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Someone emailed me a well-written article by a black South African on the current political-economic woes of that nation.  My comments precede it, followed by his article at the end, after my comments.


"In this point of the case the question is distinctly presented whether the people of the United States are to govern through representatives chosen by their unbiased suffrages or whether the money and power of a great corporation are to be secretly exerted to influence their judgment and control their decisions." —Andrew Jackson


"I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle." -- Winston Churchill


All nations follow the same route when they let evil men steer their course from the Standard upon which the successful nation was founded.  Are people so fooilsh that they have abandoned the age-old motto: "If it ain't broke don't fix it" ...?  Modern politicians attempt to fix things that don't need fixing for 2 reasons:

1. to justify their own paycheck, making it seem like they are actually doing something for the exorbitant salaries / benefits they have illegally paid themselves (what employee dips his hand into the company cash register, determines his own salary and periodic pay-raises, establishes for himself a pension and benefits, and even forges the deed of ownership of the business and makes himself the owner, robbing the actual owners of everything...?); and

2. to destroy the nation. 

When perfection is meddled with the ONLY result can be imperfection.  While the original governments / constitutions of our nations were certainly not perfect—they were the best ever originated by man and founded upon the Laws of God.  Any departure from the laws of God is ANTICHRIST and any departure from our Constitution is High Treason—thus it is no surprise when the DESTROYER and the BEAST and the FALSE PROPHET appear as "angels of light" to those without eyes to see or ears to hear.

The Northern War of Aggression* against the South in the U.S. was not waged to "free the slaves"—that notion is utter fiction and establishment propaganda; northerners, including General Grant owned slaves (even years after the war...!) and some northern states opposed Lincoln and wanted to seceded from the Union** also (as the email from yesterday on "The Great Civil War - Copperhead", written by the Thomas DiLorenzo, clearly showed; email me if you would like this email), the Uncivil War was illegally and unconstitutionally waged to violently bring all states (north and south) who were considering secession "back to the federal fold" by threat and force, by deceptively establishing solidarity of the ignorant majority to exercise deadly force against the rest from exercising their Constitutional and God-given right to freedom and autonomy and then via a defacto military government  establish a Federal Dictatorship and usurp state and individual rights, and destroy the nation from within—in order to ENSLAVE EVERYONE.   The purpose of the Uncivil War (or more properly, the Federal Revolution) was not to free the blacks (that is a faulty matter of imperception), but to enslave everyone on the Federal Plantation, after having sucked dry all their substance through getting people addicted and indebted to usury to be able to afford the things they think they need, since they could not buy such things outright as they used to be able to buy with their own money, since their taxes were ever increased to pay for the war debt (one reason the war was waged, to enrich a select few manufacturers and bankers), resultant "reconstruction" and military policing of the vanquished "foe," and the absorption of debt of ruined businesses  (and death benefits and pensions and medical costs of the victims of the war from both sides) and the ever-growing newly created and sustained cancer of artificially created unemployment and welfare.

[* —and I can call the war by that honest name without being accused of bias: though I live in n.e. Tennessee, and have so for 23 years, I am originally from a suburb of n.w. Philadalphia, Pennsylvania, though I grew up in a suburb of N. Miami, Florida (which, though it is one of the southern-most U.S. States, is not "the south."  Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are dear to my heart, almost enchanting; and I would be living there had God not called me here; and if civilization in that area was not threatened, as it is in most all major U.S. cities, to the point that it would make no more sense for me to live in there, any more than it would for me to live in Hong Kong).  Our nation has been subverted.  It will fall.  It has been falling since the Uncivil War, stepped up a notch by the creation of the Federal reserve in 1913, stepped up again with the Uncivil Rights Act in the early 50s—and which has reached astromonimical degredation at light warp speed in the past 2 decades.  Only so many people can fit in a life raft before the raft pops and sinks and everyone drowns—especially if while many are trying to sit peacefully in the life raft, a good percentage of those who have forced their way into the life raft are rocking the boat dangerously by robbing, raping, and killing others of those in the life raft who actually own the life raft.

** 99% of all modern politicians are liars and war criminals.  It is a basic tenet of Natural Law that one cannot confer on another greater authority than one himself has.  One who does not own the Brooklyn Bridge cannot sell it to another.  Since the PEOPLE themselves ARE the government (a State or a Nation is nothing but a lump of dirt without PEOPLE)... the PEOPLE granted LIMITED authority to OTHER PEOPLE whom they elected to REPRESENT THEIR rights on the State level and on the federal level.  NO State or Federal government can lawfully exercise power beyond that granted to it.  Since the people had the authority and right by Natural Law to grant their representatives limited authority to represent them on a State or Federal level, the people retain the same right by Natural Law to rescind that authority when it is misused, or when the people deem they no longer desire to be so represented or so associated.  This Natural Law of the ownership of ones own person and basic human rights of freedom is the very thing upon which the liberals denounced slavery as a moral evil; yet they do the VERY SAME THING on local, state, federal (and even international level by unconstitutional treaties)—the only difference, they are not honest as were the plantation owners of the American South.  Blacks in the Old South knew they were slaves.  Modernly, the State and Federal Plantation owners lie about the illegitimate politicians and ruling elite considering everyone a slave.  All rights are inherent in the PEOPLE (that is, the people who were the peoples of Christendom who founded this nation; not the Juanito-come-latelies (the sea gulls following the fishing vessel) who have flooded and hi-jacked our nations.  Yet the dictators (renegade public servants guilty of High Treason) declare themselves to be our overlords, claiming we have no right: our only right is being given the choice of which color shackels we will wear, and what quality of rope we will be hung with—and of course we ourselves are forced to pay for the shackels, as well as the rope, the show-trial, our execution, and our own burial costs.  Yet the illegitimate government hypocritically chooses when and when not to apply that rule of Natural Law (which it hypocritically does in every area, when it suits themselves).  If a man wanted to sell himself into slavery to another man, the "government" would say that he could not; that it was illegal, that the individual has no right to so sell himself—even as they claim the individual has no right to end his own life, only the Almighty Government has that right, even as they claim the individual has no right to his own education, health, that the State actually owns all children produced by their slaves.  When will people see through the evil charade...?]


The same Revolution has been perpetrated against South Africa that was perpetrated against the people of the U.S. (north and south) by the same immoral cadre of antichrist international bankers who loaned money to both sides of the war (having stirred up both sides to war) and then who reaped the profits of the spoils of war and reconstruction and resultant increased regulation, taxation, and financial enslavement of everyone.  Apartheid* was not cruel; but righteous.  The original Hindus practiced the same caste system millennia ago, and such practices are still observed in Asia and Arabia as well as Africa.  The Dutch people of South Africa did want any people would do to protect their nation; what any farmer does by putting up fences to prevent his crops being eaten by wild animals.  Foreign peoples flocked into the Republics of South Africa once they were established, looking for jobs, or to steal, kill, rape, to get handouts, etc. (little has changed over the past several hundred years).  Rules had to be established to keep savages from destroying civilization.  The same "injustice" of curfews is enforced on college campuses after a certain time and those without college I.D. are not allowed to just freely wander all over the campus at night.  Security measures are enacted to protect those at the college.  Hypocritically, U.S. politicians and wealthy people have stone and metal walls and security systems and armed security personel enforce the exact same thing as apartheid to protect themselves.  Once the pigs of George Orwell's "Animal House" (inquire for the book or movie versions) have taken over the barnyard with the promise of "equality for all"; then two sets of rules appear: one set for the pigs and one set for all the other livestock.  It is touted that all are equal, while a footnote quietly explains that some (pigs) are a "little more equal" than the rest.

Once sufficient numbers of the barbarians got inside the gates and the walls were cast down, the nation crumbled and has been reduced to chimpanzees wearing clothes and "bling", sporting gold-teeth, sunglasses, and boom-boxes, who now go through the motions of living, inhabiting the rubble and ruins of a once-prosperous civilization (even as some old abandoned adobe house in the desert in the southwestern U.S., crumbling in ruins, the roof having caved in and the doors and windows no longer standing, is now home to bats and lizards, scorpions, birds, snakes and vermin). 

[* What ignorant Americans don't realize is that the "cruel, inhuman, demonic" Dutch Boer South Africans who built their nation up out of the dirt by their own blood, sweat, and tears (having purchased the land from the tribal chieftains or homesteaded unclaimed lands) never owned slaves!  They only hired blacks as salaried employees, farm-hands, labor, servants.  What the blacks revolted against was not being able to rape, kill, and steal, which Apartheid prevented.  Americans who only know the disinformation propaganda about South Africa that has been disseminated in the schools and media.  They hear of the poor "Ghandi-like" martyr (the mythical person created by the subverive media), Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned merely for being a champion for civil rights, yet they do not know the REAL reason that he was imprisoned (and over-graciously spared execution):

"It is a common misconception that the ANC’s leader in these early elections, Nelson Mandela, had been jailed for his “political beliefs.”  He was in fact acquitted of treason after a 4-year trial, but re-arrested a few years later, and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for launching an armed insurrection (as founder and commander-in-chief of Mkhonto weSizwe, the ANC’s  militant wing).  He was then later charged with 193 counts of terrorism: for sabotage and for trying to smuggle, prepare, or manufacture (mostly Soviet-bloc) munitions, including: 210,000 hand-grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 144 tons of ammonium-nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder, 1,500 timing devices, and 2,000 lbs. of black gunpowder.  Among his many alleged co-conspirators were 3 communist Jews: Denis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, and Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein.  Nelson Mandela’s personal Tokarev pistol (“for killing white policemen”) which he buried in Rivonia before his arrest during the ANC’s “armed struggle,” was never recovered.  These were clearly not “trumped-up” political charges.  In his eloquent closing statement to the court, Mandela candidly admitted his guilt on the charge of sabotage, adding that he was, if needs be, prepared to die for his ideals.  It was apparent from the huge amount of smuggled explosives that he was not planning to die alone."

...there was no such outcry [as their was black outcry at a white South African writing and singing a folk song in honor of his ancestors] in response to the ANC’s new president-elect, Jacob Zuma, when he gave stirring song-and-dance renditions on national TV of the old ANC “armed struggle” favorite Mashini Wami (“Pass Me My Machine-gun”); nor to Nelson Mandela giving the “Black Power” salute while singing along  to “Bulala AmaBuhnu” (Kill the Boers) at the funeral of a comrade, who was himself known to publicly lead the ANC in chants of “Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer” and “One Settler, One Bullet.”  A “human rights” commission turned down a civil complaint against this for being “hate speech” and instead, declared it to be “traditional”! (pp.367,368) taken from Bulala: A True Story of South Africa, Cuan Elgin, with Robert Alan Balaicius.  For more details concerning this gripping book see: http://stm.christogenea.org/

What ignorant Americans do not realize, is that the economy of South Africa during Apartheid was so strong, that South Africans could fly halfway across the world to the U.S. to spend their vacation for the same money it would cost to spend the vacation in their own country.  Crime, terrorism, welfare, unemployment, disease, perversion, corruption, etc. were virtually nonexistent (as they were also once in our nation).  South Africa, like the U.S., was founded as a Christian nation and the Bible was taught in the public schools along side math, science, language, etc.  This is how things were in the U.S. too; most institutions of higher learning, Yale, Harvard, etc., as well as the original public schools, were founded as institutions to teach the Bible.  The average American has been dumbed down and does not realize all these things, having been brainwashed and lobotomized in the public schools and state colleges and universities.  JUST THE TINIEST bit of research would indefatigably show our nation was founded as a CHRISTIAN NATION ONLY.  Email me for a list of books on this topic.]

Hypocritically (which is their nature) the minorities who flock in to feed off an established civilization (since they have no ability to establish their own civilization, all they can do is parasitize and then steal, and then destroy that of others)—even as seagulls flock after and follow a fishing boat—once they have unseated the original founders of the nation, then become selfish and protectionistic of "their" nation.  As the article below by the black South African will show, black South Africans themselves are jealous and hateful of imported Chinese, Malasian, or other immigrants who will actually work for their paycheck instead of sit back and demand it by entitlement; the blacks in Miami and other U.S. cities were initially hateful and jealous of those dark immigrants a step above their own level, like Cubans and Puerto Ricans and Chinese, for the same reason: those hiring cheap labor stopped hiring blacks to hire other nonwhite immigrants who actually had a work ethic.  Then, protectionistic laws* such as affirmative action and quotas were passed (and inconsistently and hypocritically applied—if the blacks are only 8% of the U.S. population, why do they not ONLY 8% of million-dollar jobs on sport teams in the NBA, NFL, etc....?, instead of 95%) to protect the blacks.  The same thing has happened with the Mexicans.  They demand to be able to invade our country en masse, even brazenly declaring they are doing so to eventually overthrow our nation and take it from us; and the chicanos get their political whores in congress to pass laws protecting Mexicans from being barred from entering our nation, even demanding that the U.S.-Mexican border not be fenced or policed—yet Mexicans themselves have built a similar war along its southern boundary and is passing laws to keep peoples (Nicaraguans, El Salvadorans) whom Mexicans consider inferior, out of Mexico.  As always, there are two sets of rules: One to benefit them, and the other to destroy us.  How many nonwhite nations open the doors of their nations to peoples of a foreign race, culture, and religion—and give them free housing, free food stamps, welfare, and let them live for free for 5 years (or the rest of their lives if they learn to play the immoral game and live off the system indefinitely like leeches, being paid for each new baby they have, which itself will also go on welfare and continue the breeding cycle)...?  Will China, Pakistan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, etc., let white Christians move en masse to their nations, let us live for free at the nation's expense, and then allow us to be elected to public office and change the laws to protect us, our religion, our culture, our customs and let us then politically and legislatively turn the nation against the original inhabitants...?  or would they simply take such white Christians, who would be so brazen to demand such "rights" (if they were even allowed into the nation in the first place), quietly out into the woods and execute them...?  As I have written for decades: If two sports teams or two armies meet on the field of battle, and one team rigidly follows a prescribed set of rules, and the other side follows no rules at all, the side that follows no rules will win every time.  Jews in Sweden and Ireland are claiming Swedes and Irish have no culture and no right to their own nations and are opening the flood gates of Africa and Arabia and Asia to destroy those nations; yet all nonwhite nations retain the sovereignty of their own nations and Imperialism (though 100 years old) and Slavery** (even though 150 years old) are still considered the "unpardonable sins"—even though honest blacks admit that nonwhites lived far better under colonialism and white rule than they do today under their own people.  Whites are still castigated as "devils" for Colonialism 100 years ago, even though when Britian announced that it would be giving up Hong Kong as a colony and restoring it to China, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Asian Hong Kong citizens started flooding to Britian years in advance, not wanting to live among their own people, once their own people gained control of the nation.  WHAT HYPOCRITES.  AND EVEN MORE hypocritical, once they gain a foothold and establish themselves in our nations, they then MINDLESSLY (like parasites feeding off the LAST host) do all they can to turn our nation into theirs—into nations like the ones they just in fear fled from for their very lives.  If they had a brain in their heads, and morals in the fibre of their beings, and any appreciation in their hearts, they would accept their place gratefully in our nation as second-class citizens, which they had deemed better than living as first-class citizens in their own nations once their own people had hijacked the helm of the nation.

* —and now such laws are being passed to protect the homos.  Here is a simple but profound thought: If laws have to be passed declaring someone else to be equal and laws have to be passed protecting those peoples' legislated equality—isn't that a clear sign that they are not equal, but inferior...?  Does a lion have to have legislation passed to declare it king of the beasts?  Does it have to hire hyenas (lawyers) to defends its alleged rights.

** Whites are blamed for slavery even though black chieftains sold their own black people into slavery, and it was Jews who predominately were the slave company and ship owners and often ship captains.  Blacks for millennia have enslaved and murdered and even ate their own people (as did all so-called "Native Americans" many of whom were also cannibals—north, central, and south).  It was blacks, Turks, Arabs, and Jews who carried on the African slave trade for millennia, but the white man, who is a Johnny-come-lately in the slave trade, is the one who had to bear the blame alone, for his 1% role in the affair.  Whites did not mistreat their slaves (sure, if a slave was unruly and stepped out of line or committe crimes, he was punished—but so was any white man, even children).  Whites paid many thousands of dollars for an individual slave (and enormously big blacks in the NBA and NFL or college teams should thank the white man for slavery, because without slavery, they would not be big and tall, because slave owners bred their slaves to produce the biggest offspring, so million-dollar black athletes have the white man to thank, not merely for inventing the sports that have made them rich and famous, but they owe the white man thanks for slavery for not being born a small puny, malnourished black in Africa, but being born in the U.S. as a result of many generations of being bred in slavery to be big, strong, genetically genetically superior to their African cousins born in the wild).]

MANY honest blacks themselves, in South Africa* say, and even protest with signs, "Life was better under the AWB than it is now under the ANC...!"**—mindless parasites don't realize that when they suck the blood of the host dry and the host dies—that they too will eventually die.  but some are not so utterly mindless, that though they were promised paradise and given only hell, that their previous life was far better.  You don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.  THAT is what the irrational demand for recognition of "equality" by legislation has done (in EVERY area, whether gender or race) has done.  Only a fool will demand that an anvil is "equal" to a piece of cork when you need a fishing bob or a life raft. 

[* Some blacks in other African nations themselves confess that life was better under colonialism than ever under black rule.  Pastor James Manning of ATLAH, in New York City, himself preaches regularly, telling his own black people to stop acting like ungrateful, criminal fools and be thankful for slavery or they would have been born in Africa being murdered and enslaved by blacks more powerful than themselves, even as black prey upon each other in all inner cities.  Manning preaches for blacks to accept their role in our nation and be thankful.  Mannings videos can be found all over the internet or at his own site.  He commonly berates Obama, calling him a "long-legged Mack Daddy" (whatever the heck that means, black lingo I guess; I don't even want to know, I value the integrity of my brain cells).  One of the most profound statements I heard Manning (rather ineloquently) declare, in reference to what has happened to South Africa and every other nation the blacks have gained control over: "Black folk ain't got no business running no nation."

** Using foolish logic (lies) which most fools believe, the establishment's response is, "We haven't had time, just give us more time and things will get better, just you see, a chicken in every pot and a 'ho' in every bedroom."  Even whites parroted the same ASININE mind-numbing foolishness concerning the Destroyer, B-HO, "Obama hasn't had enough time to fulfill all his promises and make them all come true; he hasn't had time to do anything; he's only had one term; elect him for the second term and just watch, he'll fix everything."  WHAT KIND OF DRUGS are such people on.....!....???]

Once the wealth of a subverted nation has allegedly been redistributed by the communists in power (who then live like banana republic dictators and the new aristocracy, while the lot of the common man has gotten worse, not improved as promised; life only improves for those within the inner circle of the chosen few)—redistributed NOT from the super-rich, who only get richer off the spoils of war and strife within the nation while those demanding equality are fighting each other like hyenas for scraps of flesh torn from the common man, the wealth is taken from the hard-working, producing middle class and given to the lazy, nonproducing lower class* to the destruction of society, so that the super-elite rich can then overthrow society once the middle class has been destroyed...—once the wealth has been allegedly redistributed, taking from producers and giving to nonproducers, civilization comes to a halt.

[* Those who think race and class are archaic, immoral bogey mans of the Imperialistic past are psychotically living in La-La Land, having been led there under delusion of the pied piper of Babylon ("confusion by mixing").  The Scriptures command purity of bloodlines; never outlawed slavery, but rather, established rules concerning it; Christ Himself declared, "the poor shall always be among you" and the New Testament itself taught hierarchy, class structure, for slaves to be in subjection to their masters, that everyone was not equal, and that if a man did not work he should not eat.

Ayn Rand—Rothschild's mistress, masterfully showed the parasitic reality of the nonproducers on the producers in her gripping pop-philosophical novel, Atlas Shrugged.** 

** which I recommend to all (I believe they have recently made a movie out of part of it?, which I have not seen)... contact me for info on the book which I stock; it is a must read and she paints such a masterful picture with words, you can see it in your mind as you read; a powerful book, though devoid of God, she clearly let the Kazt out of the bag and revealed how the world was being destroyed by the nonproducing masses feeding off the producers, and the partial solution.  It is amazing that an insider like her, Jewish herself, and a mistress to Rothschild, could reveals so much truth; but like many, she saw a way to make good money and fame off her talent with words (and inside information) by exposing the truth in the form of a novel (which the average person would never understand beyond its story line, thinking it merely "entertainment" and "literature").]

Once society comes to a grinding halt it begins to stagnate and disintigrate* (as the honest black journalist in South Africa shows in his article below that for the past decade and more, all society has stopped functioning in S.A.).  Clogged house pipes that are filled with gunk and grime and vileness, with a 2 inch diameter pipe being reduced to having only an open central core as thick as a pencil through which the sink slowly drains, and the trickle of water allowing some movement gives the false impression that things are still working; but like some criminals who stole the ATM card of someone who is in the hospital in a coma, the bank account is slowly being bled dry and once the money is all gone, since the producer is in a coma and no longer producing, once the bank account has been depleted, the poor guy in the coma will simply "be unplugged" and left to die. 

[* Irony of ironies: The very purpose of integration is disintegration (deterioration, decay, destruction).]

When those on WELFARE PRODUCING NOTHING and THOSE WITH GOVERNMENT JOBS PRODUCING NOTHING who GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS OF BUSY WORK FOOLING the average idiot into thinking that government workers and politicians ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING other than collect a  bloated paycheck for a few months "BUSY WORK" (which is actually negative work, because all they do is UNDERMINE the walls of our nations and the very foundation, like termites slowly eating away the hull of a ship at sea)...

—when the number of those persons on welfare and when the number of persons who hold government jobs (that is, all nonproducers) OUTNUMBER those persons who are actually producing, civilization cannot survive much longer.

[Similarly, someone who continues to farm without letting the land rest as God commanded and without adding back to the soil organic amendments (humus, manure, seaweed, etc.) and who instead poison the soil with petrochemicals and pesticides—what they are doing is actually MINING... they are robbing the soil of every last mineral to the point the food grown is "the fruit of the land of the living dead"—food with no nutritional value whatsoever (and of course, the situation is aggravated even further with not only hybrid/sterile crops, but with GMOs which are vegetative time bombs just waiting to go off inside the human body).

Similarly, someone who is starving to death, with no food being available, his body then begins to cannibalize itself for nutrients to sustain life, feeding off its own muscles and bones, tissues and organs robbing them of vital life-sustaining nutrients until the organs eventually just shut down and the person dies.]

THAT is precisely what is happening to the US and S.A., and the UK, and Europe—and it has all been planned!*   The Zionists who want to destroy Christendom have PURPOSELY done this, first by feigning conversion to Christianity; had they not pretended to be conversos, they would not have been able to vote or be elected to public office.  Once elected to public office they began to conspire to change our laws and then open the floodgates for the barbarians to come in and ravage society—the barbarians being given all the rights and the citizens of the nation rightless.  THOUGH MOST REAL CHRISTIANS and the FEW REMAINING HEIRS of the founders of Christendom ACT like they are in a coma—THEY ARE NOT TRULY IN A COMA... YET—but they are slumbering (spiritually as well as mentally and emotionally)—distracted with the delusions of materialism and false life, an irresponsible daydream.... MY CHALLENGE—WAKE UP...! BEFORE, WHILE YOU ARE ASLEEP, SOMEONE ACTUALLY DOES DRUG YOU TO INDUCE A COMA, TO THEN PULL THE PLUG AFTER THEY HAVE DRAINED THE BANK ACCOUNT AND YOU ARE NO LONGER USEFUL.  WE are that person.  WE ALL must wake up or we will have the blood of ALL OUR PEOPLE on our hands.  Edmund Burke, the famed Christian Irish-English statesman and philosopher said, "All that is required for evil to triumph over good, is for good men to do nothing."

[* —when everything goes wrong just right for the enemy, almost every single time, the laws of probability alone prove it cannot be mere coincidence, but calculated, planned conspiracy.  Anyone who does not believe in the conspiracy theory of history is either an utter ignoramus (who has never read anything of substance) or part of the conspiracy himself. 

"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed." —Mark Twain

"The main thing is to have a soul that loves the truth and harbours it where he finds it. And another thing: truth requires constant repetition, because error is preached about [around] us all the time, and not only by isolated individuals but by the masses. In the newspapers and encyclopaediae, in schools and universities, everywhere error rides high and basks in the consciousness of having the majority on its side." —Goethe

“The best fiction is far more true than any journalism.”
―William Faulkner

“A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.” ―H. L. Mencken (famous newpaper man)

“The news isn't there to tell you what happened. It's there to tell you what it wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear.” ―Joss Whedon (from Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 2: Dangerous)

“I’ve found newspapers only useful as kindling material for campfires. It’s been said that newspaper articles are written at a fifth grade reading level. If so, I can’t figure out why journalists would write something that the average high school senior can’t even read.” ―Jarod Kinz

“Newspapers are a bad habit, the reading equivalent of junk food. What happens to me is that I seize upon an issue in the news—the issue is the moral/philosophical, political/intellectual equivalent of a cheeseburger with everything on it; but for the duration of my interest in it, all my other interests are consumed by it, and whatever appetites and capacities I may have had for detachment and reflection are suddenly subordinate to this cheeseburger in my life! I offer this as self-criticism; but what it means to be "political" is that you welcome these obsessions with cheeseburgers—at great cost to the rest of your life.” ―John Irving (A Prayer for Owen Meany)

The general public is handicapped by "a false and distorted history, the sort of history one gets when one reads too many newspapers and not enough books." —Joseph Sobran (American; born 1946); he received his B.A. in English from Eastern Michigan University; and did graduate work there and received a fellowship there to lecture on Shakespeare and English.  He was a penetrating thinker and writer, he was a senior editor of the National Review (21 years overall) and contributing editor to The Human Life Review; he also wrote for Harper’s Magazine and The American Spectator.  His writing were nationally syndicated for over 5 years by Universal Press Syndicate (2 columns a week published in about 70 newspapers).  He was also a commentator on CBS’s radio series "Spectrum."]





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Subject: Entitlement mentality - our black nation crippler



From NEWS 24.

Entitlement mentality – our black nation crippler




By Phorane

So, for almost a century, dark-skinned South African citizens (blacks, Indians and coloureds) were disenfranchised by previous regimes, through policies that were designed to segregate along race lines. Then democracy dawned and the shoe is now on the other foot..

First we got equal rights, through our national constitution (one of the best in the world I hear); later in the day we received Affirmative Action in the workplace, followed by BEE (later B-BB EE). Then we came back and received a variety of grants to a whole bunch of deserving citizens. To top it all up, we started enjoying government tenders which were given to deserving previously disadvantaged groups, with the view to re-distribute the country’s wealth and equalise the economic wealth floating around.

As if on cue, a certain mentality started to appear within the black communities: the entitlement mentality. The ideology that black people are entitled to a host of benefits and some misbehaviour, just because in the past benefits were given to non-blacks; for example:

Public servants are entitled to hold on to positions in government (even if they are unable or willing to do the actual job), people are entitled to get grants, people are entitled to act above the law; just because they were oppressed during the apartheid years. In my opinion this is a nation destroyer of note.

Police are entitled to bribes, because they earn ‘low salaries’. Nurses are entitled to strike, at the expense of patients, even though this should actually be an essential service. Teachers are entitled to abscond from their teaching positions even while present at work just because they can and the government is powerless to put them in their place.

People are entitled to be in positions in the public sector (cadre deployment) because they are of the colour skin that was previously segregated against, but also because they belong to the party that fought for the liberation of the people. As a result, we ended up with a public service that is a dismal failure in action. Education has gone to the dogs, I mean we can’t even deliver a textbook; health service is on the verge of crippled, social services are almost non-existent. But no one is taken to task for this absolute chaos; just because they are entitled to be in government.

Because people feel that they are entitled to better, no matter their education and skills level, in the township, some economic activities in the informal employment sector are looked down upon. Jobs like hairdressers, hawking, shoe repairs (etc.) are not pursued because apparently they don’t hold the standard to which people feel they are entitled to. This is one of the reasons why foreigners come into this country, get immersed in these activities and end up making a better living than the locals. The next thing, the locals get jealous and go after the foreigners under the guise of xenophobia.

In the workplace, some people feel that they are entitled to equal pay, no matter their level of skills, education or experience and no matter what their performance is in those positions. Hence productivity is so low in our businesses and labour costs are so high relative to skill and experience and relative to productivity. And we wonder why businesses find it better to import goods from places like China, where pay for performance is a standard and people don’t feel entitled to anything other than that which they worked for and deserve.

Enter the ruling party and entitlement takes a different dimension altogether; one would think that the ruling party was the only party that fought the liberation war. Just because they fought for the liberation of the masses, they are entitled to be in power; it doesn’t matter that they are doing a shoddy job of public service delivery; the public must just tolerate them because as struggle veterans, they are entitled to govern. God forbid that one points to their weaknesses and the impact of their lack of commitment to service delivery; then one is labelled a demagogue or a counter-revolutionary.

Then enter the president and his umpteen wives. The man, who is entitled to marry as many wives as he wants, at a cost to the tax payer; because first he was in jail for fighting for “the liberation of the people”. Secondly, he belongs to a party that is entitled to govern because they fought for the liberation of the people. The man that is entitled to live in a mansion on the hill, while a stone throw away from his house, people are suffering and living in unacceptable conditions.

One could easily blame this mentality on the lack of education; I blame it on the lack of directive leadership from our political leaders. Over time, I came to the conclusion that the political leaders of the ruling party are only in it for the money, not because they are committed to improving the lives of ordinary citizens of this country. To think that after 20 years of democracy, the country’s wealth is still distributed unevenly; we are one of the most unequal societies in the world; for an economy as developed as ours that is shocking. Someone once said ‘the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer’. It’s sad but this is the reality of life in South Africa.

Black people need to find a way to channel their energies into the positive moulding of our society. People must be accountable for their actions, or lack thereof. Respect for the law is the starting point; if we do not respect the same laws we voted into being when we voted for democracy, we are cutting our own noses to spite our faces.

For me, come election year, I will vote with my head like I usually do. I am not voting for people that do nothing for me and yet feel entitled to my vote.

“Oh hell no, this madness must come to an end now!!!!”.



JHB based Production PLanning & Logistics manager.

I was born and raised in the rural flatlands of Limpopo, in the Republic of South Africa.
I am a traditionalist, but I have allowed my culture to evolve with the times so that it remains relevant to the times we live in. I am a proud husband, father and role model in my broadest family, as well as in the community that I live in. I believe in God the giver of light and life; I respect my ancestors, my parents on the other side.
I build my career from the bottom, garnering education in the process, until I got to MBA level
I am a charitable person, driven and motivated by the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face, when they realise that I have contributed to an improvement onto their day or their life.