—“I know a good one” — Colorblindness, Brainwashing, and the Theft of a Continent

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[This Rumination is from an email I sent out in April 12, 2016, but must never have gotten online.]


The above article has some merit.  Here are some of my thoughts:

While the majority, who have been brainwashed from youth to think right is wrong and wrong is right, will not appreciate these thoughts, when you have taken a wrong turn and are utterly lost (and in dangerous “terroritory”) only a fool maintains that he knows where he is going and everything is just as it should be.  Civilization has taken too many left turns and is on the road to Hell.  Only a brainwashed fool continues to parrot the mindless rhetoric and think that this “wonderful experiment” has produced the long-sought Philosopher’s Stone rather than blown up in our faces (which is all that it could do since it is in direct violation of the Word of God).

“I know a good one” (that is, “I know a ‘good’ black”—so that makes reality somehow different).  This is actually the corrupt response of a godless hedonist and also the majority of mainstream “Christians” who are actually humanists, whose “religion” is experientially based and not revelationally based.  Most Christians think that what the Creator of the universe decreed is irrevelevant, if their “experience” (whatever percentage of the time) gives them a “good feeling”, or if they think that it is “okay” because it “works” for them or if they are of a different mindset than God.  God commanded separation.  He set the bounds of the nations. He did not make all the same and all do not have a common origin.  Those who believe otherwise have been duped by communist evolution to some degree or another, even in their theology and historiography.  Most “Christians” could care less what God commanded, and those few who have a semi-operating conscience, to appease it, will invent some false theology that God “changed” and that He “changed” what He decreed and that after the cross “everything changed”, etc. — and their “doctrine” to support this is a disjointed, psychotic “funhouse”, not fitly framed.  Regardless of what the exact issue is (race, gender, diet, Sabbath, etc.) “situation ethics” and what “feels good”* or what “makes sense”* is the real god, which means man himself (humanism) is the real god—but he offers token recognition of the real God out of some traditional folkway or fearful superstition.

[* —to a carnal, humanistic mind that thinks that God has no right to impose His Ideas on man and that God, that “old fuddy-duddy”, needs to realize that He has to “keep up with the times” and this is 2016 and not 2,500 b.c. so God is not Omniscient and lacks foresight and did not realize the laws of the universe would “change” to suit sinful man’s modern reality.  However, this position is anti-intellectual (the only way it can be maintained is to not to think too deeply and to not scrutinize the notion to see if it is logically sustainable.  If reality and morality and the Word that God wrote 4,000 years ago is based upon what “feels good” or “makes sense” then the Bible and True Religion is reduced to Hinduism, because that “reality” and “standard” will be different for each of the billions of persons who creates his god in his own mind, after each individual’s own likeness and image.  All morality and true religion then is in a constant state of flux and nothing is an unchanging standard or dependable or holy.  This false doctrine was injected into Christendom to knock Christians off balance, destroy their faith in the Word of God, trick them into sin (so that God will not hear their prayers or bless or deliver), and to weaken society so society could then be controlled by something even more sinister: a Satanic oligarchy ruling by totalitarian communism, pass off as a “democracy” (subverting us from the Christian Constitutional Republic that our Founders established).  Once the Shepherd has been replaced, it is easy to re-direct the sheep by the “new shepherd” as long as he has a good supply of tasty food!  Give them what they want, they will follow anyone anywhere.  Once people have been fooled into giving up their rights and accepting “privileges”, those privileges can be regulated out of existence before the entire flock can realize that it is hopelessly trapped.  The “benefactors” then reveal themselves as taskmasters, oppressors, and jailors.]

The look on the face of “the monkey in the middle” really says it all... whites are supposed to grovel and just be grateful a black will “let them” be their friend, while what he gives in return is intolerant, and unappeasable contempt (while continuing to play the violin solo of “poor persectued me” that the Zionists have taught him so well to capitalize upon).  The whites are supposed to pretend to enjoy his company (and the girl is Hispanic, not white) and laugh and be buddy buddy, but all the black can do (because of the Marxist brainwashing of his own tribe and the Jews) is have a perpetual chip on his shoulder because of slavery 200 years ago and because the white man has “kept him down”.  This, despite the fact that white man has spent trillions of dollars (in a mere 75 years or so since so-called “Civil Rights” for freed slaves—which was enacted to supplant Constitutional Rights of true citizens) trying to show the blacks in the U.S. how to be civilized and make something of their lives; but it is never enough because they cannot be civilized (though of course some can rise above the herd, exceptions do not invalidate the rule and cannot change what God decreed).  You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.  Welfare and theft are a way of life for the majority.

[Move back to Africa and you will after a very short time be begging to be allowed to come back to “racist America” and you will be thanking God that your ancestors were slaves!  If you don’t think so—PROVE IT!  What’s stopping you from leaving other than a myriad of impotent excuses?  The fact remains, blacks act the very same way regardless of what nation foolish enough to allow them to enter.  The people of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, etc., never owned slaves, so what is the excuse of the blacks for their rapacity and violence and living on welfare in those nations?  They had the “energy” and “intelligence” to move all the way from Africa (without being taken captive as slaves) to Europe, why when they get there do they live on welfare and commit crime?  The nature cannot be changed.  That is why.  And like stupid parrots, they repeat what they hear and then even accuse the Germans as being Nazis.  I may be out of touch, but I don’t remember any modern propaganda of the Nazis gassing 6 million blacks, so that really is a smokescreen.  If there was even a single nation that blacks have moved to en masse, in which those blacks then lived honorable lives, respectful of their host nation, then maybe reality could be questioned.  But they are the same no matter where they move.  Even the Chinese confess the same thing about blacks who move to their nation.  Holding up a handful of individuals in the U.S. (most of whom are not black, but part white*) who live honestly and are successful is not the litmus test of the race.

* —and thus is revealed the true agenda.  The only way they can be improved is by “breeding up”, which destroys the host nation (which is a hate crime) and violates the Law of God, and which then dispossesses the host nation of its continent, wealth, and achievements, as well as being genocide against them.  Brainwashing in the godless schools and subverted “Christian” schools and churches is the means by which whites willingly acquiesce to sacrificing their own lives so that blacks (or other races) can breed up and dispossess us.  This is a blasphemous perversion of the Gospel.  Christ said that the Good Shepherd lays His Life down for the sheep! and we are to emulate Him and lay down our lives (in various ways, when necessary) for our BRETHREN (under specific circumstances and never in violation of the Law of God).  Christ commanded us to not give that which is holy to the dogs and not cast pearls before swine lest they destroy us.  The Good Shepherd did not lay down His Life for the dogs or pigs and neither should we.  The Master will not be pleased when He returns and finds a remnant of His children under the table while the majority of His children are breeding with the dogs on top of the table!  But that is the Antichrist Doctrine that most “churches” are spewing.]

Blacks love to ignore reality, that is, their lives would have been 100x more of a real hell had their ancestors not been sold by their own chieftains to Jewish slave traders and purchased by Christian whites who gave them a better life than 99% of their own people “free” back in Africa would experience for 100 years.  Even today, they rape and murder and rob each other in Africa, use the beach as a communal toilet and live in filth and stench and ignorance and immorality, and that is supposedly the white man’s fault too.  How could that be our fault?  The only way it could be is for not taking THEM ALL as slaves, to teach them civilization (which cannot be maintained once they are “freed”; they revert back to nature).  

[See: A South-Side View of Slavery (1855) Rev. Nehemiah Adams (northern minister’s assessment after visiting the South), 220pp., pb., 16.00 + P&H.]

The majority of blacks here in the U.S. today did not descend exclusively from ancestors here at the time of slavery, but have moved here (of their own free will) since then or intermarried with the smaller population of those who were already here.  The U.S. only purchased 3% of the world’s slave trade (blacks, Arabs, Jews, and Turks dominated the slave trade for THOUSANDS of years and then the Spaniards* got involved in the trade)—and we get blamed for 100%; and only 3% of whites in the U.S. South owned slaves (for the most part, for less than 100 years*)—yet EVERY white person 150 years later is supposedly GUILTY!  

[* The first African slaves (about 19 of them) were brought to James town in 1619 by Dutch merchants who liberated them from a Spanish slave ship.  However, it would not be for 150 years until the slaves would be imported in large numbers and until the 18th century slaves were difficult to obtain in the colonies that became the United States.  African slavery ended with the ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865.  The data concerning how many slaves were brought to the U.S. (and how many died en route) is highly conflicting.  

See: http://www.americanabolitionists.com/fact-sheet.html

Many other sources exaggerate and fabricate data.  The average price of a slave was $1,200-1,800 (in today’s currency, $90,000-135,000), a commodity the average American certainly could not afford.  Less than 5% of the 8 million Southernors owned slaves.  In 1860 there were just under 4 million slaves in the whole U.S.  Only about 400,000 appear to have been brought as slaves; the rest reproduced.  Little, of course, is ever said of the Spaniards and Hispanics / Latinos and Portuguese, in central and South America and the Caribbean, who received 24 x the number of slaves that the U.S. received...!]

Regardless, all whites are guilty.  All Hispanics are blameless.  Blacks are blameless.  Turks are blameless.  Arabs are blameless.

Similarly, EVERY GERMAN is considered to be GUILTY because of what Hitler and his cabinet supposedly did 70 years earlier.  

By the same illogic, every black person is guilty because 35% (or whatever is the real number) of blacks in the U.S. commit crimes.  

The pendulum swings both ways; if it does not, that is a clear sign of corruption.

[By the way: None of my ancestors were Southerners (all from southeastern Pennsylvania and the older Pennsylvania Dutch farming communities and cities)—and over 3/4 of my ancestors were not even in the U.S. at the time of slavery—and half or more of them were Mennonites (and some Quakers) who opposed slavery!  How can I be “guilty”...?  Yet before blacks mug or rob or rape or murder, do they ask a white person when his ancestors came to the U.S.? or if his ancestors were Northerners or Southerners during the time of slavery?  No.  All white people are simply attacked.  And yet they complain about the police “racially profiling” criminals...!  Do the blacks target and accuse the Jews for being the slave traders, ship owners, and ship captains?  See: Who Brought The Slaves To America?, 30pp., 3.00 + P&H; or the more in-depth: The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, by Nation of Islam, Volume 1, 334pp., pb.; Volume 2, 512pp., pb.; Volume 3, 536pp. (the last volume focuses entirely on The Unsolved Mystery of the Leo Frank Case of 1913-1915.), 20.00 each + P&H.  All titles mentioned in Ruminations are in stock.  Do the blacks target and accuse the Latinos, Portuguese, Turks, and Arabs?  Do the blacks blame their own people for both selling blacks into slavery, or being slave traders themselves?  Blacks in all of Africa, like the Indians of North, Central, and South America, for millennia preyed on smaller and weaker tribes of their own people, killed, tortured, ate, and enslaved the rest.  American Indians also owned and sold hundreds of thousands of blacks as slaves.  Do the blacks target and accuse the American Indians?  The real issue: Whites have prosperous nations of their own, deep pockets, and an overactive conscience easily guilt tripped after generations of Marxist brainwashing.  The blacks can’t get reparations from themselves.  They won’t get any from the Jews, Arabs, Turks, Latinos, or Portuguese, who were responsible for 97% of the slave trade for 97% of history, so that leaves only one people: the least guilty of all.  It should also be noted that the vast majority of whites in the U.S. who owned slaves treated their slaves better than blacks have treated each other in Africa for millennia.  It should also be noted that there were free blacks in the U.S. who owned large plantations and large numbers of black slaves.  It should also be noted that in Spielberg’s tear-jerker propaganda movie Amistad, the rest of the story for some reason was left out of the movie: The hero black slave of the movie who finally earns his freedom, in real life, went back to Africa and became a slave trader himself, selling his own black people into slavery.  My oh my!  I am surprised that they have not made a heart-warming Hallmark card out of that!]

When dealing with irrational, illogical, emotional, hateful, violent people, truth is usually the first casualty.  We are blamed for the very small percentage of blacks that were brought here as slaves 200 years ago—and we are also blamed for the profound failure of all the ones still in Africa who were never brought here as slaves, in addition to being blamed for the possibly 50 million blacks or coloreds here in the U.S. who are also, mostly, failures (over 1 million are in prison, but due to overcrowding, many have early, unwarranted release and only about 1 in 500 criminals actually ends up in prison for each crime); at least 11 million blacks* are on public assistance.

[* 18 million Hispanics are on public assistance.  The official statistics say that 24 million whites are on public assistance, but 90% or more of those are actually mixed breeds (as well as many Hispanics, Iraqis, Iranians, Armenians, American Indians, and others) who like to think of themselves as white—there are barely 24 million whites left in the U.S. and believe me they are not on welfare).  60 million people on public assistance (not counting social security or medicare/medicade, etc., which hides a lot of the same people who never paid into Social Security yet collect, even as early releases hide the real number of criminals) cost the U.S. taxpayers $370 billion a year.  Those on welfare have more children than those not on welfare.  “Single” mothers have more children than married women.]

There are 108 all black colleges in the US. no all-white ones.  Who funds those all-black colleges? how far have the academic requirements for degrees been lowered? who funds the scholarships and grants of all nonwhites in all colleges in the U.S.?  Judge George Armstrong wanted to establish an all-white college 1950 and was castigated by the antichrist socialists for it even then!

[See: The Truth About My Alleged $50,000,000 Donation, 21pp., 2.00 + P&H.]

Ivy League and Christian colleges, 30 years ago, had to start implementing remedial English and math courses because incoming freshmen (read “nonwhite”) could not write simple sentences, perform simple math, or even fill out the application.  White girls soon began being impregnated by blacks on the sports teams.  In their lust to be like the world, the Christian colleges have become like the world; to their eternal shame—and they have helped destroy Christendom and the Christian faith by violating what Christ commanded: love not the world; give not that which is holy to the dogs; cast not pearls before swine.  Reportedly Bill Gates and also Oprah Winfrey established billions of dollars of scholarships exclusively for nonwhites.  The United Negro College Fund and Thurgood Marshall Foundation have gotten away with blatant racist discrimination for far longer.   See also: https://www.iflscience.com/physics/astronomer-uses-3-million-prize-to-st...
Stephen Girard (1750-1831), founder of Girard Bank and Girard College* (1811) of Philadelphia (1848), a French immigrant who started with nothing became the richest man in America.  At the time of his death he was worth $7.5 million (1/150th of the entire U.S. GNP); which is about $540 million in today’s worthless currency.  At the end of the War of 1812 he underwrote (purchased) up to 95% of the entire US war debt and never asked for it to be repaid.  He personally helped treat the sick in the highly contageous and deadly yellow fever outbreak of 1793.  He set up a scholarship fund and a school (which became Girard College) exclusively for poor white orphan boys of Philadelphia; it is a 5-day a week room and board college preparatory school, grades 1-12 on a 43-acre campus in Philadelphia.  It spends about $63,000 / year per student.  It is the oldest public high school in the U.S. (the second is Central High, also in Philadelphia, which also was initially for boys only (from which my dad graduated); they gave qualifying students (like my father) a general bachellor’s degree upon graduation from high school).

[* acquired by Mellon Bank (1983) and by Citizens Bank (2003).]

The school was built with amazing examples of American Greek Revival architecture (which are also found throughout Philadelphia).  The college held a national competition to find an architect, and the winner was Thomas Ustick Walter (1804-1887).  He later designed the dome of the U. S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. and was assistant architect for the City Hall* building in Philadelphia, and was a founding member of the American Institute of Architects.

[* —another amazing building.  See: The Trial of William Penn (1852) [from Samuel M. Janey’s, “The Life of William Penn,”] 31pp., plus 30 pages of “A Tribute to William Penn” [a cousin of mine] + 21 illustrations added by RAB; 5.00 + P&H.]


Founder’s Hall (1897) Girard College

[The original class room, which was under construction from 1833-1847, which has 3 floors with 14,000 square feet each.]

It was ordered to desegregate (or is that disintegrate?) in 1954.  In the 1960s some negroes took the College to court and in violation of all valid law, the corrupt court overturned the historic scholarship established by legal will to include blacks or anyone.  The first 4 negroes were enrolled in 1968.  In 2009 the college had its first woman and first negro president (who lasted only 3 years, resigning).  The current president is black.  Today the largest ethnic group of the 563 students at Girard College is Black (94.1%).  This is followed by Hispanic (4.3 %), Asian (0.9 %) and White (0.7 %).

[ http://www.usaschoolinfo.com/school/girard-college-philadelphia-pennsylv... ]

This is a hate crime!  Stephen Girard’s wealth has been stolen and given to aliens.
Some personal stories:

27 years ago I worked with a Christian friend for a Christian boss framing and sheeting high-end residential houses in Washinton D.C. / Maryland.  At 2 different times, we had a black “grunt” on the crew.  They were treated with kindness and respect, yet I don’t remember either of them lasting a week.  Many, it seems, get a paycheck, get drunk, and don’t come back until they are out of money, and the employer just tells them, “You didn’t show up for work, you didn’t call, we hired someone else, we don’t need you any more”.  This of course is not the case with every black; but it was with those who worked on my crews.

[I know someone, a very dear friend of mine, who had to work at a popular fast-food chain in the ghetto (about 20 years ago) in a major city in a northern state, and many blacks that worked there were ordered to work there as terms of their parole; and they would steal everything that they could (one tried to sneak out of the store with a 10-pound cheese in his pants*) and they had to lock up all the drink cups and french fry boxes when they had the “peel and win” promotionals.  Those on their day off would come in and say openly to their homeys, “I’m going over to Rite-Aid to steal some shit, want anything?”   My friend informed me that periodically the health department would call them on the phone on Monday and say, “There is going to be a ‘suprise’ inspection on Thursday”.  Without that, they could never pass the inspection.  So, health safety in a known-risk store is thrown under the bus to prevent accusations of “racism”, if black restaurants in the ghetto cannot pass health inspection.

{Why do you think they wear baggy pants...?  See:


When I went to high school in N. Miami, Florida, in late 1970s, one of the teachers told the story how he had been employed in security at a well-known department chain and they approached a large black woman in a dress who was walking very suspiciously toward the exit at the front of the store.  Upon investigation, she was trying to waddle out of the store with a typewriter between her knees.  Modernly, most stores do not even attempt to approach nonwhite shoplifters, for fear of lawsuits for “racism”, so they simply write it off on their taxes and raise prices—and we pay for it one way or the other.  In a more-recent Rumination [Spreading Evil—WHAT will YOU do about it...? Problem + God's SOLUTION = Deliverance], I offer a link to an article by Frosty Wooldridge who offers many statistics, one of them being that shoplifting in the U.S. costs taxpayers $52 billion / year!}

My friend who had to work at the fast food chain in the ghetto said that many of the employees would not show up for work (until they were called at home and informed that if they were not at work in 30 minutes a call would be placed to their parole officer).  When they did come to work, they did relatively little (in between smoke breaks), trying to get fired so that they could then collect unemployment.  They would also touch her hair and skin like they had never seen a white girl before, and say to others in their tribe, “Come and feel her skin / hair”.  All the time she would see blacks at Wal-mart or grocery stores just walk down the isle, open a bag of chips, eat a handful, put it back; open a bag of cookies, eat a few, put it back... all through the store; the only way such companies can stay in business is writing it off and raising prices, robbing the taxpayers / customers.]

When a black was working for us on the framing crew, one day he needed a ride home.  When my friend asked if I could take him to his neighborhood, since I was the only one going in that direction, I was not happy about it (and my friend realized it).  I said, “Sure”, without making a fuss.  The guy went to step into my car with his lit cigarette.  I called to him and stopped him abruptly before he got in and I said firmly “No smoking”.  He took a long drag, threw the cigarette out, got in, closed the door, and THEN blew the smoke out into the car.  Right then and there I almost said “OUT”.  I don’t know if it was general stupidity or contempt.  I find it hard to believe that he was really that stupid, because he would try to impress us all day with ideas he had, and talk about things that revealed that he did pick up knowledge in various areas.  Regardles, I explained in rational terms that the purpose of my saying “No smoking” was due to the SMOKE.  He seemed non-plussed.

As I drove along the beltway, out of nowhere he began to talk about how the white man was keeping the black man down...  I calmly pulled over to the emergency pull off lane, put the car in park, looked him in the eye as serious as a heart attack and said, “I don’t want to hear your militant black crap.  One more word and you can walk home”.  He didn’t say a word the rest of the way, and I never saw him at work again.  Sometimes I think they say and do things just to test people—and if whites simply ignore it or cower, they then get bolder; both in little ways of domineering like those I mentioned, as well as in actual crime.

THAT is why things are as they are.  People need to stand up and tell them to shut up or go back to Africa where their black brothers won’t acknowledge their special “rights” or give them welfare, but slit their throats or chop them up with a machete or give them a bullet in the back of the head.  That is blatant, of course, but that is reality—and that is why they don’t want to go back to Africa, and that is why the few who better themselves here in the U.S. want to move into white neighborhoods: to get away from their own people.  However, by playing the race card and the equality game, rather than being content to be a second-class citizen in a safe, white neighborhood, they have to become militant and demand “equality” and “rights”—by which, without realizing it, they scuttle their own ship: for by being conned into that manipulative game, they then help to turn that nice white neighborhood into a black neighborood and then they have to try to find somewhere whiter and safer to move (and they may even lose the value of their house if they themselves did not move out as soon as the neighborhood began to more resemble the jungle than civilization).  Parasites are mindless.  They don’t think about where their next meal will come from when they feed off the last host to the point of extinction.  The reality is, they will then parasitize each other.  However, now they are purposely destroying every white community in the U.S., and every nation of Christendom, so there is nowhere left to move.  Somehow, it will be our fault when there are no nice white neighborhoods for the aspiring blacks to move to.

Now, certainly not all blacks are guilty of things like I have mentioned herein... HOWEVER—when they SIDE WITH BLACKS concerning issues of “racism” (IN OUR COUNTRY) and do not DENOUNCE and help EXPOSE their tribesmen for their immorality, their drugs, their violence, their rapes, murders, vandalism, not paying attention and learning in school, not being industrious instead of just hanging out on the street, playing ball, and getting into trouble, for their theft, for having MILLIONS of babies out of wedlock that the taxpayers pay for, which are then raised on the streets in gangs—then they themselves share in the guilt of those blacks who actually do commit such things...! and they share in the guilt of helping destroy our nation.

How many blacks stand up and say it is wrong for there to be 108 all-black colleges funded by white people?  How many blacks say it is wrong for blacks to tell white students and teachers they cannot come to class in their own college on special “No White People” days?  How many “good ones” are there, if they never stand up to such evil?  You reap what you sow.


Unrelated, additional thoughts:

When I worked hardwood floors in S. Fla., some of the additives they would add to the stains and finish said right there on the can, “prolonged inhalation can result in kidney failure, brain dysfunction, and death”.  One day I was doing a stain job with my boss after sanding, we just put our arms up to our elbows in the 5-gallon buckets of stain.  Within a minute my arms starting tingling painfully.  I said, “I can’t do this”, and had to wash it off with soap and water.  He gave me a pair of gloves, but the stain dissolved the gloves and was leaving color on the floor (we were on our hands and knees applying it by hand).  He had to finish the job himself.  He wasn’t happy about it.  I doubt he lived very long if he did that frequently.  Some jobs we had to use respirator masks (due to either bleach, stain, or polyurethane, etc.) and also open all windows and make sure the electric and all pilot lights were off (since the polyurethane and stains could possibly flash and explode once the air was saturated).

One time here in Mountain City when getting some work done on his vehicle my dad saw the mechanics putting their hands into the cleaning bath to wash some parts.  My dad went over and read what the chemical barrel said about its ingredients.  My dad said, “Do you know what you are dipping your hands in?  The main ingredient of this is the same chemical that they used in Viet Nam called ‘Agent Orange’.  It will kill you if you keep exposing yourself to it.  Wear gloves if you have to, but don’t ever let it touch your skin: It is absorbed into your bloodstream and will destroy your liver.  And don’t inhale the fumes”.  Most any petroleum substance, solvent, gas, diesel, etc., will also be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and destroy the liver and brain eventually; and the fumes are also carcinogenic or organ destroying.  When in my first year of Bible College in upstate New York, I worked clean-up in the college garage, after working there one day on work duty they requested me especially to work there each work day (3 days a week) as I could think, anticipate, ask questions, see what needed to be done, and stay busy, without being told.  They had a chemical bath there also, and I cleaned parts a few times; I imagine it was the same poison, but thankfully I did not do it but a time or two.  Maybe the newer chemicals are “safer” and not as toxic, but all chemicals should be avoided at all times, if you don’t want cancer or brain or liver damage later in life.  My public service anouncment.