True to Our God and Our Blood...?

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True to Our God and Our Blood...?



Someone emailed me...

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    Please read and tell me if you believe this is worthy of distribution ... and if so ... what do you perceive the response / repercussions will be on the one who sends it forth ... ?


my reply

I've read (or tried to read) a few articles at this site from time to time as people email me the links.  Personally, I get the feeling that the person is not truly converted, "Christian" to him may be just a cultural moniker.  There are attempts at spiritual lingo or spiritual concepts that seem to fall flat.  Just my opinion.  Fairly good writer overall though... some good ideas.  But I don't believe the people would follow a leader/hero... the people are cowards... God has sent the cowardice because of sin and unrepentance (something that article seemed to ignore)... people didn't stand up for those at Malheur... doesn't matter if they were not the best leaders... if no one steps up someone has to.  If people don't stand up to evil, if they don't stand up for what is right, they never will.... they don't care, they are apathetic and therefore pathetic.  They don't stand up for their neighbors, they don't support ministries standing up... they are selfish cowards and when the tyranny hits them they will whine that no one is helping them.  I send out emails very infrequently of brethren who are in need... less than 3% ever reply to help.  So be it, when they are in need, their cries will fall on deaf ears, mine and God's.  People need to stand up WHENEVER evil makes entrance, whenever our people are wronged, whenever Christ is defamed... true believers need to support those who are on the front lines... but they don't.  People who never order a book, never send regular or even sporadic support email me to ask me Bible or other questions.  I always wonder, "WHY are you not asking these questions to YOUR pastor?"  Don't they have one?  If they don't why not?  If they do, why can't HE answer their questions and if he can't WHY is he their pastor?  Most anyone can afford $5 or $10 a month, either as a freewill offering or as a donation toward books.  I have even offered 50% off for those who truly need the discount.  Only 1 person took me up on the offer.  The others don't even care about the truth.  Lay up treasure in heaven.  They aren't doing it.  Their bank account in heaven will be empty because they don't obey God and they bury what they have in the earth.  Saving is important yes, even as is being a good steward, but not at the expense of obedience... for that is robbing God and His ministers (so how well will that investment turn out?).  Christendom is being destroyed not by our enemies, but by so-called Christians.  They don't obey God.  They don't tithe.  They don't help their brethren in need.  They don't order and read quality books to learn.  If they do read the Word of God does not change them.  They won't even say "Amen" in agreement in prayer when asked.  They won't even say "Amen" in agreement to an imprecatory prayer when asked.  But they will respond to some stupid cartoon.  They are spiritually dead if they cannot be moved by anything but tragedy or injustice when and only when it hits them personally.  They might as well just go to a rainbow love church because the truth apparently has not changed them any.  Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.  God will not bless such, He will chasten.  What do they do, watch sports, movies, sit coms? surf the internet for free material of questionable value (mental junk food--they prob. eat at McDonald's too).  God's people deserve judgment.  If they don't stand up to tyranny and evil... if they don't support or defend those who are standing up... YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW and he who sows [carelessly, APATHETICALLY] to the wind shall reap the whirlwind.  If God's people stood up leaders would arise.  Leaders won't arise when they know that no one will follow.  No one stood up for Ammon or Finicum.  No one will stand up.  Americans and Europeans have been neutered and are cowards and DO NOT LOVE RIGHTEOUSNESS and do not HATE EVIL—and so God has sent the cowardice, the impotency, the blindness.  Until they do love righteousness and hate evil, God will give us more evil and withdraw His Righteousness.  Joseph de Maistre said, "every nation has the government that it deserves".  When they deserve something better, once they have repented of their sins and do what is right, God will give them a better government.  The government is merely a barometer of the people and the people of Christendom are no better than those evil persons who have hijacked the government, if they remain still and silent... then they agree with it and are accomplices.  Christ said, "I wert that thou were hot or cold, but because thou art lukewarm I will spew thee out of My Mouth" (ye shall have no part in Me).  Christ will not return for a rebellious bride unwilling to submit herself to his rule.  Once God's people start to obey God and stand up EVERY SINGLE TIME they see evil, then maybe God will intervene.  Why should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate?  He won't.  He commanded "HATE EVIL".  Those who do will demonstrate that they do.  Those who don't apparently love evil.  There is no middle ground... only delusion.



True to Our God and Our Blood

by cambriawillnotyield