What is Income...? and Politicians / Judges responsible for the debt and carnage caused Americans by Third World Immigration (Invasion)

The information in this article is almost entirely invalid.  It merely exposes the corrupt government misinterpreting its own corrupt pseudo-law.  When you play a game that someone else claims to own, who can change the rules at any time (just like selling on Amazon), you are a fool.  The solution is to NOT play the game and realize that IT IS YOUR RIGHT to not play the game (unless, of course, you have been fooled into indebting yourself by avariciously taking benefits and taxpayer money to...

Two Books that Could Change America and Christendom if People Would But Read Them and Do What is Right

So-called “Christians” will get excited about a new restaurant and tell all their friends and family and neighbors, or a movie, or t.v. program, or new brand of underwear—but not about life-critical truth, books, information, and this website!  They will watch immoral savages who hate Christ Jesus and hate Christendom and who are actively destroying it every single day, they will watch them play with a ball (and fund their life of outrageous immorality and offensive insults against our...

20 New Booklets (Updated February 15, 2024)

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As of September 26, 2023, over 1,000 visitors [as of Dec. 11th, 2023, over 1,400] to this page and not a single order.  WHY do “Christians” visit pages about books of spiritual teaching if they have NO...

_RARE - New - Used - Damaged - Inventory Reduction - dinged books —UPDATED JUNE 5 2023

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I am posting this to see if anyone is interested.  Most people today seem to be too lazy and only interested in convenience and ordering off Amazon with a single click, instead of the laborious task of writing a check and putting a stamp on an envelope.  I hope those who read my website do not fall into this category, and hope people stop supporting antichrist antiamerican subversive...

—Going Ape Over Political, Academic, Journalistic, and Ecumenical “Monkeybusiness”: A Swiss Tale — My Tribute and Warning to and Prayer for Christendom (UPDATED)

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This is even more timely and apropos in light of the “caravan” of alien “refugees” [“invaders”] from Central America, and others since, “rape-fugees” from Central America, Africa, and the Middle East, threatening to invade the U.S.


— Where have all the Christians gone? — When will Christians come out of the closet? — UPDATED February 2023 - with many excellent Christian Music selections

Where have all the Christians gone?

—When will Christians come out of the closet?

?     ?     ?     ?     ?


In 1900, Europe was home to 70% of the world’s Christians. Today it’s less than 1%.  The U.S. and the U.K. (and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) and South Africa are following the same road to oblivion through perversion and apostacy and amalgamation (self-genocide) with the world. 

Who will hit rock bottom first is anyones guess.  The antichrist aliens are absorbing and consuming the peoples of Christendom to the point of extinction.  Christ said that unless the Father draw the final days of vengeance short, no flesh of the elect would survive.  It is about to that point.

“32Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I confess also before My Father which is in Heaven.  33But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in Heaven.” (Matthew 10)


After Christ comes back it will be too late for “Christians” to come out of the closet: for by being therein, they demonstrate that they are not His.

Solution for the Corrupt Elections in the U.S. and the hamstringing of the Communist-Demoncrap-Republishams

Solution for the Corrupt Elections in the U.S. and the hamstringing of the Communist-Demoncrap-Republishams

There are approximately 600 cities, counties, and states that are considered to be “sanctuaries” in the United States.  The phrase “Sanctuary City” is actually blasphemy against the Bible.