Which flavor of communism will win...? "Democrats" or "Republicans"...?

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The nation is divided over this because half the nation is: 1. a GIMME-GRANT, 2. someone on welfare, 3. a government employee, and 4. corrupt Big Business who wants the government to keep robbing Peter to pay Paul—immoral people: People who don't care about rule of Law, what is right, the Constitution, the Word of God, civilization.

The bastards ILLEGALLY just raised my property tax AGAIN.  WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?  UNTIL THEY HAVE IT ALL?  Why did they raise property tax?  TO PAY THE SALARIES of all the new commissioners they just elected?  That's 26 years (more actually) of property tax that I have never received a penny in return for.  THAT IS OUTRIGHT THEFT.  I don't have children and if I did they certainly would not be in any public school (and especially not in this county).  Taxation on what a person owns (including his labor) is communism.  Do government employees, servants forget those hallowed words: LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY / Pursuit of happiness (Property and Pursuit of happiness are synonyms and the two terms are used interchangeably throughout the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Articles of the Confederation, American Common Law, English Common Law, and the Corpus Juris Secundum).

People would do well to read again, if they never have--and if they never have SHAME on them--(or even watch the more modern movie or cartoon version of... if that is their level of comprehension) George Orwell's "Animal Farm".  Watching Seinfeld and Oprah and the Superbowl will not help preserve your God-given, unalienable rights!

The ONLY LAWFUL tax is for services that the taxpayer wants and needs but cannot provide for himself (which things are very few in identity: the nation's roads and defense from foreign powers).  It is not the government's right to tax people for the government employees' extravagant lifestyle, salary, perks, or pension, or to tell us how much water we can have in our toilets or what type of faucet we can have on our shower (passing such laws so a few individuals get filthy rich selling those new toilets/toilet parts/faucets).  It is not government's job to have marble and mahogany temples (courts, legislature, etc.) or brick buildings, paved parking lots, central heating and air, steel roofs for national guard armories in each county--barracks on blocks is all that is needed.  It is not the government's job and they have ZERO authority to tell us that we must share our nation with aliens from any country for any reason or that we must give our money to support them for any reason.  Giving to those in need is the venue of charity, not taxation; and charity is to be governed by what the Word of God says (and that does NOT entail helping our enemies become strong, it does not entail helping the Third World who worships pagan gods--let their gods save them--so they can overpopulate their nations to then flood to our to take from us what our ancestors have built.  Already all our major cities have been stolen from us... what price can you put on an entire megacity like Philadelphia, Miami, DC, LA, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc.?--which are all overrun by aliens (put on a government-funded breeding program), people having to abandon entire neighborhoods when aliens began to take over and crime skyrockets--the majority of all big cities now have been completely stolen by aliens, which our ancestors built and paid for.  Now they have their sights on the entire nation--the theft of an entire nation (and likewise in Europe, U.K., Australia--entire nations, an entire continent, all of Christendom).  After hurricane Katrina corrupt  politicians realized that instead of merely sending the aliens into the big cities, they can send them to every city, big or small.  They even brazenly now tell us that no city has the right to retain the ethnic identity of those who founded it.  Now my small town of 3,000 has 2 mexican restaurants, 1 japanese, 1 Thai, 1 chinese, and more and more aliens are being bused in.  The local factory just DOUBLED its building size and imported 150 Mexicans from Indiana.  This is reverse discrimination.  Why did they not take out ads in the newspapers of local communities?  When the unemployment rate is so high, why are jobs given to aliens?

Over half of all government jobs should be liquidated and returned to the private sector.  Politicians don't need an army of staff and secretaries and assistants and they would not even be able to justify such if they did not overreach into the private sector and try to control everything.  Congress is supposed to meet for a few months during the summer being paid a PART TIME SALARY--and then go home to work a real job the rest of the year.  Government has become a GROWTH INDUSTRY whose self-promoting purpose is to spread and spread and control everything.  In this corrupt tiny town, there are now signs (that I noticed a few years ago) that say, "Littering $3,000 fine".  THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  THIS IS A COMMUNIST POLICE STATE.  THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS for littering... even though they have prisoners picking up trash for .10 cents an hour.  WHAT are they doing with the money from the "fines"...?  This is CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT and it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL it is ILLEGAL and it is TYRANNY!

Communists will vote for Hillary.  Most will not think of themselves as communists, but that is what they are.  Americans (and all Europeans) have been brainwashed into being communists and they don't even know what communism is or that they are actually communists.  All they have to do is google "10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto" and compare them to the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution known as the Bill of Rights and they will learn "OH MY GOD, I AM A COMMUNIST!" --and then hopefully they will repent.  Communism punishes those who are productive and rewards those who are unproductive because its plan is to weaken the nation until the GOVERNMENT itself takes over everything and establishes a FULL BLOWN TOTALITARIAN STATE.

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Our nation was NOT established as a democracy--any politician or educator or "expert" who refers to the US as a Democracy (which about 99.9% do) is either an IGNORAMUS or a CONSPIRATOR.  Our Founding Fathers specifically told us that they did NOT give us a democracy because democracies quickly fall into corruption and are short lived.  They gave us a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

All of the State Constitutions were OVERTLY CHRISTIAN and therefore, the Federal Constitution that joined them together in a limited, specific manner, did not have to be a theological treatise (on which none would be able to agree).  The federal constitution that united States* whose Constitutions were Christian, by its very nature, had to also be Christian.  But the subversives have worked overtime and perverted the State Constitutions declaring them to have been "unconstitutional" (which is getting the federalist cart before the state horse) and stripped them of their Christian identity.

[* Notice, this is the proper emphasis: the united STATES.  NOT "the United States".]

Democracies are ones step from full-blown Communism (and in the latter stages as we are now, there is little difference).  Is it any surprise that so many modern states (who are actually communist, though they people don't realize it) call themselves Democratic Socialists or Social Democrats.  Some even confusingly call themselves Democratic Republics--and CONFUSION is their modus operandi.  Keep the people in confusion and dumbed down and they won't jump out of the pot when the water temperature is raised.  The US used to be the world leaders in education.  To get into college you had to be able to read, write, and debate in English, Latin, and Greek.  Now, the public schools turn out 5th grade level education with very little true knowledge or skill (and yet Obama outlawed [which he has no authority to do] apprenticeships, calling it "slavery"--yet what is it called to purposely dumb down the entire populace so that they can never rise above their own ignorance?  SLAVERY!  Ivy league schools (harvard, yale, etc. --which were all founded as Christian institutions) have had to for the past quarter century, implement remedial classes for incoming (quota) freshmen, unable to fill out the application, do basic math or construct simple sentences--and yet they are 4 years later given degrees!  The corrupt government has purposely, systematically lobotomized 4 or 5 entire generations and demoralized them (two methods of communism, add to that the fluoridation of the water supply and it becomes more clear: fluoride fogs the mind, renders the will pliable, lethargic, which communists have done historically to their people, and which farmers long ago used to do to aggressive bulls) --to the point that all they can ever be is cogs in the government's totalitarian machinery... serfs on the Federal Plantation.  Yet the politicians pass laws in which their children get into the ivy league schools, and they have passed laws that only people with degrees can advance in any career, to assure that the government self-styled elite will always be in control (flood the nation with aliens and that takes jobs from Americans, who then have to rely on government handouts more and more and an entire voter base is created by those alien winners and American victims--an entire voter base who will ever vote for the government who will promise to give them the most for doing nothing... and a whole generation of good little communists is born)

Democrats, by their very nature and beliefs, are communists; whether they realize it or not.  Most Republicans are too, but likewise, they don't realize it; they are merely just for "a little less" communism ("Communism Lite"), but don't realize that communism, political corruption is like Christ said of the scribes and pharisees (who were the lawyers and politicians of their day), "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump."  Sin spreads, just like weeds, if not uprooted.  Cancer spreads, if not cut out.  Infection festers, if not excised.

ALL TAXES on Americans should be cut in half (and taxes for aliens and "resident foreigners" should be DOUBLE what the tax of lawful Americans is).  Taxes on Americans should not raised as Hillary will do.  Corrupt government needs to cut their own salaries by two-thirds--cut ALL their benefits (since when does the SERVANT live better than the MASTER?).  If they want high paying jobs, then have them work in the private sector (if they actually have any marketable skills, which Hillary does not; the only reason they are "hired" by Big Business is because it is a way of funnelling money illegally to someone who has no talent but promotes the communist agenda... likewise, being paid $100,000 for a one hour speech is clear corruption and money laundering--and colleges who pay for such "speeches" are in collusion with the communists and their agenda).

All imported crap from China and India and all other third world nations must be stopped--stop helping our enemies while cutting off our own nose, feet, and hands.  Stop all US industries from importing goods from factories they have moved overseas.  Stop government control of wages and everything else that they have no business in (health care, control of transportation, communication, industry, etc.).   All aliens should be sent home, not given housing, food stamps, spending money, cell phones, and free health care.  If we Americans forced our way into Mexico, would we get free health care, food stamps, government housing, protection against "discrimination"...?  Since when do criminal invaders get to live for free? have babies for free (in fact, be given more money for each baby they have), schooling for their children for free.

Corrupt government needs to get out of the money making business, in more ways than one.  STOP COUNTERFEITING.  Stop giving ALL taxpayer money to ALL foreign nations--every single one!  That is TREASON, GRAND THEFT, CORRUPTION, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.   It is ILLEGAL--regardless of how long it has been being done.

THERE IS NO LAW that says that ANY individual has to support aliens or lazy people in our country who refuse to work (or even those who are "disabled"—whether truly disabled or who pretend they are) and there is no law that says that ANY individual has to support foreign countries.  STOP ALL WARS.  LEAVE ALL OTHER NATIONS ALONE.  SEND THEIR PEOPLE BACK TO THEM.  Call ours back.  NO alien born in the US is a US citizen any more than if my dad broke into Donald Trump's living room and had my mom give birth to me there, would I be a dependent that Trump had to support for the rest of his life.  No descendant of illegal aliens and no descendants of aliens that corrupt politicians blanketly (unconstitutionally) "naturalized"--NONE of them are US citizens.

NO ACTION ARISES OUT OF FRAUD and there is NO statute of limitations on fraud.  A fraud is always a fraud.  The law is on the side of those being deceived, not those doing the deceiving.  Presidential Executive orders are ILLEGAL, Unconstitutional, VOID.  Every bill signed by Congress and the President into law that is unconstitutional is VOID.  Any bill signed by a presidential imposter is VOID.

ALL prisoners should be forced to work every single day (except the day of rest) for their own food and cost of incarcerating them... They should NOT be loaned out to businesses or government agencies to do their work for them and pay them .10 cents an hour.  They should work to raise their own food and the excess sold to pay for their incarceration and to repay THEIR PRIMARY VICTIMS--the people they injured, and to repay their secondary victims, the taxpayers.  Aliens who commit crimes, and all murderers and rapists and drug dealers and high dollar criminals who rob people of hundreds of millions of dollars (or any amount that they can never pay back) should be executed, not put in prison for the rest of their lives costing the taxpayers over $50,000 each.  The U.S. has over 2.2 million prisoners (over 40% illegals).  Not counting the loss of human life and property, not counting police cost, court cost to convict (1 out of 500), the cost of incarcerating 2.2 million prisoners @ $50,000/year is $110 BILLION a year (minimum... high security prisons can be nearly double that $50,000)—every single year, and it only INCREASES, in both number and price per incarceree.

Corrupt government needs to GET OUT of ALL commerce and industry.  The purpose of government is not to make money, but to keep citizens from (ACTUALLY) injuring one another (name calling or not hiring someone is not an injury, but a RIGHT) and to also rally the people together against a common enemy foreign or domestic--and that is ABOUT ALL that government has the lawful right to be involved in.

And the "government" (a fictitious entity, the government is the TRUE people, not elected public servants and not the people conspiratorially being used to replace the true people) has no authority and no right to call white black and black white, good evil and evil good, to change the established morality of Christendom and declare our enemies to be "the wonderful diversity that is our strength".  Furthermore, diversity is NOT our strength, but our demise.  Homogeneity is our strength.

The government is not to be a hospital or a retirement plan or a police state or a bevy of bureaucrats and lawyers who produce nothing but only feed off society.  Health care and retirement plans are private industry's job—the individual's job, his family's job, his church's job (if he has a church and if the church is Biblical).  The purpose of community is oneness, which is impossible if it is heterogenic.  Furthermore, charity is an option, not something that can be demanded at gunpoint; that is called THEFT.    However, community has purposely been shattered and fragmented by the importation and breeding of aliens so that GOVERNMENT then claims that it has to assume the role in which a weakened community and church and family can no longer function.  That is a "self-fulfilling prophecy" (actually, planned conspiracy) as well as graft.  It is no different than the mob.  That is what modern government is.  A "protection racket".

It is not the federal government's lawful job to invent laws that the states have to follow.  The states are to make their laws and those laws cannot violate the ORIGINAL State Constitutions and the COMMON LAW, which was founded upon the Laws of the Bible, which constitute the Supreme Law of the Land.

Furthermore, according to the Law, a woman cannot lawfully be elected president.  Therefore, why would anyone think that Hillary will not continue to violate the law, when she violates the law even running for or possibly holding the office of president (and she is guilty of racketeering and grand theft in robbing her supporters of hundreds of millions of dollars--and the taxpayers of matching funds--for her running for an office she cannot lawfully hold--and she has funneled part of that money to her friends for "jobs" in the campaign, and she has certainly used a % for herself, and she gets to lawfully keep a certain %... and it is all a crime... and in light of her utter regard for the truth and rule of law in her entire career, how can ANY MORAL PERSON vote for her, knowing she will continue to commit crimes and murder people and ruin lives?

All of Obama's "czar" offices need to be closed forever.  This is not supposed to be a communist nation in which czars are appointed by a DICTATOR, but a REPUBLIC in which the people elect their PUBLIC SERVANTS (not "rulers").

The Supreme Court should be wiped clean and start over with those who understand the US Constitution and SWEAR to preserve it, and any time that any Congressman or Supreme Court member violates the Constitution he needs to be tried for treason and executed if found guilty.  There is too much at stake: FREEDOM, CIVILIZATION, our ENTIRE LIVES to entrust it to CROOKS.  ALL politicians should be forced to take monthly drug tests and submit to lie detector test and sodium pantethol or other "truth serum" to make sure they have not done anything unconstitutional / treasonous / conflict of interest / shady, etc.--in light of what the US Constitution as originally passed established--not modern ideas about it.

Robert Alan Balaicius