— Can we learn from history...? South Africa, Rhodesia, German South-West Africa—and all of Christendom is next... only a fool cannot learn from history

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Behind the International War Against Rhodesia

Australia League of Rights;

The New Times, Vol. 41, No. 8., August, 1976


This decades-old report indicates that Kissinger is a Rockefeller agent and recognizes a link between International Bankers and international communism (whom reportedly Kissinger suggested should work toward a common goal) and that Kissinger is the one who seems to have first promoted the concept of a “New World Order” with the elite being in central control of the world’s resources (including food and water).  The stripping of individual rights (often under the guise of their willingly surrendering them) from the masses is paramount to achieve their goals.

The report also indicates that when the Rhodesians (Dutch Afrikaners) declared their independence from Zionist-controlled, immoral Britain in 1965, the internationalists viewed it as a throwing down of the gauntlet and therefore, undertood draconian measures to destroy anyone who dared to be independent of their control.  Rhodesia’s independence, if not slapped down, would cause other nations to consider becoming independent of the international money powers also; Rhodesia was also an important partner for South Africa against the unstable savage nations of Africa, and Rhodesia had incredible mineral wealth that the international money powers wanted (even as they wanted that of South Africa and took it, being the real reason for the two Anglo-Boer Wars).  It was not merely gold and diamonds (which would be reason enough), but Rhodesia is the only major source of Chrome outside the Soviet Union and chrome is “a crucial ingredient in the manufacture of such vital defense items as jet aircraft, long-range missiles and nuclear submarines”.

The report also pointed out that Kissinger’s ultimatum to Rhodesia to relinquish white rule to the dark majority was the only way that communism could advance [and in our time, we have seen South Africa collapse under the same subversive agenda—and we see both South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) now as failed states that were once highly prosperous republics!].  The report also points out that the efforts to destroy prosperous, white Christian nations are always approached under the guise of championing “human rights” [and yet China with several hundred million executions of asians and the Soviet Union in the Bolshevik terror with the 66 to 180 million Europeans exterminated are simply overlooked because it is far-more important that some poor black criminal in South Africa never has his feelings hurt].

The report declares,

“It is amazing that Kissinger did not choke on his own rhetoric.  There are 49 states in Africa.  15 are ruled by the military and 29 have one-party tyrannies with no opposition.  Only five have multi-party political systems, and two of the five are South Africa and Rhodesia!  Any attempt to impose ‘majority rule’ in Rhodesia must inevitably result in the same type of bloodbath which has taken place in so many other parts of Africa. In more robust times, a Kissinger would have been driven out of public life by outraged civilized men. But with the stench of defeatism and treachery permeating the whole of the non-Communist world, the Kissingers are hailed as ‘realistic statesmen’.” [or even “humanitarians”  Brackets mine.  R.A.B.]

The report goes on to give more details of the collusion of the U.S., Britain, and Australia in helping finance the overthrow of prosperous Christian states adn the funding of the marxist revolutionaries and communist states, which themselves are hallmarks of these Western, Christian nations actually being under control of the international [Zionist] subverters of civilization.  The report points out that much of the suffering of the “majority” is actually the result of the marxist policies and destabilization.  The report declared,

“The sickening hypocrisy of the main enemies of Civilization has been demonstrated by Mr. David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, claiming that the Communists in China are engaged in one of the most successful social experiments in the history of man.  This statement was made in 1973 after Rockefeller had established his bank in Communist China.  Kissinger’s pro-Communist policies are the policies of the international financial groups.”


My additional thoughts / comments:

South Africa, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Namibia (German South-west Africa)—3 formerly prosperous Christian, European-established nations returned to the jungle—and all of Christendom will follow the same path.  The destroyers of civilization champion “majority rule” only when it is the whites who are in minority.  When whites are in majority, they champion “minority rights” until the minorities become the majority, then “majority rule” is again established (which in reality is a dictatorship with the illusion of democracy; whereas our nations were established as Constitutional Republics).  

It was all planned.  The plan was even announced.  Only fools can’t see—or refuse to see.  What excuse will God’s people have on the Day of Judgment when they stand before Him, when He asks, “Why did you do nothing when you saw Christendom being destroyed?  When you refuse to stand up for the morality that I established in My Word (not modern perversions and inversions of it) YOU DENY CHRIST!”  What will they say in answer to Him?  I would really love to hear some of the answers.  

Was the Superbowl more important that studying history than learning that the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered 180 million white Christians in Eastern Europe after the Bolshevik Revolution? —which history would be repeated whevever possible: whenever Christians let down their guard.  John Philpot Curran keenly noted, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” and God’s Word declares—commands, the same, but liberals act as a neutralizing element (causing salt to lose its saltiness, that is, its biting power, disinfectant power, preserving power).  What will “Christians” use as an excuse to God about letting corrupt politicians ruin us morally, economically, educationally, politically, demographically, spiritually?  What will they answer to God about doing nothing as South Africans and now all Europeans are raped and murdered?  “When ye have done it not unto the least of these My kinsmen, ye have done it NOT unto Me.”  What will they answer God about doing nothing as taxes are raised and restrictive communistic laws are passed, while the government counterfeits and ruins our currency, sells off our land and natural resources, moves industry overseas, floods us with Christ-hating, culture, Christianity, Constitution, and race-destroying aliens (including Catholic Mexicans, who, since they worship a false Christ and are no better than the Muslims)...?  

The common man sees his livelihood disappear before his eyes and lives hand to mouth, seeing the taxes on his property and his income and purchases and sales  rise more and more*1... as the dollar itself becomes worth less and less*2... while the politicians glut themselves and live off the fat of the people’s backs, living like a new aristocracy, with the best health-care that the people’s money can buy for them—for LIFE, and pensions, and secret service protection to protect them from the people, should any of the people have escaped lobotomization in the public schools, the media, “entertainment”, and churches.  

[*1 And thus we see in action the proverbial, “they get you coming and going” — and in between — taxing you multiple times on the same thing: on your wage, then what you buy, then as long as you own it, then when you sell it!  Does no one understand the words F-R-A-U-D or C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N, let alone the words T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y or T-R-E-A-S-O-N...?

*2 Inflation is artificially created and manipulated by the corrupt government and the corrupt bankers, and is the result of government counterfeiting; most commonly known merely as “printing” and “coining” money—which is only valid if the coin is actually gold, silver, copper, etc., and if the paper printed is a warehouse receipt cashable upon demand in gold or silver.  This means that there must actually be a dollar’s worth of gold or silver in reserve for each paper dollar printed.  It really is simple.  

But what the corrupt government does is criminal, it is counterfeiting, it is fraud: robbing the people of all their wealth.  For decades they have continued to take real silver (and copper and nickle) coin out of circulation and replace it with coin that is basically lead.  The paper is even of less value.  In fact, U.S. currency does not represent a “dollar” of value, but a dollar of “debt”.  Printing more paper without any gold or silver to back it and printing more coin with no precious metal in it, devalues what each dollar is actually worth since there is nothing backing it and since there is hardly NO real precious and hardly any semi-precious metal left in the coinage.  

This strips the currency of its value is actaully a hidden “exponential” tax but people don’t realize it (“exponential” in that it is not merely a single tax on one thing, but an across the board [hidden] tax that increases the price of everything exponentially in relation to the percentage by which it is devalued by inflation).  It is actually not waiting to tax you until you buy something—it is picking your pocket and taking 50% of all the money that you have, but leaving you with the delusion that you still have it all; sort of “the perfect crime”.  But, if you have $100 in your pocket, they don’t physically take $50 from you; they print more money which means that you still have a $100 bill in your pocket, but it is now only worth $50; that is, it will only buy half the value of real goods that years ago could have been bought for the same amount of money (that is why milk is $3 a gallon now instead of $1, or gasoline, or a loaf of bread, etc.).  

When merchants realize that the counterfeited money given by the government to Big Business / corrupt industry, is not worth what it had been worth, they must raise prices or lose money themselves... and thus, the consumer bears the brunt of the government counterfeiting.  The bankers and industrialists and politicians make a profit and the producers, merchants, and consumers (in that established pecking order) have their wealth gobbled up.  

To help hide this fraud, another fraud is perpetrated: giving the majority of our economy to China, Mexico, and India, etc., who produce inferior products that do not last, but which are more affordable to the average impoverished consumer with the little value left in his money.  However, as more U.S. businesses fail or move overseas, the price of the cheap foreign crap goes up as there is less domestic competition.  Thus, not only are the people robbed again, but that wealth goes directly outside the nation to our enemies, causing the dollars in our nation to also be revealed to be weaker, because although more fake money was put into circulation by government counterfeiting—it was again taken out of circulation by being shipped overseas for inferior imported goods.  

Corrupt government printing and coinage is a giant ponzi scheme.  It is like sub-letting the same apartment to 2 different people hoping that they will not notice.  It is like selling a car to two different people and leaving them to fight over who actually owns it once they realize the fraud.  Imagine that only 1 oz. of gold existed, but because that 1 oz. of gold, is just “too heavy” to lug around, it was put in a bank vault and the bank gave a $20 bill warehouse receipt for you to carry around instead (that’s about how much an ounce of gold was for centuries before the corrupt government began counterfeiting—printing money with no gold or silver or anything to back it other than borrowing on the people’s ability to work).  However, if the corrupt government / banks then printed just one more $20 bill (without another ounce of gold to back it) and “loaned” that $20 bill to someone else, under the condition that other person repaid the bank with $21 dollars... what happens?  1. The $20 bill in your pocket is now only worth $10 worth of gold; plus, 2. since there is only 1 oz. of gold in the bank, not only are 2 people fighting over the value of their half-value $20 bills, but the bank still demands $1 to be repaid to them somehow, while the goverment demands what it delusionally imagine to be “its share” also.  

Thus, the entire economy is psychotically (and psychopathically) playing a real-life game of both “musical chairs” and “hot potato” at the same time: someone will be left without a chair and / or be left holding the hot potato (lose the value of their money or even be completely bankrupted) when the music stops.  Corrupt government / banks give “fresh” counterfeit money to the industrialists—who unload it as quickly as possible at full value, before the people realize that the hot potato is worthless.  

But it is not merely 50% that has been stolen.  Due to government counterfeiting, $1 of today is worth less than .03 cents of the dollar in 1910.  An ounce of gold just a few years ago was worth nearly $2,000.  Before government wars (one of the easiest ways they pump fake money into the economy, to the elite industrialists who manufacture all the weapons of war) and counterfeiting, gold was worth $18 or $19 an ounce.  While gold has dropped down to around $1,250 / ounce, that is all smoke and mirrors based upon the false perception of the value of the dollar and false perception of the strength of the economy (by people believing a “pep talk” given by government).  However, since gold was up to nearly $2,000 an ounce, for it to TRULY drop back down to $1,000 an ounce, would only be possible if ONE HALF OF ALL THE U.S. MONEY was DESTROYED and NONE again printed or coined to replace it.  

To find the true value of inflation from 1910 to now, take what gold is worth now, let’s say $2,000 / ounce (since the government did not recall half of all the money and destroy it, that closer reflects what gold is actually worth), and divide by $19 (what gold was worth in 1910) which = 105.26 (1052.6%).  That is the amount that the government has stolen.  It is more than you own (you can only own 100% of what you own, yet the government has stolen over 10x that 100%).  That is why the average person and the nation is in debt.  However, even this is not a realistic number, for the price of gold is artificially kept low, because if it skyrocketed to what it actually should be (probably $5,000 to $8,000/ounce) then everyone (at least, those who understand money and the economy even partially) would realize that the U.S. dollar is worthless and the global economy would collapse (which would mean civil wars and international wars).  So, just to be conservative, divide $5,000 by $19 and you get 263 (2,630%), the value of their wealth stolen from the people by the corrupt government / bankers / big business.  While that seems incredible, do you forget that we have $20 TRILLION dollars of debt foisted upon us as the National Debt?  I have explained this in several other Ruminations (such as How Big is the So-Called U.S. “National” Debt...?).  If Eisenhower dollar coins (which most Americans under the age of 40 have probably never seen) were stacked on on top of each other, face value of $20 trillion would require 100 stacks from earth to the moon!  Do you think that can be paid back?  In reality, it does not need to be.  

However, the functional percentage is that of the current gold price, let’s say $1,250/oz. divided by $19 = 65.8 (658%).  This will not always be accurate because not everything has the same profit margin (and also the cost of producing some things may have dropped due to automation or due to importation of goods from Third World nations, new processing methods, or inferior ingredients / products).  However, you can also do a Google search for: Price of things in the U.S. in 1910 or What was the average income in the U.S. in 1910 (or any year).  Here are some of the results: loaf of bread: 7 cents; dozen eggs: 34 cents; quart of milk: 9 cents; pound of steak: 26 cents.  Of course, there is also great variance in the price from 1910 to the price today with some of these things, depending on the type of the loaf of bread or the cut of the steak, etc.  The average U.S. wage in 1910 was 22 cents / hour.  The average U.S. worker made between $200 and $400 / year.  A competent accountant could earn $2,000 per year; dentist $2,500 per year; veterinarian $1,500 to $4,000 / year; and mechanical engineer $5,000 / year.  By the way, there was no income tax! —and everything functioned quite well!

By multiplying some of these things in 1910 by 65.8 the price is quite realistic for the upper end of quality.  But again, the prices of everything will not rise equally, due to a myriad of factors; and some things have a maximum reasonable price beyond which hardly anyone would purchase it, so the prices of some things won’t go up as much, and those involved in those industries will not make as much money as manufactuerers of other products make (unless they ship their factories overseas).  The meddling of the U.S. government in their endless regulating, fees, fines, taxes, requirements, etc., also increases the price of a product.

Here is the link to a good PDF of the annual average value of gold each year from 1833 to the present (download and save to your computer for easy reference): 


Finally, keeping the price of gold low and even manipulating the market so that the price of gold artificially drops also serves a more sinister purpose than merely hiding the fraud of the valueless nature of the U.S. dollar.  People who think that the value of gold is dropping never to rise again will “bail out” and sell any gold that they have once it appears to start to plummet.  Then, for example, a person will sell 10 ounces of his gold for $1,100 / ounce (when in reality it is worth $5,000) an ounce, and the wealthy manipulators who buy it up get $50,000 worth of gold for $11,100 and the person who dumped the gold gets a pile of worthless paper—unless he immediately sinks it into something of real value, like land, that will not depreciate in value—unless the neighborhood becomes too affluent and the taxes are raised exorbitantly, or unless the neigborhood “goes to hell” by the importation of aliens.  This is yet another reason why the corrupt government is destroying neighborhoods by forced integration, stealing the wealth of the generations of families that built the house, the neighborhood, the city.  The majority of generational original inhabitants end up cashing out at a fraction on the dollar if they did not act upon the early warning signs that the neighborhood was being invaded by the savages which ALWAYS ruins the value of the neighborhood.  Then, after a few decades and the savages destroy the neighborhood, the government “condemns” the area, relocates them in new government housing somewhere else (destroying another community) and the wealthy elite buy up the property at an even smaller fraction, then sinks some money into it and begins to sell the property of the revitalized neighborhood at 100 times what they paid for it.  Unfortunately, it is getting to the point that there is nowhere left to move, as their states ILLEGAL plans are to integrate every single community in the U.S.]

God will not help us until we repent, and as I have said, He is going to cull His herd down until the only ones who are left are those who have been repenting of all their sins against Him (searching His Word to see what He commands; not dismissing it with the Apostate Chruch’s “new theology” that says “God changed” and now anything makes Him happy, so don’t worry about it).  Those who don’t repent soon, will not have any opportunity to do so.  Spanish-American atheist philosopher, and Harvard professor George Santayana revealed a timeless truth when he expressed, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

The avaricious and hubristic treasonous politicians and their elite billionaire handlers want to destroy us and take everything we have (their billions are not enough, they want it all)... that’s why they are flooding all of Christendom with the Third World.  With only 10% of aliens our nations have suffered through crime and disease and welfare fraud—imagine when they 50-75%...!  Now that minority rights has us by the nose hairs, they will flood all of Christendom to the point that the Third World aliens and their myriad mongrel crosses are the uncontested majority (which they already are in the US) and then flip the tables back to “majority rules and those who don’t like it will be executed sooner than later.

Any organism that does not fight back when attacked by a parasite within or an enemy from without—is already dead.

When a tree is cut down it will continue to have green leaves if there is enough rain (especially if it is an evergreen with waxy leavs) and the temperature is not too hot and the sun does not beat down on it directly—and even water sprouts will shoot out.  Water sprouts will even grow out of fresh tree limbs that are installed in the ground to serve as fence posts.  However, it is false life: It is merely a battery self-extinguishing its last bits of life, a death rattle in the throat, the using up of the stored energy in the tree.  So it is with the nations of Christendom.  Because of our sin in turning from Him, He has “laid the axe to the root” and is using our enemies to destroy us from within.

These subverters of Christendom have taken strong, virile, prosperous, healthy nations... and just as if they were healthy bodies they have introduced DISEASE—and lots of it.  There is only one purpose for such “diversity”—to give the disease a final meal.  European immigration and blood is what made the nations of Christendom, as we honored God and obeyed Him.  When we turn from what He commanded (which includes segregation—He commanded that we be separate), He turns His Back on us and lets us reap what we have sown.  Nearly 100 years ago the corrupt traitors in our government stopped all European immigration (except for a few tokens) and opened the floodgates to the Third world... and few politicians or ministers even raised a peep (even as few have to the Patriot Act, Obamacare, Obama not being a lawful-born citizen, violation of the Constitution by the anti-president Obama and the Supreme Court—which shows that they are themselves all conspirators and traitors).  Over the past 100 years things have grown progressively worse, crime and the so-called “National” Debt skyrocket, poverty and ignorance rise to new levels, morality and godliness plummet to new depths—and outright, blatant communist parties and communists arise and even are elected.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see the parallel, the cause, the plan.  Those who can’t see it have their head stuck somewhere, and they seem to prefer delusion to reality.

[See, Race or Mongrel - A Brief History of the Rise and Fall of the Ancient Races of Earth: a Theory That the Fall of Nations is Due to Intermarriage with Alien Stocks: a Demonstration that a Nation’s Strength is Due to Racial Purity: A Prophecy that America Will Sink to Early Decay Unless Immigration is Rigorously Restricted (1908) by Alfred Schulz, M.D., which I reprint.]