So-Called “Indigenous” peoples of the U.S. and South Africa—Some Things to Consider & “South Africa was Not Colonized”, by Dr. Don Boys

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Excellent article - below are some thoughts I have to add.

One minor thing I would disagree with concerning ownership of land is paying taxes.  That is a socialist deception and tyranny.  If you have to pay someone else to keep your own property, it is not your property.  Our Founders did not establish land / property tax.  You cannot be taxed on something that you own.  Corrupt government encroaches more and more... until it owns all.  First they provide services (whether you need them or not) and say you must pay; and like a thieving salesman, once the foot is in the door they own the house... they heap more and more "services" upon you, not that you benefit from them, and then they raise the tax to enrich themselves, and branch out to provide 1,001 "services" (like planting wildflowers along thousands of miles  of interstate, and planting shrubbery... and then paying someone to maintain it... it never ends, then there are hundreds of government bureaucracies, and eventually each "needs" a hierarchy of officers and assistants, consultants, etc., it never ends, to the point now government and those on welfare constitute about 50% of the population*--which means there is 1 person producing for each government employee (who provides very little service to the taxpayers themselves) or welfare recipient.  The only legitimate use of taxpayer money is to provide services FOR THOSE VERY TAXPAYERS AND NO ONE ELSE for bonafide services they need but cannot provide for themselves (and there are very few things that fall into this category: 1. nations roads and bridges; 2. national defense—which is a farce when corrupt politicians invade our enemies after having destabilized our enemies lands and caused them to hate us even more, then move among us, live for free, and reproduce 8 times faster than we do).  However, 95% of taxpayer $ does not go to the taxpayers, but to aliens, people on welfare their whole lives, special interests, foreign nations; and that is communism.

[* —which means we can never get the nation back by a vote, as George Bernard Shaw noted, "Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on [the support of] Paul".  Furthermore, our nation has been swamped with about 100 million "legal" (a false notion) and illegal aliens, who outbreed us and are unconstitutionally given taxpayer money to live off, allowed to commit crimes nationwide, reproduce, and are given a vote.  The only thing that will save all of Christendom is God's people actually repenting before God (which entails knowing what He commanded and that He did not abolish His Law—which was never for salvation, but is the unchanging Moral Code by which He commanded us to live.  If God's people truly repent of their myriad sins against God, God will then send a pestilence to take care of the enemy among us.]


Anything that may have legitimacy is rendered illegitimate by force and fraud and corruption.


The gasoline tax is what is SUPPOSED to pay for the General Highway Fund for all roads and bridges and if the money was not wasted by corrupt bureaucrats, the money would provide for all such things and there would be no need for outrageous tolls in some places... everything is mismanaged and embezzled and then they cry we need more taxes.


What defines ownership of land is the ability to defend it.  One person cannot claim 1 million acres if he cannot defend it as his.

the indians stole the land from those before them, whether other indians or Iberians, Phoenicians, Celts, etc.  Indians stole, murdered, tortured... Those who are not civilized cannot demand "rights" since they recognize no rights of others.  As I sent out in an email last week, indians even sold about 600,000 blacks.  Some tribes of American indians prob. descend from the Canaanites... did the Canaanites have any rights in the land of Canaan since the earth is the Lord's and they were God's enemies, cursed with a perpetual curse?  The Canaanites also were an inbred Hamitic people, Canaan having married a woman descended from Cain.  Yet they spoke Canaanite, a language very similar to Hebrew... though they were a Hamitic-Cainite people.  I propose they either absorbed or killed the previous inhabitants of what came to be called Canaan, which had also been called Palestine, after the Philistines; a non-cursed, pure Hamitic people (and God did not turn Ham black).

John Eidsmoe, on page 286 of in his [rather liberal, in my opinion] book, Columbus and Cortez: Conquerors For Christ (1992) [15.00 + P&H], quotes John Greenway from his article "Will The Indians Get Whitey?" from the National Review, March 11, 1969 who wrote,

"A Polynesian chief once observed to a white officer: I don't understand you English.  You come here and take our land and then you spend the rest of your lives trying to make up for it.  When my people came to these islands, we just killed the inhabitants and that was the end of it."

 Can such savages claim any rights when they had lived, like Esau, by the sword, with no concern of rights of others?


Kennewick man and other discoveries are evidence that the indians were not here first, and their older confessions admitted they were not here first, but killed the blue-eyed people before them... but now that they have learned that there is money to be made, they have revised their own history... and their oral traditions are not trustworthy... they would not even have written languages were it not for white missionaries, or a half-white who invented the Cherokee alphabet and written language.

J. Rousas Rushdoony started out living on an Indian reservation as a missionary.  The conditions were rather primitive.  He asked the Indians about the Indian wars and their attitude toward it.  They said simply, We fought a war and we lost.  If we had won, we may not have treated the White any better than he has us.  (from an audio tape from the 80's.)  There was no bitterness as the Indians accepted that war is never pretty, especially when you lose a war.  It was only in the 1970's that losing the war became political.  The courts stepped in and used ancient treaties as a way to extend control over White men.

Have the Indian casinos paid any "reparations" to the blacks?  A black would have to prove he actually had ancestors in the US at the time of slavery who were slaves... and how many ancestors count?  Most blacks here to day don't have ancestors who were slaves in the US unless the millions who have since flooded our shores intermarried with the ones who were slaves.  How does that qualify for "oppression" if they chose to move here (invade our nation) and then married into those who had slave ancestors.  Does not sound like oppression to me!

See also this book I published, which also shows the parallels between early American pioneers, Amish, Mennonite, and the Dutch South African Boers (farmers).
Bulala: A True Story of South Africa, Cuan Elgin, [Robert Alan Balaicius, Editor, contributor] 392pp., pb., 18.38 + P&H [1838 = Day of Covenant, most special day in Afrikaner history.] gripping tale of small, brave, Christian nation born of conflict, turmoil, tragedy; love, dedication, hard work—exciting account, history of South Africa (earliest times to end of 2nd Anglo-Boer War) woven as rich tapestry into novel; exciting: cross between Shaka Zulu & Little House on Prairie.
Also, the British did not have a hand in the developing of south africa, but subverting it; jewish powers in Britain wanted the gold and diamond minds, and thus stirred up the blacks and coloreds, even as the British paid the indians to rape and murder US Colonists.

Blacks in South Africa also hate the Malay/Indians, who despite "oppression" were able to become successful.  Apartheid ("apartness") PROTECTED black and indian communities from "white oppression".  Whites could not own businesses except in white areas; ditto for blacks, indians.  Blacks could not be successful without handouts, stealing, or someone else developing everything for them... and so they simply cry oppression; this is also evident in Haiti or any other former colony... whites made any area successful, blacks only destroy.

And the liberals would not scream if lions, elephants (tigers are in asia) etc., were being killed if it was the blacks doing the killing; when the blacks took over they savagely destroyed the animals reserves, killing all the animals just for fun... just like the "noble savages" in the US. decimated the buffalo herds by stampeding them off a cliff.  I've seen a video of the blacks in africa with a chain tied to 2 jeeps mowing down an entire herd of zebra; or 50 blacks throwing spears into a bull elephant, and killing every animal on the reserves that were all established by the whites.

See also these titles I reprint
The Negroes in Negroland; The Negroes in America; and the Negroes Generally; Also, the Several Races of White Men, Considered as the Involuntary and Predestined Supplanters of the Black Races. A Compilation (1868) H. R. Helper, 250pp., plastic comb-bound, 16.00 + P&H.

Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti (1910), H. Hesketh Prichard, 384pp., plastic comb-bound.  Interesting history and experience, anecdotal. 15.00 + P&H. 

Finally, South Africa was indeed colonized... After the whites developed civilization, the blacks moved in en masse and "colonized" someone elses nation—and then stole it! and are now talking genocide.
God arise from Your Throne and defend Your people!  Convict them of their sins.  Send Your Holy Spirit to convict them with the knowledge of sin and their own guilt before You so that You will turn to us once again and defend and deliver Your children!
See also these books of mine:
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South Africa was Not Colonized—Critics Are Wrong!

Don Boys, Ph.D.