—The Clot Thickens Around Hellery—one can only hope and pray...! and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander

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[Older Rumination from September 3, 2016]


I think she just needs a larger dose of that rat poison medicine that her doctors are giving her; maybe hide it in a piece of cheese...?  She’s more resilient than the average rat and they’ve never encountered a wharf rat so large or odious so they have not established proper dosage yet.  Skip the medicine, a good old rat trap will do... just put enough money on the business end and she won’t be able to resist.  Weeds are harder to eradicate than good plants.  Maybe Monsanto has something to spray on her better than a donation to the Clinton Foundation.  Maybe if someone threw some water on her she would shriek “I’m melting, melting” like the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.  Jeze-hellery is about to fall off her broom (and where is Jehu and his chariot when you need him...? and I can’t stop thinking about those poor dogs, but God gave them good digestive fluids for a reason; II King 9); that magic broom should then be used to sweep ALL the corrupt politicians out of the nation to whichever hell hole will take them (every single U.S. politician on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL who cooperated with Obama and who did not demand his eviction / military removal from office and who did not demand criminal charges of treason be filed against Hellery for her plethora of crimes, conspiracies, and treasons).  Maybe (after seizing all their fabulous wealth, stolen from the people) extradite all former and current U.S. politicians to Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Libya... I am sure the people of those impoverished, war-torn nations would love to welcome them...!  I hear Turkish prisons are lovely this time of year, especially for American Politicians with their VIP cards.  Imprecatory prayers for all who deserve them...!