of His Father and abides in His love; and that if we love Him we will keep His (God's) Commandments.  Such a true Christian whose mind has been converted and renewed will realize that this keeping of the Law is the By-Product of the indwelling dynamic of the Holy Spirit, not the work of the flesh.  One who is not truly converted violates (with either impunity or indifference) the commands of God (even declaring that God loves his sinful behavior as a wonderful form of self-expression), following instead the world's ever-changing polluted concept of "morality" (or his own, which means that his true god is "self", in addition to the State, to one degree or the other; and God comes in a distant third).  The world's (and the polluted State "churches) "morality" is basically nonexistent: The only "immorality", "crime" and "unpardonable sin" that is now recognized seems to be "racism", "homophobia" and violations against the State).

Also, the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution (in which between 66 and 180 million Christians were holocausted) occurred in 1917 on the 400th anniversary of the Reformation.  Now we are in the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  We are at a crossroads, which will we take? sadly, not reformation, but more persecution because the true church has abandoned God for the world; and thus more tribulation is required to refine not the dross, but the gold--the dross shall be removed; the weak, sickly, illegitimate of the herd will be culled out.

The Last Days of the Romanovs: From 15th March, 1917—100th Anniversary Memorial Edition (1920) Part I—The Narrative by Robert Wilton (Special Correspondent of The Times in Petrograd) and Part II—The Depositions of the Eye-Witnesses by Nikolai Sokolov (translated by George Gustav Telberg), and Part III; with many extra added illustrations of the entire Royal family... and Bible verses under each calling for God's Righteous Vengeance... and additional information, very moving presentation... photo and short bio of the author, and Preface and Final Thoughts by modern publisher / RAB/STP; 405pp. total pb., 22.00 + P&H Author clearly knew who was behind Bolshevism, the Revolution, and the murders.] If you are unaware of this, one of the greatest crimes of the modern era and how an entire mega-super-power was stolen, order this.

William Law in The Power of the Spirit, § offers some very terse, but true words, in regard to the righteousness and obedience of professing believers:

“[The average Christian possesses] ... blind believism which imagines faith to consist of a mere idea rightly affirmed with the lips, but knows nothing of a real faith that possesses within the heart. So men imagine that to believe in Jesus Christ is something that can be done apart from obeying Him, because they do not know Him as the Lord who reigns and lives within. As well imagine that a command is only to be believed but not obeyed, or that a tree is not known by its fruit. ‘I will show you my faith by my works,’ said the apostle; and if this is the only way faith can be shown, then any faith which is not thus one with its works is no faith at all.  “James said, ‘As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.’ Most pointedly this Scripture makes clear that devoutness and piety do not consist in a mere right understanding of these things that a man may profess without the fruits thereof, for works cannot be separated from its faith, or James could show his faith alone without its works. He only is the devout man who lives no longer to his own will or the way and spirit of the world, but to the will of God alone. He who considers God in everything, serves God in everything, who makes every moment of his daily life a real part of God’s will on earth by doing everything in the name of Christ; he alone can be called the pious man. For if a man say he has faith, but does not evidence a life that produces the works of God, James tells us most emphatically that ‘faith alone’ cannot save him.* (pp. 180-181.)

[* ie. such a fruitless faith is counterfeit; not real (false life). R.A.B.]

“....So it is that for lack of this basic intention to surrender all to Christ, the church today is an open fraud of mere lip profession to that faith and divine love that once burned as a fire from heaven in those who ‘turned the world upside down.’ “If you will but stop to ask yourself why your brand of Christianity is hardly recognizable as related to that which primitive Christians knew, your own heart will tell you that it is primarily because you never thoroughly intended to live as they lived and to die as they died. You sing of your devotion to the same Lord, and profess to believe the same New Testament doctrines as the early disciples. You have the same promises from the Lord of the fulness of the Spirit, the divine nature, and all that pertains to life and godliness. You would never hope to get to heaven through a faith any different than theirs, but you have believed Satan’s lie that it is possible to have the same faith as the first Christians without manifesting the same works as they. And if you are honest you will admit that this lie has been gladly received because you have not really had the heart intention to walk as Jesus walked.* Did you but have this intention to please God in all your actions, as being the happiest and best choice for life in this world, you would then find yourself as unwilling to deny Christ with your life as you are now unwilling to deny Him with your lips. And would you but add to this intention a simple faith in the promises of God in Christ, you would find yourself living in the same denial of self and as contrary to the world as fishermen apostles did in their day.” (pp.,182-183.)

[* Wow. Amen! So many professed believers today are like the rich young ruler who went away sad, not wanting to sacrifice what he deemed more important in life, in order to truly follow Christ. R.A.B.]

“....the question is not whether gospel perfection can be fully attained, but whether you come as near it as a sincere intention and careful diligence can carry you through faith in Christ. .... Can you really call yourself a follower of Christ without at least  intending to follow Him all the way? .... Can a man who has this saving faith then fail to manifest those works which the Scripture so plainly tells us are the direct consequence of the new creation? .... that man who does not so much as intend to manifest in all his ways these works which God has ordained for him has denied the very faith which he otherwise professes. .... Works without faith is the dead and unacceptable offering of the sinful flesh; and faith without works is a fraud, a false profession of that which is dead because it does not have the life of God in it; and this is proven by the lack of fruit of the Spirit. God holds out to our faith the blessing and power of the Holy Spirit as our all in all, filling us with the life of Christ, causing us to overflow with rivers of living water.” (pp.186,188,189)