— Another sign that we are a conquered people

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I could not believe it when I noticed a traffic sign in my small town "$3,000 minimum fine for littering the highway" UNREAL. Talk about totalitarianism and draconian legislation. It is a MONEY-MAKING law and one designed to oppress the people. It is an unjust law and therefore, unconstitutional (but homoism is now supposedly constitutional, go figure). The insanity of this $3,000 is made even more apparent when you realize that the government puts the prisoners to work picking up trash and pays them .10 cents an hour. A crew of 10 prisoners can clean up many miles of road in an 8-hour shift (and I don't know if they even work that long). 5 miles is the average walking speed, so if litter is not that dense, they can practically keep at a walking pace. But let's only take half of that. Thus, in 8 hours they can clean 20 miles. 10 prisoners at .10 cents an hour = 1 whole dollar. 8 hours = 8 dollars for cleaning up 20 miles of road for which each piece of litter is supposedly fineable by a minimum of $3,000. While clearly the majority who litter are not caught, just you wait until they have traffic cameras or drones everywhere. Now, I detest litter and I have never littered in my life and people who do so are PIGS. But what happened to the $10 fine? what happened to 10 hours of community service picking up trash? $3,000!?? something is definitely rotten in Denmark. and the people, like cattle allow themselves to be prodded along to the slaughter, being desensitized to abominable law after law, being brainwashed from childhood that such things are actually the law and have to be obeyed. Legislators or corrupt judges with a god-complex, who think that they themselves are "the law" who make such oppressive laws should be put on the chain gang with the prisoners to pick the trash up. Now, in addition to leading us like cattle to the slaughter, they are importing millions of wolves and putting them on a taxpayer funded breeding program. Mooooooo! If the common man is fined $3,000 for something as insignificant as littering, then when politicians commit major crimes, they should be fined $50,000 for each infraction. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. remove all politicians' benefits, retirement, perks, under the table bribes, and knock their salary down to the average american wage and remind them they have no immunity when they violate the constitution and commit treason—and they have NO AUTHORITY to diminish the rights of the people FOR ANY REASON. Their job is NOT to "reinterpret" the Constitution, but PRESERVE IT and whenever they alter or diminish it they have committed HIGH TREASON.