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About Sacred Truth Publishing and Ministries


[There is ONLY ONE TRUE Sacred Truth Ministries and Publishing
That founded by Robert Alan Balaicius in 1990 and active full-time (90 hours a week) ever since.
Other so-called “Christian” “ministries” using the same name
are guilty of “bearing false witness” and “stealing”, by using a name already in existence, which a simple web search would have revealed. 
How then can anything they say be trusted if they have no Christian character or integrity in the choosing of “their” name?
—or if they refuse to even respond or change the name once it was brought to their attention...?]
If EVERYONE reading this site left comments AT EVERY IMPORTANT SITE they visited... pointing people in this direction... influence would grow by the millions. 
It is best not to give the actual web address, because some sites, like Youtube, will mindlessly by computer program delete the entire comment, not merely the web address. 
It only takes a few minutes. 
Those who think that they don't have time, lie to themselves, and prove they don't really care about the truth, our people, Christendom, civilization. 
God commands all to be a light in the darkness.  All cannot write and produce all that I do — but every single person can tell others!
When in the face of evil Christians do nothing —they deny Christ Jesus; and shall be denied of Him.
Confessing or denying Christ Jesus is not merely assenting that you know His Name or kinda like Him: It is standing up for what Christ Jesus would have stood up for, and it is speaking out as He would have spoken out.
If everyone reading this site supported this ministry as God commands, and ordered books to support this ministry, to learn, and to have tools to evangelize others, influence would grow and our people would begin waking up.  As I have written for decades: Why should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate?  If Christians do not support those doing the work, if they do not truly educate themselves (ordering books, not merely grazing in my pasture for free), if they do not tell others on a regular basis (as most do about a new coffee shop, restaurant, movie, song — anything), if they do not hate evil as God commanded, and pray imprecatory prayers EACH TIME they see evil flaunting itself and flourishing... — such "Christians" DESERVE JUDGMENT.  You reap what you sow.  The curse causeless shall not come.




Sacred Truth Ministries and Publishing


Convictem — Illuminare — Inspiro — Reconcilio


“...build up the ancient ruins... raise up the foundations of generations past... and thou shalt be called the Repairer of the breach, the Restorer of the safe and prosperous paths of life...”

(Isaiah 58:12)

(emphatic paraphrase)



[Please order books directly from here via email; not from Amazon, ABE, Alibris, Ebay, etc.]

 Note: Only a fraction of the many books we offer and have reprinted are listed here.  It takes hundreds of hours to post all that is posted here.  Hardly anyone orders anything; no one who reads for free sends support (despite hundreds of articles and even booklets that I have posted for free, which have taken thousands of hours to write.  How many times would you work 20 or 200 hours for free?  Thus, time cannot be spent to list more, consolidate, refine, correct, update everything posted here, without interest or support.  I am Elijah preaching to a valley of dry bones.  Unless God brings life to them, all efforts are in vain.  Every tree is known by it’s fruit.  Only 1 out of 10 lepers even went back to thank Jesus for saving their lives, for giving them their lives back, for delivering them from incredible shame, pain, and misery.  What happened to the other 9?  I hope they had their leprosy return.  Shall a man rob God?  Shall a man rob God’s servant?  Do such words fall on deaf ears?  If they do, it is evidence that the reader is spiritually dead.

If there is a title you are looking for, email and ask, it is quite possible we have it but it is not listed.


 If you know of anyone else you believe may be interested in this or any other book listed at this site, please send them a link... thank you...

In 1990 Robert Alan Balaicius founded Sacred Truth Publishing and Ministries; author of over 100 books, publisher of over 1,000 rare, out-of-print titles.

     Robert Alan Balaicius* (the founder and director of STM) is of Lithuanian, German, Pennsylvania Dutch (Swiss, German & Dutch Mennonite), Norse, Gothic, Frankish, English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh descent.  He has been in full-time ministry since 1990.

* An easy way to remember how Balaicius is pronounced (at least, in English), is that it rhymes with the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi; thus Bala-KI-us (KI is a long i as in "sky").


Note: the heraldry at the right is not any official family coat of arms, but a coat of arms that I put together using the national symbols of Lithuania, in addition to the Bible and a flaming torch above it.  The motto (in Latin Lux Æterna — Veritas — Defensio at the top,  and in Lithuanian Amžinoji šviesa — Tiesa — Apgintis at the bottom) translates:

Eternal Light

Truth  —  Defense

     My catalog is so extensive that some people consider it part of their library; a vast bibliography.  Hardly anyone ever orders the catalog or books directly (most people sell their soul to convenience and order off Amazon, and give Antichrist organizations working to destroy Christendom the lion's share of the money, rather than supporting the author / publisher and ordering directly); thus, I cannot invest the 80 hours it would take to update the catalog (prices continually change; books go out of print, come into print); thus, the PDF of the full book catalog, available for download at this site, is the preferred form of the catalog, since it is greatly disorganized, you can easily find what you want via a one or two keyword search.


Ministry Services

- Reproduction of older, out of print, copyright expired works.

- Cover design (and development of "unofficial" coats of arms), posters, and other graphic arts.

- Layout, type-setting, editing, and publishing services.

- Biblical teaching / counselling.

[Inquire if interested in any of the above services.]