Contact Information and Postage & Handling

Sacred Truth Publishing and Ministries may be contacted by email at:


Important Note: If sending a tithe / freewill offering / general donation

through paypal, you can use either of the above email

addresses, but do not follow the paypal button link here at

this site, since it does not offer the "send money to friends & family" option

and if you don't choose that option, paypal will take a % of your donation

on this end.


Also, if sending a donation for books ordered outside the U.S., though it may be inconvenient, send 2 paypals.  1. for the books and 2. for the P&H; otherwise, paypal will take a % of the P&H cost which then causes us to lose money, since the post office makes all the money off the P&H cost.


[Put (copy and paste)

"book query"

as the subject of the email in case it goes to the spam folder.]


If you appreciate the information (health or otherwise) contained at this site, please inform your friends/family about our site, and email us a short note and let us know you appreciate the info contained herein; it takes a great amount of time—even longer with dial up—to produce all this, and of course it is always nice to know it is not wasted time).  Also consider becoming a supporter and/or also pray for us.  Thank you.  Robert


Note also, this site is not set up with a shopping cart or basket. 

- If you want to order, and are unsure of the total or shipping cost, email us directly concerning the titles you would like to order (copy and paste into your email) and we will give you a total including shipping (include your address) and you can then send a paypal. 

- Or, if you can figure it out on your own, simple send the paypal and then email us the order.


or you can send in your order/donation by regular mail addressed to:

Sacred Truth Ministries

P.O. Box 18,

Mountain City, Tennessee 37683

Christian Constitutional Republic of the United States of America 



Postage & Handling



All orders will be shipped "Library Rate" unless other arrangements are made (usually Library Rate only takes a week or so anywhere within the Continental U.S.).

P&H for orders in the U.S. via Book Rate 

= 10% [4.00 minimum]


For Priority shipping or UPS shipping e-mail for quote.





Shipping rates outside the U.S. are as follows: 


Outside U.S.: P&H:

Priority Mail International estimated delivery time is 6-10 days (nonpadded flat mailer; cannot exceed 4 lbs.; about 1100 page max. of regular size paperback books or about 200pp. 8.5x11 material—but no room for any packing material; may be some room for padding if only 600pp. of regular sized books are ordered. Books may get a little dinged up in these.)

 The corrupt postal "service" recently raised its rates outside the U.S. (after having already raised them once and done away with all surface mail) because there was no competition or the competition's price was significantly higher; they continually raise cost and lower service yet the salaries, pensions, and benefits remain the same for the CEOs and those they funnel money to (like $700,000 or so to the developer of the Elvis stamp--it's the U.S. Postal SERVICE, not the art museum)


Note: these are flat rate priority, the evelope is the same price whether it has 1 book in it or as much as can be stuffed into it not exceeding 4 lbs. in weight.  Likewise for both boxes, the price of either box as listed below does not change whether there is one book in the box or it is stuffed to capacity not exceeding 20 lbs. weight.  Thus, it behooves you to order as much as will max out the capacity to get the best shipping value.  I will take the extra time to let you know how much more may fit in a box so you can get the best value.  When a box is maxed out like that, however, there is often little, if any, room for padding material to protect the books from getting a little banged on the corners.  I will always do the best I can.  Of course if there is a lot of room in the package, I will pad it sufficiently.  Therefore, if you have a proposed order, email me directly and I will work with you to try and fill the package in a manner that offers you the most efficient ordering for the outrageous post office shipping prices.  Robert



Priority Flat-Rate Envelope = 23.00.

Medium-size Priority Flat-Rate Box (2-3 days) = 46.00.

Large-size Priority Flat-Rate Box = 61.00.


[packages disappear to South Africa, or sometimes take 5 months even though it is supposed to be 10 days.  South Africans assume all risk in ordering.  Packages cannot even be insured to South Africa.  What does that tell you about the postal baboons in SA?]

U.K.- Great Britain / Europe / South Africa / Australia / New Zealand:

Priority Flat-Rate Envelope = 27.50.

Medium-size Priority Flat-Rate Box = 67.50.

Large-size Priority Flat-Rate Box = 87.50.



You assume all risk ordering any books your gov’t may ban.


Our apologies for the high cost of shipping, however, incompetence and corruption does not complement a true free market system and thus, prices will always be unreasonable as long as the wicked rule.