A classic being considered for printing in paperback—— Sharon Turner - History of the Anglo-Saxons

If anyone would be interested in this 2-volume paperback set contact me; because I will only invest the time and money to prepare and print it if enough are interested.  This will require hundreds of hours to scan* and be     costly to print

* unless someone can help with someone who is computer savvy.  I have a copy of the files on a tape drive backup tape from years ago (as I do print it in plastic comb-bound).  However, the tape de-spooled.  The info is all there if someone knows how to re-spool it and transfer the data to a thumb drive for me. That would save hundreds of hours.  please contact me if you can help.  Thanks, Robert.

The History of the Anglo-Saxons


by Sharon Turner

(he was a London attorney who set out to answer the question of whence the Anglo-Saxons originated and in doing so he established himself as the foremost authority on the topic)

complete set in 2 volumes, 1,284pp. total,

projected 80.00 retail for the 2-volume paperback set + P&H.

Excellent Book! —the classic / definitive work on the topic.