— Choose you this Day...

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Many moral lines (secular and Christian) are crossed by doctors (and lawyers, and politicians, and police, and military)... which seems to indicate that the vast majority are not actually Christians (they just use the word as a miscellaneous category for "non-jew, non muslim")... Christ said "MY sheep hear MY VOICE and follow (obey) Me." 

Society is not a machine, it is comprised of people, and when people--CHRISTIANS--do not do what is right, but sit meekly in fear or hold hands with evil... they deny Christ and everyone else suffers. 

The power of the enemy is an illusion that we give power to, even as Peter walking on the water to Christ... being on the water in the midst of that incredible storm was the safest place Peter could be... close to Christ, yet he gave the wind and the waves power by staring at them like a deer in headlights, rather than focusing on Christ.  Scripture says if God be for us, who can be against us?  Do we actually believe God's Word or not?  Do we actually believe that we are His people?  God's Word says that NO WEAPON formed against His people shall prosper... that is, when our hearts are RIGHT with Him... otherwise, He uses our enemies to chasten us to the point we GET our hearts right with Him.  Currently, God's people are face down in the feces in the pig stie, like the Prodigal... so low that they can do nothing but look up... and yet most choose to lay face down in the feces and say (like B-HO's foolishness)... "This ain't so bad...!"  God HELP US! 

The problem is, God is not for us when we are not for Him, and when we deny Him in public, every time a Jew or Muslim or atheist insults him, degrades our nation, every time an evolutionist says there is no God and we came from primates who crawled out of ooze... every time third world foreigners and perverts flaunt themselves in our faces, every time politicians act corruptly (which is every time they inhale and exhale), every time Christians are told they have no rights and every other vile pervert has rights to free speech and self expression... every time these things happen and Christians do nothing THEY DENY CHRIST...! 

JUST SAY NO to ALL ungodliness.  Pray imprecatory prayers EVERY TIME you see evil doers--DONT just become desensitized and accustomed to them as a natural part of society... if you do... you deserve the destruction upon you and your family that will come upon you... there is no honor among thieves and no honor among those who turn a blind eye to evil, for God said if we do so, He will turn a blind eye to us in our time of need...

I would spare you that, so as Joshua and I throwing down the gauntlet... CHOOSE YE THIS DAY whom ye will serve... your actions or lack thereof are the proof of what you have decided.  Choose life that thou and thy seed MAY LIVE.  Ye that love the Lord--HATE EVIL.  If you don't, you are friends with it and the enemy of God. 

God made the rules.  Either we conform ourselves to them, or we will be judged by them by the evidence against us in how we run all around seeking pleasure all the while the barbarians are POURING in through the gates and God is being insulted in our very land... the OBAMA-nation of desecration...  and the average Christian would rather tell a joke about it than actually speak out, being overcome with disgust and reproach as the young man David was when Goliath insulted the armies of God and God Himself. 

If Christ was about to be crucified in any town in Christendom today... 99.9% of "Christians" would not raise a whimper of protest.  It happens every day.  Christ said when you have done it not unto the least of these My brethren, ye have done it not unto Me."  Our people, our KINSMEN are being brutalized, wronged, robbed, falsely convicted, murdered, every single day, and the average "Christian" does nothing but go home and put it out of his mind and watch tv for the rest of the evening, then get back up like a drone and go to work and pretend it never happened... learned helplessness.

Just like the original edition of the movie the Time Machine... the vile creatures who lived under the earth came out and abducted some innocent soul every now and then, and while the person being abducted screamed for help, everyone else just continued on with their merry picnic, as if nothing was happening... it will happen to everyone eventually, why fight it.  When we do such, we reduce ourselves to animals... no better than the chickens or goats I have had over the years... when one of their own dies, they simply step over him--or even step on him in their mad scramble to get to the food... no respect for life.  no respect for right and wrong.  no respect for God. 

God's use of the terms that we are His sheep and the flock of His pasture are figurative... not literal... He will not allow literal stupid animals into His Kingdom.  True Christians will be filled by the Holy Spirit to do what is right, even in the face of evil... not turn a blind eye and pretend not to see it, not say, "well, those vile perverts have rights too, they have just as much rights as you or I" and all sorts of other BS.  Mindless drones brainwashed by society.  Clearly, such do not have the mind of Christ and are none of His. 

You prove whether you are His or not each time you don't stand up for a kinsman who is being wrongfully accused (even of heresy), abused, insulted, robbed, falsely convicted, evicted, property confiscated, locked up, fined, raped and murdered by all the animals we have allowed into society... stand up for God and do it now, if you are guilty of not doing it (and we all are), confess it right now and repent of it and claim the power and authority and boldness of the Holy Spirit to do what is right from here on out...

Otherwise, I reply as did Samuel Adams,

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

... and may God have mercy on not you (for you waive your right to that mercy every time you turn a blind eye to a kinsman who is being victimized)... may God have mercy on all those who are victimized while their kinsman stood around picking their noses, thinking, "I am just one person, what good could I do."  IF 50 MILLION PEOPLE STOPPED BELIEVING THAT SATANIC LIE WE WOULD NOT BE BEING DESTROYED.  DO UNTO OTHERS, YOUR KINSMAN, as you would have others do unto you...  WOULD YOU not want the rest of us to stand up FOR YOU when your wife or daughter is being raped? when savages or storm troopers are assauting your castle? when you are falsely accused, convicted, have all your property confiscated...? the time to act is now, otherwise, you have already sealed your own fate.  Be not decieved, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."