—“Red Elephants” CRASH “White Privilege” Seminar

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Someone emailed this link and said, “Great job Red Elephants”—but it was not a great job.  It was embarrassing and juvenile and ignorant.  I admire they had the courage to do what they did; but as the Bible says, “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge” (Proverbs 19:2—the one rare verse that the NIV actually does a good job on).  This has some bad language, but it is still very interesting how the Jews are exposed in the 30 minute video of this meeting.

Trump Supporters CRASH White Privilege Seminar



My comments:

The whites who crashed this event really need to study a little more to better express themselves... and they need to learn to think a little more clearly too.  They are very immature and their behaviour damages our reputation; furthermore, it only makes the aliens hate us more.  Lastly, it does not make any sense for the sheep to try to reason with the dogs or wolves.

Whites are NOT wealthier because there are more of us (we are actually now the minority).  This shows poor thinking skills (also demonstrated by poor vocabulary skills, in using the F-word, which shows poor education, poor upbringing, disrespect, and basically reveals that such white people who speak like that are little better than the nonwhites themselves).  Obviously the one person in this video does not understand the concept of the “average” or “mean”.  The issue is not one of total numbers, but percentage.  The Jews are actually the ones with the money, so why are they not holding “Jewish Privilege” DEPROGRAMMING seminars...?

The issue is, whites USED to be wealthier because WE FOUNDED the nation, we owned the land, we built the businesses.  Africans hispanics, orientals, etc. were foolishly imported for cheap labor.  The boss is usually wealthier than his employees (except when government public servants are involved, then the embezzle, write their own paychecks, and retire millionaires for having helped destroy the nation).  Why doesn’t anyone complain that the servants in Buckingham Palace don’t have as much money as the Royal Family?

Is there white privilege in an all black country? all oriental? arab? hispanic? Jewish? indian?  Who owns the land, businesses? who has “networking” ability, etc. in nonwhite nations?  So what is the issue?  Even in white nations we no longer have the network because we have already been dispossessed and aliens are given the privileges and “rights”.  Even the black woman who left the meeting, said that she is an administrator in 2 schools...!  Does she get 2 paychecks?  Do they children learn anything under her benevolent administration?

Hardly any whites are at this meeting other than the hecklers, who damaged their cause by being rude.  If asked why they have their faces covered, they should have said, “I was born a white male, but I believe I am a muslim woman”.

How this older white man who is giving the presentation can be selling his own race out is amazing... all this does is brainwash nonwhites into thinking that they have rights over us and that we are nothing.  Few whites are here to be brainwashed, mostly Jews... who clearly are not white.  Jews are not white; they intermarry with whites to breed up and hide the show of their countenance, but that does not make them white.

That is another issue.  Why do Jews want to be considered white if that is a bad thing?  Once the political winds fully shift, they will claim again that they are yellow or middle eastern, which they actually are.  No one mentions the fact that the only reason the majority of Jews in Christendom are considered white is because they have intermarried with whites.  Why don’t they stop that since being white is a “bad” thing?  They’ve also done it to inherit our wealth; as their Canaanite ancestors in Shechem did millennia earlier (Genesis 34:23,24).  So also have the robbed the aristocracy in Britain.

Why do Hispanics want to be considered “white” if that is a “bad” thing...?  They try to “milk privilege” until the political winds shift, then they will claim that they are brown or moca or beige.

Also, one of the guys and the girl with him, who was not masked, but who seems to be with these masked guys, is not even himself white, but looks part eastern indian or hispanic; yet the stupid whites act like he is white.
This is really amazing that the white man leading this brainwashing program was afraid or thought it improper for him to tell a nonwhite to please stop talking and to give someone else a chance to talk; and he, like a neutered puppy demured and asked another of the leaders who was nonwhite to address him.  Can he not see how useless and whipped he is?

It is amazing how they think that by “discussing” things that they solve anything, and it is amazing—the baboon mentality—that they clap and applaud over nothing, like elementary school children.  Very low IQ.  This is communism and communist brainwashing at its finest.  However, what is more alarming, if this is how they are attempted to “teach” adults—THIS IS HOW THEY ARE TEACHING THE CHILDREN IN ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

They talk about there being no white race just a social construct... then why do they all want into our construct!  If there is no such thing as a “white race”—HOW CAN ANYONE BE ACCUSED OF HAVING WHITE PRIVILEGE...?  How can any white be accused of a “hate crime”...?  This is communist stupidity at its finest.

Why do nonwhites always want to move into the white neighborhoods and businesses?  How can they if it is just a “social construct”.  Why don’t they “construct their own society”...?

How can they tell if someone is white if it is just a “construct”...?  Why are certain diseases proportionally over represented in some races and why is sickle cell anemia exclusive to blacks?  How could doctors or scientists have ever discovered that if race is just a “social construct”...?  Why have blacks called us “whitey”...?  Why do leftist liberals tell us we all need to be “color blind” if there is no such thing as different races and they are all only “social constructs”...?  Why don’t the nonwhites attempt to force their way into a community of baboons or gorillas and then just claim race is a “social construct” and all are “equal”...?  I’d pay to see that.  Rape a few female gorillas and see what happens.    WHAT FOOLS these liberals are.  This is socialist brainwashing below 4th grade level.  They repeat moronic notions as a baby babbling... and they expect that simply because they say it, that it is true; and if said often enough, everyone will just agree to unsubstatianted imperial decrees.  Their form of “teaching” is brainwashing or black magic.  They think that their words are magic; that just because they speak them everyone who challenged what they say will fall under their spell and agree with them.
About the reparations the white guy in charge says need to be made, ask him if he is willing to give his bank account, car, and home to a black family and go live and get a job in the ghetto.

The point is, if blacks had not been sold as slaves by their own chieftains... THEY WOULD STILL BE LIVING IN AFRICA where “life” is 10,000x WORSE and they should just be happy that they are not in Africa living among AFRICANS.  They actually were content until the Jews starting telling them about their “rights” and how “badly” they were being treated and “oppressed” and “exploited”.  They were treated far better than their own people in Africa would treat them.  The “hero” of the propaganda film Amistad, the poor black slave who won his freedom, once freed he became a slave trader and returned to Africa and sold his own black people into slavery!  Why was that not in the movie...?   The Jews did the same thing to destabilize South Africa.  The Irishman Sir Michael Davitt, Member of Parliament, personally viewed the Anglo-Boer War, resigned from Parliament in protest, and wrote The Boer Fight For Freedom* (1902).  He reported that the trouble with the blacks was stirred by English- and German-speaking Jews.  He wrote that the blacks were “so oppressed” that one black mine worker said that he had to read the morning paper each day to learn what his grievances were!  It was a Jew who started the NAACP and other leftist, activist organizations to stir the blacks up.  How many blacks sit on the Israeli Parliament?  How many blacks are judges in the State of Israeli?  Mayors?  School teachers?  Rabbis?  Professors?  Movie stars?  Singers?

[* c.600pp., plastic comb-bound, 35.00 + P&H.]

Why do they demand such diversity and “equality” in the lands of Christendom, but not in their own nation?  Why do the muslim nations not do the same?  As the Jews have expressed, “because we want a world of our own”.  One nation is not enough.  They want the whole earth and they will destabilize our nations in order to destroy us.  “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Our public servants are traitors and are people are cowardly fools for not trying them for their crimes and sentencing them accordingly—they have destroyed Christendom, and they gloat about it daily; and daily add insult to injury.

Reparations...? —part of the reason that the U.S. is $20 trillion in debt is because of all the handouts to blacks... their continually living on welfare and having a dozen illegitimate children and expecting the taxpayers to pay for it all.  Their crimes go largely unpunished... and when they are caught red-handed in a crime, “racism,” is their battle-cry / defense.

The ringleaders of this charade clearly show that they do not want to “discuss” anything.  They only want to INDOCTRINATE.  Those in the discussion who say anything contrary to what they want to INDOCTRINATE are booed, hissed, interrupted, and then false accusations made against them... the liberals / aliens claim that the whites or hispanics are being disrespectful, even though they interrupt the whites and hispanics when they try to speak.  They then make up their own rules saying they won’t take any questions from anyone wearing a mask.  Sounds like a page out of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.*  The pigs just make it up on the hoof and legislate double-standards laws, to their own benefit.

[* (1946) a classic; 114p., pb. 10.00 + P&H; ; DVD cartoon, 24.00; DVD 2-in-1, Animal Farm movie & Moby Dick 13.00 + P&H; skillfully reveals the duplicity and corruption of socialism/communism through an allegory in which animals take over a farm, then the pigs begin to change the established rules to be in favor of the pigs at all the other animals’ expense. A must for children and adults.]

This is communist indoctrination... pure and simple.  With ignorant Jews pretending to be white and saying that they don’t want to live in a racist world... then why do they live in rich gated communities and have black or hispanic maids? gardeners?  Why don't the give away all their money and give their homes and cars and vacation resorts to poor underprivileged nonwhites, and they go live among them in the ghetto?  They are BLATANT LIARS or psychotically delusional.  They only want real whites to lose their privilege and real whites to have their money and possessions taken from them and given to all the imported aliens who live off welfare and commit crimes so that Christendom and the religion of Christ can be destroyed by amalgamation with the world which God forbade!  Mongrels (Jews included) can only feel better about themselves if they steal our nation and mongrelize us out of existence.  The Jews would not even have the State of Israeli today had not the U.S. and Britain unconstitutionally fought a war to give it to them—and they were all supposed to MOVE THERE and get out of our nations.  We also unconstitutionally give them BILLIONS every single year.  And how do they repay us...? —they betray us; and do all that they can to destroy Christendom.  

[See: The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans (2013) Pamela Olson, 18pp., 2.00 + P&H.  See also: Confessions of an Anesthetized Person known as Jewish, Balaicius, 60pp., 5.00 + P&H.]

“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers.  Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs.  We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” (p.155, You Gentiles (1924) Jewish author, Maurice Samuels; 221pp., 16.00 + P&H.).

While certainly the blacks who were imported as slaves had no say in coming to the U.S. (their own chieftains sold them to the Jewish slave traders, Jewish ship owners, and Jewish ship captains*)... 100% of all nonwhites in the U.S. today DO HAVE A SAY in being here.  Those that were born here could easily return to the nation of their origin, and those who left their nation to come here certainly had the choice not to, but they chose to come here to a “racist” nation.  They came because of the handouts, but they stupidly, like parasites, don’t realize that the nation is about to fall, and then they will be worse off than if they had stayed in their own nation.

[* See: Who Brought The Slaves To America?, 30pp., 3.00 + P&H.]