— “Christian” Singer Dances Out of the Closet / Sexual “Orientation” is NOT a “Choice” and NEITHER Are Individuals “Born” with a Gender Different Than Their Biological Sex

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“Christian rock-star Trey Pearson comes out as gay to fans in emotional letter” — that is the headline or key words of various stories on the internet.

I haven’t turned on the radio in over a decade, so I don’t even know who the new Christian artists are (and I have never listened to secular stations, except classical)... I’ve never even heard of this person or group.
This is not merely tragic, but mindless: for clearly these people singing allegedly Christians songs don’t even know the Bible or true theology, they only “make up” “nice-sounding delusions” and throw in a few Bible words.  

What is most tragic is the shock to me, as I learned something else that I did not not—that long time, quality Christian singer-songwriter Ray Boltz came out as a sodomite.  He had some incredible songs and it is a defilement of those songs and it is a defilement of the mind and conscience of the true Christian listener, to know that he is a sodomite.  His songs “Watch the Lamb” and “Behold” are among the most-popular Christians songs of all time.

Degeneration starts in the mind, with unrepentant sin, bad theology, bad lyrics, wrong associations, wrong thinking, allowing “feelings” and “experience” to dictate theology, fact, doctrine, morality, practice, habit, etc.
A case in point is a group that has been around for about 2 decades (the members have changed over the years, so I now learn).  The group is called “Avalon” and this song “Adonai” is beautiful...


[The guy on the far left is the founder; man, he looks like he is only 12 years old in that photo.]

This group and song has nothing to do with the alleged “Christian” singer who has just come out of the closet; I am merely presenting it as a parallel to show that in the home and the church, theology must be sound, or it will be off in every single area, even lovely songs.  If the foundation is off, the whole house will be off—to the very roof!  How more tragic is the fate of those who build upon changing sands rather than the rock of truth that does not change!

Adonai is one of the Hebrew words for “Master, Lord, Sovereign, Owner, Controller”.  Adonai is the plural form of Adôn (pronounced ah-doan; long o as in ‘loan’) even as Elohiym is the plural form of El, the Hebrew for “God, Mighty, Almighty”.

This was one of their first albums I think.  The song is truly beautiful, though a part of the lyrics are meaningless and unbiblical (if I am understanding the intention of the lyrics here).  We must remember true Theology CENTERS AROUND GOD, not man or man’s “feelings”, confused notions or what man wants to believe—but around what God decreed and declared.  Anything less is humanism (which is an antichristian religion intended to compete with and replace Christianity).

The song starts off with this meaninglessness, the notion that God created the oceans by crying a tear drop (presumably the parallel being that because the ocean’s waters are salty, and tears are salty, etc.).  But the question is, why would God cry?  Is God helpless to prevent the sinful future this world will have? —not the God of the Bible; not if one properly understands true Bible Doctrine.  God is Omnipotent, Holy, Immutable, Omniscient.  He does not make mistakes and things don’t just “go bad” on their own (that would make Him a defective Creator).  God’s Knowledge is determinative and active, not informational and passive.  

[For more information along these lines, see my, Does God Repent? - Can God Change His Mind? and God and Evil.]

There is a place for “poetic license”.  Theology is not one of those places.  But, as far as false doctrine / well-meaning error in Christian songs, this is very minor.  However, it is sad that what could have been an outstanding song both lyrically and musically, is exposed as mediocrity in the minds of those who truly know Scripture.  Also, the vaguety of the lyrics “father of my hope, and freedom”... is tragic, since such really needs to be explained... the notion of “freedom” REALLY needs to be explained when you are singing a song about your SOVEREIGN MASTER (Adonai).  What is the “freedom”...? —to NOT obey God? to violate His Law?  Freedom is truly a wonderful thought—freedom from oppression, tyranny.  God’s Law is neither of those things. Read the Book of Proverbs, Psalm 19 and 119.  God’s Law does not have an expiration date on it.  It doesn’t go bad.  Christ said “think not that I am come to destroy the Law” and “not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law”.  Those who believe otherwise follow a false christ.  

The keeping of the Law was never for salvation.  That itself is false doctrine used to claim that we don’t need to keep God’s Law.  We are to keep God’s Law—all of it (false shepherds relegate to an obsolete “ceremonial law” anything that they don’t understand or anything that they don’t want to obey)—we are to keep God’s Law because He commanded us to an honorable children obey their Father.  It is the moral code that He established.  Morality never changes.  That which used to be sin and abominations never become wonderful and wholesome.  Those who think that the Law of God was abolished are devoid of the Holy Spirit—for it is the Holy Spirit that leads us into Truth, into the understanding of the Word of God, Who convicts us of sin and leads us in obedience.  The blood sacrifices alone provided temporary atonement until Christ the Perfect Lamb of God came to offer Himself once and for all.  Christ did not abolish the Law (He said that He didn’t), He abolished the enmity that was against us, the curse of the Law, the Death Penalty against us... and once forgiven we are to “go and sin no more”.  God does not hear the prayers of those in sin (wilful or ignorant)—and that is why Satan has deceived the whole Christian world into thinking God abolished His Law.  That is why Christendom is about to fall.  Repentance alone will save the remnant.  If the Law was abolished there is nothing to repent of, from, or to.  Repentance entails stopping doing what was forbidden, asking forgiveness, and beginning to do what was commanded.  Anything less is a pseudo-spiritual delusion.  Why is there no revival? —because God is not with us and there is no revival without confession of sin and repentance.  God said in Hosea 4:6 if we forgot His Law He would forget our children.  The majority of the youth of 3 or 4 generations has been “lost”—their minds perverted and lobotomized by a godless government school system and a satanic media and entertainment industry.

These seemed like nice kids (now they are grown) and with good intentions—and that shows even more importantly the need for SOUND DOCTRINE... because even good intentions can destroy the faith of or mislead all those who listen to pretty songs that are doctrinally polluted; who then believe in tissue-paper theology that cannot stand up to the storms of life and reality and truth.  “Thy WORD is TRUTH”—not fanciful ideas.  This song I only presented for its beauty and to point out its minor defects (the fly in the ointment), but there are many, many (if not most) other songs, that are theological sieves that cannot hold holy water at all.

[Another of Avalon’s most-popular songs, and another song considered by many to be up there with many of the greatest Christian songs ever, is “Testify to Love”... but among some great lyrics, and some mediocre lyrics, is the nonsense, “All the colors of the rainbow” in reference to a multi-cultural God who is color-blind, which is not Biblical, but end-time Babylonian humanism (and humanism, when the make-up is scraped off, is revealed to be Antichristism.]

But Adonai does have merit and some good lyrics; though it would need to be seriously overhauled to be Biblical... but the melody is truly beautiful as are the vocals.  Artsy people tend to be a little flighty and unstable; they need the anchor of sound theology and from it to never stray.  I wish these singers no offense, they seem like lovely people and they seem sincere.  I realize that when singers are young, they cannot possibly understand theology as a theologian does—but that is why they should SEEK THE COUNSEL of those who DO know the Word of God, rather than make up nice-sounding (to an immature mind) ideas that are unbiblical.

[The average Christian singer also needs to realize that he is not an ordained pastor and he is not a theologian.  While he writes songs that praise God (hopefully, if the songs are doctrinally sound) he or she is not there to teach or preach or exposit Scripture—unless he has been trained by a competent pastor or theologian.  Such need to realize the aweful responsibility in presuming to say, “Thus saith the Lord”—when it is not what the Lord has said and when God has not ordained the person to so speak on His behalf!  “It is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God.”  If you want to have a “ministry” with your music—then go to a Reformed Seminary and learn doctrine before you presume to minister, teach, or preach, and fast and pray and seek God’s blessing upon you as you submit yourselves to an appropriate overseer.]

Without sound Biblical lyrics you are preaching a false gospel, a confusing gospel... a different or “another” gospel (which bears a curse from God), and possibly worshiping a false god.  Some may balk at any of that, especially the last statement, but that is because they view things through a mind tainted with humanism, rather than viewing from a Holy God.  

Tell me, let’s say for the sake of our discussion that God has 15 Attributes or Divine Perfections or Qualities that comprise His Divine Nature: Immutable, Perfect, Holy, True, Just, Good, Omnipotent, etc.  Tell me, how many of these Attributes could you take away from God and He still be the God of the Bible?  How many of these Attributes can a “Christian” refuse to believe in and still actually believe in the True God?  The answer to the first question is “none”.  The answer to the second question is uncertain, but a person is on very shakey ground if he thinks that it is a non-issue.  

Imagine that you are travelling up a very narrow mountain road that has an 80% grade that goes down maybe 100 feet and the road had been widened a little but the part of the road nearest the edge that had been widened by adding dump-truck loads of rock is developing fissures (long wide cracks that can be seen) in the road running parallel with the edge that drops off the mountain (which is exactly how the road is, after a few hundred yards, that goes up the mountain past my house).  Would you drive your car as close to the edge of the mountain (where those fissures could widen and a whole chunk of the road fall off the side of the mountain, taking you and your car with it) as you could, or would you stay as far away from the edge of the road as possible, and hug the rock face of the mountain that rises upward on the other side of the road?  Why then do “Christians” gamble with Eternity?  The answer seems to be that because they are devoid of the Holy Spirit, they are devoid of knowledge of the very concept of God’s Holiness.  They must imagine, in terms of God’s offended Holiness and Justice, “God’s Omnipotent, He’ll ‘get over’ it...”  Well, the reality is that God has nothing to ‘get over’—but the flagrant sinner devoid of God’s Holy Spirit will have Eternity in Judgment to think about that.

If you got up at a birthday banquet in honor of your wife and you began to give a toast, talking about “all the things that you loved about her”... —NONE of which described her at all, even getting the color of her hair wrong, her age wrong, and even her name wrong... would she not after some point declare, “WHO the heck are you talking about!?”  Is it any different when Christians believe 100 things about God, when only 5 of them are true?  Again, a “Christian” who has not only no knowledge of the concept of God’s Holiness, but no respect for it, will reply, “Oh, God is Omniscient, He knows who I believe in”—and that’s right, and He knows that it isn’t Him.  This is, and the violation of all that God commanded, is why Christ said on the Day of Judgment many (not a few—MANY), not overtly wicked people, Satanists, atheists, antichrists, but people who thought that they were “good Christians”—and not knowingly worldly, nominal, inactive, spiritually dead “Christians” but those who thought that they were doing “wonderful things” in Jesus’ Name, will hear Jesus reply, “Depart from Me ye that work iniquity [anomos: “lawlessness”], I never knew you!”  Why did He not know them? —because they were not His sheep; they were not following Him: They were following a false christ and believed in a false god.  If that does not sober up the nominal Christian, then indeed he is “Christian” in name only (a mere folkway, tradition, custom—“Christian” merely because he believes in the concept of the God of the Bible, and because he is not a Jew or Muslim).  The “faith” of such “Christians” is not faith (faith is based upon the facts—the doctrine, theology of the Word of God), it is superstition; it is false religion.  Their misconceptions are based upon humanistic emotionalism, rather than believing what the Word of God says.  When that occurs ANY doctrine can be perverted, as is sadly the case now with homo-perversion.  Jesus rhetorically asked, “Why call ye Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ and do not the things that I say?”  The unspoken answer is, “—because I am not your Lord”.  Jesus said, “My sheep know My Voice and follow [obey] Me [that is, obey all that God commanded, as Christ Himself did, to show us the way]... the voice of a stranger they will not follow”.  Why then do the vast majority of “Christians” follow the voice of a stranger and not Christ’s Voice...? —because they are not of His sheep.

It is also basely dishonest (as mentioned in the “letter” of the homosexual “Christian” singer who came out; which can be found doing a web search using the keywords mentioned at the beginning of this article) when some Christians speak out against this sin, in a rational, professional manner—and they are called “haters”.  That label itself is a hate crime!  While it is true that some IMBALANCED “Christians” are unable to control themselves and spew vile invectives rather than simply call it sin and declare that they will have nothing to do with such a person, it is unfair, dishonest, and immoral (not to mention “intolerant”) for the perverts to lump every single person who disagrees into one group and call them all “haters”.  It simply further demonstrates their degenerate hearts and minds and their psychopathology.  Those who do not believe in God or who do not believe in the TRUE God, cannot fathom that GOD declared homo-perversion (and other things) to be not merely sin, but an abomination.  God commands us to HATE EVIL.  Those who don’t are not of God.  However, as their only method of discussion (which shows their anti-intellectual, dishonest, and illegitimate position) the perverts resort to argumentum ad hominem and “demonize” those who don’t agree with them, by calling them “haters” (or other names), even though all that many people do is say, “the Bible says it is sin”.  Are we not supposed to hate rapists and murderers and pedophiles?  Not according to liberals whose minds are perverted and who themselves are immoral (so they extend, “professional courtesy” to all degenerates and criminals—but extend no “tolerance” to those with traditional Christian values which founded this nation!).  If the homo-perverts have it their way, the only people you will be allowed to hate are true Christians.  Homo-perverts demonstrate their rabid hatred against all those who do not embrace their perversion and dance merrily in celebration of it with them.  They are so intolerant, they demand that everyone not only accept their wanted the right to smear feces in their own faces, they demand it to be recognized as healthy and normal behaviour—and they intolerantly and militantly demand that you celebrate it with them!  They display obscenity and even commit crimes and acts of violence in their homo-militancy.  In their “parades” they engage in open nudity and engage in sex acts on the street in public view (do a Google image search if you don’t mind defiling your mind).  These things are crimes and they are never prosecuted or even reprimanded.  What other crimes will they get away with?  Some will even assault and vandalize those who voice their dissent.  Yet those who do not agree with them are considered the “haters”.

Also, this singer who is giving this coming out testimony, speaks as someone who does not even know the Scriptures, and talks about “being true to himself” and the only way that he can fully be what his friends and family need him to be is by being himself—and all other sorts of humanistic twisted nonsense.  Of course, he does not quote any Bible verses to support such feel-good, hedonistic, perverse self-gratification humanism.  Sinners love sin.  They justify their sin because they still want to maintain the delusion that they are moral (to help defile those who are not defiled and drag them down into Hell with them).  They still want to maintain the delusion that they are Christians.  HOW can they be being “true to themselves” WHEN THEY ARE LYING TO THEMSELVES AND EVERYONE ELSE, calling “good” what God called EVIL?

Homo-perversion is NOT natural, it is NOT normal.  Maybe if you believe in evolution and you believe that everything exists merely by chaotic chance, if you believe that there is no God, that God did not write the Bible and in it reveal to us His Moral Code by which He commands us to live (and those who violate it are to be punished in this life; and in the next life for Eternity if they never repent of their sin*1)—maybe then you can believe that there are no moral boundaries (which creates inconsistency and hypocrisy as vast as the Grand Canyon*2); and thus maybe then you can consider anything to be “natural” (prostitution, miscegeny, murder, incest, cannibalism).  However, if you claim to be a Christian THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH that what God declared to be ABOMINATIONS can be considered, “wholesome, natural, and normal”.  To think such is mental derangement in addition to perverse immorality—and it also demonstrates utter unregeneracy.  It is evidence of being given over unto a seared (dead) conscience.

[*1 Note: You cannot “repent” of your sin if you never turn from sinning and turn toward obeying.  You cannot “confess Christ” if you don’t repent of your sins.  Christ did not suffer and offer His Life so people could continue in immorality.  If there is no repentance of life, there was no regeneration, no conversion, and hence, no true confession.  Now, someone can certainly “confess” things that he himself wants to dictate the rules for and confess.  But that is not conversion.  That is attempting to force God to convert to what you want to believe and be!  The Contract of Salvation was written by God.  He is the only Authority.  He is both Lawmaker and Judge.  He dictates the terms; those who violate the terms of His Contract have no legal standing and will suffer the consequences—forever.  Of course, those who don’t like that can also refuse to believe in the afterlife or Hell—but that delusion works only for as long as you can keep from dying.

*2 And again, this is the blatant hypocrisy of the liberals who champion “tolerance” and “love”—but are the most-intolerant and most-hateful of all when it comes to those who disagree with them.  Those who disagree with them have 200 years of American history, 2,000 years of British and European history, and 4,000 years of Bible doctrine and history on their side.  That is why the liberals are so hateful—because the truth is not on their side!  That is why they engage in ad hominem attacks—because they have no argument based up logic and fact.  If they claim there is no God and therefore, no source of moral authority, then they cannot denounce what they call “racism” and “homophobia” as being immoral.]

May all true Christians demonstrate SANE, RATIONAL, MATURE, CHRIST-LIKE think morally—Biblically—and speak out and publicly and denounce nonchristian perverts posing as Christians, and may all Christians stop buying their products.  Scripture commands us to rebuke sin; not merely ignore it.  To ignore sin is to ignore and deny Christ—for He would not have ignored it.  To not speak out when Christ would have spoken out, to not stand up for what Christ would have stood up for is to deny Christ.  What do you think “Christian” means? —a follower of Christ.  This does not mean a passive follow in the trail behind.  It means being an active imitator of Christ!  Those who do not, are not!

Someone like Ray Boltz would have been more honorable had he killed himself (which may sound shocking to some, but hear me out—and I am not saying that he or anyone else “should” kill themselves), rather than admit being a homosexual and declare that what God called sin is not sin—because it POLLUTES all the DECADES of the wonderful praise to God that he wrote and played and sang and recorded on his albums.  Decades of Christians have listened to and sung his songs and even played them in the worship service.  Furthermore, to polluted minds, his coming out declaration legitimizes perversion and therefore serves to DESTROY Christianity, and Christendom and Christians!  To defend sin as being perfectly acceptable behaviour is to pave the way for countless others to follow you on the path to perdition. Which is more important? —millions of souls of God’s people or the fragile emotions of a homosexual who wants to pretend that his perversion is not an abomination?  Which is more important? —honoring and obeying God’s Commands and rightly dividing the Word of Truth or a perverse sinner who immorally and dishonestly claims that he is “Christian homosexual” so that he can feel better about himself in his own filthiness...? You tell me (based upon what the Word of God says; not what immoral humanism says).  Better yet, tell GOD.  “BE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY”, God declared, “THIS is the Way, walk ye in it”.  God does not change.  His Holiness does not change.  His Righteousness does not change.  His Standard of Holiness and Morality does not change for us either.  Ideally, such homosexuals who are confused into thinking that they are Christians, should repent of their sins and actually be converted and cry out to God for deliverance.  Sin is an addition, whether sexual perversion or alcoholism or gambling or drugs.  To call it "normal" is the epitome of dishonesty, delusion, and immorality.  HOW MANY lives of other Christians should be destroyed so that one sodomite can "feel better" about his God-condemned perversion?

God declares that no one who hateth his kinsman is a murderer and no murderer has Eternal Life abiding in him (I John 3:15,16).  It is hatred of the Church of God and of our kinsman (and therefore murder) for a homopervert who claims to be a Christian to proudly parade his perversion and claim that it is not sin—because it leads others into sin and into Judgment with you.  It is murder-suicide!  Those who continue on in unrepentant sin (including fornicators, adulterators, prostitutes, and sexual abusers of mankind / sodomites) shall not inherit the Kingdom of God (I Corinthians 6:9,10)—they shall inherit Eternal Judgment (Revelation 21:8).

[Those who shall inherit burning in the Lake of fire includes “whoremongers”, which is the same Greek word translated in I Corinthians 6 as “fornicators”.]

Concerning my comments above concerning the defilement of the Christian faith and polluting the minds of Christians by a “Christian” singer who declares his homoperversion as not being sin, no Christian has commented on it one way or the other (I thought that the redeemed of the Lord were supposed to “say so”, to stand up to evil, to stand with those who stand up, to agree in prayer... apparently alleged “Christians” are headless and spineless, cannot lead and don’t want to follow or even support those who speak the truth boldly).  Regardless, here is the reasoning... in addition to the fact that God declared the death penalty upon certain vile crimes that the nation should never coddle.

Understand, it is one thing to fall into sin.  It is ANOTHER THING ALTOGETHER to WALLOW in the sin and DECLARE THE SIN NOT TO BE SIN—IN FLAGRANT CONTRADICTION OF THE WORD OF GOD... in blasphemy against God’s Holiness!  It is demonstrative of a seared conscience and utter apostasy—or that such a person was never converted to begin with and remains in unregeneracy thinking that he is a Christian.  IT DEFILES the NAME of Christ Yehoshua / Jesus and it DEFILES the worship of God.  For someone to have written Christian songs, many of which have been used in worship services, it then DEFILES the minds of all those who hear those songs after learning that the author / singer is a homopervert and declares that his homoperversion is not sin, but a “wonderful lifestyle” that God has blessed him with.  This is compounded further when he even continues to produce new “Christian” songs and albums and sing in churches as a “ministry”—even though he is flagrantly deep in one of the most vile sins mentioned in Scripture.  NEVER AGAIN can any of his songs be sung in the worship service or even listened to, as worship or for edification, KNOWING that the singer is a vile pervert who thinks that God smiles upon his perversion.  What an abomination it would be to have one of his songs performed in a worship or praise service and for the audience to know that the author of the song, who made the song famous, is a homo-pervert, and the images of what homo-perverts do then flash in the minds of those attempting to worship God in that service!  This is an abomination on top of an abomination.

Of course, I would hope that God would convict such people with the full weight of their vile wretched immoralty, that they fall on their faces on the floor before His Holiness, as if an elephant had sat on them, and so burdened by their sin, like the repentant publican who beat his breast and did not so much as lift up his eyes unto Heaven, but cried out “God be merciful to me a sinner!”  But this vile sin seems to be the last stop on the train to perdition, God, as Scripture says,

“28 ...gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient [not near acceptability]; 29Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32Who knowing the Judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” (Romans 1)

May God convict and deliver such persons from their perversion, or may He remove them from the land of the living so that they are no longer a reproach to the Living God and His people!

God commanded the death penalty for certain vile sins and abominations.  Of course what is preferred is for people not to fall into perverse sin and to truly repent if they do.  But for a prominent person to FLAUNT HIS PERVERSION IN THE FACE OF GOD AND THE WORLD and mislead immature, struggling Christians into thinking, “Wow! That’s great! homo-perversion is acceptable to God—why look, the great Christian singer and songerwriter ___________ just declared that he is a sodomite; so it must be so and we have just misunderstood the Bible for the past 6,000 years (—and that is why society is getting “so much better”: less political corruption, lower taxes, less violent crime and immorality, non-existent national debt, no wars, etc.).

But such “Christian” singers, like so many other “confused” immoral people, have DESTROYED the lives of their wives and children (if they were married and had children) and there is now probably a good chance that his children will be seduced over to the dark side of perversion with him.  Homo-perversion is not what Christendom was founded upon, and homo-perversion did not lift us up to us advanced civilization and freedom.  However, homo-perversion is one of the last rungs of degeneration before a civilization self-destructs; multiculturalism and interracial marriage and reproducing is the second-to-last rung.  That is why Greece and Rome fell.  Those who embrace homo-perversion are not Christians and they hate God, they hate themselves, they hate their families and they hate all of Christendom, because their abominable perversion will destroy Christendom and civilization—and thus their perversion will also destroy themselves in this life (and Eternal Judgment in the life to come) and their perversion will destroy their shell-shocked, wounded, dysfunctional, and confused families they have left in their destructive wake.

Also, the writer of this article or the singer himself, is terribly confused when he wrote that he was raised in a conservative Christian family where he was taught that sexual-orientation was a choice.  If that is true then no wonder he is perverse.  But most probably this is just bad writing, either intentionally to cause confusion, or just out of ignorance.  NO truly conservative Christian family will teach that sexual orientation is a choice.  I believe this is meant to be the opposite of those who think that it is not their choice, but that they were “born” homoperverted—which also is a lie.  Homoperversion is not nature, but nurture; it is not genetics (which we shall discuss) as much as it is the environment—sin and unrepentant sin and glorifying sin as something wonderful.

Heterosexual young people and adults have normal sex drive and urges.  However, a perverse society that has sexual innuendoes in comedy as well as drama, perverse foul language, dirty jokes, “music”, talking commonly about things that should not be matters for public discussion, increased violence and nudity and sexual contact in t.v., movies, magazines, literature, and even cartoons, comics, children’s toys, and video games, and sex that is used to sell everything from hamburgers to Lamborgini’s purposely defiles and corrupts the minds and the emotions of youth and adults alike (and even children, as a result, begin experimenting sexually, even aggressively, many years before they should even be tempted by such things).  All of this is sex overload and is abominable temptation that is intended to push people in the wrong direction and carry them away like a tsunami.  Homoperversion has been likewise, “incubated” with the purpose of perverting all of society.  It is not natural.  It is not genetic—people are pushed in that direction by continual brainwashing!  It is a hate crime.

However, genetics cannot be ruled out, to some degree.  But, genetics do not “cause” someone to sin; though it could predispose them.  Similarly, a woman who inherits uncommon beauty and shapeliness will certainly have more sexual advances made to her, tempting her—but her body’s genetics do not make her to sin.  There is good evidence that too much soy products in early childhood (which have estrogen-like, hormone-like substances) can screw up hormones, especially in young people and children who are still developing.  This tiny bit of nature, combined with the overriding nurture of the emasculation of men in the media, education, and the workplace, and by single mothers raising sons without their fathers; the continued barage of homo-acceptance, liberal, godless philosophy, public sexuality in general, clothing and hairstyles that blur and confuse the lines between the sexes, and the blatant sexual overload in the media and all areas of life all provide a toxic cocktail in any area of morality.

Finally, God promised—

“5 ...I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me; 6And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love Me, and keep My Commandments.” (Exodus 20)

[This is reiterated in Exodus 34:7; Numbers 14:18; and Deuteronomy 5:9,10.

Those humanists who reject God, claiming that no one has a right to tell them what is moral or not, again, expose the anti-intellectual hypocrisy of their position, in that they then tell others what they can and cannot do and they allow an abusive, overreaching, immoral, renegade bevy of public servants to tell us what we can and cannot do and to establish their own “moral” standard that they demand everyone else respect, while continuing to maintain the anti-intellectual charade of “equality”.  The terminal anti-intellectualism of their position will become inescapably evident when they stand before God in Judgment for their sin and try to explain why they refused to believe that the God of the universe existed or that He had any right to tell them how to live!]

God commanded certain vile types of sin to be “put out” from among us; declaring capital punishment for such offenses.  When God is not obeyed, those perverse individuals reproduce more of their own kind, and it becomes part of their DNA and their thinking.  God does not compromise.  He is Holy and Immutable.  If you play chicken with a freight train, you will lose.  God indeed is Merciful—but His Holiness and Justice have drawn boundaries beyond which His Mercy will not extend—and those boundaries certainly include those who wallow in sin and call it wonderful free expression and “being true to myself”.  Such will indeed be true to themselves for Eternity in Hell.

Sexual orientation is not a choice (that is, it is not a “moral option”).  Perverse individuals indeed make a sinful decision to become an abomination and cross the moral boundaries that God established.  Terribly perverse individuals may give in to their lusts and make a decision to sin, but I reject the notion that such a person’s “conservative Christian” family raised him to believe that his sexual orientation was his choice.  If they did so raise him to believe, they were neither conservative nor Christian.  This probably just bad writing (which is the result of poor thinking), which is no surprise, since the public schools lobotomize the youth of our nation and destroy their minds intellectually and morally; and since it is written by those who deny the Word of God in order to fully embrace their perversion, while still deluding themselves that God is happy with them.  

Neither are homoperverts “born” the way they are.  Men and women are born either men or women.  A perverse society tempts them and pollutes their minds and consciences and deludes them with the lie that perversion is normal and that “they can choose”, whether they were born in the wrong type of body (really...? that call that “science”...?) or whether they just got bored and thought they would switch sides or straddle both or invent a third or forth, a perverse, antichrist society pollutes the minds of people into thinking that is “normal” and just as good or even better than remaining within the “rigid”, two “tradional genders”.  People don’t choose and neither are they born that way.  A perverse, antichrist, immoral society brainwashes them and predisposes them to all sorts of immorality from childhood and lies and teaches them it is normal and wonderful and then shoves them out of the nest—over a predator’s lair—like a baby bird that has not yet learned to fly.  That is neither being born that way, nor it is “choice”.  One ultimate conclusion may demonstrate itself in a choice, of sorts; but it is not choice.

Imagine an infant, the moment he* is born, is taken by the doctors and passed through a conveyer belt-driven machine that floods his body with radiation (what they actually do is not much different).  Imagine then, every day he is bombarded with those radioactive waves and one day he realizes that he is a freak!  You know and I know that he was neither born that way, nor was it a choice!

[* And notice that I said HE.  THAT is correct English.  The militant feminists who demanded us to say “he or she” or change the noun to a plural like “they” while the verb is singular—opened a perverted can of worms morally and intellectually and it is not academia: It is propaganda.  They are fools who tout “tolerance” yet they themselves are totalitarian tyrants!  I said, “he” because to say “he or she” every time a pronoun is used is anti-intellectual.  For thousands of years the masculine form has been used to include a group of men and women.  An even number added to a odd number always results in an odd total.  Are they going to change math too?  Maybe invent something in between odd and even, a “third” possibility?  Is the number 1 (who thinks he is a number too cruelly born in a number 1’s body) going to have an operation and become an even number?  FOOLISHNESS.  Such persons destroy the moral foundations, underpinning, and infrastructure of society in every area—no wonder everything is collapsing around us!]

Understand: An article like this is not “hate”—what is hate is one who rejects and violates the morality that God established and then expects to be accepted as moral and good and righteous.  Such a person has a sin problem, a mental problem, a will problem, and a God problem.

[And here again we see the anti-intellectual hypocrisy, stupidity, and immorality of those who claim that all are equal and have equal rights.  How can all religions and lifestyles be “equal” (when they are not) and have equal rights, when what they believe is diametrically opposed?  How then is Christianity protected with “equal rights” with homoperverts, when God forbade homoperversion?  It is an impossibility for both to have equal rights.  Why then are Christians required to respect the “rights” of homoperverts when homoperverts are not required to respect the rights of Christians?  Such is inequity, immoral, and unconstitutional.  It is perverse homo-tyranny sanctioned by a corrupt “government” (that is, renegade, criminal public servants)...!]

Even as God declared to Cain:

“If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted?” (Genesis 4:7)

However, Cain did not have it within him to do what was good, and therefore, he was rejected.  So it is with all those who, like the Serpent, question what God decreed and declared as the only Standard of Morality.  

[This does not infer a works-oriented salvation or perdition; that is getting the cart before the horse.  If a person is truly converted he is given a new nature that does not want to sin, that is ashamed of sin, that wants to obey and please God.  Thus, “Christians” who causally wallow in sin, even declaring that the pool of feces and urine is wonderful and “come on in and join the fun” reveal their unregenerate nature and polluted, delusional mind.  God gives to each the nature He determined, and that nature does only that which is natural to it.  Those who are to be damned will continue on in sin, regardless of the “excuse” that they make.  Those truly regenerated will, “walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfilll the lusts of the flesh [the violation of God’s Law]”.]

God again called to His sinful people:

“I call Heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you Life and Death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose Life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Christ Jesus, the Personification of Wisdom, declares:

“But he that sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death.” (Proverbs 8:36)