— Christendumb has gone to the dogs

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Give not that which is holy to dogs, neither cast pearls before swine lest they turn and destroy you.


Christendom has gone to the dogs.  Why?  Because “Christians” have given it to them.


Just like corrupt politics, despite all evidence to the contrary, they continue to believe and push their irrational, immoral, unnatural agenda and lie with clever charts or explanations and tell you how it is working—or at least, how it “WILL EVENTUALLY” work: like the deluded gambler who thinks he will “hit” eventually and continues to throw good money after bad in his psychotic perverse addictive break from reality.

Pretty soon a dog will be able to marry a fire hydrant... and the dog’s treatment of the fire hydrant will not be considered “spousal abuse” because it is part of their “culture”.

God deliver us.  Open the eyes of your people and let them see they are following a false Christ leading straight to the beast.  Convict them of their sins against You and against nature.

“Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good... therefore is there wrath upon you from before the Lord.”

Lord please send Your Wrath!  Send it quickly and send it fully and let it work the work You intend for it to accomplish, to polarize and divide, to chasten Your people to repentance and drive the wicked further from You toward destruction.
Let your people see the evil, putrid fruit they have reaped from the vile wickedness which they have sown “in Your Name”, and bring them to repentance and then open a hole in the earth to swallow the alien flood that the dragon has spewed out to destroy us Your children; which flood You have brought upon us for our wickedness, but grant Thy people the wisdom to see their foolish, perverse error, and grant them Thy Holy Spirit to grace them with repentance so that they can once again by Your Power “choose life and live”.  Deliver Your people from the hallucinogenic daydream drug-addiction of materialism and amusement.  Only a fool loses himself in leisure, amusement, and materialism when the barbarians are flooding in through the gates and when You have commanded us, “Occupy till I come”.  Put Your Holy Spirit of boldness and power and conviction and holiness within Your people to STOP being cowards, STOP being tolerant of what You commanded us to hate and have no fellowship with and no peace treaties; which You commanded us not to ignore, but eradicate—from the secret sin in our own hearts to the invading heathen who are emerging, it seems from a bottomless pit—a pit which we incubated, stirred, and then took the lid off.  We deserve judgment, but have mercy on us and deliver us and instead pour out Your Wrath and Fury on those who hate You.  May you open the eyes of Your people to stop following the false christ and follow the True One, Who will return with His Holy angels—not to rapture us away—but to separate the wheat from the tares, and remove all those things that offend, every plant that His Heavenly Father did not plant, and will command the holy angels, “bring hither those Mine enemies that would not that I rule over them and slay them before Me.”  Grant Your people in blindness and rebellion the grace to repent so that they are not among those Your enemies.


Does anyone else care?  Can anyone say "Amen"...?  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.  Stand up and be counted.  Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but REBUKE them!  "If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done of My Father Who is in Heaven."  If you agree, tell me, how else can I know?  Copy and paste and email these around to others, or send them the link.  Support this ministry and do what you can do to spread the work I produce, my books, these articles—the Truth.  Don't hide your light under a bushel.  God will hold you accountable.  God does not expect anything from us other than our faithfulness to do what we can do.  How unreasonable / hard is that...?