— Clarification of the Problem: The Final Solution—Christ or Antichrist?

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Someone emailed me and asked me:

Hey Robert,
Hows everything?
Thanks for all your emails.
I was just wondering why a majority of your emails focus on muslims and not jews.  All of your books seem to focus on Christianity and the truth about jews.  But a majority of your emails are anti-muslim. 
In my humble opinion, and what I would enjoy reading more, is about who the real subverters are - the very people you wrote your books about.  Muslims are not the true threat.  They are being shipped here and tricked into hating us just as we are being sent over to the middle east to bomb and hate muslims - all of which is being planned, funded and directed by the same group of people.  I feel that that is what your emails should address.  We live in a judeo corrupted society.  Not a muslim one.  And the real threat is of our society being more Judaized.  Not sharia law.  The jews survive much better under their own law that they have tricked us into thinking is Christian. 
Just my opinion.  Anyway, I hope all is well and look forward to your response.


my answer:

What you say is true but also missing the point.

If a criminal unleashes a swarm of rattlesnakes into your house at night, it is certainly myopic to maintain the notion that the rattlesnakes are not a problem.  BOTH the rattlesnakes and the criminal who released them are a real problem.  However, you have to deal with the immediate problem or you won't be able to deal with the cause of the problem.  Of course, if you take out the criminal there will be fewer snakes eventually; but the snakes have to be dealt with also and they keep reproducing—and you have to get through the snakes to get to the one who is releasing them... it is quite a quandary.  Yes you may be able to jump out the window and go find the perpetrator; but what about your family stuck inside the house with the snakes in the meantime?  The problem of course is exacerbated when you realize that most of your own family and the most of the entire neighborhood and community has been brainwashed into thinking that both the rattlesnakes and the one who is releasing them have more right to your house than you do and that YOU are the bad guy.

The problem is that there are hundreds of thousands of criminals releasing tens of millions of rattlesnakes and the rattlesnakes not only reproduce naturally at high rate, but stupid "Christians" have even subsidized a breeding program so that the rattlesnakes can breed more quickly!—inside your house!

The problem is that the snakes have a mind of their own and also breed rapidly, and have their own rabid agenda and are the greater threat right now.  They have not been "tricked" into hating us.  The whole nonwhite world hates us because they want what we have; which they on their own cannot have.  Islam has not been "tricked" into hating us.  Both Islam, and Talmudism (Zionism, judaism, whatever you want to call it) has ONE agenda.  WORLD DOMINATION AND THE SUBJECTION OF ALL PEOPLES UNDER THEIR FEET.  The Jews don't look to a coming personal Messiah, they believe they themselves are their own messiah and messiah will have come when they have subjugated the entire world.  They are using the Muslims as a tool to achieve that; what they think is a "disposable" tool, but they may soon realize they can't get the evil genie back in the bottle. 

Jews aren't running around raping white women or saying "after 10 jews rape a white woman she becomes a jew".  While it is true that the jews have let in the muslims and the entire nonwhite world to drown us and therefore, they are ultimately responsible, unfortunately due to the propaganda of wwii and false doctrine preached from the pulpits mis-indentifying God's people, the average idiot, christian or nonchristian, is ignorant or scared to say anything bad about the jews; however many of them can see that the muslims are a clear and present danger.

The majority of people on my email list know the jews are the main problem, behind the many brushfires that have been started all over the place, so there is no need for me to focus on that, but instead we need to focus on what they are doing until people will stand up to ALL evil.  What they are doing currently is using the muslims as a tool; but the tool is not lifeless: it is the monster that will grow out of dr. franksteinheimer's control.  Despite the jews' evil, christendom has been able to hobble along for the past century; but the introduction of the muslims will bring much quicker death and the total mongrelization and paganization of God's true people.  Only if people get the courage to stand up to the immediate threat, will they then be able to have the courage to stand up to the cause of the immediate threat (and most other manufactured threats).

If a person has been drugged and dumped in a pool to drown, what is his first order of business? to think hard and try to figure out who drugged him or to find a way to crawl out of the pool?

Also, just to clarify, my emails are not anti-muslim.  My emails merely present the truth.  The truth is neither anti-jewish or anti-muslim.  In reality, the jews themselves are anti-jew and the muslims themselves are anti-muslim, if they by nature or deed perpetrate things that put them on the wrong side of the truth, morality, and righteousness.  Stalin himself was part jewish and married to a jewess; but the massive propaganda was that he was anti-jewish because of his so-called "jewish" purges.  However, the problem is skewed vision.  Stalin was not anti-jewish.  Stalin was anti-anyone who was not pro-stalin; and as there is no honor among thieves, he became paranoid and trusted no one and his own jewish comrades were planning to kill him and his response was to beat them to the punch and kill them first; and he killed many of them, not because they were jews, but because they were in positions of power and he was paranoid that they were in on the conspiracy to kill him (which eventually succeeded, he was poisoned). 

By comparison, if some lunatic got a bad salami from a delicatessen and then set out to murder all deli-owners; those not understanding the issue would think he was anti-Italian, when in reality, he was anti-delicatessen because of a bad salami. 

So it was with Stalin.  85+% of those in positions of power after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia were Jews; so even if Stalin had killed every single government official, 85% of them would have been jews.  He was not against jews but anyone in power that he felt a threat to his dictatorship; the fact that they were fellow-jews was incidental. 

So, any emails that I send out, if they seem anti-black, anti-muslim, anti-jew (and I know you know this, you were not referring to my emails as anti-muslim in a negative way, merely descriptive) it is only because they are the ones committing the crimes and the treason and who are at war with us in an unofficial, undeclared war.  The black pastor James Manning is certainly not "anti-black" but he exposes the same crimes of his own people.  Similarly, I expose the false doctrine of 99% of the mainstream Christian church; but I certainly am not "anti-Christian".  As the old Welsh battle-cry declares, "Y GWIR ERBYN Y BID!" (The Truth Against The World!)  The Truth is not anti-anything.  It is the truth.  Everything else is anti-truth.

The arabs of today have little pure Ishmaelite blood left in them.  They soon intermarried with other cursed peoples, like the Midianites (who were pure descendents of Abraham, but who soon intermarried with the Moabites whom God forever cursed) and Edomites, other Canaanites, and Africans.  Hence the fulfillment of God's prophecy that they would be against every man and every man against them has come true.  Only fools try to "make nice" with those whom God has cursed and said would be "wild-asses" (untamable, untrustable, undomesticatable).  God commanded us concerning the people of His curse to MAKE NO TREATIES WITH THEM and to SEEK NOT THEIR PEACE OR PROSPERITY FOR-EVER.  Doing so is sin and thus we are being destroyed for it.  God forbids our helping them in anyway.  Such "humanitarianism" merely then is putting our enemies—God's enemies—on a breeding program to make sure they are always there to destroy us. 

This is like a family going camping and the children saying, "O look at those cute little rattlesnake babies; can we keep them? can we take them home with us?"  Natures do not change.  Cute baby rattlesnakes grow up into what?  When God commanded the Israelites to destroy the vile Canaanites (or they would be thorns in their flesh and pricks in their eyes and vex them in the land all their days) because of all the Canaanites' vile abominations (which is ALL they can produce, for that is their NATURE), God said to SHOW NO MERCY, and to utterly destroy them, man, woman, child, and suckling infant.  No cute rattlesnake babies as pets.  Those who think God horrible for so declaring don't have a clue about God's Holiness or Sovereignty and they actually hate God.  As Christ declared, "all those who hate Me love death."  God is not in their thoughts and the truth is not in them because they are not of God.  They are humanists who delusionally think that they create God in their own image and God must conform to man's ever-changing standards of "morality".  The old motto, "the friend of my enemy is my friend" is NOT a Christian principle.  Muslims are not our friends and they are not merely tricked.  They have merely been facilitated into doing what they naturally want to do: destroy all infidels and raise the moon and sickle in victory over the cross.

Since you already know who the subverters are, there really is no need for more information about who they are, but about what they are doing.  As much as you know, you know the jews control the government, media, banking, finance, industry, medicine, law, etc., so what is most important is not preaching to the choir what the choir already knows, but warning them of the new breed of wolves that the wolves in sheep's clothing are introducing into the sheep pen; and also exposing the false shepherds who are deceiving the sheep with false doctrine into thinking that the wolves are their "brethren".

Both the snakes and the snake-handlers have to be stopped; but God is in control of all our enemies; and He has sent them to chasten us even as He sent the fiery serpents to bite our ancestors in the wilderness.  The solution is to obey in faith and repent of sin and look up to Christ, in submission and obedience; then and only then will Christ Himself return to destroy the wolves and snakes.  All other efforts are futile and those who do not look up to Christ will die, even as the Israelites died who refused to look up to the brass serpent which God told Moses to fashion and lift up on a pole.

It seems odd that the serpent, a symbol of evil, is a symbol of Christ (in this one limited, specific way), Christ said: "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up." (John 3:14)

It was the serpents who bit the people and God commanded the people to look up to the brass serpent afixed to a pole.  God Himself sent the serpents to bite His people because of their sin.  To look up to the cause of their suffering and death must have been abhorrent.

But God made Christ to be sin for us.  God laid on Him our iniquities.  He was despised and rejected.  THAT is how that brass serpent on the pole represented Christ on the cross.

Looking up at the brass serpent  on the pole in the wilderness entailed humbling themselves, admitting their wickedness, that they deserved to be bitten and die, and being grateful that God provided the remedy and that all they had to do was repent of their wickedness and look up.  Many did not and they died.  So it is today.  Sinful Christians either deludedly close their eyes and pretend there is no problem (which their sins have caused) or they foolishly think that they can rise up on their own and defeat the snakes (which is not the problem, but the symptom of the problem; the problem is our own sin). 

But we all have been bitten.  Christ is the only antidote for the venom injected into Adam, from whom we descend.  Those who cling solely to the first Adam will die.  Those who embrace the Last Adam, Christ, will live.  However, salvation is on God's terms, not man's.  Most "Christians" think that they "fart cotton candy" and that they have done nothing to offend God; that He is just so "gosh darn lucky" to have them on His Side.  The truth is that ALL of our righteousness is as filthy rags (bloodied, polluted menstrual rags).  We all like sheep have gone astray.  Each one of us is guilty of violating God's commands.  While thinking a mere 613 or so laws that God established forever for our good is "too much" deluded Christians submit to illegitimate rulers who impose 100,000 oppressive laws on them each year—not for their good, but to subjugate and rob them.  It is not rational.  Sin is not rational. 

God blinded the eyes and hardened the hearts and shut the minds of everyone and He only opens those of whom He chooses.  The majority are on the broad way that leads to destruction; the few on the narrow way to life everlasting are those whom HE has called into His marvellous light... those who GLADLY forsake the old life, and forsake being friends with the world and the world's polluted notion of morality and politically correct perversion. 

God gave commands for a reason.  He is Immutable and Holy and His Standard of morality cannot change.  The Serpent (not a mere "snake" but Satan himself) has fooled the descendents of Adam even as he fooled Eve in the garden of Eden into thinking that God's Law need not be obeyed, that God "didn't really mean" what He said; that those laws are only for those who are not "enlightened" (which is what mainstream false doctrine teaches: that the law is only for the unconverted; which is a profoundly gross error of logic, which actually teaches the nonsense that something is immoral for an unconverted person, but a Christian can do it and it is not sin).  God is Immutable.  He cannot change.  His standard of morality cannot change.  Holiness cannot change.  That which God declared to be an abomination (whether homosexuality or race mixing or eating unclean animals) never becomes acceptable, moral behavior.

However, the majority of "Christians" believe the lie of the Serpent over the words of Christ. 

Christ clearly declared: NOT ONE JOT OR TITTLE shall pass from the Law. 

EVEN IF "Christians" did not know or understand ONE OTHER PASSAGE of Scripture, THAT ONE VERSE should be all they need.  But sinful Christians want to believe that their sinful practices are acceptable; so they eagerly strain at a gnat and swallow a camel in order to believe the most ludicrous lies so that they can maintain their sinful lifestyles, which they don't consider sinful.  God declares the carnal (unconverted) mind to be warfare / enmity against God; but the carnal mind merely views the matter as "a difference of opinion".  

The majority of "Christians" are more offended at someone who points out what God commands so we repent nationally and can be delivered, than they are grieved in their own hearts that they are in sin against God.  Like drunkards, they are content to ignore the bar tab and just keep drinking; irrationally thinking that since the bartender has not required them to pay the tab for the past year, that he never will.  Judgment Day is coming and God is keeping Tabs. 

Most "Christians" have had their minds perverted by the false doctrine that was popularized—brainwashing America—by the long running t.v. series: "Touched by An Angel".  The majority of Christendom has been brainwashed and had their minds polluted by "Touched by An Angel" theology.  Every episode ended with some form of the mantra, "You don't need to change a thing.  God loves you just the way you are." 

The average "Christian" is not a Christian.  He is the natural (unconverted) man.  He looks into the mirror of the law of liberty (which is not freedom to sin... but freedom NOT to sin, by God's Grace) from time to time (going to church, reading the Bible a few minutes a year) and straightway goes out and forgets what manner of man he is, forgets everything he read.  Separation of church and spirit.  The Bible stays in the pew and can't encroach into my life.  The average Protestant "Christians" (who now protest only against God's strict rules; and have no clue what the original Protestants protested against) are little different that the average Catholic who sins, runs to confession, and runs back out to take up his sin where he left off.  The only difference is that the Protestants don't go through the pretense of repentance.

The Apostle John wrote: "He who says he knows God and keepeth not His Commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him."  Those who violate God's Law are unconverted; even though the false shepherds declare the opposite: that the law is for the unconverted, but Christians don't need to obey it; and that is based upon their "Kindergarten Theology" and misunderstanding of simple verses.  "Love is the end of the law."  End does not mean "termination" BUT GOAL.  "The law was made for sinners not the righteous" so they think that means that Christians don't need to keep it.  Why was the Law made for sinners and not the righteous? —BECAUSE THERE ARE NO RIGHTEOUS... NO NOT ONE.  We ALL have gone astray.  Christ died to save us from the penalty of the violation of God's Law.  But that does not free us to go and sin more and more.  That is what crucifies again the Lord of Glory.  There can be no repentance if the Law was "abolished"; there would be nothing to repent of or to; hence, no need to even be "saved".  Forgiveness does not give the freedom to violate the Law; forgiveness frees from the Judgment of death and enables one to go and sin no more, by the Power of the Holy Spirit in the truly converted soul.

Keeping the Law does not save.  It is an evidence that the Holy Spirit has regenerated a person and dwells within because the Holy Spirit will not lead a person into sin: "walk in the spirit and ye will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh".  What are the lusts of the flesh? —doing everything that God said not to do and not doing what God said to do. 

But the average "Christian" is content to brush thousands of jots and tittles off the pages of his Bible and get a dust pan and broom and dispose of them.   Like a 7 year old who takes an old wind up clock apart and then puts it back together and realizes there are a lot of "left over unnecessary parts" and then throws them away.  That is what modern Christians do, led astray by modern theologians who are little different than that painting of chimpanzees wearing overalls banging on a car engine with monkey-wrenches thinking that they are fixing the car.  If the blind lead the blind both shall fall into a ditch. 

As the Colonial Congregational preacher Henry Ward Beecher said, "Happiness consists in finding out in which way God went and going that way too."  God said, "THIS is the WAY; walk ye in it" yet most "Christians' think that they know a better way (even though Scripture says "there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" and "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths"). 

Most "Christians" refuse to do the very thing that needs to be done.  They hem and haw and dance around the issue, with think tanks, thinking that ANYTHING but the actual problem, is the problem.  If the house is on fire and someone suggests, "Hey, I think the house is on fire" all the "experts" retort, "NO, it CAN'T be that.  That's foolish.  It has to be something else.  Global warming...  the dog days of summer....  you are having pre-menopausal hot flashes.... it's all in your mind... you had too much tabasco on your chili... that's it, you had too many beans and you are creating greenhouse gas and that is heating up the room"—any crazy idea other than admitting the truth.  Why won't they admit the truth? because the Truth is not in them and God is not in their minds.  To admit the truth would mean submitting to it—and actually obeying God.  99% of most Christians refuse to do that.  They are only willing to follow Christ as long as He says things they like; and they are only willing to follow Him when he leads by cool waters, when He leads through the valley of the shadow of death, they stop and appoint someone new to follow.  Christ has been removed as the head of the church and someone more tolerant and progressive and liberal has replaced Him.  Christ just wouldn't let go of those antiquated notions of His so we had to let Him go.

If a person already knows who the enemy is, he doesn't need to learn who the enemy is, though it will be helpful if he can convince others who the enemy is, if they deludedly think that the enemy is "God's chosen people" whom we must support or God will curse us (WE ARE BEING CURSED FOR HELPING GOD'S ENEMIES THINKING THEY ARE HIS PEOPLE—and we have been ever since we started helping them; that marks the time Christendom was overthrown; but like a green fir tree, once cut down, it continues to look green for a long time, giving the false appearance of life; even though it is dead or dying). 

The crux of the matter is understanding why God has ordained for the enemy to rise up and become the head and make us the tail; and He said that He would do so if we sinned against Him.  The solution then is to repent before God, learn what He expects of us and do it and repent and cry out for deliverance and then and only then will He deliver.  Until then, God culls out the sickly from His flock; He separates the chaff (dead outer layers of wheat) from His wheat; and the faithless die by the serpent's bite and become absorbed by the polluted world that God will destroy; and those who refuse to obey God will be cannon fodder in the war of the beast against the God of Heaven.  Christ, the Personification of Wisdom declared, "he who sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul; all those who hate Me love death."

Those who cannot see that the jews are not God's people—and never were—are in blindness and most likely will never see.  If they cannot realize it now then it seems that God has ordained for their minds to be permanently shut. 

The jews are the Canaanites who filled the land of Israel with their abominations and God commanded the Israelites to utterly destroy them lest true Israel learn the way of the heathen and practice their abominations (homosexuality and all the other abominations and filth that have corrupted Christendom which jewish legislators, agitators, and special interest groups have been in the forefront of making legal and recognized as "normal" behaviour; Leviticus 18:27) and if we did learn their ways God said that He would have them become the head and we the tail and He would use them to destroy us until we repent. 

Now, with the mass flood of the third world into Christendom, in a few decades, if things don't change and God does not deliver us, people will think that the original Germans were Negroes and the original Danes were Turks and the original Swedes were Arabs. 

This has happened before our eyes in a few decades, and yet the average christian in blindness cannot see that the very thing happened in the land of Israel over 2,500 years. 

When the kings of Assyria and Babylon deported true Israel, they then imported in their stead all sorts of alien peoples.  Furthermore, the descendents of those Canaanites whom the Israelites drove out, as wellas the Edomites (who descended from Esau and his Canaanite wives) also moved into the land of Israel during Israel's absence. 

Abominably, John Hyrcanus, the misguided Judean Maccabee leader, in 126 B.C. forcibly "converted" the Edomites and forced them to be circumcised and that is when the Jews first began to adopt Israelite custom and infiltrate Israelite society (they adopted some Israelite custom and feign belief in the Old Testament as "window dressing" otherwise, Christians would never think that they are God's people; which they are not; they believe in the Talmud which completely negates the Old Testament and interprets it perversely the same way Freemasonry uses Biblical words, but they are code words that mean something entirely different). 

The Herods were Idumeans (the Greek word for Edomites), not Judeans, not Israelites. 

99.95% of true Israel never returned to the land of Israel, but migrated into Europe and appeared as Danes (tribe of Dan), Jutes (Judah), sons of Isaac—the prophetic name by which Israel was to be called but was never called until they went into captivity (saka, sakasuna, issac's sons, Saxons)... all bearing the fingerprints of God's Israel, who through their histories, despite their national blindness, had a level of morality no other people ever knew; and wherever they went (even the Vandals into North Africa) they raised the level of morality.  —UNTIL we began to absorb the heathen, learn their ways, and intermarry with them which God forbade.  Intermarriage cuts off that branch from the family tree.  Those illegitimate, hybrid descendents are not God's people.  They are Satan's attempt to supplant God's heir with his own serpent brood.

70 years after Judah's captivity, a tiny remnant (about 46,000 out of 3 million) returned to Jerusalem and the land was filled with aliens who hindered their every step.  By Christ's day the land of Israel was still a "mixed multitude" and that is why Christ spoke in parables: because the truth was only meant for His people.  Christ trained the disciples to go into all the world and seek out the Lost sheep—God's people, true Israel, the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples—whence He had scattered them.  God promised to RE-gather WHOM He scattered.  A century or two later like a tsunami, the flood of Canaanites and alien peoples overwhelmed the tiny remnant in the land of Israel, and the true Israelites either migrated to meet up with their Nordic brethren in Europe, or they succumbed to intermarriage and were lost forever in genocide through mongrelization. The Canaanites (predominately Edomites) absorbed the remaining remnant of true Israel and absorbed their name.  Eventually, merely because they live in the land of Israel, they claim that means they are Israelites.  Merely because they are in possession of the artifacts and the Old Testament Scriptures, they think that makes them Israel.  With the same falsehood the American Indians claim any skeleton found in the US that is several thousands years old has to be an Indian, even though the American indians (north, central, and south) exterminated the previous inhabitants and took their land (as did the south pacific Islanders and the Australian aborigines).  Venture into any major US city and you will see it is 90% nonwhite.  In another generation the nonwhites will have become 100%, but that will not mean that they are the descendents of the European-American colonists who built those cities and who founded this nation.  Possession may be 9 points of the law; but if that final #10 point shows the possession is the result of fraud, theft, or murder, the 9 points are overruled.


The evil antichrists of the world decry "genocide" yet that is the plan they have been carrying out for the past several hundred years against the Caucasian people alone.  South Americans are not being forced to migrate to Africa; nor Chinese to India; nor Arabs to Indonesia.  Mongrelization of the Caucasian people is genocide.  It destroys the Caucasian race but "breeds up" the other races; so they have deemed to absorb us for their benefit and for our destruction and thereby they will also steal our entire nations—all of Christendom; the biggest heist in the history of the world (which was the very same plan that the Canaanites of Shechem had schemed and by which, through intermarriage, they would obtain all of Israel's wealth; this is what the Talmud teaches and the Kehilla helps organize it).

We have witnessed the entire supplantation of one race of people with another, the takeover of entire nations—all of Christendom, three whole continents—in a mere decade or two; yet for some reasons brainwashed Christians can't see the forest for the trees and realize that the very same thing happened in the land of Israel.  And in their blindness the majority of "Christians" aid and abet God's enemies, seating the dogs at the table, giving that which is holy—the children's bread to the dogs and casting their pearls before swine; and they tell the master's children that they are worthless and should just be happy to have any scraps the pigs and dogs leave them—and in fulfillment of Christ's prophecy the dogs and pigs have turned on us and rent (destroyed) us.  By misunderstanding the great commission, Christians have destroyed Christendom! and they foolishly think that God is pleased with them for being so "compassionate" and "progressive" and cosmopolitan. 

But God commanded come out from among them and be separate, touch not the unclean people, shouldest thou help the ungodly and do good to them that hate the Lord? therefore there is wrath upon you from before the Lord.  Christ will declare, "depart from Me ye that work iniquity, I never knew you" to the masses of "Christians" who have done the opposite of what He said.  If they can't see now, they never will see, for God has not ordained for them to see and has not opened their eyes (unless God, by His Grace, opens their eyes as the game clock ticks out its final minutes). 

The King of England (if there were a valid king in that once-great, though imperfect nation) would not take too kindly and smile upon his new-born son being kidnapped from the nursery and having Osama Bin Laden's son put in his place.  God does not smile kindly upon this either.  He will not allow His family to be polluted and the enemy supplant His children with their own. 

As I typed this I just received an email from a mainstream Christian ministry that proudly announced some other church's wonderful accomplishment: "Shady Acres Baptist Church of Houston, Texas has exceeded the one-million-dollar mark in missions giving for the second year in a row in worldwide missions."  —THAT is why Christendom is DYING.  That's like the ONLY DOCTOR giving the last pint of his own blood to 1 of 10,000 patients.  If he dies, who will help the rest?  Are those other nations becoming "more Christian"?  NO.  Christendom is becoming MORE PAGAN by absorbing them.  There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of DEATH. 

The God of the New Testament is the same God of the Old Testament.  He doesn't change.  The people of His curse whom He hated in the Old Testament He does not now love.  God declared He chose one people only and the rest are like the small dust of the balances (to be blown off without giving it a thought); whose lives He gives as a ransom for the lives of His own people—WHEN we live honorably in obedience; but when we sin, He uses them to punish us.  God did not experience some "conversion" and now has a new religion.  Those who reject what He commanded and embrace those whom He commanded that we remain separate from (all other peoples but our own people), will be consumed by them in judgment as they overwhelm Christendom and with them in God's Final Judgment. 

If you join with the enemy, you will die with the enemy.  God isn't tolerant.  Those who reject the message that Christ commanded, reject Christ as King; and Christ said one day He will command the angels, "those who would not that I rule over them, bring them here and slay them before Me."  Christ said those who are not with Me are against Me and those who do not gather with me scatter abroad.  Modern "Christianity" has an ENTIRELY different agenda and "theology" than Christ has.  They are not of Christ.  They are none of His.  Christ didn't tell us to "blend in" with the wicked world and all pagan peoples into a lovely diversified stew.  He commanded occupy till I come.  Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness BUT REBUKE THEM.  Be not unequally yoked together.  Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God, whosoever would be the friend of the world is the enemy of God.  Adultery is not merely promiscuity, but hybridization: adulteration in introducing foreign elements into that which is pure.  Hybridization / mongrelization is the destruction of what God created.  That is why Christ said He will uproot every plant His Heavenly Father did not plant.  WHO then planted them?  Satan did, in the garden initially and then continually ever since as He seduces God's people into self-extermination.  Christ began the parable of the wheat and the tares by revealing that at night AN ENEMY came in and secretly sowed tares (evil seed) in among the wheat that God had sown.  God forbade marrying outside the greater family (or race) and commanded that we remain separate.  Life is a giant game of "musical chairs".  Who will be left?  Only a remnant.  Those who have obeyed God and who are actually HIS heirs; not someone else's.  Those who have kept themselves from the world—unspotted (pure), like Noah was was pure in His genealogies. 

Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean people and ye shall be my sons and daughters.  That is what God commanded before the remnant left Babylon.  That is what God commands to the remnant today in the face of end-time Babylon (Babylon means, "confusion by mixing").  Christ said that when He returns with the holy angels that He will UPROOT EVERY PLANT THAT HIS HEAVENLY FATHER HATH NOT PLANTED.  Christ rhetorically queried, "When the Son of man returneth, will there be faith yet upon the earth?"  That is, will there even be a remnant left!  Only the elect possess faith and only the elect can believe and be faithful.  The times of tribulation (there is no rapture, that is zionist-jesuit propaganda which none of the reformers believed, nor the pillars of the faith of the early modern era) will be so great that if God did not draw those days short, not even the elect would survive.  THAT is what we are seeing with the FLOOD that the Dragon/Serpent has spewed forth out of his mouth to drown us. 

Satan thinks if he can utterly mongrelize the bride of Christ, Christ will have no bride to which to return (Christ is returning, but not to rapture us away, but destroy the wicked; the parable of the wheat and the tares makes that perfectly clear).  Since God promised to preserve a remnant—a remnant of HIS people, not some other people who supplanted His people—and Satan knows that if he can mongrelize God's people out of existance God will have failed to preserve a remnant and if God can fail in one single area, then He is not truly God and then there is hope that God can fail in other areas.  

Thus, Satan is "going for broke" with this final "hail mary" play and the goal is the utter mongrelization  and the paganization (which only leads to more mongrelization) of Christendom.  THAT is what Christ meant about wondering if there would be faith (any surviving of His elect remnant) left when He returns and that God will draw those days of judgment short or NO FLESH (of the elect remnant) would survive.  The only thing that the wicked world now considers to be an abominable immorality is the white race preserving its purity.  In their minds, only white people can be racist and the white race must be destroyed to destroy racism.  That is what is meant when Christ said in the end times the world will think that by putting you death they will be doing God a service.  But they don't know the true God and they will find out Christ rejects them one day.

But the great realization is that the jews, the muslims, the africans, the mexicans, the chinese, ect. are not the problem.  WE are the problem.  God is using them to chasten us to repentance.  OUR SINFULNESS AND UNREPENTANCE and thinking everything else is the problem, is the problem.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear; and if one does not have ears to hear, may God grant Grace to open those ears while there is time to hear.
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The welfare state has to end.  It is a giant ponzi scheme to rob the wealth of everyone and reduce all to being a slave of the state in exchange for a bone thrown to them every now and then, sometimes the bone may even come within reach of the chain that they can reach the bone.  Communism must end.  The millions on welfare and subsidies (communism) who continue to reproduce more nonproducers on welfare and subsidies, cannot be supported by those who do produce; it is a statistical impossibility--and it is immoral to suggest that the produces are obligated to so support them. 
Health care is not a God-given right.  Health is not a God-given right.  God says you reap what you sow.  If you don't sow; guess what, you don't reap and you starve to death; or if you don't so you will try to rob your neighbor and even kill him if he resists being robbed.  That is what is happening on a governmental level; the nonproducers (government) will attempt to kill those who resist being robbed (so-called tax-payers). 
Health is not a God-given right.  You can't drink soda and coffee and smoke and chew tobacco and eat McDonald's and pork and shrimp and catfish and food laced with aluminum, artificial colors and flavors and preservatives and white sugar, and receive vaccines with monkey pus and mercury and expect to be healthy. 
God gave us his dietary laws and said if we observed them we would be free of sickness.  You reap what you sow. 
Insurance, like social security, (and modern governments funded by immoral and uncontrollable taxation and purposed devaluation of the dollar, which is the hidden tax) is a ponzi scheme.  It is a massive freight train that is only running because it has momentum.  If it stops it will never run again. 
Insurance helps some... but only based upon the principle of robbing everyone else; just like the stock market, social security, or any other ponzi scheme. It is communism.  It is not intended to help everyone.  That is the delusion.  It is impossible for every single person to have $100,000 operations by each only paying $80 / month insurance.  The ponzi scheme relies on the majority not having their expenses paid for and their dying before litigation can possible grant them any medical procedure they need... while they are forced to pay the premiums each month which premiums are raised more and more each year, even though the dollar itself is devalued more and more each year; and even though they are denied any medicines or operations they may need (or think they need) because it is an impossibility for everyone to get $100,000 out while paying $80/month in.  And even if it were possible, it would still be impossible due to the fact of criminal mismanagement of those in charge giving themselves $500,000/year salaries and robbing the fund and giving the money out for things it was never intended to pay for--even as Social Security has been robbed and misused.  Social security itself is a double-indemnity health insurance policy (FICA and Federal Taxes are the premiums) which is forced on the populace at gunpoint; and which is not only unconstitutional and illegal and communism; but it is broke because it has been criminally mismanaged and because likewise it is based on fraud and statistical impossibility.
If a hot air balloon is on fire 50 feet over a lake, the first people who selfishly jump out without warning the others are guilty of murder, because once their weight is removed, the balloon will shoot up like a rocket and in seconds it will be at 250 feet (and landing in the water from above 150 feet, even by a skilled person who lands properly, is fatal 99% of the time).  Only if all hold hands and jump out at the same time does everyone have a chance.  But they don't care about everyone.  Those in the gov. or big business glut themselves on the expense of everyone else only caring about themselves; knowing others will starve, but they don't care.  Those first in on a ponzi scheme are the first out and they make a killing; everyone else loses by an exponential factor until terminal velocity is reached and those at the end lose all.  This is modern banking, modern insurance, and modern government and big business in a nut shell.