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We [or the corrupt politicians who have hijacked the cockpit of our nation] invite them to our nations; and they outbreed us, rape our daughters, pollute our society, commit 95% of the crimes, and defaecate on our religion, political, and cultural institutions, which have been destroyed.  It is suicide. 

They lived better under colonialism in which we kept them from killing each other as well as us. 

To continue to ignore the problem because it is politically incorrect is suicide and immoral and ungodly.  They live today as they have for millennia.  The only solution is when civilization is imposed on them and those who violate the law are punished.  Modernly, crimes are not punished; they have increased in such numbers (on welfare, being paid more for each illegitimate child, while whites are taxed more for each child) and were allowed to vote and then vote their own into office in our land, and our laws were changed and the nation which was once a city on a hill, has now returned to the jungle

--and God's people sit silently and do and say nothing; the blood of all the innocent victims in the nations of Christendom is on the hands of every true believer who does not speak up and call a spade a spade. 

Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good; therefore is there wrath upon you from before the almighty; you reap what you sow, if you forget my law, I will forget your children; but return to God with all your heart (which means rejecting everything that is not of God and embracing everything that is), and He will be merciful upon us, deliver, heal, and restore us. 

How long to people want to wait before they will repent before God; fall on their faces and cry out..? do they want to wait until the savages are outside THEIR doors with their machetes and gasoline cans...?  When was the last time (if ever) that YOU travelled through downtown Miami, LA, NY, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detriot, Houston, etc.  They are all war zones.  Whole sections of Miami or LA haven't spoken English for 75 years and all the stores and billboards have been in Spanish in those areas for over 50 years--and it is spreading like cancer to the suburbs.

People need to watch this video as sick as it is... this is the REAL world... this is the world that has been imported into CHRISTENDOM as we have allowed 3rd world peoples and Zionists and Islam to enter our country, infiltrate and contaminate and dechristianize and paganize us; they have not been Christianized--they NEVER WILL BE; the Christian world needs to get over their delusional love affair with the nonexistent noble savage; cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn on you and rend you; it is not proper to take the children's (God's people) bread (Christ) and give it unto the dogs (those not God's people).  The 3rd world suffers because of its immorality and worship of false gods; to send them aid or to bring them here is a violation of God's Law.  The only solution is what God declared—that we should govern the world in righteousness and truth.  Colonialism was the best thing that ever happened to these savages.  We not only withdrew colonial forces in their lands, but we opened our borders to them, and forced our people to give up our means of self-defense and unlock the doors to our houses so the savages can come in and rape our women, torture and mutilate and kill and rob... all they while the evil pastors tell us we are all the same and we should hold hands and sing Kumbayah; while the news media and politicians ignore it.  Pick up an almanac from the 1940s and compare the racial demographics and the crime statistics with a modern almanac.  See also the below "Color of Crime." 

As I have said for decades, "Those who do not believe in the conspiracy theory of history are either ignoramuses or part of the conspiracy itself.  Everything cannot 'go wrong just right' for the enemy, and it all be a grand coincidence."

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Since nothing good ever happens in politics and the majority of politicians themselves are immoral criminals, then clearly the destruction of our nation from within has been carefully crafted.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_federal_politicians_convicted_of_crimes


and the peoples of Christendom are JUST AS GUILTY IN OUR OWN NATIONS for allowing our people to be brutalized by these foreign animals who have taken over all our inner cities (now spreading even to the suburbs, where entire packs of them descend on Wal-mart or malls our county fairs and attack white people and destroy property and terrorize just for fun--and the media rarely reports it and the police do nothing. 

If people don't stand up and do something now, there will be no opportunity to do it later.  Once a submarine begins taking on water it has to be bailed immediately and the submarine must surface; if not, you cannot abandon ship while underwater, and every minute that goes by without concerted effort is one step closer to an inevitable watery grave. 

Wake up people.  Call it racism if you like to foment subterfuge and smokescreens... call it racism or antisemitism or anti-Islam or intolerance

(NOWHERE in God's Word are we told to be tolerant; WHAT PART OF "no other gods," "be ye separate," "learn not the way of the heathen" do Christians not understand?  they don't understand because they no longer listen to the voice of the Lord, but the voice of the serpent saying, "surely the Lord hath not said..."). 

Call it racism if you want, if that makes you feel better as YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE BEING BEATEN TO DEATH, HACKED UP WITH MACHETES, AND SET ON FIRE; tell them, as they are mutilating you, "but I was a champion for equal rights"--they will only laugh and say, "you fool, that was your undoing."

I didn't have the sound on in this video, I don't really know why they are doing this; does it really matter?

This link seems to explain it... it is about money--elderly people murdered by their their own families because they refused to give up valuable land.  Of course, the "excuse" given is that they were witches (even though nearly the entire African community is permeated by witchcraft which nearly all participate in one way or the other--and always have).  Check out this link the video link at the bottom of this email is only one of many such incidents.


--a news report last year in South Africa revealed that one man was arrested and it was found that he had the testicles of one of his relatives in his wallet, having murdered him and chopped him up and buried him, saving the testicles to take to the local witchdoctor to have a valuable muti or voodoo magic potion made to give him power.  An African college student here in the U.S. last year killed his roommate and ate some of his body organs.

We have allowed them into our nations to breed and spread and corrupt and terrorize--And yet, if even prosecuted and convicted, we let murderers, rapists and pedophiles and doctors that twist the heads off babies live in a comfortable cell at taxpayer expense for the rest of their lives.  Some reports say that Gosnell was making nearly $2 million a year, yet the savage was too cheap to hire a cleaning service to clean up all the blood, (allowed his cats to roam through the clinic and pee and poop everywhere), and he was too cheap to buy medical waste containers, choosing instead to use empty cat food containers to freeze the dead babies in... the cleaning and medical waste containers would have been tax deductions for business expenses... yet SAVAGES whether here or in Kenya will always act like savages.  And we share in their crimes, those who see it and say and do nothing.  Few white Americans ever consider the grisly crimes of Gosnell, or black rapists, torture-murderers, nonwhite gangs (even glorified in rap "music" or movies like Colors with actors such as Sean Penn and Robert Duvall; these savages see such movies and don't see evil dredges of society, they see their bling and expensive rides and money and drugs and guns and say, "I wanna be like them"--NOT like the dedicated cops trying to protect the neighborhood; their mindset will never be changed; it is foolish to think otherwise; they lived better as slaves or under colonialism because they do not have the capacity to be free and responsible; that email sent out a month ago written by a retired teacher clearly shows their mindset [I can look for and email or post this letter if anyone is interested; inquire]; Albert Schweitzer recognized their nature; read his books; a friend of mine grew up in Kenya, his parents were white missionaries; he said he was always dumbfounded, that the blacks, even after "getting saved" would continue to rob and commit adultery, brutalize others, even murder--and it was not enough to merely commit the crimes, but they they had to brag and laugh about it with their buddies later on, even as criminal black athletes do today in the locker rooms, bragging about their exploits and conquests off the court).

ALL NATIONS OF  CHRISTENDOM will be reduced to such savagery as we have allowed savages to live among us and commit crime for the past 75 years and turn a blind eye to it, it being politically incorrect to "racially profile" and give the statistics of who commits crime; and as we have bowed down and sacrificed Christ and God's Word on the altar of political correctness.  In so doing, not only do we bow down to other gods--but we deny our own and force our children to pass through the fire, sacrificing them to pagan peoples and their gods. 

See also the link for this report: the color of crime (http://www.colorofcrime.com/). 

To ignore the problem, and pretend it does not exist because of what the truth is revealed to be--is delusional, mental illness, immoral, and ungodly.  We reap what we sow.  When will the righteous stand up?  Are there any left?  Welcome to the 3rd world - coming soon to your neighborhood.



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We need to circulate this to help wake up the people.


When the blacks become a majority along with other non-whites you can expect the same treatment for you and your loved ones. So what are you watching on television tonight?  Will you take a moment to think about the implications of this video for the future of your children?

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