— David Jeremiah... the Antichrist's mouthpiece...?

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Someone emailed me and wrote:

Hello, Robert, Here is today’s quote by Pastor David Jeremiah to remember:

“The early church had to be scattered by persecution because they would not obey the command to go to the ends of the earth to reach the lost.  (They remained at Jerusalem.)  Today, we are going through something similar...only this time God is bringing the world to us!”

I get really angry when I hear such nonsense from so-called “responsible, respected ‘Christian’ leaders”.  Does David Jeremiah live in a racially mixed neighborhood?  (I am not talking about his possibly living near “professionals” who are not white!)  Yet he wants other people to live in constant danger, noise, strife, and tension, so as to “bring the message of salvation” to those who have come here to destroy those whom they see as their enemies!  This is the bitter fruit of the idea that all human beings are part of the “brotherhood of man”, under the “Fatherhood of God”—an indoctrination program that was well established when I began first grade in the fall of 1952.  In New York, by 1955, my fourth-grade teacher was telling us about how we must support “integration” and oppose “segregation”.  And yet I am sure that she lived in a nice, safe neighborhood.  I think I am beginning to understand a different dimension of what Paul meant when he included being “without natural affection” as a sign of the last days.  Usually this is taken to refer to parents who do not love or care for their children, and / or children who do not love or care for their parents.  No doubt the above are PART of what Paul meant, but it has occurred to me, that, since the Bible was written to true Israel, Paul was also talking about the fact that there would be traitors of the chosen line who would actually seek to harm their own people, and give higher priority to the interests of their enemies than to those of their own kind.  This goes far beyond “loving ones enemies”.  It is a form of mass suicide.  I know...I am preaching to the choir—actually, in your case, preaching to the pastor!  May the Jeremiah family soon have some Somali neighbors!  Let them set the example by witnessing to them.


My reply/comment:

O MY GOODNESS!  HOW BLIND.  How arrogant.  How godless!  This is not merely the blind leading the blind—it is the blind BLINDING those with poor vision so they have to follow the blind into the canyon.

The early church was not struck with persecution to scatter them into the world.  They were being obedient.  The early church was struck with persecution, to test the faithfulness of the believers and to strengthen them—and to purge the true Church of the unconverted wicked, those in unrepentant sin, those not of the elect who did not belong in the Church.  For the same reason Christ spoke hard words so that some would stop following Him (John 6:60-66).  The leaders of the Church were centered at Jerusalem because that is what God established.  Where does DJ have any Biblical evidence that 1. the disciples did not obey God to go into all the world and seek out the lost sheep and 2. that God was punishing them for not doing so?  It is blasphemous false doctrine—Antichrist doctrine!

Yes, the Greek astorgos [AHS-tor-gos] “without natural affection” is the negation of “to cherish affectionately”.  Cold, aloof, distant, apathetic, and hard hearted could all possibly be synonyms.  Psychopathic / without conscience and insensate could be extended meanings (as I shall soon explain).  This can apply to most any familial individual (“ice queen” wives with a Jezebel spirit unless they get their own way, pleasure-seeking absentee husbands and fathers, hedonistic self-centered siblings, unappreciative, selfish children).  Romans 1:28ff. and II Timothy 3:1ff. both mention astorgos and both mention a lot of the same other vices, along with disobedience to parents and Covenant-breakers.  The underlying theme of the entire Scriptures, which is seldom understood, is that the Scriptures were written to one people and God commanded those people to be separate from alien peoples—and therefore, the context of true society is actually an “extended family”—kin.  We are one body and when one body part is in pain all should be in pain.  Anyone who has ever had a severe injury or illness should realize that.  

However, that is not how the true Church actually is, because in violation of God’s Law, it has been polluted with those who cannot be part of the body;* and the learned behaviour of those who do not understand such things, is often to granulate the abscess (wall off around the infection) and be dead to it; but in so doing, they are often dead to true parts of the body, because they then become hedonistic and focus solely on themselves.  Thus, a body part that does not feel pain of other body parts could be referred to as “insensate”; and to take it to a psychological / emotional level, it could be signs of “psychopathology”.

[* To continue to analogy, even in organ transplants, organs have to be matched by blood type and other factors and the organ recipients even have to be put on immune-system suppressing drugs for the rest of their lives to keep the body’s natural defense system from rejecting the alien tissue.  Anyone in the know realizes that the best match for organ transplants is not merely of the same blood type, but within the same race and even the same family.]

According to God’s Primary Law of “everything after its own kind”, the Body of Christ is not a Frankensteinish monster put together with spare parts from whatever Emma Lazarus Statue of Liberty motto garbage* that can be gathered together and “salvaged”.

[* That conspiratorial motto (1903), which was written by a Jewish activist, was added to the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island long after the Statue was placed there (1886)—and it was the “bulls-eye target” for the conspirators to aim toward in order to destroy the U.S.—to turn the City on a Hill into a garbage dump; to turn the Kingdom of Heaven into New Babylon (“confusion by mixing”).  The plaque was installed a decade and a half after Lazarus’ death.  The Jewish composer Irving Berlin also put part of the stanza to music for the musical “Miss Liberty”,* in 1949, to help steer the ship of state toward the bullseye of oblivion.  Lazarus founded the Society for the Improvement and Colonization of East European Jews in 1883, which was a forerunner of the Zionist movement.  Well has it worked, just as if some Aunt Jemima working in the master’s kitchen on a plantation were inviting the entire Third World to be guests in a house that is not hers!  She wrote the socialistic poem “The New Collosus” specifically for the Statue of Liberty, to help raise funds for the Statue project.  It is no coincidence that Collosus was the Greek “sun-god”; the Statue of Liberty herself is a representation of the Roman godess of freedom, Libertas.  It should also be pointed out that even for a project such as this, the politicians were more-obedient servants back then and the people were not taxed to erect this statue—it took 4 years of private fundraising (honest politicians shooting down every attempted bill to use taxpayer money), during which, at times, the project was at a standstill.  A statue of Lazarus is actually on Ellis Island (along with statues of others responsible for its completion)...!  The poem was not originally intended to be part of the Statue, but Lazarus’ friend Georgina Schuyler (descendant of Alexander Hamilton through her mother) spearheaded Lazarus being so honored.

* —which probably would have been more appropriately titled, “Madame Liberty” since it corrupted the Kingdom of Heaven into a Brothel (Babylon) and “Miss” is a term given to an unmarried woman (more properly, a respectable virgin).

Modern subverters of our faith, people, government, and nation (as well as the first blight on the U.S. Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall) claim that our system of government was faulty from the start.  No.  That is an outsider’s jaded opinion.  If a farmer builds a “coyote-proof” henhouse, the coyote certainly imagines the henhouse to be “faulty” from the start.  When disease cannot enter a body, the disease considers it a “faulty” environment... but the body does not.  Our Founders NEVER would have consented to a multicultural, multifaith, gender perverse, Marxist society.  They studied THOUSANDS of years of history and they KNEW that mongrelization and homosexuality was the downfall of every great civilization; but they did not speak of such things, because in the 1700s in the Christian Colonies in America, to even think of such happening to their society was sheer fantasy—a bad nightmare that could never materialize (sort of like that sequel to Back to the Future movie, or other movies, in which someone goes forward in time to find that the whole world has turned into a dark evil crime-ridden ghetto).]

Furthermore, how kind of DJ, just like the hypocritical politicians, who live in their gated communities, security high rises, with their high-tech security and their armed body guards; while the masses—their “flock” who has made them so incredibly weathy are left to defend themselves from the wolves whom they breed and release back into the wild!

GOD DID NOT have the Assyrians and Babylonians invade and conquer and deport Israel so that they Assyrians and Babylonians would have missionary exposure and so that the Israelites could “witness to them”...!*  IT WAS JUDGMENT FROM GOD FOR the FAILURE [rebellion] of His people TO SEPARATE from the heathen and not learn their ways, for their REFUSAL TO OBEY GOD’S COMMANDMENTS WHICH SETS God’s people APART as HIS PEOPLE.  Even today, we are following the same sin of our ancestors and thus, we are incurring their same Judgment.  INSTEAD of separating as God commanedd, we absorb the aliens causing those branches of the family tree polluted by them to be destroyed forever; and our society adopts their culture, their “religion”, their immorality.  Instead of the heathen being “Christianized” we are paganized.  It is a one-way street because that is what God ordained.  GOD determines who His people are.  God determines the elect.  Anyone who believes anything less has a weak god and they will lose when their god is revealed to be their imagination when they stand in Judgment before the true God.

[* My most-recent major book, S.T.E. Commentary on Jonah dispels such humanistic nonsense with which blind Christian leaders have been brainwashing Christendom for a century!]

It is truly amazing that such prominent Christian “leaders” can consistently misinterpret the Bible and believe that it says the very opposite of what it actually says.  Just like the politicians who cannot do anything right, who violate the Constitution, violate common sense, violate morality, who can’t even operate within a budget and in order to continue their profession of self-enrichment they rob the people and even future generations to keep the charade going (and preserve and build their own bank account and benefits).  When these people are “supposedly”* the best and brightest that society has to offer, how they can fail miserably at everything they do cannot be a mistake—it is a planned implosion / demolition of our nation which mirrors the Trade Towers.  In no other “profession” could they perform so terribly (and even illegally) and not be fired and even prosecuted.

[* With people like Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, and others that are being elected, not are they not the best or the brightest, it is blatantly clear that they are even below the bottom of the barrel—from sub-basement 666 of the sewer.  It is clear that they have all been raised above their station and put in positions in which they don’t have a clue—and that is the purpose: by their very nature of ignorance and lack of talent and their inordinate hatred of Christendom, they are the “demolition team” with the “Anti-Midas Touch”: Anything they touch turns to crap; they destroy everything.  Why it is put up with can only be explained by God sending His people a spirit of delusion and a spirit of cowardice, because of their sins in even allowing them into the country in the first place, let alone allowing them to be installed in positions of power.]

God save Your people from BLIND SHEPHERDS as well as wolves in sheeps clothing as well as all other savage predators!  Save Your people from their own sinfulness and their own stupidity and grant them the gift of the spirit of understanding, conviction, repentance, and obedience.
Yes, let’s see how well they can remember Bible verses to witness to their rapists and murderers while they are being raped and murdered!  Show me one Bible verse that says the sheep should lay down their lives for the dogs, pigs, or wolves!

Yes, he is quite insulated from the invading Flood himself, in his gated, guarded ivory tower and with the wealth he has amassed being a “pop” preacher, preaching mostly only things that “tickle” the ears and please the world, “smooth sayings” which only fluff people’s auras... living in his exclusive, secluded neighborhood.  Why doesn’t he sell his house(s) and all that he owns and give to the poor and follow Christ, as Christ suggested that the rich young ruler do...?  He can then move into the ghetto and witness to these people first-hand... and serve the soup himself in the soup kitchen, instead of expecting those being raped and having their neighborhoods destroyed to suffer alone at ground zero.  

Email this to him and ask him to show us where in the book of Revelation that “the woman and her child” were supposed to “witness” to the “flood spewed forth out of the Dragon / Serpent’s mouth” or surrender their nations to them, or lay down their lives for them...!  Christ commanded “give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine”—don’t you think that applies to serpents / dragons too..?  
Ask him also: WHY does God promise to have the earth help the woman to (open and) receive the Flood” if the purpose of the Flood was for God’s people to “witness to it”.  Ask him if he knows what it means to be a “watchman on the wall” and if he ever read those passages of Scripture—and ask him if he knows what God declared to be the penalty of those who don’t sound the alarm...!

God did not tell His people to “witness to” the Babylonians / Persians  (or the Assyrians or Egyptians)—but to SEPARATE themselves from them and to DIVORCE ALL ALIEN WIVES and SEND THEM AND ALL CHILDREN BY THEM AWAY.  Even when the tiny remenant returned and the mingled people of the land wanted to help build the Lord’s Temple, the elders with boldness and sterling godliness that is lacking in “leaders” like Pastor Jeremiah, told the aliens, “YE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH US TO HELP BUILD A TEMPLE TO OUR GOD!”  God’s Plan hasn’t changed—apostate Bible teachers and pastors have adopted the world’s plan!

HOW DEPLORABLY BLIND.  HOW BLASPHEMOUS!  Is he the Antichrist’s Mouthpiece?

If he actually cares about the seriousness of such an indictment, he needs to get on his knees and ask God to have His Holy Spirit reveal truth to him, for he certainly does not know it—and he needs to repent in shame and tears for his participation of the destruction of Christendom—the murder of God’s children and the rape of Christ’s bride through exhorting God’s people to do the very opposite of what Christ commanded.  This would be like a “wanna be” herbalist prescribing herbs being in utter ignorance... giving POISON HEMLOCK to someone that need a purgative! and like giving POISON IVY to someone that need an emollient / balm.

Another person added:

I once heard David Jeremiah wondering how King David could be red headed and of fair complexion when he was a “JEW”.  He could be just a bit spiritually nearsighted. . . or blind.


My reply/comment:

Nearsighted would be a gross understatement, based upon many of the things that he has said.  How can someone who spends so much time in the Word of God be blind...? —because his concepts of God are perverted.  He thinks God is required to conform Himself to the ever-changing polluted “standard” of society—rather than people conforming themselves to God’s unchanging Standard.  “Who is blind by My people” and “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” rings as true as ever.

David Jeremiah's father, James T. Jeremiah, was Chancellor at my Christian college when I first started in 1982, and though aging, he spoke frequently in the daily chapels (which I miss; chapels at Cedarville College—now university—were wonderful times of “usually” (not always) good teaching and wonderful congregational singing of the student body and faculty of around 2,000—except when they “slummed it” and invited the all-black choir from the secular, mostly black Ohio State University, and turned our chapel service into an inner-city bunny hop; and then our cafeteria sounded more like the watering hole where the hippo and buffalo and wildebeest congregate in the Serengeti; or when they had student body “aspiring” preachers speak, who thought it was “chic” to spout the humanist, politically correct rhetoric they learned; or other hack-preachers who spewed a one-world, integrationist, unbiblical agenda.  That culture is destroying that once-great college.  They continue, like lemmings, leap over the cliff in their lust to be pleasing to and like the world, and integrate their faculty and the student body; and even plaster the front cover of the Almuni magazine with white parents who have adopted African children (perverting the Biblical concept of “adoption”*), or white students playing “big brother” or “big sister” to inner-city African children.

[* —which means “son-placing”; which does not refer to bringing an alien into the family—which God forbade!—but a disgraced family member being re-instated to a place of honor (exemplified in the Parable of the Prodigal) or the rightful heir coming of age; or the nearest of kin assuming the role of Redeemer in the event that his kinsman passed away without siring a male heir, leaving behind a widow or aged parents without support.  However, what they are spuriously teaching as adoption is the murder of God’s Family and the rape of Christ’s Bride.  God commanded separation.  God commanded alien wives and all children by them to be sent away.  It is anti-intellectual mindlessness to then claim that adoption is referring to that which God FORBADE!  The grafting in (or more properly BACK in) is the restoration of the Israelites of the dispersion through conversion by Christ.  It is a wild [lawless] olive branch being grafted BACK into the cultivated olive tree—not a mango, banana, or coconut branch being grafted into an olive tree which would violate God’s Primary Law of “everything after its own kind”.  Indeed, God said if we forgot His Law He would forget our children—and having aliens inherit the wealth that many generations of ancestors built up and that family name dying out is indeed the sign of a curse—God forgetting the childreno of those who ignore and violate His Law, and those children and all who descend from them are outside of God’s Family.  For in-depth information, see my S.T.E. Commentary on Romans, as well as my, S.T.E. Commentary on Hebrews.]

Eventually James T. Jeremiah passed away and they named the then-new auditorium after him (I imagine they have built or expanded the chapel at least twice since then, 28 year ago).  Later, when I returned to the college in 1988 to complete my degree (after having taken off about 8 years to work) David Jeremiah was president of what was referred to as our “sister” school—then called Heritage Christian College in El Cajon / San Diego.  They since re-named the school “San Diego Christian College”; being ashamed of “heritage”...? —even despising it, like Esau, and throwing it away to join with God’s enemies...?  That’s how it seems.

At Cedarville they talked David J. up big (maybe just because his father had been our chancellor), but I always thought David J. was overrated.

However, everyone talked about John MacArthur as if the Apostle Paul was coming.  Having never heard MacArthur, I was skeptical.

[Where I grew up in South Florida, MacArthur, at that time, was not on the local Christian radio programs, which time slots were filled with the likes of Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson, Charles Stanley, and others, and also my father.  My dad was not syndicated and did not make a penny off his thousands of radio programs (which took an incredible amount of time to prepare and then record in a studio) played twice daily—which ran for about 20 years.  Paul Freed, owner of Transworld Radio, which reached 3/4 of the globe, heard my dad speak at a conference, and aired my dad for 10 years for free; then the next 10 years my dad paid for the program himself, which was played on local stations in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and maybe West Palm.  My dad also had a shorter-running tv-program on the local Christian UHF t.v. station (tv-45, I think, which at that time was already gravitating toward being a Cuban charismatic station, which may explain why my dad did not continue the program for very long).  He had filled in a few times as a guest host for some other local preacher who had his own t.v. show, I can’t remember for whom, and then my dad started his own show for a year or two and paid for it himself (my dad had his own Christian counselling office, and was for a time considered the best Christian counseller in South Florida.  My dad was a genius: chemist, MD, psychiatrist, minister—and also could have been a classical pianist.  My grandmother said that my dad’s piano instructor in Philadelphia was personal friends with the composer Rachmaninoff and said that my dad played some pieces better than Rachmaninoff himself.  My dad ran his counselling office based 100% on the Word of God (not false notions of psychology; there are many valid psychological principles, but only those harmonious with the Word of God; the rest being illogical humanism).  He based his fee on a sliding scale and the client only paid what he could afford.  If they could afford the full $150 fee (or whatever it was over those 25 years), they paid it; if they could afford $5, that is all they paid.  I still have the reel-to-reel tv and radio programs on hundreds of reels; I would like some day to transfer all the reels to computer files and possibly re-air them, but I don’t know how to transfer them and don’t have time to research it.  Maybe one day.]

So I was ignorant of and skeptical about John MacArthur... but when I heard him I realized that he was a cut above the rest and fantastic!  I went back to college in 1989 when I was 27, so I could actually think and was not merely an impressionable young freshman mind that was wowed with and bowed to whatever he “was told” was exceptional (like the Emperor’s Magnificent Suit of Invisible Clothes).  I was also a psychology major—having already gotten my BA in theology from Word of Life Bible Institute in 1981—and being raised by my father with an analytical mind, I scrutinized truth and did not merely swallow everything that was doled out; like so many, sadly, with stars in their eyes did (either out of ignorance or fear and wanting to be accepted as “normal”).  MacArthur came twice a year to Cedarville and spoke each time for a week daily in chapel and at night.  He was a joy to listen to.  Intelligent, insightful, interesting, at ease in the pulpit.

David Jeremiah, Erwin Lutzer, and Norman Geisler, and others who also came and spoke for a week, day and night, were just “okay” (the latter two, despite having higher degrees, even in Philosophy, are often illogical and often atrociously cannot formulate valid thought, and I dissect detailed selections of each of their illogic in 2 different books of mine; Geisler in my Does God Repent...? and Lutzer in my Who Was the Serpent...?).  These speakers and others were hit or miss; sometimes “good” other times not.  

Though I take no pleasure in saying it, Renald Showers,* who also came once and spoke for a week, was AWFUL—a terrible speaker and an even-worse thinker / Bible “scholar”.  He is an ultra-Dispensationalist “Christian Zionist”, graduate of and former instructor at the “Philadelphia College of the Bible” (co-founded by the fraud, C.I. Scofield; now called Cairn University) and has served with “Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry” for many years.  

However, he wrote a very good book (if you can overlook its glaring faults) called, What On Earth Is God Doing?  This may be his only book of value, the rest are on Bible prophecy of which he is utterly ignorant.  Though he is entirely clueless that the Jews / Israelis are not the Israelites of the Bible,* and as most who are thus ignorant, irrationally, usually refer to the Biblical Hebrews and Israelites as “Jews” (I’ve even heard some call Abraham a Jew!).  Of course, if you don’t know who God’s people are and who God’s enemies are, there is no way that you can understand Bible Prophecy (which he thinks is one of his fortés).  Additionally, if you think that God abolished His Law (on top of the other errors) there is no way that you can understand God’s Plan.  

[* See my, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, God’s Chosen People: Who Is? Who Isn't and Why, and Are You An Anti-Semite?]

Clearly, if someone thought that the Founding Fathers of the United States, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, etc., were Africans and Muslims—he is going to be pretty much wrong concerning just about anything that he is going to attempt to “teach”.  I had read Showers’ book a decade before I returned to college and I had enjoyed the book, so I was actually excited to hear that he was going to be speaking; so not only was I not prejudiced against him, I was actually prejudiced in his favor—until he began to open his mouth and speak.  

Of course, if you are a Christian teacher and you don’t understand Theology (God’s Nature) or Doctrine, or God’s Law, Who is Who, or Prophecy, what can you teach but an emotional feel-goodism about a pseudo-spiritual science-fiction fantasy?  But that as it may, he was difficult to listen to speak, regardless of the topic.

At the time that I attended, though the college was a GARB (General Association of Regular Baptists) school, it was originally Covenant Presbyterian in its roots / founding, many of the instructors (for a time) held more to Reformed and Covenant theology than to Dispensationalism.  However, now, I would imagine, the older professors have been put out to pasture and the majority are probably Dallas Theological Seminary cookie-cutter stamp outs, who—though sometimes entertaining—are mindless, spiritless, world-pleasing sycophants who cannot (and don’t want to) think outside the denominational trough / casket.  DTS is the “Mothership” of Dispensationalism and modernist theology that is passed off as “conservative”.  

[See my, The Futurist and Rapture Conspiracy.]

I remember sitting in chapel when Showers was trying to deliver his message one evening, and several of the school’s professors were in the pew in front of me, and they folded their arms over their chests and sat back in the pew and whispered under their breath to each other something to the effect, “This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about”.