You're Under "Ar-rest" Room and Gender Perversion

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This is the STUPIDEST "law"... but what do we expect from a corrupt subversive, treasonous "government" that IMPORTS MILLIONS of illegal aliens FOR ANY REASON, let alone not even doing competent background checks.  All of Al-Quada and all of Osama bin Laden's family could be here already, calling themselves "syrian refugees" even as this pervert below calls himself a woman.


WHY DO THE RIGHTS OF EVERYONE ELSE EVAPORATE in the face of the rights of a perverse, mentally deranged minority?


I certainly DO NOT agree with transgender perverts, but if an immoral law is going to be passed to let them use the bathroom of their choice, that choice of what their gender is cannot change immediately before they enter and immediately before they exit.  Also, there must be proof... and if the pervertson is lying, there should be a $25,000 fine to go toward a victim fund... and the person put into a sex offender data base, and serve a year in Sheriff Joe's tent city doing labor and wear a pink jumpsuit.

if an immoral law is going to be enacted, it needs to at least have the semblance of law.  Nothing this administration does has even the semblance of law (it is all executive decrees, a feckless congress TREASONOUSLY passing laws before they even read them, and a renegade TREASONOUS Supreme that follows Obama's cue and does whatever it likes regardless of having no authority to do such)-- at least as regards perverts and aliens.  It is a free for all, no holds barred.  Of course, the American citizens are put in a straight jacket and gagged and are strapped with ankle shackles.  Seems fair.  Huh?


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