Pastor Chuck Baldwin Steps on Some Kosher Toes (Revised)

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Some woman wrote an article calling Chuck Baldwin a liar for some things that he allegedly posted at his Facebook page, after being informed that his articles would no longer be accepted at News With Views, since Baldwin has taken an anti-Zionist position.  Please go to this website and read this article first.

Clearly, Chuck Baldwin in close to the pulse of the truth to have elicited so many attacks.  He has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

[And why is it okay to discriminate against a minority of people who believe the truth?  Is it not discrimination to ban Chuck Baldwin’s articles now that he does not agree with the “official position” any longer?  Where is the championing of free speech and tolerance?  How can Amazon ban books that question the Holocaust, claiming that such books are not consonant with Amazon’s “Standards”, but for Amazon to not ban anti-Christian books, violent movies, and pornography?]

I cannot comment on whether what Chuck allegedly posted on Facebook is a lie or not since I don’t know... but I certainly would find it odd for someone like Chuck to all of the sudden start lying—especially if it is a lie that can be disproved: which would be stupid on top of immoral (neither of which he appears to be).

Did someone hack his Facebook account and those are not his words?

I find $1,000 a month a very paltry amount.  While I would certainly like to have an extra $1000 a month it does not seem to me to be an amount that could control a person, except a very weak and desperate person; who would not be successful and have a large news website.  However, I also find it odd that those in charge of such a large news website would claim they run on something like a piggy-bank budget and claim that they hardly ever receive large donations, or at least, not $1000 a month.  Or is this double-talk?  Clearly $1000 / month could easily be “donated” but “explained away” as “advertising” and not a “donation”.  I guess they would have to disclose financial records to prove it though; and there could be various avenues and various “hand offs” and “drop offs” of funds from one individual to the next before the “advertisement” is actually placed by a 5th party.  

Thus, the claim that Chuck Baldwin lied appears to be a “he-said, she-said” accusation.

It would be good to see Baldwin defend his statements, if indeed they were his and not someone who hacked his FB account and posted it as if it were his words.  However, if he does not reply to the attacks, that does not mean that he is guilty.  If someone like Chuck had to bring everything to a grinding halt to defend his reputation each time that someone attacked him and made an accusation, he would have time for little else.  Scripture indeed counsels us at times to “answer not” a fool, lest you become like him; though at other times “answer a fool” lest he be wise in his own eyes.  Thus, the determining factor would seem to be if the fool in question is actually one with an open mind who may be honestly receptive to rebuttal and rebuke.  Regardless, if in fact Chuck did not lie, it would seem to behoove him, in defense of his reputation, to simply give a brief reply explaining how what he said was true, and not a lie.

It is unfortunate that the editor chose to side against the truth, and with the writer of this article and with those other character assassins whom the writer quotes.  The editor, writer and those whom the writer quotes choose to ignore who the Jews are as well as the magnitude of their guilt.

They are not the Israelites of the Bible.  I show this very clearly in my Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance [inquire] and God’s Chosen People: Who Are They? [inquire].  God cast His people, Biblical Israel out of the land of Israel, after being conquered and deported by Assyria and Babylon c.586-722 b.c., and shortly after their captivity they spread into Europe and appeared in Europe as Angles, Brits (“people of the Covenant”), Saxons (“sons of Isaac”), Danes (tribe of Dan), Jutes (Judah), Celts (“hidden people”), Goths (tribe of Gad, pronounced, “gawd”, meaning, “to invade”), Gauls (from the Hebrew gawal, “to be the next of kin”) etc.  The scattered Israelites of the diaspora also appeared throughout the Grecian / Hellenic world and the various Greek city states (the original Greeks themselves being descended from the Israelites, even as the Greek language derived from the Hebrew; and the Romans descended from the Greeks even as the Roman language derived from the Greek).  

However, the vile Canaanite peoples moved back into the land of Israel after Israel was deported and the Kings of Assyria and Babylon moved into the land of Israel a dozen different mixed peoples from other nations they had conquered.

[This is an old strategy: divide and conquer.  If you destroy a people and a nation’s identity by mixing them with other peoples, and through intermarriage, they cannot be cohesive and bond together (having different values, if any at all) and they no longer have their initial identity, but the one forced upon them, so there is no longer anything to resist.  This is what is being done to all of Christendom.]

When the tiny, tiny remnant (about 46,000 out of 13 million Israelites) of Judaeans (not “Jews”) returned to Jerusalem 70 years after their captivity, they were the minority in the land... and had to overcome acts of terrorism and being dragged into court, and attempts to infiltrate their ranks... Ezra and Nehemiah had to zealously watch the less godly element of their own people, who like the Israelites during their wandering for 40 years, continually intermarried with aliens—and God always eventually demanded the alien wives to be divorced sent away with all offspring by them.  

The tiny remnant of the House of Judah (of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and Levi) that returned was blessed by God to the degree that they turned their hearts to him, and eventually they repopulated the land of Israel... however, it was always a mixed multitude.  The purer concentration of blood was in the northern 1/3 of the land, known as Galilee, and after that, the next concentration of pure blood was in the lower 1/3 of the land of Israel known as Judea; Judea had more aliens because they are always attracted to the larger cities and Jerusalem was the foremost city.  The central 1/3 of the land of Israel was Samaria (named after King Omri’s hill-city of Samaria, which he built and founded as Northern Israel’s capital after Israel split into the Northern House of Israel (or the Northern confederation, since it also included Simeon, which was a southern tribe) from the Southern House of Judah (the Southern confederation of Judah, Benjamin, with Levi) after Solomon’s son Rehoboam foolishly listened to his younger “buddies” as counsellors, and taxed the people even more abominably than his father Solomon had.  Post-exilic Samaria was utterly corrupt racially, and thus the “Samaritans” were shunned.  This does not mean that every single Samaritan was of mixed blood, any more than every single person living in downtown Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Miami, etc. are mixed blooded or aliens.  However, it means that the vast majority of Samaritans were not Israelites.  However, there were many aliens also in Galilee and Judea.

Furthermore, in 126 b.c. Maccabeean leader John Hyrcanus conquered Edom—and foolishly and in violation of the Law of God, “mass converted” the Edomites.

[That always works so well; even as the Marano and converso Jews who faked conversion, never really converted.  They feigned conversion in an elaborate sham, to prevent being executed, evicted, or blocked out of business and government.  By doing so, they were also able to infiltrate the church, state, science, education, industry, and commerce, and corrupt all of those institutions.  But when the political climate improved, they threw off the shroud of professed Christianity—and then became Christianity and Christendom’s most-active enemy.  They did the same in Islamic nations, and were known as donmeh.  Now, they have masterminded having their two major enemies (White Christianity and mongrel Arab-Persian Islam) kill each other.  The Jews, like vultures, sit on the sidelines, waiting to glut themselves on the carcases]

After the Edomites outwardly “converted” to the true Israel faith (which is not “Judaism”; the Jews eventually corrupted and replaced true Hebrew-Israelite faith with Talmudism, the “traditions of the elders”—Edomite elders) they infiltrated Israelite society and adopted Israelite custom (circumcision, the Sabbath, dietary laws, etc.) to “blend in” (though secretly violating the laws whenever possible).  The Herods were such Edomites.  They were not Israelites and not legitimate kings of Israel, but were appointed “puppet-kings” by Rome because they could be trusted to do Rome’s bidding—and Rome would not have to worry about the Herods’ “loyalty” to Israel, for they were not Israelites, and their only concern was amassing wealth and power and prestige.

Herod then polluted the priesthood with Edomites, and eventually killed prophets and disciples.  In Christ’s day the land of Israel was a mixed multitude and Christ spoke only in parables in public.   Scripture does not tell us this for no reason.  The truth was only meant for His people, the pure Israelites whom the Holy Spirit would draw to Christ and into the understanding of the truth.

After The Apostolic Age the land of Israel was again completely overrun by aliens.  The land of Israel was preserved only to give time for the Apostles to be trained and begin their real mission—seeking out the lost tribes of Israel whither God had scattered them throughout the earth—first in the Grecian world, then Europe and the 4 corners of the earth, bringing scattered true Israel the message that Christ had come.  After the Apostolic Age, the land of Israel was “abandoned”, even as the majority of all formerly “good neighborhoods” here in the U.S. (and Europe, U.K., etc.) have been when the alien savages move in.

If someone denies that the land of Israel could be overrun and a alien population completely replace Biblical Israelites and then spuriously call themselves “Israelites”, then he is either dishonest or has never actually even begun to think.  In Christ’s day the land of Israel was a mixed multitude.  If one has ever read a single book on the Crusades (and I recommend God’s Battalions, by Stark, inquire) one will realize that not only was it difficult to take the Holy Land back from the mixed corrupt-arab / corrupt-syrian (who are mostly Edomite) / canaanite / egyptian / moabite / ammonite / corrupt-Persian / african / Turkish and other mixed “cosmopolitan” peoples—it was an utter failure and it destroyed the cream of the crop of European nobility and wasted millions of dollars.  Finally, as we are seeing a complete change in the racial composition of all of Christendom over a mere 50 years—and now in hyper-speed in a mere 5 years... how on earth can someone believe it to be “impossible” that it happened in the land of Israel over a span of 2,500 years!  One would have to be blind or mentally challenged to think it impossible.  It is happening now before our very eyes! —again!  History repeats itself harshly upon those who refuse to learn the lessons of former times.  However God even told us that this very thing would happen! —why then do God’s people not believe it? —because the majority are not Christ’s sheep, or they would hear His Voice, understand, believe, and obey.  Instead, the majority who call themselves “Christians” side with the world over Christ, and embrace everything that Christ spoke against, and rebel against everything that God commanded... all while deludedly thinking that “God is pleased”... pleased with our self-destruction and self-perversion and joining together with His enemies; seating the dogs at the Master’s table as “equals” with the Master’s children.  God’s people, the lawful peoples of Christendom are so deluded that they think that God is pleased when the Master’s children are even breeding with the dogs on top of the table (while letting them pee and poop all over the place and tear everything to shreds, and graffiti the Master’s House with “dogs rule” and “the master’s children are anti-dog and are haters”, etc.).  And now, the Master’s children are being forced under the table—and those who don’t like it and vocalized their disagreement are ruined!  And these blind “Christians” deludedly think that the Master will be “pleased” when He returns and sees all of this destruction of His House; the pollution of Christ’s bride!

This woman writer (and those whom the writer quotes; and presumably the editor) also ignore the real crimes of the Jews throughout history.  Jewish writers themselves gloat that they have been behind all our wars (See Jews Must Live and You Gentiles; inquire).  They founded Bolshevik Communism, which murdered 66 million white Christians in Europe (according to Eustace Mullins, see, The Secret Holocaust, inquire) or possibly as high as 180 million white European Christians (according to an official US government document, The Human Cost of Soviet Communism, inquire)... see also my quadrillogy: A Bolshevik Primer, The Communist Manifesto, The Talmud Unmasked, and Fearless and Godly Pioneers For the Truth (inquire); and also A Greater Miracle Than the Lost Ten Tribe Discovered—the Dead Six Million Uncovered!

Furthermore, they have had their hand in every conspiracy against Christendom, and as plain as the nose on Snoopy’s face, they are conspicuous in the forced destruction of Christendom through alien immigration in all the nations of Europe and the US and they brag about it.  They brag that the Jews are in the forefront of taking Sweden and from the Swedes and taking other nations from their rightful owners, and making them into a mixed multitude!  They have the brazen gall to declare that the Swedes (or Irish, etc.) have no right to their own nations (all the while the Jews, Arabs, Orientals, Asians, Africans, etc., all retain exclusive right to their own nations!; the unspoken dictum being: “Do as I say, not as I do”).  They are in the forefront of this and every other immoral attack against Christendom (pornography, drugs, homo-perversion, equal rights, atheism, evolution, etc.).  Those who deny it are either brainwashed and have never actually done any real investigation or study on their own, or they are utterly corrupt and dishonest and part of the conspiracy.

Yet this woman writer ignores the MOUNT EVEREST of information and claims that other people are the real problem and have historically so been—again, in utter denial of the truth, or an utter ignoring it.  The truth is not given free public debate, but books are banned; free speech is punished and outlawed.  Why is that?  If what conservative, informed Christians believe is not true, what do the Jews and liberals and homo-perverts have to fear?  If what is believed is true then how can they morally outlaw it?  Why did the Jews champion “free speech” and “equality” and “minority rights” when it was the nonwhite and nonChristian element struggling to force itself on moral society; but now that the white, Christian minority want to retain the right to their own faith, culture, customs, way of life, and Constitutional rights—they are denied!  One has to either be a fool, brainwashed, or part of the conspiracy to not see the disparity and double-standard.

Where there is smoke there is fire—or maybe just a tiny smoke machine, with a very tiny fire, but an enormous amount of smoke... and this writer shows one-sidedness, near-sightedness, ignorantial bias, and utter denial of the facts, amassing a paper-tiger to attack Baldwin.  Grrrr.  “Run and hide Chuck!  Tiger on the loose!”
It will be interesting to see if Chuck Baldwin defends the Facebook post, if indeed it is legit, and if he explains how what he said is not a lie. 

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