STOP SUPPORTING THE SAVAGES WHO HATE US... STOP watching ALL SPORTS, MOVIES, TV, "Comedians", Musicians, "Singers"

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This is blatant disrespect and represents further steps toward white genocide as long as we tolerate it.

 One line from the above story says,

"...joined on stage by immigrant leaders, parents and children, all wearing t-shirts that said "we are all human beings," in protest of the Trump administration's family separation and detention policy."


What a BLATANT misconception, false inference, outright deception.  That's like if the Jews being evicted from Germany before WWII all wore t-shirts that said, "We all eat sauerkraut!"  SO WHAT!  EAT IT IN YOUR OWN country...!!!  —instead of SUBVERTING our nation so that a jar of sauerkraut now costs $10 instead of $2 and the sauerkraut factories are all filled with employees imported from Spain or all the sauerkraut factories have been moved to China.  If you are a human being—be a human being IN YOUR OWN NATION where you cannot claim that we are "persecuting" you and where you are free to steal or kill or do whatever you want and then face whatever YOUR people deem appropriate for savage behaviour. And WHY do nonwhites want to move to a country that is reported so "racist"...?  It's a pretty sad indictment of their own people if they want to flee their own nation and live among a bunch of foreign racists!  The truth is that the majority of what is spewed is propaganda.  The U.S. is being DESTROYED because it is NOT racist.  WERE it racist, all the aliens would not be here.  IT SHOULD be racist, even as every nonwhite nation is racist.  That is the only way nationhood can be preserved.  That is the only way our race can be preserved.  RACE IS NOT a mere social construct.  I don't know who are the BIGGER fools: the ones who teach that FOUNDATIONLESS ANTI-INELLECTUAL notion or the ones who MINDLESSLESS believe and repeat it.

Why were the nonwhites not wearing those "We all are human" t-shirts in 1994 during the Rwanda genocide in which Hutu dark blacks massascred with machetes or set on fire 1 to 2 million lighter Tutsi blacks just because they were lighter skinned....?  Do they wear them today?  How many light colored blacks live in Rwanda today?  How many white people live in Rwanda?  How many Hispanics?  Asians?  Jews?  Arabs?  Indians?  But that's not "racist"... is it...?  Chopping someone up with a machete because his black skin was lighter than your dark black skin, that's not racist either, is it...?  Since most international human transportation today is by plane the distance between origin and destination really is irrelevant, is it not?  Why then are nonwhite people flooding into Rwanda?  It would be far closer for the Somali and Nigerians.  It's actually close to the same distance for half of the people in South America to travel east to Africa rather than north to the U.S., and the climate and food and people would be far closer to their own than moving to live among "racist whites".  The truth is, they are flocking here for the handouts, for what can be stolen (and if they are arrested they will be put in an air-conditioned prison with 3 meals a day and full health care; but if they are arrested in their own countries or other nonwhite nations they will have their hands chopped off, or be tortured and executed)... and they want to take our nation from us.  This is the crime of not only the Millennia, but of all recorded history.

Discrimination, intimidation, and violence is even being encouraged in the U.S. by Democrats against anyone who does not agree with the socialist agenda of the Marxist liberals.  If such things were perpetrated against Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, or Jews, all hell would break loose.  Stores or county fairs being mobbed by many dozens of black youth, vandalizing, intimidating, assaulting whites; BLM shutting down traffic, committing federal crimes in interfering with political elections, trespassing into private institutions and intimidating whites, and blacks ganging up on whites and breaking their faces and calling it a "game"—things which happen on a regular basis do not even make the news.  If a queer or black were slapped, the world would come to an screeching halt!


NO CHRISTIAN should watch ANY sport on any level, or movies or tv or music concerts (unless it is a rare Christian singer who does not spew the one-world, global, multicultural homopervert Antichrist propaganda).  [And "rap" or whatever you want to call it, is neither music nor singing any more than chimpanzees smearing their feces is "art".]  These antichrist bastards take the money YOU give them and destroy our country and are BLATANT about it.  Watch that youtube I sent yesterday on how South Africa was subverted (see last story herein).  The "good ole blacks" soon began committing acts of terrorism on peaceful farmers and civilians, ill concerned with collateral damage—and they did not even consider the term "collateral damage" valid since they believe all white people are guilty... even though it was the blacks who destroyed the nation, the communists who stirred up trouble; even though it was blacks who killed blacks then blamed the whites for oppression and then started to kill peaceful white farmers and their families on picnics.

If the few blacks who don't want to torture and kill whites don't help their fellow blacks to torture and kill—then the blacks themselves will torture and kill those of their fellow blacks who won't help kill the whites.  Therefore, even the majority of blacks who won't want to kill the whites (realizing who grows and butters their bread) will have to join in the bloodfest or they will be killed by their fellow blacks. VERY few will have the moral fiber to do what is right.  That's why the higher class of blacks originally wanted to live in white neighborhoods—to get away from their own people.  It is the same with Hispanics and others.  However, they are not content to ride in the back of the bus or be second-class citizens.  Like fools they demand equality—to the point the destroy our nation and turn it into the very kind from which they fled and now there is nowhere to flee.

It is like this in every black nation that whites no longer rule.  It is like this in every nation the blacks or muslims of various shades are allowed to enter.  They only know how to destroy.  It is their goal.  There will be no equal rights when they take over.  Blacks and Muslim nations are not "tolerant" of whites or Christians in their lands.... for us to be "tolerant" and allow them in ours only means our INEVITABLE DESTRUCTION.  They are propagandized from childhood and believe whatever they are taught and facts and information are meaningless; logic, ration, and commonsense are useless squalor to them.

True to communism, communism only benefits the elite at the top who live in luxury and murder all their detractors.  Many blacks have even protested holding signs saying that life was better under AWB (white rule) than the ANC.   The current Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, who has been Zulu king since December 1971, agrees:

The official king of South Africa’s Zulu tribe has announced that that country was economically, militarily, and socially better under white Afrikaner rule—and that history will judge blacks as only having destroyed everything that they had inherited from the white government.


"Inherited" is really such a lovely euphemism.

The MILLIONS of savages in our nation WILL ACT NO DIFFERENTLY than in this video (last story below)--THEY DO each time there is the slightest OPPORTUNITY within supposedly civilized cities here in the U.S. (whether out of "outrage" over something that they are told happened--truthful or not--to someone they did not care about or even know, or whether to "celebrate" when THEIR sports team WINS the championship, you really cannot tell much difference in their behavior: they turn cars and metro buses over, set them on fire, break windows, loot stores, assault, etc.).

Pack animals like wolves travel in a pack and have a pack "mentality"... there is no collective conscience or moral compass (when ration, logic, and common sense is nearly nonexistent individually, it is eclipsed collectively) it is like sharks in a feeding frenzy; it is like a computer robot set on "destroy everything" mode. 

STOP supporting them... you help them kill others by supporting them just so you can selfishly have a few hours of "entertainment". 

They disrespect our nation, flag, people (though they have lived off welfare to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars and have robbed, raped, assaulted, and murdered MILLIONS of our people), they insult our God, they defame our monuments and war dead... and yet you continue to watch and support them and pretend the 100 times you hear the "f-" word or a lewd joke or violence that it does not affect your mind and it is not a sin against God.  If Jesus was sitting there next to you would you keep watching and cheering and smile?  Exactly when will enough be enough...?  —when the superbowl half-time show sacrifices white Christians to the lions?  Why wait?  Is not all the paganism, false religion, occult, satanism, perversion enough?  WHY NOT?  You are an adult.  You claim to be a Christian.  Why do I even have to be telling you this.

Stop smiling at them.  Stop being polite to them.  Stop being tolerant of them.  Stop supporting ANY of them: don't watch them, don't buy anything they endorse, don't eat at their restaurants, don't buy their clothes or cookware or ANYTHING that they endorse or slap their name on as if they invented and manufactured it themselves. 

You reap what you sow and you also will be held accountable by God for all those of our kinsmen who are ravaged by the evil of the savages because you supported them and were "kind" to the ENEMIES OF CHRIST.  If you can't tell the difference in the Word of God between our personal enemies (our kinsmen with whom we are at odds) and GOD'S ENEMIES... then why don't you just go throw yourself to the lions so you don't harm anyone but yourself!

Some savages allowed to enter our lands also then go serve as mercenaries in WARS AGAINST US, then come back to our nation and live on public tax money after having helped kill our troops; regardless of whether our troops belong there or not, THAT IS A WAR CRIME!  IN the US and Britain during WWI and WWII those who even spoke out in protest were often imprisoned... so why are ANTICHRIST ALIENS allowed to enter our nations, live for free, go fight on the enemy side and kill our troops, then come back to our nation to live for free again?


I will never buy any nike product ever again, not even second-hand (nor will I ever again shop at Target).


Similarly black actor "Jamie Foxx" (Eric Marlon Bishop) concerning his movie Django Unchained, commented, something to the effect of

I play a slave... how black is that?  in the movie I have to wear chains... how whack is that?  ... I get out of the chains, ... save my wife, and I get to kill all the white people in the movie.  How great is that?

Disinformation news sources quote it differently from other sources, but defend it saying that it was part of a "comedy routine".  Ha Ha.  So, killing white people is funny?  What if a white comedian had said that about black people, would it still be funny?  Why is it that some goofy alien can say something in a high squeeky or other cartoonish voice and no matter what he says it is supposed to be funny... are cue cards still used in which the audience is prompted when to laugh and when not to, or when to boo?  Blacks kill white people every day.  What is funny about that?  Oh, the blacks reply, "Well, you can't understand".  That is always a convenient mindless reply.  Why is it that Muhammed Ali understood and he did not agree? 

Someone emailed me the other day:


When Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali returned from his news making "roots"  trip to Africa to see how the slave trade worked, and living conditions in Africa today, he was interviewed by the MSM in hope of getting some more dirt to spread on whites and "America's original sin."
He said standing before their microphones on TV that he was surprised to learn that no white man ever set foot on Africa to buy slaves. The slaves were all sold to English slave traders on ships offshore by their black captors. He closed by saying "I am sure glad my great-granddaddy was on one of those boats." The MSM dropped him like  hot potato after that.

In another interview, on Donahue or something (which can be found on youtube), Ali said it is nature, blue birds mate with blue birds, red birds with red birds... he said I think I am handsome and I want my children to look like me.  He thought the races should not mix.  I imagine after these two interviews the media was far-more careful what they asked him in an interview.

Even an episode of the reality show/contest The Amazing Race went to some "notorious" fortress in Africa which was a main station for shipping slaves out... and of course every contestant was forced to visit the room as part of the challenge and each would shed some tears of the injustice... yet the black contestants were not so broken up about it that they wanted to remain in Africa.  White and black contestants alike were HORRIFIED to see how the blacks lived and how savage they were even in the "cities"... living in squalor and filth and stench... and yet they just keep breeding! one even said (for which she later "apologized").

No mention is made either that blacks owned white slaves in Africa... and blacks, like American indians, like Asians and Orientals, treated their slaves LIKE DOGS, torturing them and killing them at whim.

Americans, THE VERY FEW WHO OWNED SLAVES, less than 3%, on the whole treated their slaves humanely, some even as part of the extended family (which was an improper broach)... yes, some despicable ones mistreated slaves, even as despicable people (including blacks) mistreat their wives and children and animals; but THOSE were the EXCEPTIONS and they were rare.  Yes, if a slave stepped out of line and stole or defiles a women they received a beating and it their crime was bad enough they were hung—but so were white men! 

As I show in my edited reprint ...

Some Collected Works of Earnest Sevier Cox [Let My People Go (1925), Virginia Racial Integrity Legislation (c.1925), The South’s Part in Mongrelizing the Nation (1926), The Virginia Memorial to Congress (c.1934), The Price of Failure, Three Million Negroes Thank The State of Virginia (1940), Monument to Herman (1959); with extensive notes by Robert Alan Balaicius, illustrations added, and photos and brief biography of Cox, 232pp., 18.50 + P&H. was FAR MORE costly to own a slave than have an employee (hired hand).  The South did not need slaves.  Less than 3% owned slaves.  People owned slaves in the north too (even some free blacks owned black slaves).

Whites bought less than 3% blacks being sold in the international slave trade.  Whites were only engaged in the black slave trade (purchasing) for a few centuries.  Jews, Blacks, Turks, and Arabs were engaged in it (without any encumberment of moral conscience about torture and murder) for THOUSANDS of years.

Finally, the majority of blacks in the U.S. today were not even here during the era of slavery and neither were their ancestors.  The majority have moved here from Africa after slavery was abolished and after so-called Civil Rights was legislated.

It is a FARCE.

No white alive today owned slaves in the U.S.  No blacks alive today were owned as slaves in the U.S.  It could probably even be taken back 1 or 2 more generations, and the representatives would be merely a handful.



Strong Christian nations must be destroyed for the globalists to fulfil their plan.  They are not even shy about calling it globalism.  It is blatant... and the fools all want to be part of the "global community" and think it is so wonderful that their nation is getting alien immigrants... like blind fools being excited about tying their own nooses thinking that they are "weaving hammocks as Christmas presents for people who live in the tropics who are less fortunate than themselves"...!  How wonderful!  We received the first boat-load of future criminals, terrorists and prisoners today!  We are just so happy!

—that is the antichrist communist plan: destroy Christendom: socialist propagandizing the youth, dechristianizing, demoralizing, immigration, terrorism.

That is the REAL reason why Germany was destroyed, Britain, the US, and South Africa...

The media and schools and government propagate LIES while they commit war crimes.

PUBLIC Schools in South Africa used to teach the Bible... now that the socialists have been in power for several decades children and young adults believe the Bible is a myth.

South Africa's economy--DESPITE SANCTIONS was one of the strongest in the world; now they are again a THIRD WORLD JUNGLE.  "Immigration", "equal rights", liberal antichrist atheist socialism taught in the schools and churches after a certain degree of subversion, and then terrorism were all planned and used to weaken South Africa.  The U.S. has followed the very same path; and the path speeds up the more aliens are imported and the more they reproduce.  That is the plan.  Anyone who cannot see it is blind—and will be blindsided by those whom he thinks are poor downtrodden victims... even if there are a very who aliens who like him, they cannot protect him from all the rest.

It's taken me 2 days to watch 42 min. with dial up.  It is worth the watch.  Those not familiar with the South African accent (or the African accent) will need to try to read the small, light subtitles... but it will be revealing for the majority who never heard the truth.  In at least one place the victim whose family was murdered speaks in Afrikaans and the subtitles are POORLY represented in the wrong color, too small, too faint, but read what you can and you can understand enough.



Nike's new slogan...?


—JUST DO IT WHAT WE SAY, not what we do...!

—and they look so happy! ain't communism grand...!

but why are there not any whites, blacks, hispanics, indians, jews, or arabs... I only see asians...!
maybe that's why they are so unhappy... they need diversity...!

Africa and Mexico to the rescue, we need about 10 million immigrants... STAT!

"Red Rover Red Rover send 5 million Julios and 5 million Mfwanes right over...!"

maybe on the wall of this factory it says, "Nike — Just SHOE it...!"