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I wrote this poem for a few final thoughts for my upcoming book (all I have left to complete is my new translation / interpretation of the ancient Anglo-Saxon poem, “The Wayfarer”; UPDATE: which I have now completed and the below book is available...








—Rare - Used - Damaged - Inventory Reduction - dinged books —UPDATED

I am posting this to see if anyone is interested.  Most people today seem to be too lazy and only interested in convenience and ordering off Amazon with a single click, instead of the laborious task of writing a check and putting a stamp on an envelope.  I hope those who read my website do not fall into this category, and hope people stop supporting antichrist antiamerican subversive megacorporations for convenience and begin supporting true ministries, authors, publishers, who do all the work.


—Going Ape Over Political, Academic, Journalistic, and Ecumenical “Monkeybusiness”: A Swiss Tale — My Tribute and Warning to and Prayer for Christendom (UPDATED)

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This is even more timely and apropos in light of the "caravan" of alien "refugees" ["invaders"] from Central America threatening to invade the U.S.


— Where have all the Christians gone? — When will Christians come out of the closet? — UPDATED

Where have all the Christians gone?

—When will Christians come out of the closet?

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In 1900, Europe was home to 70% of the world’s Christians. Today it’s less than 1%.  The U.S. and the U.K. (and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) and South Africa are following the same road to oblivion through perversion and apostacy and amalgamation (self-genocide) with the world. 

Who will hit rock bottom first is anyones guess.  The antichrist aliens are absorbing and consuming the peoples of Christendom to the point of extinction.  Christ said that unless the Father draw the final days of vengeance short, no flesh of the elect would survive.  It is about to that point.

“32Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I confess also before My Father which is in Heaven.  33But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in Heaven.” (Matthew 10)


After Christ comes back it will be too late for “Christians” to come out of the closet: for by being therein, they demonstrate that they are not His.

There is no pandemic... CDC FINALLY ADMITS....!!!!! (Updated) but what they have not admitted are the details of the CRIME

CDC admits less than 6% of covid death are due to covid, only a little over 9,000 people have died FROM covid in the US.  (Dying "with" a cold, a burn, a broken bone, a splinter, a hang-nail does not mean that you died FROM it.)


—because the US is populated by mindless drones and cowards...

Caveat Emptor: Italian Doctor Blows the Lid Off Covid-19 hoax and unmasks the plan to depopulate the earth with the vaccine (updated)

Pass this attached video and my comments below on to everyone you know... (and I listened to the audio and read the subtitles and know Italian well enough to know that he is not giving a recipe for lasagna; the subtitles are correct).  And this has not been the first notable Italian to denounce the socialistic mask, distancing, vaccine, unscholarly, unscientific disinformation and hysteria; there have been many, including politicians who spoke out in their parliament, and were booed by their...

Embrace Covid...! Praise Evolution and Pass the Pathogens...! — & awaiting the Perfect Storm (UPDATED)

It is truly amazing how utterly mindless and hypocritical are those who worship evolution (including most “Christians”, who either believe evolution outright, or who believe in a form of evolution in their polluted unbiblical notions of anthropology—most “Christians” are actually superstitious agnostics and atheists: if they truly believed in the God of the Bible they would not live as they do in violation of all He commanded and forbade; your god / lord is the one whom you obey). ...

Christendumb's Dilemma... Wake Up or Embrace Death !

People don’t want to do what is needed to actually fix the problem (like a thief who was caught: he does not regret committing the crime, he only regrets being caught, and he regrets the consequences).  This is rebellion against God and against reality.   It is self-masochism as well as sadism against the rest of Christendom.  There is only one way that works.  Our Forefathers established that way, upon the Law of God and having founded a nation for themselves and their posterity—...

Unmasking Stupidity and Evil—Soon there shall be a REAL Pestilence that will undo all of their fabrications, maneuvering, deceit, and lies

GOD send a REAL pestilence and cull a firstfruits of the wicked, the choicest of them, from top to bottom, and BLINDSIDE THEM in their communist charade and incapacitate them, leaving them stunned like a pigeon hit by a car... and undo all their plans to the point they drop like flies and all they can do is impotently attempt to cling to life... REWARD THEM for their arrogance and evil.


—The Blessing is the Curse. Surrealism is the New Reality. The Prison Bars are in Your Own Mind. Insanity is the New Sanity. Abnormality is the New Normalcy.

Why can savages assemble million-man marches, and fill buses full of “protestors” (“paid actors” / “paid savages”)...? while the backbone of this nation, white, Christian moral people do nothing?

Cowardice. Delusion. Greed. Complacency....