Nibiru, Planet X, Mayan Calendar

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Nibiru, Planet X, various comets, Mayan calendar, UFOs, I believe are all baseless hoaxes intended to distract people from the REAL SERIOUS problems in Christendom that they CAN change, to cause them instead to be fearful about something over which there is no control (and of which there is no proof; those who think there is proof, don't understand the very rudiments of logical thought and don't understand the very concept of proof).  Hoaxes like this have been going on for 27 years.

The real problem is corrupt government and the invasion of the third world (orchestrated by corrupt antichrist element that has taken over our governments) and the invasion of and rise of antichrists and militant perverts... these things could be addressed if people stood up.

If people stood up they could NOT do something about a planet 5x bigger than earth bearing down upon us.

At the very least, the REAL threat is that the government would use it to cause fear and have all nations of earth give up their sovereignty and unite against a common foe (an alien invasion, Nibiru, the Keebler elves and Santa's elves joining forces to take over the world, etc.)... or use it as yet another fraud to steal tens of millions of more taxpayer dollars for a "think tank commission" to investigate and find a solution.

Pseudo-scientific soap operas, psychotic fictional delusions meant to distract from the real and important business of reality.  If you are on the sinking titanic, the "threat" is not that possibly there was a conspiracy and the paint on the ship is laced with lead, which is toxic to humans.  The only REAL issue is the inrush of water.  Like the old saying, "Drugs are for people who can't handle reality".  The issue is the destruction of Christendom which was the only bulwark of morality and freedom and prosperity and civilization in the world.  Instead, pseudo-scientists crank out books and video presentations about aliens, UFOs, Nibiru, etc., and 25 years later we find no aliens have invaded, no planet has wiped us out--but the US (so-called) National* Debt is $20 TRILLION dollars and all of Christendom is being inundated by Third World flood that the Dragon/Serpent has vomited out of his mouth to drown the woman and her seed.

[* It is not the national debt — it is the PRIVATE debt of the politicians who illegally voted to unconstitutionally misappropriate taxpayer money, and it is the PRIVATE debt of every person (or head of corporation or head of foreign nations) who received such misappropriated taxpayer money, including all those on welfare, subsidies, grants, etc.  If a inventory manager "goes off the reservation" and buys millions of dollars worth of merchandise (much of which he keeps for himself and gives to his friend) in the name of the company for which he works, without authorization—it is not the company's debt, but his personal debt.]


"To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it sin."

The issue is a moral issue concerning obedience to God and our immorally allowing all forms of evil to proliferate unopposed.  The issue is not some intergalactic "maybe".