— Brainstorm! — asphalt and "evolution" is to blame.

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I saw out my window this morning here in n.e. Tennessee in early autumn, a few whitetail deer walking through my lawn, looking for a hopeful pear or two that perchance may have fallen, already wearing their winter drab coats, blending in ever-so skillfully with the drab, browning grass and weeds and leaves.  Then it struck me.  The race and crime problem is due to asphalt.  That's right.  Inner cities, highways, and acre after acre of parking lots covered with hot black tar.  White people are turning black.  Blending in with their environment—thanks to "evolution", even as moths (so we are told) "evolve" by some master intelligence or collective unconscious in their genes, in order to blend in with their environment; even as arctic wolves and foxes turn white in the winter  (odd though, I have never seen a green fox or wolf going after sheep in a green pasture, have you?  I've never seen sheep turn green either as a self-defense mechanism, which would seem to be quite necessary since most sheep can't climb trees... I've never even seen a green field mouse; hmmm... maybe they never heard of Greenpeace... anyway)... its not the blacks' fault, its not the politicians' fault, its not even society's fault.  It's the asphalt!  We know that energy and matter (2 different phases of the same thing) speeds up with the addition of heat (and speeding up velocity itself increases friction which itself causes heat, thus creating a vicious cycle).  Everyone is turning black because of inner cities being unnaturally paved with black tar.  The asphalt heats up; people burn and turn black; black people heat up.  Their brains get too hot, the nervous system is overloaded; things begin to short circuit.  Crime just happens.  That also explains why a lot of crime happens along asphalt highways across the country, rather than in the woods or meadows or even on the lake (it is cooler on the lake, the water reflects the heat rather than absorb it).  That's why there is less crime in the winter.  It is cooler.  Brains and nervous systems don't fry out as often.  The perfect solution to the "It's your asphalt evolution theory of race and crime"— export all blacks to Antarctica to cool down and evolve back to being white and that will also give us time to paint all the asphalt in the cities white.  And this explanation makes as much or more sense than the whitewash of the truth by educators, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, politicians, penologists, and special interest groups.